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Description - Clz Books , the publisher behind many iOS app (CLZ Games HD ,Clz Movies ,CLZ Games - Game Database ,CLZ Books HD - Book Database ,FineDiner ,Clz Books), brings Clz Books with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Clz Books app has been update to version 1.3.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc71
Love being able to check what books I have.
I love how the app works.
awesome and useful.
One helpful hint.
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It's supposed to be a compact version of your pc.

A great app for keeping track of books. found in 1 reviews
you can view your info offline. found in 1 reviews
awesome and useful. found in 1 reviews
Great app to keep your books. found in 1 reviews
they have been immediately responsive and extremely helpful. found in 1 reviews
with this app does a superb job of recognizing the bar codes. found in 1 reviews
medium or large. found in 1 reviews
organize your books by genre. found in 1 reviews
then to iPod iPhone and iPad. found in 2 reviews
auto download cover art publisher year format plot summaries etc. found in 1 reviews
and the way I can "file" books by genre. found in 2 reviews
Update 2 days later. found in 1 reviews
This book app is worth every cent. found in 1 reviews
I also purchased their barcode scanner. found in 2 reviews
I am just generally disappointed with the app. found in 1 reviews
it's a problem when they aren't displayed in numerical order. found in 1 reviews
but I had that with list pro. found in 1 reviews
I really wish you could enter more than one format for a book. found in 1 reviews
It reads that the camera may not work properly on the Ipad 2. found in 1 reviews
but wish the scan could be better. found in 1 reviews
Needs to be so much more for this price. found in 1 reviews
Needs more functionality. found in 1 reviews
Now when I click on synchronize with connect. found in 1 reviews
and not being able to add multiple photos of a book. found in 1 reviews
one cannot upload to connect from iPhone iOS 6. found in 1 reviews
Decent but could be better. found in 1 reviews
Why can't I scan a new book. found in 3 reviews
This is disapointing because I really like the software version. found in 1 reviews
Please update with that feature soon. found in 1 reviews
Just fix one thing. found in 1 reviews
but I can understand why it isn't done. found in 1 reviews
Needs one thing. found in 1 reviews
there are features that I would like to see added in future updates. found in 1 reviews
INCONVENIENT - can't enter books into app EXPENSIVE - $44 for full functionality. found in 1 reviews
I am a very unhappy customer. found in 1 reviews
No meaningful updates in three months. found in 1 reviews

The Clz Books is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Clz Books app version 1.3.4 has been updated on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about Clz Books in`s Official Website :

Did you ever come home with a new book, only to find out that you already owned it? Annoying isn`t it? And costly too. And did a friend ever ask if you have this or that ...
In process of loading over 2200 printed books into CLZ Books Learning curve is fast Great features and able to customize for my needs I bought both PC and IOS versions and the latest update was to auto sync Customer and Tech support tops also Great job                     Great home cataloging system for personal library Arm mike
This is a great app I ve used it for several years to keep track of books I ve read Since I ve read over 900 books it s important to me to be able to see which books I ve already read I ve had absolutely no problem with this app My list syncs perfectly between my iPad and android phone allowing me to review my books on either device                     Wonderful App GrandPuppy4
For years I ve tried several systems to manage my book collection database I ve created Excel Access spreadsheets databases nothing seem to fit the bill Spreadsheets although functional lack of visual component that is important to manage your collection Collectorz is the best app which allows me to store my database in the cloud and access it from all my devices                     The best cloud database I ve found applenicolo
Loaded a new update today 10 15 17 Unfortunately on my iPad Pro 2 12 9 the update has compressed the app to a fraction of the available screen size Needs to be fixed Thanks guys 10 16 17 message that this problem is being fixed 10 18 17 I downloaded the new updates and did a hard reset to my iPad Pro 2 but the screen image is still compressed My library was deleted Will not allow me to update library from CLZ online 10 20 17 Part of the problem fixed I can see my my book library again The screen is still reduced but since the Guys at CLZ have fixed both the movie and the game app I don t think it will be long before they have this issue resolved too                     10 20 17 Part of the problem fixed Sadly Disillusioned
Newest version now blocks my camera from scanning Don t update this version     Bad Update 10 16 17 gpcrscientist
Would like to search all fields add my own fields print a list of books                 Search all fields add my own FxPn
This app is a robust easy to use companion to the desktop version of this book cataloging database The support is excellent Moreover the communications with the firm s leadership are friendly evidencing that the entire team likes what they are doing                     I Can t Imagine Better Bernie of Ohio
I am an avid reader A ok a week and this app really helps me keep a record of what I have already read and add to be read to my wish list                     Lots of Books Rethgualsthefirst
This app just gets better and better Thanks so much for adding the new auto correct options that were added in the latest update This is a game changer for me because I keep so many book notes Now it is so much faster to type notes and to add more plot summaries and etc to my entries Hopefully you will add this update to other CLZ apps such as comic CLZ and Movie CLZ because I keep many notes in those programs too I highly recommend this app to anyone who is a big collector It is probably the best out there It s definitely the best one that I have seen so far and I ve tried a few The staff in customer support is also very friendly and always working to improve services                     Thanks For Adding AutoCorrect Options In The New Update RonP1979
Like some people here I had problems with the 100 limit Please do a little work before you start putting down this app I went to the developer website and email them Because of the many changes things like connectivities to my App has gone a bit south You don t have to buy it again Just email them and they will take care of you I had to do a screen shot of my purchase and send it to them My APP was working within minutes I bought my APP 4 years ago and I had never have to buy it again They will help you Try them                     Been using it for 4 years and is lovely Makora One
I used CLZ for about 4 years Found it complicated and difficult to work with There were relentless updates which I always paid for Then I didn t update for perhaps 6 9 months Not sure what happened but I lost all my data on about 1 000 books that took years to enter Even my firm computer guru was stumped and couldn t figure out what happened I have now switched to All My Books and that software meets my needs and seems simple intuitive and easy to back up     Complicated and total data loss after 4 years Bob Travel
I wish the app had one function of allowing you to check a book in and out to a person My nieces love books but forget to return them But over all the app is great for keeping your books in one place especially for insurance purposes                     Neat little app Brandon Queen
I have been using Collectorz for several years because it does a great job I wish it had more lookups like Calibre does but the UI of Collectorz is top notch                     Still great after all these years Procat
I use their apps for books and movies as well as their cloud platform Keeps my books in order from my iphone desktop and ipad Especially like the quick scan feature allows uploading books quickly with photos and written blurbs then you can edit if you wish Also like the ability to sort by genre or subject Great product                     Terrific Product Gardenhat
I wanted something to keep track of my personal library This is it Beautiful too                     Wonderfully easy Reworded
While it s a good app I wish there were more ways to organize like on the comic book app I want to organize by series and author but right now it can only be organized by author                 Good app just wish RikusGirl007
Love love love the new format So clear Thank you                     CLZ Book Collector Bionicblue
App is wonderful It is a great way to catalogue books and to manage them I like to fact you can have your entire library right on your cell phone                     Used to be worth it w5nio
The new white background is excellent Nothing getting in the way of the information which is truly what this app is all about Said the graphic designer Old review There s a lot to like with this app but that new light gray carbon fiber background on the book detail page is way too busy It makes reading the tiny text very difficult It almost looks like a watermark for an unpaid version The faded logo is fine but the diagonal stripes compete with everything else Also when adding a new book it would be nice if you could enter pertinent details at the same time rather than having to accept the entry and then try to find it in what will get to be a very large collection of books                     Background fixed Cydfer
Excellent app to track my books Stores loads of info on each book along with book covers I can tell quickly which are in collection and or sold donated etc love it                     CLZ collector Perelandra45
Very great product Everything is great I paid for the upgrade already This is a wonderful way to store my library and help me organize it as well I can even put in Japanese titles and have it sort in English Very handy                     Love it Doug U
Love the app It s mostly intuitive but could use a bit of tweaking For instance books added should default to not read and let the book owners change to read instead of defaulting to read especially in the wishlist category Also the eyeball icon does not stay in the open or closed position when changed by tapping on the eyeball It only stays changed to indicate read open eye or not read closed eye when using the edit mode by tapping the pencil and going into personal then switching the read tab to green or closed Otherwise great app Just a little bit more streamlining needed Thanks                 A little bit of tweaking Paisleyfrog
Love this app I looked at many apps for storing my collection of books This one is great I also use their movie collector app for storing my movie collection                     Great App Destiny2011
Large file size for what it does Slow to initialize and operate Seems to be a bit of a clunker Data entry isnt very intuitive to me Hard to get it to customize fields and otherwise conform to what I want it to do regarding my collection Overpriced I am just generally disappointed with the app        Bloated and slow
My manga and books now has proper plots No more relying on core                 Proper plots
Between the app and the desktop software its a lot of money but they do work well together I also dont like that the iphone and ipad apps are separate and cost 10 each I wish I would only have to pay once and have both of them Also the plot of the book looks fine on the desktop software but loses its formatting when transferred to the app It all just becomes one big paragraph I was able to fix this using HTML code but it was kind of annoying I also wish I could edit books on my phone and transfer them to my desktop but I read somewhere that they are currently working on making that happen This app took up a lot more room on my phone then I thought it would Part of the reason is because the pictures I used for the books I took myself with my iPhone 4S camera and they take up a lot of space but now I have to watch out how much other stuff I put on my phone so it doesnt fill up But I do love how I can have a list of all of the books I own and all of the books I want right in one place on my phone and my Mac              Pricy but good
The program works great I have over 5000 books and I just started using this program It will allow me for the first time to know what books I have available I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to keep track of their books                 Fantastic app for book collectors
I am very impressed with this application as well as the developers for their insight You can tell that this app and the full pcbased version which I used extensively were designed by collectors for collectors With over 5000 books in my collection I cant possibly track the data I need on the fly This helps me to know most of what I need while Im mobile I would like to see configurable display fields from the DB in the shortterm Longerterm it would be nice to be able to add books and have a bidirectional sync with the PC                 Great for collecting and scouting
Great app to keep your books Started with the desktop version and was happy to see an app for it to take it with me                 Great App
Could be a great stand alone app Instead this greedy company wants customers to buy a 30 pc app a 10 iPhone app with zero functionality Each update annoyingly erases the data AND GET THIS to answer customers demands for in app barcode scanning with the iPhone camera they now want you to buy ANOTHER app for 8     WORTHLESS
Im a fan of the book collector software on my Mac I was hoping for a very similar look and feel to what that provides and the iPhone app doesnt have near the ease of use I was really hoping for something that was close enough I admit it helped me today but I was not able to use some advanced filtering by illustrator which is what I really needed Either I havent figured out how to do that on the app or it isnt able to Should be priced at 199 as it wont stand alone without the software anyway           Expensive considering its simplicity
I LOVE my BookCollector program and am always recommending it Now that they have improved this app it means I have my 3000 book collection at my fingertips it is amazing I think the pricing is very reasonable for all the easy usability but also customizable functionality of the PC based program Now Adding the App is a great bonus                 BookCollector App
I really wish this app had a loan check out button like the computer program does except I could do it on my phone and either enter in a name or select a contact Its a pain to log on to my computer everytime someone borrows my books Itd be much simpler to just pull out my phone and check it out to them If you fixed that I would give 5 stars           Needs one thing
This is a great app for tracking books owned and read and with the desktop version you have incredible database editing capabilities Ive tried a number of less expensive apps but none approach this one User manuals are comprehensive and when I messed up my account by using two different email addresses technical support fixed the problem in less than a day                 Great app
This is a great app for book collectors I can walk into a used book store and know whether or not I have a particular book or not It would be better if you could add new books through the app rather than the pc program but it is still a great app              Great app
Last week I opened the CLZ app on my iphone to look up a book All 340 books I put in Feb 2014 were gone Same thing on my ipad it came up with a popup that said incompatible database The web interface to Collectorz cloud storage also showed no books I contacted support and they said they were incapable of restoring the database even if I offered to pay They told me they cannot restore their own database from a month ago It looks like this transition between incompatible databases has been done in the worst way possible What good is this application if the data disappears and cant get it back     Collectorz lost my book collection database
This is the best library app that I have found in the App library In my case I use the PC desktop version theres a Mac version as well as my central point of management I use CLZ Barry app from this same vendor to scan barcodes using an iPod Touch and then transfer the scanned codes to the PC I then periodically upload the desktop database to the CLZ cloud and then use this iPad app to download the database to my iPad for useviewing here My rating would be five stars but there are minor synchronization issues between the desktop and iPod TouchiPad              Best Home Library App
I like this app Id appreciate it if it didnt cost so much I like the search feature and the way I can file books by genre making it easy to look up all my Halloween books or books about America at the same time Im using the app to organize my classroom library However the one thing I wish you could fix is that it alphabetizes books by author not book title When I need to look up a book I rarely know the authors name What is more frustrating is that it will alphabetize some books by the authors FIRST name and others by the authors LAST name Also sometimes I will scan a book say by Joe Schmo and it will appear under S Then I will add notes to the listing and save When I go back the same book appears under J If I have paid 15 for an app it would be nice to have these glitches taken care of Thank you              Just fix one thing
Over the past several days Ive been using this app to index my book collection The barcode scanner works great One helpful hint especially for paperbacks more than a few years old use the barcode inside the front cover not on the back of the book as thats the one you can count on for containing the ISBN If you want to do more than just upload your books ie organize your books by genre subject or tag it can be a bit tedious as each book must be edited individually However if you just want to scan in your book collection and are happy with organization by author and the existing genre and subject labels that come with each electronic book record you will be good to go Ive not tried other book indexing apps so I cant say how this might stack up against the competition However I like the simple interface Its also nice to be able to organize and view my book collection in so many different ways Being able to flip through horizontally is the closest Ive found to something online that simulates scanning my eyes along a shelf of books This is a terrific feature              Good Book Indexing App
Easy to use intuitive Works great with iPhone scanner app CLZ Barry and desktoponline program Ive been waiting for this type of program since I started grad school Excellent                 Absolutely Fantastic
I am a longtime user of both the PC and Mac editions of Book Collector and I knew what I was buying with the companion app It is handy to have my entire database of over 2000 books at my fingertips However there are features that I would like to see added in future updates which hopefully will not entail another fee for longtime customers with multiple Collectorz products One is the addition of more fields currently available in the database created on my desktop editions to the mobile database that is exported I add a lot of personal and customized information about each book in the desktop edition that is not transferred to my mobile device I realize the intent is not to replicate the entire desktop database on a mobile devise but more flexibility in terms of which data elements I would like to access from my iPhone would increase the functionality of this app significantly Also as others have mentioned the ability to add books or modify content directly from the app is needed Reconciliation between databases can then occur during the syncing process Overall its a good start for Collectorz in the mobile app arena I have faith that the talented staff of developers CAN improve the app and my fingers crossed that they actually WILL              Very good but hoping for more functionality soon
we love CLZ it rocks its simple enough to easily list all of our books and find them when needs be and complex enough to give us details we need Andyou can view your info offline WAY AWESOME                 awesome and useful
I sometimes forget what versions I have and replacing my paperbacks with hardbacks when I find them                 Yep I have the hardback version
I love this app until today I used the built in scanner and added 42 books to my iPhone Now when I click on synchronize with connect the app immediately closes Tried turning phone off and on Nothing As I see it one cannot upload to connect from iPhone iOS 61        Bug bug go away
Its a great app like CLZ movie but would give it 5 stars if it did not lack synchronizing two other devices without buying yearly subscription           Good but not great
Nice interface and pretty easy to use Would give higher rating but it keeps crashing after adding a few books in the search engine           Pretty easy to use
This thing started out as a just very useful and fun tool and they refused to stop improving it Combined with their SUPERB customer support this app is every bibliophiles dream come true I also own their desktop software and subscribe to their online database hosting No complaints there either                 Indispensable
Great to have my books list and wish book list with me everywhere I have stopped buying duplicate books because I have this app and database with me And now I can edit on my IPhone yeah              Very handy
The app overall is nice Easy to add books to and intuitive interface Where it falls short for a collection database is three fold First it rarely recognizes small press books or books from major presses overseas With the ease of ordering books from all over these books should be supported Even if you manually enter an ISBN it is rarely recognized Second older books Pretty much anything before the 70s you are going to have to enter the entire book manually A serious collector which this app would be designed for is going to purchase older books Yet if searching by author and title I have yet to find a match Lastly editing entries Adding cover pictures and editing an entry can be incredibly tedious and often times will create errors I had two different books with similar titles when trying to add the cover image for one book the app kept changing BOTH book images I eventually had to delete one book and start all over Overall a decent app but still lacking in what should be basic featurescapabilities           Decent but could be better
I really wish you could enter more than one format for a book I have many books in for example both ebook and paperbook versions It is cumbersome to have to make two separate entries              Good but
Love being able to check what books I have and the ones on my wish list No more duplicates or carrying notebook with me                 Love It
I love all the products put out by collectorz this one is no different Would it be better if it had the scanner built in Maybe but the 799 Barry is just fine since its compatible with every collectorz database not just the one              Its supposed to be a compact version of your pc
I like having all my books with me and have used Book Collector on my Mac for years If I could add books directly to my iPhoneiPad app with a scanner it would be perfect and I would give it 5 stars              Good but needs scanner
As someone with an enormous library this app has made it possible to cart my books well a list thereof with me wherever I go Most importantly the app actually works I can give it no higher commendation                 Fantastic product
I am running v65 build 2 of Bookcollector with the latest update of the App My Version of Bonjour is fully upto date and works But nothing works together ever since the last App update I have not been able to export any of my books to the iPOD Be very aware this is a very flakey app and at 999 think long and hard before buying     No Comunication
I am not surprised but this app adequately meets my needs Well worth the price                 Works for what I need
Just wish it was cheaper                 Excellent Booklist App
If youre a book collector I recommend this app and the bookcollectorz software to help keep track of your collection whether its small medium or large Its also helps to avoid buying the same book twice                 I love it
Wonderful App Just used it for a day loving it                 Great
As a preacher this app is great for keeping track of which books are in my library I can keep track of every feature imaginable and have no complaints other than the price but it is a great product and well worth it              Awesome
Nice to see all my books but I had that with list pro this app adds covers and book info Love the Barry scanner but it is separate and really for the desktop Would like to see more of my own info and be able to add notes and my own book ratings which is not in the desktop version either Looking forward to more features and improvements        OK
Im a long time Collectorz fan and customerThese aps are very goodI hear their working on updates for two way syncing which would make the aps perfect              Great Aps
This is an upgrade All it did for me was crash so I reverted to the previous version Tip never update your iTunes copy first Update from the device If you have problems you can always delete the upgrade from the device and revert to the old version from iTunes     Upgrade
Great for tracking the thousands of books I have                 Great App
Would be nice to be able to adjust the fields that get imported to ipad I like to know what the number of the seriesvolume is Overall a good app but the whole system can be pricey           Nice features but would like more
I am really disgusted with this developer in its actions to extort more money from me The new twist is the you have to spend 25 a year to view your collection They are doing this by changing the parameters of the app so that the data you input does NOT get exchanged between the computer version and the iOS version What makes this really bad is that inputting your data requires a massive investment of your time I feel the actions of this developer are totally unethical If the developer does not rise the price again in the next ten years I will have to pay 250 more to view my collection Something to think about BEFORE you purchase this product I purchased this software for books and movies for my computer and ipad and at over 100 it was not cheap At no time was I informed in any way shape or form that I was going to be forced into paying a monthly fee to use the software or that I was going to be forced to upload my collection lists up to their cloud where my information could be used for marketing purposes Now I have only one option which is to pay their new monthly fees as the existing programs are no longer working properly Really is this the game plan to force more money out of your customers Not going to give them one more cent Unfortunately all means to contact them by email has disappeared I am a very unhappy customer     Unhappy to say the least
I would have given it five stars but the scan camera is almost impossible to use and they dont tell you this UNTIL you read the manual thoroughly which nobody does before they buy It reads that the camera may not work properly on the Ipad 2 which is what I have So Ive gotten exactly one book scanned and you have to hold it still for a really long time and far away until your arm hurts Its easier to put in the isbn than to use the scan feature A real bummer since I bought it thinking it would be easier to scan than putting everything in manually I gave four stars because I like the features offered but wish the scan could be better                 Could Be Better
Works pretty well It gives me access to most of my book info Its unfortunate that its not very customizable but it works well enough              App review
After buying the same digital book more than once because of a change in readers I was desperate Clz is the answer Customizable easy to use and I can even use my phone to read the codes Fabulous                 FinallyI have control
This app does several things very well with a minor and one major problem The good It scans so well that I refuse to get out my laptop and HP bar scanner The iphone 5 IOS 704 with this app does a superb job of recognizing the bar codes There is a slight delay of course while the camera focuses The keyboard entry is adequate A minor gripe is that the orientation of authortitle periodically goes to landscape with phone held vertically in portrait The keyboard then is in portrait and hides the entry fields Another minor gripe is the lack of ability to keep an author between multiple entries The database has found keyboard entries of 1940 and 1950 books with no ISBN Covers are on most of these Ok on a few I couldnt find the precise edition but could find one close by the proper publisher My evaluation of the database is 6 stars The bad After entering and syncing multiple times the final sync of over 50 titles many hand entered failed by locking up on Syncing XML file A lockup with no ability to stop it is unacceptable I can tolerate errors but not ones which consume my machine and from which there is no recovery My final solution was to 1 confirm that data had been uploaded Im missing one title and will have to search many to find which one and 2 remove and reinstall then sync Thus I spent significant time which would have been unnecessary if I could have interrupted the sync lock All in all with the serious exception above this is a good app Update 2 days later Collectorz had server problems which caused the issue The problems were fixed fairly promptly and the issues disappeared Moreover as a relatively new Apple user I have since with Collectorz help found out how to shut down the app wo deletingreinstalling This should preserve all data on the iphone so that later sync would be possible Changed from 4 stars to 5 stars                 Not quite there yet updated
Gimme multiple libraries and 2 way communication and it will be perfect              Love it
Great app Scanned perfectly 12 books of 12 so far I hope youll add more options in future like page number bookmark book reading status bar etc              Great book lover app
This is a great app for my book collection I love that you can sort it in so many ways including by location I have several shelves all over the house and I can easily see where a book is just by sorting them in the app Even better if you loan a book to someone just add them as a location and you can keep track of where it went Only one minor gripe when you delete a book it isnt removed from the database It just shows as not in collection I want to wipe it out completely and not have it show in the list at all                 Great app just few few minor tweaks needed

Clz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod TouchClz Books Utilities Book Collector Ipod Touch

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