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Chegg, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (InstaEDU ,Chegg Math Solver - math help ,Chegg ACT Test Prep ,Chegg eReader – Read eBooks & textbooks ,Chegg Textbook Solutions ,Chegg), brings Chegg with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chegg app has been update to version 1.3.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • What a time saver..
  • The shipping is quick and the customer service is wonderful..
  • It's great way for college students to save money on books..
  • Helps with tracking my books coming and going..
  • where is the wish list feature..

Overall Satisfactionc61
I love Chegg they've saved me so Much Cash on Textbooks.
But overall I love Chegg.
Gotta love saving money and gotta love Chegg.
Thank you for this great application.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome Service.
This has been such a helpful tool.
This app saves time and money.
Awesome app it keeps everything Chegg organized and at my fingertips.
Overall very helpful.
Chegg App has almost everything.
Useful resource.
Ease of Usec69
Site is easy to navigate through and prices are always reasonable.
Really wish it was easier to navigate around the app.
super convenient and you save $$ renting with chegg.
It's really convenient.
Makes school shopping wonderful and easy.
Makes it so easy to save a ton of $$$.
Simple and complete.
I've received a few incorrect solutions to problems.
Security & Privacyc23
Updates & Supportc58
The shipping is quick and the customer service is wonderful.
their customer service is the best I have experienced yet.
I tried contacting Customer Service twice.

I love Chegg they've saved me so Much Cash on Textbooks. found in 57 reviews
It provides great step by step solutions for each textbook that it offers. found in 5 reviews
but I absolutely love using it as a study tool. found in 4 reviews
Thank you for this great application. found in 2 reviews
Chegg is a very helpful resource for students. found in 16 reviews
This is an affordable app but needs more work on their internet access. found in 2 reviews
but I haven't been able to log into the app. found in 8 reviews
but seriously need to reconsider the internet connection requirement. found in 17 reviews
Problem w Book Reader but Great Support. found in 5 reviews
Needs offline mode. found in 4 reviews
It's really frustrating when the books that you paid for. found in 2 reviews
Good app needs improvement with its ebooks. found in 2 reviews
this needs to be fixed. found in 6 reviews
I can't no longer write notes in the pages. found in 3 reviews
Needs barcode scanner for SELLING. found in 1 reviews
Every time I try to sign in using facebook. found in 12 reviews
quit with the fake reviews. found in 1 reviews
chegg doesn't seem like to support offline reading. found in 5 reviews
Good app but i cant entre to the app. found in 1 reviews
Usually waiting up to an hour to login again works. found in 2 reviews
Please make this app iOS 7 compatible unable to open books. found in 1 reviews
Needs to fix a lot of glitches. found in 2 reviews
Horrible image quality. found in 1 reviews
Good but needs download feature. found in 2 reviews
But an offline version is sorely needed. found in 2 reviews
but everything else I try connects to the Internet just fine. found in 5 reviews
What a waste of money buying books on this app. found in 9 reviews
and charged my credit card. found in 4 reviews
iOS 8 Support but no iPhone 6 and 6+ display support. found in 9 reviews
Crashes every-time I try to check my rented books. found in 14 reviews
I constantly have to sign in and I get signed out. found in 12 reviews
Search function is horrible. found in 5 reviews
This app really needs to be fixed. found in 6 reviews
Would be great if the "read now" option for ebooks worked. found in 6 reviews
Don't waste your time downloading if u want homework help. found in 10 reviews

The Chegg is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Chegg app version 1.3.7 has been updated on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Chegg in Chegg, Inc`s Official Website :

Chegg, the 1 textbook rental company, helps students save hundreds of dollars off the price of textbooks. With millions of textbooks to choose from, Chegg has a variety of shipping options, free returns and plants ...
I love chegg but it wont let me sign in so I can use my etextbook It keeps saying something went wrong           Could be better
worst notification ever since you are using this book on another device this session will end Thats so stupid Mostly because I had no other device online or signed in to anything Also so what if I did want the book on two of my own devices the digital books cost more and have been a pain to use imo     app closes
I use it every semester                 Amazing
I really needed my book for child development it was ridiculously last minuet but my book is on its way                 AWESOME
I have used chegg for rentingbuying books a few times I am always satisfied The books are in good condition even the used ones shipping is pretty fast they have great customer service I have reached out to them on Twitter always received a quick helpful response Only 4 stars because sometimes their prices can still be a little high I had an issue where my card was charged twice this was quickly fixed however              Go to for books
I find this very userfriendly especially to new college students Ive always rented my books from Chegg and I can tell you that they are always the cheapest And the books you get are usually great quality or new if you bought it new Only had an issue once and it was resolved very quickly without any hassle Customer support rocks Very very satisfied                 My goto book source
This apps is very helpful in providing insights with homework help I only gave it 4 stars because it is a bit weird to figure out on the IPhone but u get used to it after a while Definitely will recommend                 Chegg is great
Great              Great
They have everything Fast shipping very affordable rentals Saved over 30000 by going thru them over school bookstore                 Fantastic
I would like a texttospeech option built into the app or allow iPad speak screen function to work with the chegg ebook reader Usually I try to avoid products without this capability Please offer more accessibility features Thanks           Good product but needs texttospeech option
It is the best when your stuck on some homework                 The best
At first I was skeptical about some of the reviews I was seeing but my boyfriend told me in life you have to take risks and it was the best decision I made because I got my books 2 days after I bought it with express shipping for free and had access to the online version of it on the app while I wait                 I love it
Awesome                 This app has never done me wrong
Very good prices but the shipping price is ridiculous we should be able to get free shipping option           Cheggy
Heard about Chegg from a buddy They saved me hundreds of dollars                 Thanks for the savings
Convenient                 Great
The best so far I loved it                 Awesome
Chegg is amazing After my freshman year of college and close to 1000 later I was worried about what I was going to do with books the following year I rented all my books the following year off a referral from a friend to do Chegg I got all my books for under 225 thats seriously over 600 in savings More money in my pocket Thanks Chegg And also they give you cool free samples                 100 The Best
I like to chegg                 Pretty dope app
Since all the text books are sold out or rented out I had to get an etextbook and I wish I went to the bookstore instead I tried updating my apps on both devices and I keep getting the same message Im annoyed because I cant do my assignment Please make this app compatible with All devices     Etextbooks dont work on my iPad or iPhone
I just purchased the ebook and tried to use it to complete my homework My assignment was to read an essay on the book and when I went to that specific page it showed me that it is not available due to copyright infringement I just payed for this I should of been worked that my money was just going to be wasted and to just order a hard copy Im not sure how the ebooks work with other subjects but it is not worth your time OR MONEY to buy the ebook for writing     Copyright infringement
The app is nice and the Chegg prices in a lot of cases are better than Amazon Its really nice                 Mr
Using Chegg has really made college life easier I love that when you order your book it lets you have the ebook so you dont miss anything while youre waiting I recommend to ANYONE                 Excellent
I would highly recommend this site app for any college student Money saver                 Best site ever
I have used Chegg to rent textbooks since I was a freshman in college and now I am about to graduate Chegg always has great deals on their textbooks I just started using my first erect ok through Chegg this semester which is why I got the app Most everything about the app is great but I keep having one problem Whenever I start reading the textbook a message pops up saying I have the book open in another browser which I dont and it is closing the book to keep the highlights and notes from both browsers in sync This happens every time I read sometimes 20 times if its a long chapter The app is great but this problem slows down my reading time and until it is fixed I cant give it a 5 star rating              Chegg is amazingbut one problem
Cheap cheap cheap Ive rented about 6 books from them and they have arrived in great condition                 Awesome
The books I need to thrive and be successful for the low                 Plugged In
So easy to checkout                 Don Juan
Super easy to use cheaper than any other place and super fast shipping                 Awesome
Chegg is great for text books however I cant search for content It has an option to but keeps coming back with no results Other than that it is a great service I will use it again for the rest of my classes              Good app
The app does not let you use the search function You cant search key words or phrases in the text I contacted support and they said the search function is for searching page numbers only If I knew the page number of the info I needed why would I search it        Needs improvement
Great service great prices              Love it
Just started using the app last week and I must say riding the bus and doing homework on my phone is awesome                 Gets the job done
Great app                 Awesome I totally recommend it
Best app ever especially for college students The books are cheaper and easy to get                 Best
Chegg literally saves my life every time schools starts I love their service its always on time or earlier and sooooo much cheaper than renting from campus Plus they now have a lot of books with the 7 day free ebook so you can still keep up with your reading while you wait for your book to arrive Also they give out random free gifts in the boxes its always nice to get something extra                 Always great
I saved so much money from chegg They even beat Amazon and I use Amazon to buy everything                 Better prices than everyone
Just started using it but its very useful and the prices for books are awesome                 Great app so far
Chegg is not only a great place to save a buck on college books but they also take good care of you as a customer There were many occasions where I needed help or had questions and Chegg immediately replied to my questions and got the job done as I was on the phone with them They are that good at their job Not to mention there free shipping promotions over a certain dollar amount really helped me out A lot Instead of paying 35 bucks for same day or two day shipping I got it for free Side note Chegg is only great if your professor doesnt require you to buy the book new to access the McGraw hill or Pearson view stat lab stuff Buying the book new is cheaper then renting Chegg book and buying internet access In most cases Been using Chegg for two years                 Chegg Is Perfect for College students
Great app useful in many different aspects                 Recommend
This app is amazing Especially for those who have to commute to school and dont want to carry all of those heavy books I use it on my iPad and iPhone to read my ebooks It is so convenient and saves me so much money I would give it five stars if not for the fact that every few minutes it tells me that I am reading from another device which I am not and closes the book on me This is very distracting The only thing they need to fix to make this a five star app              Awesome except for a small glitch
I wish I had this while in college it would have saved me lots of money and time                 Great product
The app always seems to kick me out and claim that Im viewing textbooks from another browser Which just aint true Pretty annoying when Im in the middle of my homework Id also like to view books without being connected Ted to the Internet like I can with kindle of iBooks           Some bugs I think
See above title Plus you guys save me a ton on these ridiculous college texts              Yall are koo
Saved hella money off the cost of text books There should be an offline mode           Decent
I really believe that Chegg is Heaven Sent You guys save me sooooo much money Thanks A lot                 I Love Chegg
I Live off of this app                 Amazing
I love Chegg I never have a problem plus the app is great and easy to use                 Books
Good app              Awesome

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