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Adept Mobile, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (MLL ,MMA Underground Blog ,UFC Sports Bars ,Cleveland Browns ,MMA Underground Lite), brings Cleveland Browns with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cleveland Browns app has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Keeps me updated on my favorite team..
  • Everything you need to know for Browns news & more..

Overall Satisfactionc76
Great app I love being able to keep up with my team.
down right the best Cleveland sports app available.
Man love the info.
Love how easy it is to check out various information.
Fun & Engagingc88
Freakin' awesome.
The upgrade is awesome.
Everything you need to know for Browns news & more.
Helps me keep up my favorite team.
Ease of Usec100
Love how easy it is to check out various information.

Helps me stay up to the minute from the West Coast. found in 3 reviews
Gives me all the tools to keep up with browns. found in 1 reviews
Pumped for the season. found in 1 reviews
Great app tells me all I want to know and more. found in 2 reviews
Thanks for making this app so much more enjoyable. found in 1 reviews
This app is much improved over previous versions. found in 1 reviews
Photos and videos are abundant. found in 1 reviews
press conferences too. found in 2 reviews
Out of towner. found in 1 reviews
Love how easy it is to check out various information. found in 2 reviews
plus when you get a notification the app barks. found in 2 reviews
especially the fact that it allows you to listen to the game broadcast. found in 3 reviews
Helps me keep up my favorite team. found in 2 reviews
down right the best Cleveland sports app available. found in 2 reviews
Always new interviews and videos to watch. found in 1 reviews
but usually the audio clip will b fixed shortly. found in 2 reviews
The live game audio stream is very inconsistent. found in 6 reviews
no audio file. found in 3 reviews
video/audio streaming needs adjustment. found in 1 reviews
Close but no cigar or Super Bowl worthy yet. found in 1 reviews
I wish the live feed was in more sync with game. found in 1 reviews
Pretty but not functional. found in 1 reviews
Now no sound. found in 1 reviews
The audio needs to play in the background. found in 6 reviews
No background audio. found in 3 reviews
Good pbp but the live broadcast doesnt work so well. found in 2 reviews
I can no longer listen to live audio of Browns daily. found in 4 reviews
Can't listen to Cleveland Browns Daily audio in background. found in 1 reviews
Seems can't be shut off. found in 1 reviews
Very inconsistent how soon the podcasts are updated daily. found in 2 reviews
Not good multitasking support. found in 1 reviews
audio doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
but still has glitches at times. found in 2 reviews
can't listen to live game so it's worthless. found in 6 reviews
The camera view if the stadium worked perfectly until yesterday. found in 1 reviews
Nothing happens when you try to play the live broadcast. found in 6 reviews

The Cleveland Browns is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.0 MB to download. The new Cleveland Browns app version 1.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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The Cleveland Browns official mobile app lets you stay connected with the team on the go. Get access to the latest news and team information, view videos and photos, and listen to audio all from ...
I use the app listen to Cleveland Browns Daily and to listen to the games live No issues and the game is never blocked for me here in Florida but it was a year or two ago                     Solid Larry Lido
Just got an update that stated Performance Improvements Highly unlikely with this team     Performance improvements Username is tubular
Welp has this app to listen to games on Sundays via radio Now that feature has been restricted via geofencing for the simple reason that the NFL wants to monetize every f n thing I will not pay to see this team until they actually start winning so sorry bout cha and me for being a fan from what it looks like Now to listen to the radio you must use the website On top of slow loading and navigation once at the site it requires you to have the browser in the foreground the whole time Now you can t even get through a game due to battery usage Fire the folks that thought of this seriously         Best feature removed in 2017 G_Babb
Should be zero stars but I want you to know I am giving you the worst rating Impossible to navigate and worthless Can t even listen to the game Probably worse than the team and that is saying a lot     Worst App Ever ChagrinCraig
Hope you guys can accept me I m following the future of hr league in Robert Griffin III Let s go Browns after a 35 year Redskins Dan career has ended in resentment Update so much for this hopeful team You had a great Hong with RG3 He needed some more work Injury was a fluke They should have won the last two games with him It s still a bad line that can t protect anyone You d get him back if you were smart And get some real weapons around him Otherwise it s losing you ve got to continue to stay used to App is getting deleted to make room Good luck     RG3 Fan joining the dog pound Kernel Panik
I live in NC now and I use to be able to listen to the games on the app on the radio now the app tells me I m not in the available network Very disappointed     Disappointed Ginabean788
Greatly improved use of screen real estate thank you Much easier to see actual content instead of fluff Video streaming is kinda jerky even with a fast broadband connection And pausing video seems to cause sound and picture to get out of synch             Much improved Intermezzo 401
I don t get the Browns on TV living so close to Cincy I can listen to the game with the app though so thanks                     I love the audio Fibroman81
I travel a lot so this app keeps me in the game                     Awesome App Cleveland State University Graduate
The app would be good if the team was     Its the browns MCMinewarrior
Huge browns fan Thanks for this app I can t wait to use it especially since I m stationed so far away from my hometown GO NAVY                     Browns fan 78 AKA1960
I LOVE THE BROWNS Thank you for an app for them you guys are the best in the whole tricking world                     Browns are the best Rylee2trill
Been a fan since I was born 1968 PLEASE Start the draft by taking offensive or defensive lineman Need to be able to protect a QB before we draft one need more sacks to be a good D The best draft pick we ve had in the last 20 yrs is an offensive lineman                     Draft Da Whiz
This is one of the most illogical confusing and least user friendly apps and web site for any NFL team A few examples Half the screen is a useless picture which takes away from the current content A stupid pop up of the London game blocks again the current content annoying The current content part is so small you can t see much of it and as you try to scroll it is easy touch something not wanted and then have to constantly go back Twitter feed way to big of area Constantly had issues with crashes feeds not working and lack of updated content One would think that the app or website should have the most up to date news it doesn t No where near acceptable like the team Down right embarrassing     App worse than team rjmkrieger
There is now no point to this app the streaming was its only worthwhile feature     No out of town streaming worthless app pepik_means_joe
The app has no value now that you can t listen to the games     As worthless as the Browns Dirty River Water
        Radio gone Jabroni sauce
As stated by most of the others as an out of town Browns fan this was the only way to listen to games without paying a ton for the NFL game pass It s radio Let the out of town fans listen Maybe you should switch the way this app works blackout the people who are located in an area close enough to go to the games and allow those outside the viewing area have a chance to listen to a team they grew up watching App is now worthless Thanks     Frustrated Browns Fan rplias
Used the app for yrs but deleted it as it no longer streams out of market Couldn t even listen to the pre game today     No longer streams out of market Slardifarst
Fans outside of Cleveland are not wanted     Browns corp suits have no clue DrLotto
Don t download if you are a fan from out of market Though I used to at least be able to listen to my team lose on Sundays now I am unable to because I moved from Ohio to Colorado The NFL is having a down year and making it even harder to be a fan Get it together     Wow the NFL must be HURTING clkowlton001
Like many on here I downloaded the app specifically to enjoy the Browns radio network and since I am not local to Cleveland now it no longer works What a waste the Browns should be trying to retain nuts like me who would still like to follow this team     No radio weijus
It s the browns app so auto 5 star                     Best app Thecif15643
Had the same problem as below last Sunday but Thursday night s game radio seems to work fine Maybe it was just a silly thing that they fixed quick Back to five stars Edit I m assuming the NFL and whomever has the rights per game disagrees with certain games being broadcasted on the app so yeah Still a good app but only when not limited by the licensing             Seems to be working as of Nov 10 Jimbob peoples
thanks to the Browns for taking away the game stream on the Browns ap in NC now i have no way to listen to the game You are not welcome     Thanks for ruining Browns Gamedays Obxcop
Great app Keeps me uptodate all year long on the brownies DawgPound Proud Baby Go get em in 2015 boys Time to shock the world                 Lets go Brownies Lets go
Great app for Browns fans Lots of content and continually updated Thanks                 Here we go
Here we go                 Here we go Brownies
Nice app                 Boss
Great App I use it virtually every day either to listen to Cleveland Browns Daily to view videos or to read articles on the Browns I love it My only complaint is that sometimes the audio streaming of CBD is unstable and it requires you to reboot the app in order reestablish the connection Otherwise the app is awesome              Great app Audio stream could be more stable
Great app                 Go Browns
If you are a Browns fan you gotta have this app News is up to the minute and when you cant be there to watch the game This app gives you the radio broadcast                 5 Dawg Bones
Great way to keep up with the Browns if you dont live in Cleveland Very comprehensive                 Love it
Great app for our beloved Browns Highly recommended all the news and videos you need to know whats going on                 Must have for all Browns fans
Great app I love being able to keep up with my team                 Cleveland Browns app
This app has me on tilt Cant login Created one new user name because the first one didnt work Tried logging in under each different combination of user name and password that I have ever used It just shows the same message hello Welcome to Cleveland Browns Account manager but doesnt give me options to fix or figure out whats wrong E V E R Y TIME Ive gotten so furious Tried to buy a jersey Nope Tried to get training camp tickets Nope I literally never write reviews in a negative sense I just delete the apps I dont like and move on But this this has taken me to another level     Furious
Yep I do and this app is no exception                 Love everything Brownies
This app has everything u want in a browns mobile app and there are no problems at all                 Best Browns App
Man love the info Wish they could compile all of the show together more often Little bit of a pain on smartphone that u have to start each part instead of listening straight through              Lets get it this year Browns Let all the cities sports put Cleveland on the map finally again
Best app a Browns fan could ask for I live out of state so now I can never miss a game Thanks                 Go Browns
Being a life long out of state Browns fan has been rough For years I would catch one game on TV a year if I was lucky Many Sunday afternoons were spent with ESPN gamecast up so I could at least see what was happening Now I can listen to every game for free with this app It truly has made being a Browns fan phenomenal for me Now I am able to actively be a part of Browns football and as a broke collegenow med student I cant afford pricey options like Sunday ticket Thank you so much for making this available to the fans It really makes all the difference                 Browns radio
Good app good way to keep up to speed on the Brownies No problems with it at all                 Browns Season Ticket Holder
Living in East Ky I am assaulted by squealer news Love the app that allows me to keep up w my beloved BROWNS                 EKy Browns fanatic
Love the app Thank you Browns                 Woof woof
Excellent coverage If u love the Browns you will like this app                 Go Browns
App works great and keeps me up to date as a fellow pound member                 Dawg gone awesome
Easy to use Comprehensive Love the app                 GO BROWNS
My favorite app                 Go Browns
I love this app As a long time Browns fan this keeps me updated with the fastest news                 Awesome
I love this app                 Love this app
I have been a Browns fan for 52 years This is a must have app                 Great App
The app is great The content is good I listen to the videos or podcast every day As an outoftown fan it is a must have My only complaint is that during interviews I can never hear the reporter questions I can hear the interviewee loud and clear Keep up the good work              Almost perfect
Great App              Review
Manage tickets and have the store on the phoneGREAT                 Nice App
Been a fan since 74 Ill always bleed brown and orange                 CTown
Gives you Browns info at a glance Love this app                 Outstanding
App is working fine No issues to report as of yet Please keep it that way                 I love the Browns
Love the app I have not had a problem with the new update I love how I can get news and the pod cast and updates on the Browns Woof woof Go Browns                 Love the app
Dont think about it just download if your a Browns fan Extremely impressed I love this application to death                 Almost too good of an app
I love this app thanks Browns                 Huge Browns Fan
This site is awesome Great articles videos interviews highlights etc Everything you need on your Browns in one place                 Up to the minute Browns news
Go browns                 Browns
Amazingly designed app Go Browns                 Love it
Easy to use and great updates and info for Browns fans                 Browns
Best app in the NFL                 Go to app for Browns lovers
Love it                 Browns app
Good App Thank you very much                 Nothing but a Browns Fan Ever and Forever Period
Great simple layout Easy to navigate Love the radio feed                 Great app
Nuff said                 Awesome
Must have for any real Browns fan                 Best app ever l
This app has saved me I can usually hear games live press conferences too I like the barking dawg sound when big news breaks Podcast is huge though inconsistent segments commercials Photos and videos are abundant The app gets better each upgrade and doesnt use more than 50MB                 This app gets us Were BACK BABY
A great app for all Browns fans                 Great App
Great app for coverage of the Browns If ur a Browns fan its a must have                 Got to Have It
Great App Keeps up to date on everything Browns                 Browns App
Love the app                 Awsome

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