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Nannek , the publisher behind many iOS app (Chore Pad HD Lite ,Chore Pad ,Chore Pad HD ,Chore Pad Lite), brings Chore Pad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chore Pad app has been update to version 3.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I contacted customer service and within minutes received a reply..
  • My 4 kids are actually excited about doing chores..
  • Loved that I can try it out free via lite version..

Overall Satisfactionc84
We love checking off the boxes.
My daughter LOVES this app.
Truly wonderful way to organize everyone.
Fun & Engagingc91
Makes chores exciting and fun.
Chore Pad is awesome.
yet adds fun.
This is tremendously fun as a to-do list too.
Family Friendlyc82
My 4 kids are actually excited about doing chores.
Best App for family w/ 3 kids.
With a busy family like ours.
Updates & Supportc71
I contacted customer service and within minutes received a reply.
Loved that I can try it out free via lite version.
We contacted customer support about a feature my daughter wanted.

Not just for chores. found in 3 reviews
a trophy shelf for each child displays their earned trophies. found in 4 reviews
Thanks for developing. found in 1 reviews
I like to use charts to help my clients reach their goals. found in 1 reviews
Best App for family w/ 3 kids. found in 1 reviews
Great organizing App. found in 2 reviews
Love love this app for children and adults. found in 1 reviews
Also would like ability to add chores for a specific date. found in 1 reviews
In the field of special education. found in 1 reviews
Support replied within the hour. found in 1 reviews
I have used the reward system to keep myself motivated. found in 4 reviews
I use it with my students every day. found in 1 reviews
My daughter enjoys using this app each day. found in 1 reviews
Lol they r working to get a trip to Disneyland. found in 1 reviews
Maybe also something bonus for completing chores ahead of schedule. found in 1 reviews
Chore Pad is awesome. found in 1 reviews
and take away points for bad behavior. found in 6 reviews
We contacted customer support about a feature my daughter wanted. found in 1 reviews
New update has issues. found in 1 reviews
I don't mind paying for services that work. found in 1 reviews
Push reminders would be nice. found in 1 reviews
There needs to be some more icons. found in 3 reviews
All perfect except for one thing. found in 1 reviews
Please bring this app up to speed. found in 1 reviews
Nice but problems. found in 1 reviews
Some things I'd like to see. found in 1 reviews
but need more control. found in 1 reviews
Annoyed that all data from lite version wasnt tx'd to paid version. found in 1 reviews
My only concern is the lack of an automatic sync feature. found in 1 reviews
This happened even though the old chore was deleted. found in 1 reviews
Please have an update fixing this. found in 1 reviews
I also can't put a lock on the settings. found in 1 reviews
App has been rendered useless unless you potentially start over. found in 1 reviews
There needs to be a way to deduct stars. found in 2 reviews
You can't scroll to bottom of chore lists anymore. found in 1 reviews
Can't seem to sync this across multiple platforms. found in 8 reviews
Now the sync function is VERY buggy. found in 2 reviews
You just can't brush your teeth before you eat breakfast. found in 2 reviews
Total waste of my time forget the money of the app. found in 1 reviews
New version has many issues. found in 1 reviews
Can't get this to work across multiple devices. found in 2 reviews
Charged for a Product advertised as FREE. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Chore Pad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 8.9 MB to download. The new Chore Pad app version 3.1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Chore Pad check developer Nannek`s website :

NEW in 3.0 Sync with all members of your family running Chore Pad Syncs with Chore Pad HD for iPad too Honorable mention in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards - Parenting Category - 148 ...
I bought this a week ago to help motivate my kid into acting like a big boy He doesnt really have chores more like get dressed without me nagging clean up your toys no back talk no tantrums etc I love that its easy to see what he did good on each day plus the ability to assign my own rewards decide the payout has helped He gets a sticker each day a new small toy every 2 weeks a new app for his iPad every month a new Hotwheels play set every 2 months a visit to Chuck E Cheese every 6 months if he is good                 Helps Keep My 5 Year Old Motivated
I have the iPhone five and had never had a problem with an application before especially one that took so much time to set up and to get going only to not have the device not sync to my other devices yet when I go to my eye pad that does not have Siri And have to manually type in a command on that device it Tries to sync There on that iPad yet I cant get it to work On my iPhone Total waste of my time forget the money of the app my time is worth way more than the money this application cost and the frustration beware     Not good
This was our 5th chart app I had given up after 4 Some free some a few s After a especially difficult day I searched yet again Fifth time is the charm Set up is redundant and could be streamlined There are many things that could be improved but it functions it can be used in more than one way it accommodates multiple children its attractive etc etc etc                 Best Yet
Ok so I have tried many visual routines for my special needs son but none have worked until I found this It great because I can make it as detailed as I need and it is easy for him to use Thank you for making this app                 Love it
Now the sync function is VERY buggy One day works fine next day wipes out info by syncing to an empty account on another device I wont use anything that might force me to reenter days or weeks of data Now useless to me Its a shame     Great before recent updates
My kids love this app They race to see who gets to check off their chores first I also added their bedtime routine to the list put on pajamas brush teeth etc and now it is much easier to get them to bed on time I love this app too And I have had no problems syncing with Dropbox                 Stress relief
Chore pad is great The kids have really done well with it Also their attitudes have changed for the better as well              Chore pad
Would be great to add a workflow to approve check marks on certain tasks Love the interface but would be greatly improved by adding support for iCloud instead of Dropbox              Great app
I really like the concept of this app Things that I would like to see improved would be 1 Individual one time chore 2 The ability to have a list of deductions that remove points 3 An overall week at a glance Its a little tricky to remember who you have assigned what chore to without flipping back and forth I am actively using this app and enjoy that it helps me keep track              Great idea
This app is everything I was looking for in a chore chart for my daughter who cannot read yet The picture function is great I love the design and layout as well as the ability to see the progress of gathering stars towards a reward small or big you choose vs do all your chores every week for I had an issue with the stars not showing up when a chore was checked Support replied within the hour Not only did I receive a prompt response the person was very helpful and walked me through the steps to fix it I would give this app 10 stars if I could I love the app anyway but receiving that kind of customer support is rare Thanks so much for a great app and service                 Amazing app and support
Great app I personally use the chore chest for things other then chores I love the level of control to reward things like behavior or participation in family meetings or daily devotions A feature that would make it perfect would be to scroll through children while under the childs Chart tab so you dont have to keep exiting out and choosing the next childHave 8 kids here              Teaching Parent
I love the organization and the fact that the kids are motivated to do chores I dont like how at times the sync function wipes out all the information and it takes a lot of work to get it right on all the devices A great idea for an app but not quite ready for prime time Edit I have had to fix the sync problem 3 days in a row therefore I am lowering my rating to 1 star until this gets fixed Edit 2 App is automatically checking off chores which were not completed This is the first app which I paid money for and am quickly regretting my decision to purchase it due to its extreme unreliability Edit 3 Im sorry but this app is garbage Still having the same issues as described above Save your money and spend it on something that works     Good and bad
Like the app but I have three kids and need to rotate jobs every three weeks Please add this option           Chore review
At its core Chore Pad serves as a virtual chore chart that can accommodate todo lists for several students The user interface is well organized and intuitive which makes it easy to setup a list of tasks for a student to complete We use Chore Pad to set up daily activity schedules that students can reference while completing daily tasks Because student schedules sometimes change Chore Pad allows users to drag and drop tasks to reorder the task list Chore Pad also serves as a reward system allowing teachers to assign a point value to each task and keeping track of the points that students earn each day A builtin payout system lets students cash out their points in exchange for a teacherdefine menu of options In the field of special education Chore Pad serves as an activity schedule and reinforcement system These are both functions that can be done using traditional methods without technology Chore Pad however is more ageappropriate for older students and can be much less stigmatizing than traditional reward charts                 Great for special education
Wow I love this app A friend told me about it because she knows I love lists for my children We love checking off the boxes It was a little hard to understand at first but we finally caught on and now it works smoothly I had a question of support and they got back to me in less than an hour That is very unusual One concern I have is that there is an app designated for the iPad and another for the iPhone I purchased the iPhone because I wanted it to synchronize between the iPad and the phone and that app works on both Would the iPad app Synchronize with my phone app I dont think so Nevertheless I love this app                 From The List Lady
I was looking for an app that I could put on my daughters handmedown 2nd gen iPod Touch for her to use to keep track of chores to do each day and would sync with my 4th gen Touch so that I can see what she says she did This works almost What I dont like about it is that since both my DH and I have ADHD also I set up kids for each of us I have not found a way to just have her chart on her Touch and all of them on mine I also cant put a lock on the settings I can set a password for the entire app which I use on mine but the last thing I want is for her to change a setting and foul up what I have set up I am still giving this app 4 stars because I tried two others at the same time liked this one the best because this had autosync though it is only when you open the app and doesnt have a facebook link on the front page really for a kids app I also loved all the icons She is a pretty good reader but the icons give her an extra clue as to what I want done There is a free version that is great to test drive the app and do some setting up If you are looking for something kid friendly I think this is the best one I have found              good but need more control
I really like the functionality of this app My only concern is the lack of an automatic sync feature so I could work on one copy while my child works on another I have a similar app that lacks some of the features available on this one but allows for use on multiple devices a bonus with a techsavvy kiddo I have to sign into the other one and she has a separate signin so I assign and evaluate on my iPhone but she inputs and requests points on her own iPod Add this feature and youll easily bump up to be my favorite Another thing to consider make the app universal separate purchases for different types of devices iPhone vs iPad is a bit outdated           Great but lacks auto sync
This is my new favorite app My kids age 214 are all having fun checking off chores for stars trophies Love all the customizable features too Our house might actually getstay clean for a change                 Awesome
My husband and I use it to keep track of what to do in our large house Push reminders would be nice I also agree about the autosync One errorwhen you are selecting days of the week for chores the text label appears in the field for each day of the week Its not a huge deal but its a lot harder to read              Nearly there
We actually use this to track our school work since my kids are on a star system and have to earn time for videos and electronics games Lost info once before update and I was able to go back to synced info I do not sync across devices because I dont want my kids to make any changes I have all the control Great icons that go along with our school work                 Love it works great Best app of its kind
Difficult to set up Alphabetized the chores and wouldnt let me override it You just cant brush your teeth before you eat breakfast     Review
What a waste of my time Didnt work on iPad or iPhone 5     Doesnt work
So we have been using this app for a whole week in our house with three kids and two adults I have the Dropbox folder shared around to 4 different devices And the syncing is sketchy at best This really should be a cloud sync app that is managed by chore pad Not DropBox The catch that most people dont realize is that there is a browser version of this that they charge you for as well I dont understand why they are charging us for any of this when the app doesnt even store its own data base and sync thru all the devices This is not up to standard with other main line apps that are in the App Store I am hoping this app comes a long way in the next months Sadly this is one of the best in the App Store Please bring this app up to speed Then I will willingly share this with all our parent friends I dont mind paying for services that work        This is an ok app Not the best it could be
4 stars for syncing well and general funcionality 2 stars for new update You cant scroll to bottom of chore lists anymore They are cut off        New update has issues
I have five children and want them to earn pocket money to learn how to spend money or save But I needed a way for them to see there chores and check off if did them and see when they didnt I can also see Love that it transfers info back and forth to each there phone or my phone for older children and use my ipad for smellier children I also can assign bigger jobs to older children and more rewards Each child had there own set of rewards and jobs We use two stars to represent 25 and so many stars can be made to money or special night with mom they make the choice                 Mother of 5
This is a good app but a couple of things would make it a fivestar app The option of having a grownup GUI would really improve it quite a bit Not just the season themes option once you click on a person but an entire interface thats for adults Necessary Also the ability to make a chore randomly assignedand between selected individuals Example I have a profile for myself my husband and our 2 yearoldId like doing the dishes to assign randomly to my husband or meNOT my kiddo That improvement would really make this app a fivestar app Lastly the ability to have the chore done by different people different days WITHOUT entering it as a new chore for each day of the week           Some things Id like to see
Thank you Nannek for making Chore Pad                 Chore Pad
Thank you thank you This app has transferred my 7yr old sons attitude A complete day and night difference simply by providing some structure around my sons daily activities My son now wakes up motivated and ready to do tasks that will early him points and ultimately prizes movies Wii time etc No more loop holes that he can escape through or would cause a melt down when we say he did not do what he is suppose to do Now I simply pull out my iPhone or iPad and refer to the core chart and read off the requirements of the task then tell him if he is meeting them or not He likes this because we drafted up the core list together and he says it is fair Big plus is the fact that it syncs via Dropbox across multiple idevices Bottom line a great product and tool for parents with kids who are difficult to motivate and need a structured list of chores For developer it would be great to have app password protected instead of simple toggle switches When modifying wording of existing chore it would be great if change saved to this chore instead of creating a new one Would be great have a histogram of points by day just to show child their daily points earning trend                 Wow what a great motivating app
Chores for kids 1101 yrs old                 Awesome
Deleted all my chores when upgraded advise against upgrading     bad update
I would like to see a one time only option for special tasks Other than that the app is easy to use even for my 8 year old Part of my 12 year old keeping her phone is that she needs to do her chores At the end of the month she needs to pay her bill with a certain amount of stars The extra chores are used to earn other things from a pack of gum to cash                 We love this
Cant seem to sync this across multiple platforms iphone ipod ipad ipad mini Do we really need to buy the app for each and every device My edits dont showup on my childs app Are they suppose to login their chore on my device This wont work as I have my device with me and they have their phone with them at all times Cute looking app but doesnt do what it should do which is work seamlessly across all family devices     Cant get this to work across multiple devices
We are using this as a chore chartschedule Eat breakfast get dressed get on bus etc Are all items to do but there is also a ck mark star points for what we are working toward now This is for kids or for a simple list But really do adults need stars unless you have an adult child with special needs If you want an adult app go look at Toodledo                 Chore Pad is awesome
This app is great I us it for everything but it dos not have very good icons I hope they will change              Great but needs good icons
Truly wonderful way to organize everyone My only wish would be the ability to remove users from other users views in their devices              Excellent
This app works great for my 5 year old However it would be perfect with a few improvements Let us take a picture to use as an icon or add a bunch more There isnt one that works for listened well Like others have said it would be nice to be able to take away stars for bad behavior And add icons for awards These changes would make it 5 stars for me              Love this
Only complaints so far are that the days of the week that are set up for a chore arent matching up with each kids chart and the icons arent showing up on the charts for some chores But a great app none the less              Love this app
To the earlier reviewer while the list of chores is just alphabetized you can order the chores when they are assigned to a person The big problems are that changing the number of star awarded does not change anything If you set up 3 stars and change to 1 star 3 stars continue to be awarded This happens regardless of whether you change the master chore list or the customized chore list for each child Also I deleted and readded the chore with the updated star award That fixed the number of stars granted for completing the chore BUT the app still credited the child with the old award This happened even though the old chore was deleted So even though the chart shows 27 stars the app credits the child with 34 When an app cant even add up the number of stars right Its not a bad app but you will probably have to start from scratch several times unless you know EXACTLY what you want because the app does NOT update the changes in either the awards for each chore or even in adding up the total number of awards           Nice but problems
App disappeared as mentioned in another review Thankfully App has built in backup I reloaded and everything is back to normal The best evidence I can give for our satisfaction with this app is the real disappointment we felt before we realized the backup would work This is a must have for parents who want their kids to enjoy chores                 Best App for family w 3 kids
Similar to another reviewer I started with the Lite HD version When I bought this I thought I was getting the Full HD version for iPad Instead it is an iPhone version that I have to use in 2x mode and only in portrait orientation which is not very useful considering I like to type from my addon keyboard landscape mode Parental control through passcodes is a good start Need more granular control per device People should not be able to enter check marks on each others behalves Keep making improvements youre off to a good strong start           Off to a good start
All perfect except for one thing I want to be able to take away stars like on the iPad version but I cant Please have an update fixing this Thank youD              Great
Very useful app Can be used for everyone in the family Easy to set up I would have given it 5 stars if you could add your own iconspictures I would also like to see a custom time setting for things like changing air filters and smoke detector batteries so they dont get forgotten The name Chore Paddoesnt quite encapsulate all that it can do Im using it for all of my kids tasks such as brushing teeth which I dont think of as a chore so much as a responsibility I am very pleased with this so far              Excellent
I used to love this app as it helped make my life easier since I was able to keep track of the kids chores and their rewards The new update doesnt keep the new info when updated Ive tried many times to reenter the completed chores but the stars dont stay after the update When changingadding images for the children the changes also do not stay after the update Im giving this version one star because I can literally do nothing The previous version was a 4 star which I only give a 4 and not a 5 because there is no functionality to let the kids put their own check marks only on the day of the event Please fix this     New version has many issues
Just downloaded this to organize chores for me not my kids and Im disappointed to find out that I cant use frequencies other than the presets I really really NEED to be able to schedule things how ever I want Sweeping ever 3 days declutter closet every 60 days etc Please add this in an update soon           Disappointed
Love this app I use it frequently This morning though all the chores were deleted all info gone I guess I have to rebuild it from scratch Bummer           Lost all info
Deleted all our chores and points after months of working on them Cool device though just lost it all andy son was crushed Hope it gets fixed bc of give it a high rating otherwise     Oh no
Today the chore chart disappeared from all our devices and even after update still no chart App has been rendered useless unless you potentially start over With this unreliability I think its time to move on to a new app        No Longer works
When I purchased this app for my iPad it was the full HD version 5 It came with the full landscape layout which is the only nice way to use it Since the update they reduced me to the iPhone version Which cost less and looks cheap I paid full price and want what I paid for I did send an email to the developer and they ignored my email NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT Although the app did encourage some of my children to do chores it has always had problems Most of the problems have been with syncing but it also would loose info I put in At this point I would say the app is not worth the price If you do pay the price they can AND will take away features you liked and then they will not responded to you for customer support Dont expect any customer support and dont waste your 5 on the HD version only to end up on the 3 version This kind of business practice is just wrong     Rip off
My daughter LOVES this app My only wish is to be able to go to a past date Otherwise we both love it              So fun
An excellent program to not only encourage helping around the house but also to encourage following rules expectations of behavior This program fits wonderfully into my daughters behavior plan both at home at school I would love to see the addition of the option to add my own icons              ChorePad Review

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