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Imaginary Spinor LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (CineTap for Netflix ,Q`ed Lite - for Netflix ,CineTap Lite for Netflix ,CineTap Mini for Netflix ,Q`ed - Netflix Queue Manager), brings CineTap for Netflix with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CineTap for Netflix app has been update to version 4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


CineTap is an alternative user interface implementation for Netflix on iPad. Designed from the ground up for iPad, CineTap combines an elegant user interface with a high performance native implementation. NOTE: CineTap requires the official Netflix app for movie playback.


CineTap includes the following features:
* UX is designed for iPad from the ground up. Fully take advantage of large screen size. Looks and works great in both Landscape and Portrait modes. Very clean visual interface plus high performance native implementation and intelligent content prefetching / caching, making using Netflix on iPad a pleasure.

CineTap for NetflixCineTap for Netflix
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* Hierarchical structure helps finding titles quickly and provides easy access to a larger portion of Netflix Instant Watch catalog all pre-filtered using Netflix personalization API tailored to your preference.


* Support search to find any title in Netflix catalog. Convenient access to search anywhere. Search results displayed using the same familiar presentation and navigation interface.
CineTap for Netflix


* Details screen designed as a pop up over gallery to keep gallery context. Details screen includes standard movie metadata such as title, parental rating, star rating, synopsis, cast, director, genres. It also provides easy access to playback and queue management (add/remove instant, DVD, blu-ray, save).


* Detail screen feature multiple sub tabs to provide convenient access to episodes for series / seasons titles and to similar titles of the selected title all without leaving the detail screen context.


* Simply tap on the stars in the detail screen to rate the movie. Detail screen also provides bookmark information (minutes watched) for previously viewed movie and series / seasons episodes.


* Seamlessly invoke the official Netflix application for movie playback and transition back to CineTap upon exit playback.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download CineTap for Netflix for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about CineTap for Netflix check developer Imaginary Spinor LLC`s website :


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Icon 175x175 1
Very slow Wait and wait and wait    Slooooooow
Waste of time    Cinetap does not work
This app stinks Cant search Crashes Does not work I want a refund Do NOT BUY    Stinky app The worst
Two years ago Cinetap was the only tolerable way to use Netflix on the iPad Since Netflix has vastly improved and Cinetap is seemingly forgotten by its own developer A paid upgrade even removing and installing have not helped Cinetap doesnt work properly and the developer ignores it DO NOT PURCHASE    Right idea wrong developer
there was a little app named Cinetap It had great features and everything worked great You could select a movie based on many many criteria You could find and select a movie by actor genre year of release top moviesand on and on I recommended it to several people who also thought it was awesome Then one day most of the features just quit working Filters quit working searches quit working syncing with your subscription slowed down or just went on forever without syncing at all Thenexcitementan update Maybe its all back to excellence again But no seems the update was no update at all and fixed nothing Download it try it write a reviewmaybe some day it will work again    Once Upon a Time
Nice idea Never got it to work    Bad app
Crashes a lot This could be the best Netflix queue manager bc you can manage both streaming and disc delivery queue from here the sorting possibilities are endless ie actor title director genre plus I loved the ability to favorite an actor or sort by more like this title or clicking on the actors name brings up all the movies they were in but it crashes SO much or says unable to add to queue almost every time I use it I also liked the ability to go to the Netflix page yet it keeps you in the app for a title and read the reviews but that appears to not work anymore either and just goes to a white page of nothing nowPlease fix this app Such a shame    Could be greatbut it no longer works well
When I reorder my queue the shows and movies just go back to where they were in the queue Frustrating Better off using Netflixs own website to reorder    Does not work Save your money
Hello Is there anybody in there Your app is not working and has not been for several weeks Its a good app Please fix it       Dying on the vine
I wish it worked properly I have to reinstall it every day Please make it work                I love this app
App is a little better than Netflix app Less sluggish However you have to buy the upgrade and if you do they may make you buy it again To me it is not worth it       Good but sneaky
Most of the time the app doesnt work at all It used to But that was over a year ago It was nice So nice I havent trashed it Tonight tried it again The recently watched section was populated with movies I have never heard of The tv section was all movies At least it was doing something Usually it loads nothing Come on guys You had a good thing Fix it    Never works
I give one star to all apps that popup and ask for a review    Write a review pop up
Need a major upgradenot compatible with Netflix    Major upgrade required
When I first got this app it worked really good enjoy downloading movies had a big variety now I only get have a screen and you have to pay to upgrade in order to see the clips of movies you want to watch totally not worth it dont spend your time on    It used to work goodwhat happened
I used to recommend this app but have been disappointed over past several months I upgraded paid almost two years ago and then had to pay again because it was no longer in my purchased apps library and now the constant ad banners The app regularly crashes or I need to restart because it doesnt launch my libraries and recommendations Save your money       I used to recommend this app
Hardly ever works    Cinetap
Cant view my instant queue    Busted
Excellent                Cine tap
This app used to work great Now does not work AT ALL I keep coming back with hope but always leave in anger    What happened Need money back
I have downloaded almost every movie app over the past ten years In my opinion CineTap offers the best selection of movies and downloads more new selections than any other app on the net The quality of the movies are like you are sitting in a movie theater I have recommended your app to all my friends Please keep up your p proeffion services Thank youLarry                CineTap Movie
Drag          Paid version has ads now
This app needs work It is very buggy and frequently hangs requiring a forced close to reset Would add two stars if the app actually worked       Great idea iffy execution
This app used to be good but its crap nowSince when is a Bratz movie considered Supernatural HorrorSave your money    Used to be good
When first purchased it was five stars but over last year many of the categories no longer come up Other times I have to log out then log in just to get a few basic categories working Once the gem of apps for those of us wanting a better laid out Netflix combined wgreater ability to find great movies has become a depressing joke Its not worth wasting your money    Gone downhill
When is does openvery slow       Slow
As others have said used to be very good Now it has forgotten my Netflix account removed and reinstalled and it wont let me log onto Netflix Completely useless    No longer works at all
This was a good app but now the app wont work Stay a way save your money Sell the app to someone that will fixit       They stop updating or what
This app has not worked in well over a year but today we suddenly get an update I checked hoping that the Netflix lists would load but not surprisingly they didnt Dont bother sending emails to support they do not reply This app was great back before the Netflix API changed but now its broken like so many other once great Netflix apps    Update to what exactly
Theres always a problem you can never receive your movies we cannot review them the screen now is half screen cannot see anything on it when I try to go to support it keeps clicking off    Do not work well
Needs a lot of work Make sure these things work before you release themCrap only works when it feels like it Get rid of this piece of JUNK    Crap App
The worst app dont work when you sign into Netflix account it crashes every time I try to sign in it would be a great app if it worked    Cine tap for Netflix
Nothing works anymore Stop working weeks ago       Upgrade time
This was reason I got it Tried everything then payed 199 fir nothing Rip off dont buy it Dont buy    Wont play in portrait mode
Completely broken Hopefully the developer comes back to fix what was once a great app    Broken
This hasnt been updated in the last six months Not cool They should at least do it for iOS 7 compatibility issues The app no longer functional Do the developers even care about this app anymore Pathetic    Once good now CRAP
Agree with othersused to be good now unusable Margins cut off no landscape view and lots of other problems    Unusable
Great App keeps it simple very easy to findstream movies             Great App
What a disappointing app Its so slow to generate lists Its cumbersome to maneuver around Its symbols the red corner triangles for example are unclear in meaning and obscure to find I keep returning to it but have had it for over a year with upgrade and am disappointed every time If this was all there was to rely on Id never get around to watching anything on Netflix I recommend just using Netflixs admittedly limited desktop search and browse functions    Disappointing
Great very easy to use                John
This a app is good but it takes too long to open                Takes too long
Click on any of the categories other than my queue then it just sits there with a spinning gear and never shows any movie titles Very strangeguess its time to find a new Netflix front end       Doesnt show movies
since this app worked like it use to Nothing comes up regardless which categories search criteria I select It use to be my go to app for checking out Netflix content but not anymore    Its been awhile
Categories are often missing from the menuCinTap uses a small subset of items from Netflix in its categoriesCinTap takes the money and doesnt care Take the Money and Run    Most features dont work
The update broke what little was still working    What happened
Trailers showing wrong programs filters like star rating maturity levels Dont work many times This has been going on since this app was created       Lots of bugs
Worthless would not open continued loading    Worthless
Completely broken It lists lots of shows Ive never heard of as my recently viewed It lists movies under the category of TV shows It lists live action TV shows as anime Nothing about this currently shows anything useful    Used to be good
Upgraded to access all features If there is a category that works I havent found it yet Please learn from my mistake Dont waste your money    Simply does not work
Dont bother downloading This app used to work but now thats just a memory    Waste of time


Imaginary Spinor LLC
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.1

iOS CineTap for Netflix 4.1 Mobile

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