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Description - Conquest

Sean O`Connor , the publisher behind many iOS games (The General ,Topple! ,Niggle (Oh Hell) Lite ,Mother Of All Battles ,Tribes Lite ,Character Counter), brings Conquest with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Conquest games has been update to version 3.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • same with the multiplayer option..
  • Great turn-based strategy game..
  • Online play would just be a bonus add-on..
  • Thank you for creating such an awesome game..
  • great Risk clone with a Kate variety of maps..

Overall Satisfactionc50
This app is definatly one of my favorite games.
This is my favorite game app.
Thumbs up to the people who created this amazing game.
This is my favorite iPhone game for killing time.
I highly recommend this game for anybody who likes strategy board games.
Fun & Engagingc61
I literally play this game everyday.
Thank you for creating such an awesome game.
It's a shame because this was an awesome game.
This is a great game and very addictive.
but still very addictive.
Countless hours of replayability.
this game is super addictive pocket pc life.
It's well put together and simple and fun to play.
Replay Valuec83
This game is set at a very high skill level.
it never gets old.
Will give you endless hours of enjoyment.
the game is insanely fun and has massive replay ability.
Social Aspectsc62
same with the multiplayer option.
should add multiplayer and capital style risk.
Similar to words with friends.
Production Valuesc49
Poor game play.
Ease of Usec50
it can be difficult to win.
I have been able to beat the game.
game is too easy to beat.
You can not use logic to beat an algorithm.
It's well put together and simple and fun to play.
Never had any problems with the game.
Updates & Supportc29
So I went ahead and upgraded from the Lite version.
Try out the lite version for free and you will be hooked.

Have used it at least a hundred times to pass time. found in 2 reviews
For all lovers of risk I highly recommend this app. found in 1 reviews
Just the perfect setting choices and selection of maps. found in 2 reviews
in South America and most of Africa. found in 8 reviews
m certainly having problems putting my pocket pc down now. found in 1 reviews
Have multi player ability. found in 3 reviews
Will give you endless hours of enjoyment. found in 2 reviews
I actually found this version better than the Risk game for the iPad. found in 1 reviews
with strong holdings in Europe and North America respectively. found in 4 reviews
Hit the spot. found in 1 reviews
the game is insanely fun and has massive replay ability. found in 2 reviews
and maybe multiplayer over 3G. found in 2 reviews
I have enjoyed this game and will for some time to come. found in 3 reviews
Pretty cool game. found in 1 reviews
plus all the alternate maps make for new and interesting challenges. found in 2 reviews
for the latest news on all my games follow seansgames on twitter. found in 1 reviews
I love it and it is a great time killer. found in 2 reviews
More pieces you have for attacking better odds of winning. found in 2 reviews
round after round -- thus. found in 1 reviews
This game is set at a very high skill level. found in 5 reviews
there needs to be a better way to attack or move. found in 19 reviews
Please fix the game. found in 5 reviews
Get rid of the annoying talking bubble or add a "hide" option. found in 4 reviews
if I accidentally choose to move troops. found in 10 reviews
Game has a few bugs but is loads of fun. found in 1 reviews
Computer needs to play smarter. found in 4 reviews
if you tap as many countries as possible during selection. found in 2 reviews
after no fewer than 30 tries of taking over the world. found in 1 reviews
but computer ALWAYS wins. found in 5 reviews
the game got buggy a few updates ago. found in 2 reviews
I have fully beaten six maps on the most difficult setting. found in 4 reviews
Math Error / Bermuda Triangle Effect. found in 1 reviews
Good fun but needs better AI. found in 2 reviews
I don't understand the negative reviews at all. found in 2 reviews
iPad version looks awful. found in 1 reviews
Poorly programed AI & dice rolls are not random. found in 2 reviews
This game is fun but needs updates including online multiplayer. found in 3 reviews
Waiting 4 bug fix. found in 1 reviews
Latest update causes issues. found in 1 reviews
However the new game mode all or nothing is severely flawed. found in 4 reviews
Poor game play. found in 11 reviews
it can be difficult to win. found in 16 reviews
making it impossible to play 2. found in 5 reviews
The AI opponents completely ruin the game. found in 4 reviews
An unfair "random" dice roll for AI. found in 5 reviews
but now every other time I play this game. found in 14 reviews
I don't understand the positive reviews for this game. found in 6 reviews
This might be the worst game I've ever played. found in 6 reviews
But updates have made the game unplayable. found in 8 reviews
You can not use logic to beat an algorithm. found in 10 reviews
We need the option to hide the USELESS small map. found in 5 reviews
Attempting to attack a territory often moves the entire map. found in 19 reviews

The Conquest is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 31.5 MB to download. The new Conquest app version 3.3 has been updated on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Conquest check developer Sean O`Connor`s website :

The game now has 36 different maps to play on Conquest is a version of the classic board game where you combine risk and strategy to conquer the world. As well as the standard world map ...
This is an app I play a lot Definitely worth the price I had a problem with a download and the developer helped right away Definitely recommend it                     Great app superb support JatGullapalli
MY ARMIES KEEP RANDOMLY DISAPPEARING I play with max computers on hardest difficulty and it really dampens an attempt to take a continent when 14 armies VANISH Please fix this happens almost every game at least once                 Love the game but rlw1995usc
Well done fixing the bug one day post release I ve been playing conquest for years on all my apple devices Clocked well over 2000 games really enjoy it The hardest mode is fair still easy if you know how to win Australia I don t know why everyone complains about losing to dice roll when it s just random rolls More pieces you have for attacking better odds of winning                     One of the best games Sydney Sider
The new update doesn t show the number of armies next to the cards It is hard to play without that Please fix it                 Update have problems Ipasa
I ve spent a lot of time on this game Dev updates a lot for such a simple game Very much appreciate what you do Cheers                     Simple fun Jer9542
Please format for iPhone X                     iPhone X screen size pls BeatHappy
The current version has a huge bug It keeps deleting troops Just huge amounts of troops will suddenly disappear and the effect is 0 Please fix this with an update     PROBLEM Keeps Deleting Troops JimmyJohn890
I have played this for years The animation made it so much slower but now they fixed it and game plays fast again Keep up great work and look forward to new maps                     Fixed and great again arlington12345
I want to start by saying this is my favoriate game on the iPhone I play it all the time Because of this I usually play large maps with all users enabled with growing bonus points Because of this and if I m not initially aggressive bonuses can grow to 40 000 These games usually last months for me Since 5 0 was introduced it takes so long for the annimations to play out as the armies get larger my phone goes to sleep while I m waiting for my turn Not a big deal but it means I m waiting a long time between turns and the game isn t fun to play anymore I d love a way to turn off animations so its quicker between turns Also an all button would be appreciated with placing armies 40000 100 is a lot of taps UPDATE Love the new fast mode I can play the game again Updated rating                 New animations make it unusable don.beattie
I ve played this game for many many years back when one could even create their own map I play this game daily and I love it The improved AI is appreciated The only improvement I would request would be an option for faster play E G Extreme Fast where there is no animations for battles the AI runs as fast as the processor will allow I have an 8 minute walk from our parking lot to the office Up until recently I could complete a fairly large map as I walked into the office I no longer can I d really like to see this improvement as this has been a great way to get my mind going in the mornings Keep up the great work thanks again                     Love this game Dougie D-
Thanks for listening for user requests to make the new animations optional This new version is better than ever I am going to download another one of you apps and make some in app purchases as a thank you Again I would gladly pay for more maps as well                     Thank You Sean for Listening Indigenous
thanks for fixing the animations back to being my favorite game maybe some new maps next                     great response Vbcbn
I ve owned this app for years The previous updates made me almost remove the app from my phone With this version the UI is improved the dice rolls are fair and the AI is better Ive fallen in love all over again Now please don t mess it up                     This version rocks Patrick Segovia
This is by far the most used app on my phone It is super fun and perfect for killing time Everyone that sees me playing asked what it and wants to play                     My favorite app Compumike4
I have loved this game for years but this latest update moves the map around so much while the computer is placing armies that it causes motion sickness PLEASE fix this ASAP         Newest update actually makes me seasick BY NP
Recent update is terrible Slows down the game and makes it obnoxiously more difficult to follow Fail The review below was originally submitted by me 7 years ago Not bad it s a fun game and fairly addicting My only negative is that the AI opponent is just not good enough It s a bit of a challenge at first but after a few games you can beat them pretty much every time         Conquest tstad21
Favorite iPhone game ever Sorry Sean but new update makes it take entirely too long to attack or defend when going all in Please allow us to revert back to classic mode or something                     Please fix this latest update Mega*Mix
Latest update is VERY disappointing disappointing and annoying     Latest update RiverGhost119
Basically the only game I have on my iphone I constantly get asked what game I am playing when people see me using this on a plane Love this game but the animations in the update make playing very slow Attack All shouldn t result in having to count down hundreds of armies Like many other posts would welcome making animations an option                     Great game but animation needs to be optional ughhhh hypocrisy
I hate the new sound effects the clicking and gasping gets on my nerves I love playing this game but I had to surrender to stop the noise         Update annoyance Churbie
The August 2017 release with new animations is painfully slow Had to revert back to last version until this is made optional         New animations should be optional Alittlefalse
First time I have ever written a review Ive been playing Conquest for a long time years and the recent upgrade is a disappointment The animations are too over the top and slow down game play I m on an iPhone 7 and have game play set at Very Fast I play to speed through battles not to watch dice flash and roll and to watch armies attack or to watch opposing armies advance That doesn t add to game play or build suspense or help one determine strategy It just drags the whole game down Maybe on slower speed settings that would be ok but for those wishing to play quickly it would be great if removing all the animation was an option Wish I could uninstall this upgrade and go back to the previous version Great game with a terrible upgrade that destroyed game play     Dissappointed in the recent upgrade Of note
You ruined my favorite game The added animations make the game impossible for me to watch Plus the fact that they add nothing to my game play just makes them extra annoying If there was an option to turn them off or have a classic mode it would have been fine but we don t get that option here Really disappointing     Ruined the game artistic_license
Please add an option to remove the additional graphics Slows down play and makes it less enjoyable                 August update ShelbyTZ
The latest update increased the animations and made playing extremely slow Can we please have an option to remove these animations Otherwise the game is fantastic Removing one star for the slowdown in gameplay                 I love this game but BKuhl
Outstanding game as far as no pop up ads no buy this buy that Just skill and endless fun Best of all does not equine wifi or any connection at all While flying numerous people can t believe game doesn t try to sell you anything I ve seen numerous people downloading game for their pleasure Thank You Sean O Conner                     Great fun no BS in app crap just fun G_exe
As has been the case since this app first came out the dice rolling is just ridiculous The computer needs to play smarter not win rolls by ridiculous odds lose 21 to 2 over over The way the dice rolls wound NEVER happen Also the computer teams hardly ever attack each other when it matters     Dice rolling makes this game useless Chocoruaman
This is the board game risk on steroids Love it to death Fantastic app                     One of my favorite games Joel the Mole
The concept is great who doesn t love Risk but the AI is junk the dice randomization is painful to watch     Meh Weaksauce77
But we need more maps I d happily pay 99 cents per map                     More maps please Snickerbean1
I ve only ever paid for two games This is one The other is dungeon raid Excellent Love the map variety Addictive                     I actually paid for this jmjbtj
I enjoy this game and if it cheats it at least does so in a consistent manner I am definitely getting better as I play I feel like my ego is just about ready to upgrade the AI from average to expert I particularly enjoy the Spaceship map partly because it appears to be modeled on the Serenity from Firefly partly because I enjoy the narrative of fighting quadrant by quadrant for control of a ship and partly because I stumbled on a winning strategy for the level Lots of great playing options                 Good replay value Hard sctsnyder
Pretty solid risk like game My go to While maybe not as polished as the name brand game the difficulty settings are better With the Official game the A I Is the same no matter the difficulty settings Harder difficulty only means worse starting countries The game developer here did not take the lazy route for A I The higher difficulty levels do provide a more challenging opponent My few quibbles with the game are that it doesn t provide an even more challenging A I If you are a solid Risk player you shouldn t have much difficulty in winning 70 75 of your games with on the highest difficulty setting A little better graphics or polish would be nice too but not a big deal I don t know if I d pay the current price of 9 99 but I bought this in 2009 for a few bucks and still play it to this day                 Better than Official Risk game RK SizZle
The dice favoring the ai needs a counter balance plus the ai teaming up needs a toggle     Needs work Willdgarou
Don t waste your time Same sloppy programming from Sean OConnor     Worst risk game ever bobthepizza
Not random dice The computer will always win If you can live with rolling 32 1s in a row you ll be ok Whoever programmed this game is not so sharp I finished one game rolling 953 1s 813 2s 845 3s 799 4s 735 5s 689 6s I lost a battle with 65 armies to 12 armies The computer then went on to crush my armies with me losing more than 200 to the computers 45 Pathetic game Update game creator messaged me He told me he designed the dice to have error in favor of the computer in order to encourage offensive attack by the player     Worst game on iTunes h2oplyer7
This app has been on my phone longer than any other It is periodicals updated with new maps and has a new UI Five stars because I believe in you                     Great Game Extremely high replay value Mayhem Mike
Very suspicious dice rolling and numbers for computer players Just played and opponent had 8 men on a territory Only 2 cards so no turn in capability and a total of 6 territories so theoretically computer player only gets 3 men at start of turn Next tuen player has 20 men on what was 8 man territory and 1 card remaining Sorry no way Jose     Suspicious Scottyhnkn
I have an iPhone 6S and every time there is an update the game seems to slow down One of the great benefits of this game is being able to move through AI turns really quickly But now even placing the armies in the first step of the game seems to take forever to get around everyone If this game speeds back up to light speed I am a happy guy         Great game but keeps getting slower Benso510
Can you make a game board that is all the countries of the world with the nations name listed It would be great for learning all the countries names                     World game board BenjaminPhillips
Even on novice I have had computer opponents beat me within the first move of the game before I have a turn to play There should be something in the programming to avoid that situation and maybe ease up a bit on the lower level AI             Seems to difficult Urmomsmom700000001
I really like the game its pretty awesomr but i want you to notice that you need to add some more maps like Latinamerica                     Awesome awesome bolivian guy
Well done Love this game Been playing it like a mindless fiend for years whenever I need a quick game fix                     Can I pay more omilk
I have been following this developer s software for years and I love how awesome and playable his games are Conquest is my favorite Risk like strategy game on the iOS platform Excellent work Update It just gets better and better New updates                     My Favorite Risk like Strategy Game Audiojunkie2013
Love this game upgraded my phone and there is an issue adding armies Please fix                 Great game but Please fix 6s bug JCoN40oz
Great game but doesn t work on my iPhone 6s Plus I can t place the armies Hopefully they can fix this as this was my go to game     Doesn t work on iPhone 6s Plus Lee_€123
App stopped working for me Even after closing out the app completely whenever I start the app it takes me to the end of a game with the game over screen yet insists I have 5 cards and must turn some in But I can t because the game is over     Broken Funkthisstuff
Just went from the 6 plus to the 6s plus Can t seem to add armies to the counties all the time Have to click click click to add A real pain Both phones were on 9 0 1                 Issue on 6s plus Rom123321
This is a great little game and Ive been playing it for a long time What happened to the look and feel Sliders scaled so far that I can count the pixels cheesy animations awful text rendering horrendous button graphics Its almost like the iOS 6 version came back from the dead Please revert this terrible update           What happened to the look and feel
Great game Pls add more maps              New maps
This game used to be rad as all heck Played it all the time especially in the laundry room guarding the dryer I was gonna use college life man and now I hate it I used to be blue and my opponents where rose and green Loved it Now I cant figure out how to choose those colors again Everything else is fine but I want my color choice back man Thats it Thats all I want Until then Ill probably play doodle jump or something which drains my phones battery Im sad And disappointed What happened yo        Yo what happened
Im deleting this app It is seriously flawed The dice are loaded in the favor of the AI the game keeps track of the dice rolls to show you how unfair it is all you have to do is check the stats Also the AI players work as a team against you there is not individual play as you would expect Finally the game boos at you Really Are the producers of this app adolescent Not what you would expect from a game claiming to be a strategy game Dont be fooled by the fake and made up reviews This game could be great but falls flat on its face once you start play     Deceived
I have been following this developers software for years and I love how awesome and playable his games are Conquest is my favorite Risklike strategy game on the iOS platform Excellent work                 My Favorite Risklike Strategy Game
But we need more maps Id happily pay 99 cents per map                 Addicting
I love the new maps in the update However Ive played this game daily since launch and I want map lists back I dont want to swipe through all the maps to get to the one I want to play              Needs lists back
This app was great if only it had a multiplayer that could connect to your friend whos on a different devicelike with Game Center              Good
i really like the game but these new maps you just added are really crappy Add some new maps from fictional worlds or from any continent like Latinamerica or a country like Bolivia              new things
Not random dice The computer will always win If you can live with rolling 32 1s in a row youll be ok Whoever programmed this game is a complete moron I finished one game rolling 854 1s 813 2s 845 3s 799 4s 735 5s 689 6s I lost a battle with 65 armies to 12 armies The computer then went on to crush my armies with me losing more than 200 to the computers 45 Pathetic game pathetic designer Update game creator messaged me He told me he designed the dice to have error in favor of the computer in order to encourage offensive attack by the user I guess he is a complete moron     Worst game on iTunes
Ive been playing this game for a very very long time The new update included some new maps which is wonderful and much needed However having the computer pick my color is horrible Ive played as GREEN since this game was invented and now Im at the mercy of the app to decide which color Ill be Lets fix that Please My one request would be to add more historical maps instead of these weird animal maps I have no interest in conquering a howling wolf but the Roman Empire would be nice to rule                 Love This Game
I have loved this game since you were a DOS game It was great because if I had 2 minutes I could enjoy a round Now it takes me 3 minutes just to get the game set up Slow set up less choices for colors alphabetical list of all the maps with several to a page We gave all that up to have an artistic howling wolf map Sorry this update was a downgrade     Why the slow set up
The new interface is terrible Please put it back the way it was I used to play this game too much all the time but thankfully you have cured that I dont play anymore The interface is childish and really slow     New version is awful
regarding new animations update please have option in settings menu to turn off those animations that you added Ive been playing conquest for years on all my apple devices Clocked hundreds and hundreds of games really enjoy it The hardest mode is fair still easy if you know how to win I dont know why everyone complains about losing to dice roll when its just random rolls More pieces you have for attacking better odds of winning Update needed I just started playing it on the New iPad and it cant scroll and slows down the whole game makes it very painful Please update iPad version when you get a chance                 One of the best games
Something wrong with the dice rolls all of a sudden Lost 11 to 1 for example Please look into it                 Something just broke
As has been the case since this app first came out the dice rolling is just ridiculous The computer needs to play smarter not win rolls by ridiculous odds lose 21 to 2 over over The way the dice rolls is just not probable        improbable odds
I only wish there were more maps Any future plans to add a few more maps                 I like this game
A couple updates ago the statistics of random dice rolls became completely unbelievable This game is broken and its a shame     Update Screwed Up This Game
Ive played this game for years and literally thousands of games I absolutely love what youve done with the game in multiple maps and strategic play Its missing 1 thing though Online play I got my friends involved in this game but we cant play against each other online while apart and would really love it if you could add this feature which would make the game perfect in my opinion It also smokes the other app named RISK Anything you could do would be appreciated Thanks                 Love This Game 1 Thing Needed
Nice update Thanks for the new maps The game responds a lot better on newer iPads and iPhones Thanks for the update Just one question How do you pick a color instead of having the computer assign it to you                 How to you pick color
Update as of 41 still unplayable Were these graphics playtested on an iOS device An alltime favorite iPhone game now unplayable Little explosion animations slow pace to a crawl New Options UI also slow and needlessly prettied up Very unhappy with this latest update        New version destroys gameplay
Have had this game several years and it is an awesome strew reliever for me while on flights I am so addicted even after all this time Only thing I could ask for is more maps Thank you for creating such an awesome game                 Outstanding
This is my favorite iPhone game for killing time Always fun and challenging                 Amazing game
How do I choose my color Im always yellow now              Color
For the risk type games out there it is the best                 Better than risk
The Space Ship map has at least 1 glitch in which I could not attack a territory and finish the map It was the 3rd from the end tail Also could you add a higher power zoom Thanks              Please fix glitch
I would give this game a perfect score but the new update ruins it The new maps are terrible and the user interface is the same as the free version Its just dumb and obnoxious so do not download new update     Dont download the update
Very fun game you get the feel of risk without having to put up with some friggin publisher slapping you with ads every 20 seconds The only thing to criticize is the AI Once you learn what it does you can exploit it And at the higher difficulties you have to I remember a game designer saying that you have to let the computer cheat to present a challenge but you cant let the player see it And unfortunately that isnt always the case here Its particularly noticeable with continents Even on huge maps Ive seen an AI enemy even several make completely bizarre moves across the entire fckin board to take it away ASAP The only other thing is that I wish the later parts of a game were more dynamic Typically by about mid game you know whos going to win And even with the juggernaut pushing down their doors your neighbors will hold a special grudge for you        Fun but a little rigged
Used to be one of my favorite apps but the updates have made it progressively worse The UI from the most recent version is bad You had a great formula with the old app release new maps with the updates and stop messing with the UI     Bring the old versions back
I used to enjoy this game but the AI and combat is atrocious You can play with the settings but the result is always the same and yes I realize that the AI will specifically attack to prevent you from getting continent bonuses You can outnumber the AI 101 and suddenly lose and then the AI magically musters five times as many troops as you have despite not holding a single continent On numerous occasions Ive gone four straight turns of failing to take a single territory despite having far superior numbers and then being pushed back and subsequently losing my continent bonus Im embarrassed to say that Ive been so frustrated at a mobile game     Frustrating
This is a very fun game much like risk only with a variety of maps The AIs are fun to play with but are a bit easy Ive seen some reviews about how the computers have better luck but that simply is not true Honestly I kind of wish they did though because I need a challenge              Very fun but a bit easy
Lots of variety in a ton maps Variety of difficulty and options                 Totally Addicted
Too often I attack with overwhelming forces and the game says Nice Try and my army is decimated are you kidding me This game used to be a blast     Dice not random
Add more maps though Talk bubble is annoying and the dice are not random              Decent
Well made and lots of fun                 Excellent game
I used to play this game a while ago and I love the idea and concept however the new update is awful Very Easy mode is incredibly difficult on some levels and the AI only seem to attack me     Upsetting
Updated after deleted new reinstalled old version The recent update ruins the max autoplay speed of the computer player on my ipad2 Seems like wasting too much time on bitgraphic animations that I dont even want to see Wasting so much time that i nearly fall asleep waiting instead of being able to zip through games fast There are also oversized popup notices now that are so annoying I have to turn them all off and it wont automatically turn 5 cards into extra armies upon clearning the popup notice requiring it so you have to make extra taps It might just be me but even the button to end the turn seems easier to miss hitting I was able to downgrade back to a prior version that was on my PCbased iTunes whew and having tried both I can say I definitely hate the new versions changes love the old pre2015 version I could only tolerate playing a few games in one sitting using the older version not new version I wish the developer would just go back to the older version since the new version seems too degraded to be worth keeping Or at least offer the old and new version as a separate apps so we can choose which one we want to be using        New version too slow less streamlined play
Increasing difficulty leads to all colors focusing on you leading to an unplayable game           AI Is terrible
as you know when you eliminate another player you get to keep their cards that way I was able to get 5 card 3 turns in a row but unexplainably each time I had 170 troops then 100 then 70 and each time I lost them all against 3 troops How can you explain such bad luck But when you check the dices thrown they all show in zeros Impossible to play this way     Super Bug
Loved the game and played it daily It was one of the best strategy games ever created What happened with this new version Crappy graphics and kludgy interface I still play but it now is much less fun Please fix or just bring back the prior version Ill pay extra for it        Ughhhh
Once youve racked up a number of victories at the hardest levels the game seems to intentionally skew the random number generator algorithm for dice rolls Having played several hundred games I am seeing more and more outlier behavior such as getting only 30 and even as low as 10 win rates The mean should be close to 50 and a good strategy such as building up so you are NOT attacked to maintain offensive advantage 3 attackers vs 1 or 2 defenders should yield a slightly higher longrun win percentage     Statistically flawed and unplayable
I counted my stats and have played over 900 battles Still enjoyable after years of play I have not noticed any unfair AI If you take over a territory expect everyone to come after you Maybe Im greedy since there are already 50 maps but Id like to play some new ones Overall a great time killer                 Great app
You can not use logic to beat an algorithm If this game had a face I would punch it and say things about its mother I finally deleted this after being repeatedly being attacked kamikaze style by ALL the computer players regardless of position on the map or if it would benefit them Its silly to have a game set up this way I had the app for a couple of years so I did enjoy it on some level Just be prepared to be frustrated beyond beliefover a game        aneurysm
This is a great game The ability to have so many different ways of playing Risk is fantastic Only once tweak is needed Please add an additional card option so that cards continue to go up forever but by just one Maxing out at 16 gets boring and going up by fives results in games ending in less than 10 turns Thanks for making it                 Great One tweak neede
Ive been playing this game for years it never gets old the maps are great and the gameplay is so smooth and its so simple so much better than any other risklike game but its been around a year since an update or any new maps some new maps would be amazing But a solid game non the less                 I love this game
I dont know how this game has such high reviews The dice are clearly rigged in favor of the ai How else does my army of SEVEN lose to an army of one I want a refund     Frustrating as hedoublehockeystix
I dont understand all the poor reviews I see for this game My wife and I have played for hours and hours and had nothing but fun The different game settings and maps are great and Ive never had an issue with wildly imbalanced rolls This is hands down the best Risk game                 Great game hours of enjoyment
and it would still be a waste of money This game is so bs I attacked a place that had 2 enemy soldiers and I had 10after I rolled I took the space with only 2 soldiers remaining Every game is constantly like that Some more examples 15 soldiers me 2 enemies we both end with 0 9 me loses to 2 enemy soldiersI once used 8 soldiers to attack a spot that didnt have any enemiesI LOST ALL MY SOLDIERS and still didnt get the spot Not to mention that the enemy hardly has to have any soldiers to beat you It once only took 3 enemy soldiers to beat 10 of my soldiers How is that even possible Another thing is that when an enemy attacks you it might need half of your number of soldiers to beat you but if you attack an enemy you better be prepared to lose twice the amount of soldiers that the enemy has You can even check the stats to see that the enemies roll higher numbers on average than you Also the game has little stupid messages that show when you lose by a lot Its like the person who made this is 6 years Direct message to the maker of this game seriously stop making games if your this bad at making even one fair game     This game could be free
Used to be great but the current version has some bug that makes it impossible to play Theres something wrong with the die rolls Hope the developer fixes it soon     Used to be great
Thanks for bringing back the awesomeness of conquest My favorite game again                 Thank You So Much

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