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Emergency Communications Network, INC , the publisher behind many iOS app (NH Alerts ,CodeRED Mobile Alert ,ECN Launcher), brings CodeRED Mobile Alert with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CodeRED Mobile Alert app has been update to version 2.100 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I received weather alerts for flash floods in NM & AZ..
  • that automatically alerts us based subscribers of severe weather..
  • accurate & user friendly..
Overall Satisfactionclick me40
This version is better than the last.
Still amazes me.
I love the new changes.
Fun & Engagingclick me63
Awesome company.
Ease of Useclick me41
Appreciate the update and now it's really easy to use.
Informational and easy to use.
Settings are pretty intuitive.
Reliabilityclick me25
Security & Privacyclick me18
Updates & Supportclick me77
customer service is first rate.
I enjoy using the app especially with the new update.
Batteryclick me23


Designed to keep you informed and aware, the CodeRED Mobile Alert App taps into the national CodeRED® Emergency Notification System and alerts subscribers located within the reach of a given notification generated by public safety officials. The App tracks your position, so no matter where you are when an alert is issued, you will receive notifications that affect you right on your mobile device.


The CodeRED Mobile Alert App delivers information from community officials in areas that are subscribed to the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. Additionally, national organizations used by public safety officials and police departments may utilize the system to send messages to targeted geographic areas. Future uses could include augmenting Federal Government issued critical alerts, such as those transmitted through IPAWS as an additional Alert Disseminator in support of the FEMA program. Subscribers may also upgrade their accounts to receive customized weather alerts based on NOAA’s National Weather Service bulletins.

CodeRED Mobile AlertCodeRED Mobile Alert
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The CodeRED Mobile Alert is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 13.0 MB to download. The new CodeRED Mobile Alert app version 2.100 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about CodeRED Mobile Alert in Emergency Communications Network, INC`s Official Website :
CodeRED Mobile Alert


not like the county wide stuff that the news puts out. found in 2 reviews
customer service is first rate. found in 2 reviews
An excellent app for the traveller. found in 1 reviews
Thanks CodeRED Mobile Alert for keeping me informed during my travel. found in 4 reviews
Works gr8 4 me. found in 1 reviews
I love the new changes. found in 1 reviews
I never turn on the TV or radio. found in 1 reviews
Seems really cool. found in 1 reviews
got charged twice for the alerts. found in 1 reviews
however that login will not work for the mobile app. found in 1 reviews
if servicing the hard of hearing and deaf. found in 1 reviews
It freezes up whenever I check my warnings. found in 1 reviews
send push alerts and improve loading time of alerts. found in 1 reviews
Good piece of information for any user. found in 1 reviews
2012 -- Volume too intrusive in awkward situations. found in 1 reviews
Why do I need to login. found in 6 reviews
Alarm sounds and app quits. found in 1 reviews
App keeps freezing when trying to load settings. found in 1 reviews
When I went to tech support I got a runtime error. found in 3 reviews
Deleting and hoping future updates resolve issues. found in 1 reviews
Works but significant bug recently. found in 1 reviews
Warning never listed under "recent warnings". found in 1 reviews
but know seems that's all good. found in 1 reviews
it simply doesn't work -- tells me I need an Internet connection. found in 2 reviews
We are in a winter storm warning but not showing anything. found in 3 reviews
The app also does not release location services when shut down. found in 9 reviews
this location tracker drained my battery in just a couple hours. found in 2 reviews
If I have a subscription why annoying ads. found in 3 reviews
it immediately popped up a message stating that my subscription had expired. found in 3 reviews
Upgraded to the paid version and it constantly crashes. found in 2 reviews
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Cant sign in I selected only to receive the tornado mornings but the thing goes off constantly for flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings waking me up all night    Wont load
I have been using this app for over a month and I really like it It always keeps me updated on alerts released in my area and the map is super easy to use I also like how easy it is to choose the types of notifications I want to receive                Informational and easy to use
You will receive about two weeks of service then you will need to pay up to continue to use the app    Not free
I already had an account before installing this app It tells me my user or password is incorrect When I choose Forgot Password it cannot find its web server I wish it had a Hate button    Piece of crap
This is my second try with the Code Red app I set up an accountthen at some point I cannot login Unfortunately I forget my password The app says I dont have an account so I cannot reset my password But when I try to set up an account it tells me that email is taken Its just not worth the frustration    Login challenges
Please fix the crashing Like others have mentioned pressing enter on the home screen is as far as it goes    Why is it crashing suddenly
My town has partnered with CodeRED to give us emergency warnings for weather in the area So I go and sign up on our towns website and they suggest getting the app So I did and come to find out its not free You see we dont have tornado warning sirens here so we just have to rely on the news to tell us whats happening This CodeRED is supposed to be the replacement for the tornado sirens Why the heck would you charge us to use this app This should be a free service as the texting part of your service is Hendersonville TN might not be OKC with all the tornados but we do get some really bad weather and we need to be warned with plenty of time to take shelter Please take in consideration in making your app free as our town as many others that use your service are already paying for it    NOT a free app but needs to be
Awful app Primarily because the alerts arent relevant to my area and yet the app will say x of alerts for your area And when you click on alerts in my area you get nothing Also it requires a user name and password Why Pointless    Ugh This app is getting deleted
I dont know if this is a hacker app or real thing Nothing happens after I provide credentials It asks for my email address even though I registered with a user name only giving email in last registration step There arent any reviews even though this service is provided nationwide for emergencies And the logo and vendor info isnt an exact matchEither this app was poorly tested and mediocre UIUX system requirements specs or a fake    Cant log in
Shows high priority messages in a simple manner The map and icons are easy to interpret Great to know when an emergency happens close to home             Pretty Good
Doesnt work    Issues
Love the new update                Resident
If it does open its only a few seconds and then closes itself    Wont stay up or open
Downloaded the app for free only to find that I have to pay if I want it for more than a month Since my community chose to use this why this I wonder I decided to try it Not expensive so I added a year Now I cant get it to STOP sending alerts beyond my selected settings West Virginia is not within 10 miles of NW Ohio even as the crow flies and no one wants to be woken up at 3AM for that alert Oh and you cant just have the alert on vibrate and all of the sounds are just rude and obnoxious    Code Red Needs immediate life support
Got the paid version a couple of weeks ago Worked ok until the update was released Now it just freezes up Reinstalling does not help Utterly useless app    Crapp
It knows my location yet never NEVER goes off when theres a weather bulletin issued here On the other hand it sometimes does go off when theres one a thousand miles away    Worthless near enough
This has been a really great app We have had a lot of unusual winter weather and flooding and it works perfectly I am frankly surprised by how many bad reviews this app has I think this one is a win             Works great for me
App crashed Locked me out Reset password via link twice Didnt work Called CS twice Both times that had me delete app and reinstall and turn phone offon Still doesnt work Had problems with alerts not active in my area when clearly alerts were up during the tropical storm with tornado warnings etc Very frustrating in the middle of a natural disasterdangerous weather Waste of your money and time    Crashed during tropical storm
Useless    Crashes on Launch
Crashes when I open it up Will not stay up    Code red
Total waste of time I created an account online then install this app and it wouldnt let me login I will not contact customer service I will just uninstall the stupid piece of garbage    Awful not even an app
Not worth the hassle to figure out how to find what the H is going on with this pain of an app    Aggravating
Well after you register the app no longer works Just freezes on enter screen    Wont open
Paid for the subscription and the app crashes every time No tech support Id like my money back tooworked before the recent updates    Oregon
This is a waste of money I get an alert but every time I try to connect to the app it gives me a server error or continually says its loading alerts but never does I would love to get my money back    Not worth it
Totally agree with all those who have already reviewed I downloaded this app because I needed something reliable due to the bad weather we had in our area last week This app was DEFINITELY not that It did not load at all the entire weekend I even reached out to the customer service support and the recommendation that service rep Robert made was to uninstall the app turn the phone off and reinstall A lot of help that waswould highly recommend not using this    Unreliable
Thought I found the perfect weather app NOT they should tell you it COSTS YA    Have to purchase
Just downloaded and installed app then closed and reopened it and it seems to work fine The gps function located my position and it even listed three existing alerts across the country The instructions say you can go to settings on your iOS device and set alert sounds and radius distances It appears that the these are set by default instead but wont know for sure until I receive an actual alert Seems like a great concept but the government screws up everything it attempts so well just have to wait and see Give it a try Its free and if it doesnt work you can delete it             Works fine
After a story in the paper this morning urging residents to sign up I downloaded the app or tried to The download froze my iPhones screen I had to reboot the phone Then when I tried to log in to the system after the download it did not recognize my user name and password This app is a dud from start to finish    One big bug
Good app I have had if before but then the update came and now it will let you get to the enter screen but when you press enter it loads for a few seconds then crashes please fix because this app used to be very useful       Crashes
Nice idea but misleading Free may by for 1 day the day you down load The next day is 499 yearly subscription    Sounded good
I cant sign in at all We need this to work for our safety Please fix    Grrrrr
It says this is a free app then it has expiration date of 1900 and keeps prompting to renew for 499 a year Sigh    Not free
Keep getting the alarm but when I look for the warnings it says I have 66 but when I zoom into my area there is none Wasted money    Good for other areas
This is so annoying I now have to reset my Apple account because of this useless app I dont believe this is a real app    Waste of Time
This is the best emergency notification app Ive ever seen                Saveslives84
I keep entering the credentials I used to setup my account but it continues to tell me that the password is wrong I even reset my password a few times Kind of makes the app useless if you cant login    Cant log in
The app wont even let me sign in with my account to begin with So therefore its completely useless    Failed Account Login
Tried to log in with my info that I signed up with and says it is not correct repeatedly Frustrating    App not working
I am currently under a tornado watch where I live This app doesnt even show any warnings for mine or surrounding counties Yet earlier today it sounded and alerted me for a county nowhere near me Waste of money    Terrible
I purchased app and noticed it wouldnt update my subscription for the following yearI contacted customer service via email and they told me to turn off and on again phone I did nothingIt said uninstall app and reinstall if turning off phone didnt work I did that and it wouldnt let me sign into accountSo I reregistered again using same email then it asked me if I would like to purchase 1 year subscription againThis time I called customer service and they said they could reset password with me on the line I asked her what does that have to do with straightening up my purchase I dont want you to know my passwordShe sent me to a different person a supervisor and in order to fix problem she wanted me to send her bank statement you can black out all other transactions for proof of purchaseI said no you should have my records and email address and it wasnt worth the hassle for 99 centsNever again after following their instructionsBuyer beware    App when purchased wouldnt update for full year subscription
Probably due to my not letting it track me even when not in use Deleting it immediately The iPhone provides alerts automatically as does The Weather Channel App    Cant sign in
This updated version is ALOT better No more adds and havent had the app gorse close on me yet                Great upgrade
App requires you to register But then refuses to create your account Ask for support    Forget this one
As other reviewers reported this app seems to present a glitch when initially attempting to enter credentials as it says theyre unrecognized however I took a chance and tapped the register button I entered the credentials I established when registering for the service through my municipalitys website and it authenticated me right awayFurther Im glad to report that this app performs well when accessed through VoiceOver for the blind Almost every element is labeled and executes properly Alerts can be read or heard via audio when using VoiceOver So far it is performing well for me therefore if your municipality or school makes use of this alerting platform I can recommend use of this appthe only oddity Ive encountered thus far was a sexual predator alert pertaining to Tampa Florida which is nowhere near my locale I can also see no means of the end user deleting alerts which have already been read Other wise it seems to perform well          Good app for Alerts
Problems from start even though I paid for subscription and proved this in emails they wont acknowledge emails and continue to shut me out of this ap    Disappointed
It freezes up whenever I check my warnings       Abbie
App will not let me register its useless at this point    Doesnt work
I had this on my old iPhone and it was great I put it on my new iPhone 2 different times and took it back off Its frustrating to try to use Obnoxious Alarms kept going off because of storms which I did not want I could not find anyway to change this Its not anything like the one I had before which was easy to use and worked perfectly    Code red
Login does not work using existing credentials so I am unable to use the app at all Also the app has not been updated for iPhone 66    Cant login cant use


Emergency Communications Network, INC
13.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.100
iPhone iPad

iOS CodeRED Mobile Alert 2.100 Mobile

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