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Consumer Reports , the publisher behind many iOS app (Consumer Reports Hospital Ratings ,Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper ,Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition ,Consumer Reports Video ,News & Video from Consumer Reports ,Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper: Babies & Kids 2012), brings Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition app has been update to version 1.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.1 MB to download. The new Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition app version 1.7 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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CONSUMER REPORTS magazine Consumer Reports - the magazine that millions trust to give them expert, unbiased Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations about all the products they buy is now available on your iPad and enhanced with ...
I am not the only one complaining about the newest version So fix it or give us a refund for our subscription You judge others and you are not being very responsible yourself     Fix it all ready this version does not allow me to download
Ive downloaded hundreds of apps This is without a doubt the worst app ever Log in sends you around in endless loops The rules for passwords are unlike any other site so that you cant use any of your usual passwords It continually logs you out for no reason They say that print subscribers have free access but they try to trick you into buying issues left and right I wonder what would happen if they had to review their own app     The worst app Ive downloaded
I have had this subscription for almost a year and have not been able to download anything past the second issue I get a nice e mail every month telling me the new magazine is ready but the download fails and any kind of log in fails And there is no number to call that I can find We all love the content but avoid the useless app     How to download
I prefer reading newspapers and magazines online so subscribed tnru itunesI am getting endless requests for user namepasswords neither of which i tend to rememberIt is password hell tnese days to figure out what goes where especially since i paid for a yearLike WSJ etcEnd of year I pay againSimple The online subscription does not offer what a paper one wouldIt is hard to access my past issues and you do not recognize my email for me get my user nameI will probably not renew if it continues tho I enjoy your content     Not pleased
What kind of a con are they pulling This is terrible unable to connect to server indiexhtml unable to download folio Ive deleted and reinstalled the app Nothing changes I dare them to rate their own app in the same way they rate products On a scale of 1100 this gets a 05     About as dependable as Windows 3
Asks me for my email and user name I provide it Says that is already being used Of course it is Im the one using it So unless I can get past that and it recognizes me as a current subscriber I cant really use the app Dead in the water     Bad SetUp
This app is horrible Issues dont download and Consumer Reports doesnt seem to care enough to fix it So disappointing as digital magazines save so much This is not the only magazine I subscribe to whos digital format doesnt work Back to paper for me     Still Doesnt Work
For an organization that prides itself for fighting for consumer rights against bad products this app should be an embarrassment Issues often will not download giving a cryptic http error message I also have to sign in again just about every month to get my issues Do not subscribe to this magazine for the digital edition it is horrible     Awful Log in issues download issues
This continues to be the most frustrating app to use Once you finally do get your magazine it works fine but just try to get it onto your iPad I have emailed CR many times now and even begged to get some kind of response No response For an organization devoted to the consumer this is hard to fathom A solid black dot is the best I can give this app much worse than average     Still the worst app
This consumer magazine makes it almost impossible for the consumer to get to it I would give it zero stars if there were zero stars because its becoming more and more difficult to download the latest issue The May issue is ready but I cant download it a pop up screen says Safari cannot open the page because its an invalid address What the hell does that mean Give us a break CR and make it a little easier for us to download the latest addition without having to jump through hoops im heading to sign in with your username and password every time This is a magazine not a highsecurity item     ZERO STARS
Not intuitive at all Cant even do a basic search for a product Waste of time     Useless app
In addition to the constant nagging to sign in every time I tap the settings tab to delete old issues the whole thing shuts down Then if I get on again it asks me if I want to send a report I hit send but it never clears up     Shame shame shame
I gave up on this app Ordered a print subscription instead They have a big article this month on customer service and they gave themselves a poor rating All I can say is do not order for iPad get a printed edition instead Someday they will get it together but for now dont bother     Even CR admits they have a customer service problem
Cantt download any issues Get an indexml unable to download folio error Hasnt worked in years Absolute garbage I have lost confidence in the magazine as a result of this     doesnt work
Update A kind customer service rep was able to help resolve the issue for me today Deleted and reinstalled the app then signed out and signed back in Its working for me now Revised rating to 3 stars Hasnt worked since the last update The app is useless to me now Contacted customer service around 220 no response Evidently this is not a high priority at CU           Fixed now
From reading other reviews and from my own recent experience it should be obvious to Consumer Reports that they have a problem and need to a Acknowledge the problem and b FIX THE PROBLEM     FIX IT NOW
Do not buy CR says having problems with app and to contact Apple as they have nothing to do with digital iPad subscription Apple says having content problems with CR and contact them although iTunes support more friendly and interested in troubleshooting then robotic uninterested CR customer relations After writing an email to CR I received a form letter acknowledging app does not work and CR in process of finding solution Bottom line I paid for this digital subscription via iTunes during a period that both vendors acknowledged app doesnt work They should shut down the purchase 2499 for the year until they solve the problem     Horrible does not work
So I subscribe to both the magazine and have an online subscription Even though the reviews are bad I decided to try the app Tried to log in with my user id and pw However it requires your magazine subscription number This may come as a shock I dont keep back issues Online subscription Locked out Oh well based on the reviews the app would probably crash anyway     CR Black Eye
Ive been an online subscriber to Consumer Reports for 15 years and have accessed my subscription on my iPad via Safari This is a bit cumbersome so I thought Id try the app Imagine my surprise when I logged in and found out I would still need to buy each issue at 499 per issue So this app is basically a store so I can spend even more money on Consumer Reports stuff No thanks     Whats the point
As an online subscriber I wish I could get the 5 minutes of time back for downloading what is a front for advertising You should be ashamed of yourselves as you call yourselves consumer advocates What a waste of coding     WORST
Why cant this app like most others do remember my signin Jeezs        Good mag poor app
After their accepting my credit card for a lapsed subscription all I get after logging in is a paywall How can this outfit which purports to be the consumers friend be so clueless     Useless
Save your time it doesnt want to download issues     Refuses to download issues
What a frustrating website Not only is it slow but it is constantly kicking you out so you have to log in again I hate it     Awful
I have been a print and electronic subscriber for years Suddenly the app no longer shows my older issues and wants to charge me 499 for ones I already subscribed to Cu never has bee subscriber friendly     Lost all last years issues
I echo everyone elses frustration with this app Hard to believe this didnt end up on last months selling it page entitled Oops And Oops Again     Really
Changed from print to digital subscription and there are now two issues I cannot download This app is pathetic and I say that as a generational subscriber since the 40s CU your app is phucked up Are you listening     Gads
Too many hoops to try to get in cant find anything and CR tries to make you pay AGAIN for any issue when I paid already Waste of time and effort with access to other info Can I lower this to zero stars     Horrible App
This app never works It always gives bad directions and makes it extremely difficult to even login to a current issue I am am engineer and been using computers and iPad and iPhone for years Was this designed and then explained in Mandarin I cannot believe that a group that claims to help people use devices that you have to purchase is so inept in developing and using this application It is a memory hog and is useless Scrap it and start again or destroy it It is a disgrace to subscribers Other than that it is wonderful     A 15 year CR member who hates this App
I expected so much more from consumer reports Magazines will not download keep getting cant connect to server     Epic fail
the spontaneous logouts never end Im sure Fiat would be generous to rate this app a dismal failure similar to Consumer Reports opinion about Fiat cars     if only Fiat could rate the Consumer Reports Ipad App
Love the content App is a pain You have to log in every time you want to read any content Please fix the app        Good content meh app
Downloads are unreliable and generally just dont work Worse it constantly forgets your accounts password Lots of fun to keep looking up and typing that long random string in Save yourself the frustration     Infuriating pos
im already a subscriber but when i log into this magazine all it has is options to buy individual issues what gives     waste of time
I was told this was searchable just like the org website subscription Nothing but lies This is one magazine for one month Complete hogwash     Complete Garbage
I too am amazed at the poor app 2 stars because content is good but not as thorough since the overhaul I seem to have fewer problems than most downloading but am frustrated by the frequent requests to log in repeatedly My larger complaints are that there is no useful help no useful search function and no index of issues which used to be a mainstay of the print issues Todays specific example is for Wine Chillers which the website has but I cant find in the iPad app Ive struggled with blenders and other small appliances in the past I cant remember which issue things are in so missing searches and a global index makes the app far less useful than it should and could be CU please turn your staff loose on the app and ask them to rate it from the perspective of a 50 year old subscriber or whatever your average demographic is Invest a bit in this please        Reinforcing the Poor ratings
I have numerous newsstand apps and this stands out as the worst It almost always failsto load or keep my account registered I a canceling my print subscription to protest because this has not worked for years CR should be ashamed it has become that which it claims to protect consumers from     Horrible
So I left this sub for 6 months and today I wanted to buy a print copy and said to my self let me try the App again Big mistake Still takes forever to download This is the worst example of the way an app should work Why cant they get their own house in order before they review anyone else I would love to see a review of apps and how they would rate themselves     Still horrible
Agree with all reviewers this is possibly the worst app Ive come across Totally frustrating unable to download new issues unable to retain subscription information I would be embarrassed foe this unacceptable app     Worst App
I love how Consumer Reports makes use of this format and I wish other magazines would do the same However I hate that I need to enter my account information every month to download the new issue Please cache this information        Loath the App
I am so disappointed I ordered from the Itunes store I paid for a years subscription to consumer reports and no one can tell me how to download the current month     Consumer Reports
I love Consumer Reports content I was pleased that as a print subscriber I could get the content on my iPad at no additional charge But as other reviewers have noted CR seems to think their content requires banking level security I complained to CR customer support about having to log in every month to download the new issue and was told this would not be necessary except it is Which tells me the tech support people dont even use their own app because they dont know how it works in the real world Most Newsstand apps download your new issue in the background so its waiting for you and you get an app badge when its ready With CR you have to open the app and input your login and password every bleeping time This month I had to not only do that but ALSO input the subscription number from the magazine label Two further complaints theres no search function Theres also no way to make font sizes bigger but then I have this complaint with a lot of Newsstand apps The difference is that in a lot of apps you can zoom in on the page but in CR some pages are not zoomable I think maybe they dont consider that many of their readers are likely to be over 40        Great content but the app stinks
How can such a great magazine have such a terrible app And its been this way forever CONSTANTLY CRASHES Hire some new help and fix the thing     Pathetic
Very cumbersome glitchy app Once again their recent update make the app unusable Unable to download new issues and after following their suggestion to delete and reinstall the app Im unable to download previous issues For an organization so critical of others it would benefit them to work on their own product Kill more trees and stay with the print edition     Waste of Time
Every month I get an email telling me the new edition is available again its not in the library or store Why cant a top magazine like consumer reports get this simple operation to work Got the email for May 2015 cant get to it     Consumer reports
Thats the headline Im waiting for Totally broken cant download issues     Consumer Reports rated worst by Consumer Reports
Looking for an app that can alienate loyal customers Thats about the only think this app excels in Doesnt save your id or password doesnt rotate Youd think what is basically a PDF reader couldnt be this weakbut youd be wrong Disgraceful that CU let this happenthey should check out useability of other magazine apps and give subscribers something competitive     Pathetic
Consumer reports needs to rate their app it just dont work     No good
It is amazing that the ConsumerReports newsstand app could be so bad and seems to only be getting worse over time Consumer Reports should give this app an unacceptable rating and recommend no one get it Before it was a pain requiring one to constantly reenter your magazine account information every time you used it Now it also breaks every time you try to download an issue to your library One big black circle I am deleting this magazine from my news stand     Worst magazine app ever unacceptable rating
CU sends me a message saying that the May 2015 issue can now be downloaded I logged in only with help from customer service which I got only after many minutes of phone tree robot aggravation But there is no sign of any May issue     How can CUs app be so consumer unfriendly

Consumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition News Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition News Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition News Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports Magazine iPad Edition News Consumer Reports

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