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Chillingo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Knight`s Rush Lite ,Vampire Origins RELOADED HD ,Lamp of Aladdin ,Civilizations Wars ,Cut the Rope Lite ,Parking Mania HD Lite), brings Civilizations Wars HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Civilizations Wars HD games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Civilizations Wars HD for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-06. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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From the ashes of a powerful ancient civilization, many new tribes have arisen. Now, a mysterious star has fallen to Earth and a magical secret power from the past has been uncovered. Only one lucky ...
I loved the desktop version and now this version is also very good and entertaining However the introduction which really feels like its 5 minutes long probably actually 3 minutes is dreadful I dont need to watch the intro every time I log in to the game since theres no skip button           Great game annoying intro
간단하고 전략성 있고 잼있네요                 좋음
Keeps crashing on me IPAD2 Very disappointed                 Crashing issues
I bought mushroom wars first and liked that a lot but after completion of the game on easy I found that the ai Of the computer on normal and hard had way to much of an advantage and a lot of enjoyment was lost in the game I loving this game way more right now and looking forward to playing more                 Great
This probably the best of this type game on the App Store for single player galcon or modern conflict 2 for multiplayer I like galcon better for multiplayer Pinch screen to skip video Crash caused by clicking crystal avoid If click by mistake just end game in multitask bar and restart wish can rotate view to orientation of home bottom on right instead of left so I dont have to rotate my ipad3 in stand jacket                 Awesome game
A lot of content Three campaigns each with a lot of screens and each screen can be played in a variety of modes Great gameplay art and sounds Great iPad game the touch controls are great Im not even through the first campaign but I know Ill keep playing this I hope they release more levels sometime                 Great game
Title says it all              Great game English needs a little work though
The game is cute and fun to play The reason Im only giving three stars is because every time I start the app I have to watch the entire five minute animation that tells the whole background story of the game which is badly translated and not at all necessary even the first time I didnt mind it the first time but even by the second time it became extremely annoying and you basically have to wait five minutes before you can start playing again the only other alternative is to never quit the app which I guess is what most people must do but cmon this is absurd The intro really needs a skip button           Unskippable intro every time
Love this game But it kicks me out at random times like when I start my winning streak              Fix please
Played the free version and decided to upgrade                 Worth the Upgrade
This game does a good job of creating a good realtime strategy The browser version was a lot of fun but I think the iPad version with the touch and drag option makes it more enjoyable              Great game
Awesome game but every time I play it unless its in my history I have to sit through the entire intro and its so annoying 45 until they fix that              Good but I have a problem
Fantastic Except that the intro movie plays every freaking time you open it Theres a way to turn it off on iPhone but not on the ipad app Boooo please get rid of this lengthy dull intro I would play it so much more often if i didnt have to wait thru that              Excellent strategy game
I would give 5 stars but the game orientation is fixed as in i can only play the game one way but then the onscreen pushes and slide functions are all upside down Please fix              Orientation
Love the action Keep it coming                 All good
The game seems to have a powerful glitch where it crashes either every 4 games or every game you dont level up after four played I used to be a big fan of this game on the PC but the iPad version isnt worth the aggravation especially after costing money to start        Decent until it crashes
Love it want to play my family so bad Make multiplayer right away Minus two stars           Multiplayer Please
Total keeper Fast paced to keep you on your toes                 Love it
Title says it all The game crashes a lot on the iPad 3 but its otherwise a great game Ill gladly give it a five star rating when that is fixed        Game crashes A LOT on the iPad 3
游戏很不错就是时常出来rate it的画面                 不错的游戏
I love this game but it crashes on every level Fix bug and Ill 5 star it again     CrashesVery very addictive
It crashes when i try to start a new game        Crashes
Great Game although it is frustrating sometimes every occasion it will crash              Great Game
It crashes almost every level I have a 2nd gen IPad 2 running iOS 5 Will be 5 stars if u fix the crashing           Good app
I absolutely love this game but there is a bug in the winter campaign Im using the little Greeks and on the first level against the aliens right after the octopus everything he aliens capture ends up disappearing so I cant send my men in Had to resort to using the lightning instead Please fix this Other than that its a beautifully crafted game Id love to see a sequel          
I payed 399 for this and it wont even work Everytime I open it that stupid video plays and it takes like 5 minutes and then when I finally get to play it freezes after the level is over I will be contacting someone and I will be getting my money back Fix the freeze and give the option to skip the video     Extremely Disapointed
Ive played the desktop version and while my finger swipes arent as accurate as the mouse it is a fun way to use the interface I wish it didnt crash Sometimes I replay a level 34 times due to crashes Im using an iPad 1 and see the same on a 2 2 stars for that would be more if the game werent so enjoyable        Fun use of touch interface but frequent crashes a drag
People need to stop giving games bad reviews just because it CRASHES So Who cares if it crashes Deal with it        STOP
No autosave Forgot to save after 2 hours of playing and so I lost all my progress Im not playing again until you fix it     Autosave
This is one of the best iOS games of all time Its a shame it seems to have some issues on iOS8 Id love to see it get an update              Any chance therell be an update to this awesome game
I like the game and the objective but I hate that you cant skip the introduction it is like 2 minutes long I also hate that after I complete every other sometimes every level the game freezes and I have to exit the game and watch the intro all over again This game needs to be fixed           Good but
This a very good game Not too deep but very entertaining              Good Game GG
Played it on the computer and it was a fun game so i got the app an i was not dissapointed                 Great RTS game
The game is addicting and fun to play But once I reached the higher levels of the game halfway through the battle it crashes Then you start over and it repeats itself Once this problem is fixed this game will be worth paying for              Great game could be better if it didnt keep crashing
Love it on the computer Even better on the iPad                 Great game
This is a good game but when you reach to a certain levelsit keep crashingvery disappointed Not worth paying for a game that keep crashing     Keep crashing
Whole lotta fun Never gets old                 Awesome
It always crashes on me all the time     Crash
It is fun game but it keeps crashing annoying        Fun game
Good game     Unknown
Lots of fun                 Fantastic
This is a great game but the fact that it takes 5 minutes to get through opening cinematic is really frustrating If they would fix this it would be perfect              Great game but
Keeps locking up and when you restart you always have to watch the stupid 5minute video Cant skip it     Not worth it
Awesome game More campaigns would be really awesome but I love it anyways                
However every literal 5 MINUTES the game CRASHES Irritates me Please fix              Great Game
This game is fun and entertaining Too bad it crashes mid level I would recommend you wait to purchase until the bugs are worked out Otherwise you will be paying to be frustrated        CRASH ISSUE
Nothing about this game really grips me and pulls me in Its a cute little game very easy and Ive played all the through with multiple races There are some bugs that show up in later game with green race which totally ruins it at that point           Its ok
I love this game Woooooooooooooooooo                 Super epicly boss
Good                 Good

Civilizations Wars HD Games Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars HD Games Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars HD Games Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars HD Games Civilizations Wars

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