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Chipotle Mexican Grill , the publisher behind many iOS app (Chipotle Mexican Grill FR ,Chipotle Scarecrow ,Chipotle Ordering ,Chipotle Cultivate Festival ,The CMG Pepper ,Chipotle Mexican Grill UK), brings Chipotle Ordering with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chipotle Ordering app has been update to version 2.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • nutrition info..
  • This app is a huge time saver..
  • Waiting in line at chipotle can sometimes feel like an eternity..
  • There are very few mexican fast food chains in PR..
  • Gift cards..

Overall Satisfactionc53
I love Chipotle and with my busy schedule.
Downloaded app as I love Chipotle but hate the line.
Anyway awsome app definately 5 star MUST HAVE for chipotle lovers.
I love the ease of ordering in advance.
God I love this app.
Family Friendlyc31
Add kids meals and quesadillas and I'd give it 5 stars.
I agree with others about having the kids meal option.
They added kids' meals.
Production Valuesc36
Retina graphics and a iPad version.
Ease of Usec65
This app totally makes ordering chipotle alot faster.
Otherwise it's a good app and makes ordering so easy.
So easy to use and convenient for picking up a meal.
Very easy to use and convenient.
This app is very simple to use.
Security & Privacyc31
reading the security questions.
Updates & Supportc45
Chipotle can use some feedback on their customer service.
New version looks great.

Simple delicious food I can now order from my iPhone. found in 4 reviews
I used this app for the first time today while at work. found in 3 reviews
I wish the map functionality worked more like google maps. found in 3 reviews
Now it is even easier to eat there 5x a week. found in 2 reviews
Of course for Chipolte it's worth the wait. found in 2 reviews
Love being able to order from my iPhone and skip the line. found in 18 reviews
God I love this app. found in 2 reviews
Chipotle is the greatest thing since sliced bread. found in 2 reviews
I downloaded this app 3 years ago. found in 2 reviews
I whip out my handy dandy iPod. found in 3 reviews
Awesome way to gain weight. found in 1 reviews
My favorite joint is even more accesible. found in 2 reviews
Great for avoiding the line @ Chipotle. found in 2 reviews
Wishful thinking. found in 2 reviews
Suggestions: calorie counter. found in 2 reviews
Worked excellent during lunch rush. found in 10 reviews
I had already entered my credit card info and favorite store. found in 4 reviews
but I can't order kids meals or a simple cheese quesadilla. found in 243 reviews
Please add kids meals as an option for online ordering. found in 115 reviews
Needs kids menu & brown rice update. found in 33 reviews
Finally straighten out the function but you've missed the kid's menu. found in 31 reviews
Please add kids quesadillas and other kids menu items to the app. found in 290 reviews
The minimum 15 minute pickup time limit should be removed. found in 27 reviews
Great app but it no longer works when I try to place an order. found in 85 reviews
App is useless to me as you can't order kids meals or quesedillas. found in 243 reviews
Every time I use this app to place an order I am left disappointed. found in 85 reviews
the kids menu isn't even available in the app to order. found in 27 reviews
I'm told that my location isn't accepting online orders. found in 62 reviews
No kid-box options nor the option of brown rice. found in 129 reviews
Needs kids meals and brown rice. found in 33 reviews
If the pick up time is longer than the line wait time. found in 41 reviews
Needs option for brown rice. found in 129 reviews
Chipotle needs to pay attention. found in 35 reviews
my time was wasted and I had to stand in line. found in 31 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Chipotle Ordering for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Chipotle Ordering app version 2.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Chipotle Ordering check developer Chipotle Mexican Grill`s website :

Ever have an uncontrollable craving for your favorite Chipotle burrito but don t have time to stand in line? Or maybe you re traveling and need a quick taco fix but don ...
I absolutely love this app Im tired of waiting 1020 minutes in line just to order my food This became a perfect solution for when my brother and I went to the chipotle restaurant but they had in parking space so while we waited for our order we went to target Only problem I had was when we went at the exact time they were still making our food but it was finished in less than 5 minutes better than the average waiting time Im thankful they added the pay in store option because I dont trust my credit cards online anymore Overall an amazing app and definitely should be downloaded if youre a chipotle lover like me              Chipotle Gives Me Life
Very convenient to order ahead There have been times where I still have to wait for my food Please add the ability to order a full size quesadilla           Good could be better
Will not let me sign in and order Well thats rather useless Have to go online to order Wasted my time        Crashes
This app looks easy enough to use but you cant order all available foods through it For example you can order a kids quesadilla but not the normal size for adults Boo Chipotle Boo     Menu for online ordering incomplete
They wont start making your food until you after you arrive Better off getting in line I waited longer than people who did that instead and I ordered way earlier     Dont even bother
Recently stopped working I tried to finish up my order and it said the location was closed so it wouldnt allow me to go any further I drove to the location and hey what do ya know Its open So what do you suppose the issue is     Good but
I order online pretty much exclusively when eating Chipotle and I dont understand why you took away the ability to add punctuation in the comments Id like to put commas between items Also why cant we pick both types of beans           Could be better
Dont get me wrong the app is well designed and functional and is straightforward with ease of use But ultimately its useless The whole point of ordering online or through an app is to not have to wait in line and so on This thing though no matter when I try to order always sets the earliest pickup for an hour later That makes no sense     Easy to use but useless
Every time Ive arrived at one of your locations and my food is never ready I arrived at 655 in a hurry and the 645 promise time was not given I even paid in advance hoping it would speed up the process after my last experience People in line getting out of here faster than me that have been getting their food while mine just sits there getting cold Priorities are all backwards if youre trying to offer a faster form Oh and I just took a bit and my order is wrong You owe a refund for the Guac you charged me for but didnt put in my burrito     Useles
Why do you even offer pickup service Tried it twice and both times the store missed the order The concept is cool in theory but why do it if you cant get it right     burrito not found
Although theres that whole skipping the line perk of the app I usually have to wait anyways At multiple locations I order come to the register and find out they havent even made my burrito yet        You dont always skip the wait
I have used this app several times now to pre order food so it will be ready to pick up when i get to the restaurant EVERY TIME i do this the food is never ready and i have to wait Its actually faster to just go in order and leave than to use the app Get it together chipotle     Waste of time
Why can the developers fix the app Im hungry and in a hurry     Worse app ever
I love this app but there has to be a way to order a full sized quesadilla not kids You can order it in the store so there should be a feature to order via app           Need quesadilla
This is a very convenient app but I wish the entire menu was listed within the app I dont understand why quesadillas are not listed as something to purchase except for as a kids meal item If it is available in store it should be listed on the app menu              Quesadillas
Ive noticed a lot of bad reviews but I believe it really depends on your chipotle location on whether or not this is successful I use this to order during class and then pick up my food as soon as I get out its always nice to cut in front of a long line there have been a few times where they dont have my order ready but they start on it as soon as I get there so its still faster than waiting in line also if they do have your order ready to go make sure you check it before you leave                 Great app
You guys need to include plain white rice in the rice option           PLAIN WHITE RICE
Never ready on time Never get our order right Useless        Useless
This app makes you wait an hour before you can go get your food Why would I wait an hour for my garbage fast food I want it now     Completely useless
Ive tried this app 3 times it only worked once Horrible Hit or miss Youre better off ordering in the store     Dont use it if you intend to eat
I just used this app for the first time The line was past the door and I walked right up to the cashier I showed my id and my receipt printed I grabbed my food and walked out Worked perfectly                 Great app
It would be quicker to wait in line then wait for your order They dont start until after your set time so its not ready for your arrival Even when they due start you have to wait the regular cue So if your time is for 300 expect to leave 20 minutes later The quality is worse as well since you cant watch and give them the little tips like a lot or a little Like I said great in concept terrible in execution     Great in concept terrible in execution
Ive been using this app for quite some time and the biggest problem is the menu please update ASAP still unable to order a quesadilla Come on              Frequent user
Please add Apple Pay in a future update           Apple Pay
Super convenient had some issues adding a card Couldnt change the expiration date Would much rather Apple Pay be enabled              Convenient
Dont bother     App was semifunctional before now unusable
No delivery     No delivery
Everytime we use the app the time given to when the order would be complete is very bizarre At 3pm it has an hour wait time But at 6pm you only have 30 mins The app should have a timing option to choose from or before you place the order tell you how much time you have for that thine if the day           Timing issue
I give up They never have the food ready and if they do they make u feel like if your cutting line when u go to the front to pick up your order in other words they get rid of the line before u get helped Such a shame     Great concept poorly executed
The app works fine the other reviewers are a bunch of whiny biatches                 Its an App
Super convenient and saves me a lot of stress It would be real nice if the app could handle multiple payment options like using the rest of a gift card and then a card for the rest of the order Would also be nice to store more than 1 gift card           Convenient but needs payment features
After you go through the entire process to place an order you find out they cant make it for an hour Really The process should start with a pickup time then determine the order        Order process is backwards
Works great Used many times already Please add option to order and purchase extra salsa guacamole etc with chips Also please add option to purchase extra cheese or extra sour cream on items              Great App Fast service
That simple     Placed an order Charged my card Never got it
The newest update does not allow you to select a location     Apple watch ordering broken
Weve never eaten at Chitpotle before tonight I decided to try take out The app was easy enough It could have been a little bit more user friendly The foodhad a decent taste but its served to you STONE COLD I ordered three tacos and it was wrapped in aluminum foil I thought aluminum foil was used to keep your foot hot My husband ordered the burrito bowl which was also STONE COLD I dont mind heating the food up but both of them had guacamole sour cream and lettuce on them If youve ever heated any of these items you will understand my frustration        App is finefood is a different story
This app never works I put my order in I get the confirmation email but when I go into the store they say they never received an order from me The location is correct and I am sick of this happening Ill just be waiting in line next time because its way faster     DOESNT WORK
Must have use it all the time                 Awesome
The problem I have with this app is when I enter an order it says to pick it up in 70 minutes I can instead drive there order on line and get it in ten minutes So whats the point of this app     Long wait time
This app needs more options for example I like both pinto and black beans on my rice bowl but this doesnt give me that option        Needs more options
The app could use some work but it gets the job done What doesnt work is the 6090 yes sometimes an and a half before its ready for pickup Why even bother having online ordering Thanks to this app Ive just quit eating at Chipotle     An Hour to Put Ingredients in a Bowl
Why has the app stopped working It keeps timing out at the simplest request Its useless now     Is it just me
No idea how others have had such bad luck but Ive used this app so many times and never had a problem once I love the looks I get from people as I walk up to the cashier and given my bag of food The special instructions field is handy when I want a tortilla on the side for my bowl or some extra sauces or cheese Pretty solid app no complaints                 No problems here
The app will let me select half one meat and half of another but when it submits the order it picks whichever meat appears first alphabetically and ignores the other Please either remove the 12 option from the UI or fix the bug        Half half orders fail
Love Chipotle but they really need a rewards program for frequent loyal customers           Rewards program
So the app is pretty convenient but is very lacking First there is no option to add extra toppings ingredients which is essential to customizing your food Second no option to purchase a regular sized quesadilla Third unable to buy salsa guac without also having to buy chips Fourth when you pick up your online order 75 of the time its incorrect and 90 of the time its cold Fix that and I may use it again        Not quite
Its been years and you wont add it why I hate having to call and order because of this issue     Add adult quesadillas PLEASE
App is unusable for me It crashes when I start using it Im using it with iOS 841     Crashes
Ordering is quick and easy but it has flaws first of all if I want both kinds of rice or both kinds of beans why isnt that an option second there is no way to order a quesadilla Thanks              Ordering
Really convenient I work across from a chipotle and when Im in that I want chipotle mood I love how I can just set up my order and pay through the app on my phone I can just cut the line and save time for when Im on break Love it                 Perfect

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