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Description - Contract Killer 2

Glu Games Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Samurai vs Zombies Defense ,Small Street ,Cooking Star Free ,Blood & Glory ,Poker: Hold`em Championship HD ,TRANSFORMERS ™ CyberToy), brings Contract Killer 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Contract Killer 2 games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good graphics fun to play get it now its a must have..
  • This is an amazing game definitely five stars..
  • I love that it is easier to earn money and credits..
  • Best sniper game on the app store..
  • Best free action game Ive played yet..

Overall Satisfactionc80
Better than the first one really fun this game kicks butt.
this game is one of the best shooting games that I have ever played.
This is an amazing game definitely five stars.
You ruined what could have been an amazing game.
Best sniper game on the app store.
Finally game better than contract killer.
Waiting on more missions.
But you can't level up until you complete more missions.
Need more levels past chapter 9.
as you don't unlock silencers for a couple more levels.
This is by far the best game I've ever played on my phone.
This is the worst shooter game I've ever played.
Fun & Engagingc79
Awesome game just need cheaper weapons and more sales.
Fix the crashes and it will be an awesome game.
Awesome game and very addictive.
Awesome graphics and a step up from CK 1.
Very fun game to play could literally play it for a hour.
Addictive game I find myself playing it every chance I get.
Its very exciting game liked me a lot.
Great graphics and super fun being a hit man.
It was super fun til it restarted.
Waiting on more missions.
But you can't level up until you complete more missions.
Great game make thing cost money not credits.
Value for Moneyc30
The real need to spend real money stops you in your tracks.
and gameplay so players can enjoy without spending tons of money.
Buying Credits.
Replay Valuec63
Need more levels past chapter 9.
as you don't unlock silencers for a couple more levels.
This game is fun and challenging to beat without spending real money.
After chapter nine the game gets boring because the levels repeat.
It's too hard to get credits.
Production Valuesc70
Just breathtaking graphics and excellent game play.
if game play wasnt good it would be a one star.
Awesome graphics and a step up from CK 1.
Controls work well and the graphics great.
Updates & Supportc39
Need new update tho.

This game is fun and challenging to beat without spending real money. found in 12 reviews
This is more action packed than the other Contract Killer…great game. found in 8 reviews
Almost a Great Sequel. found in 7 reviews
It is highly addictive I play it everyday. found in 3 reviews
Contract kill 2 yeah. found in 17 reviews
It's a great game new time waster. found in 4 reviews
U want time crisis meets metal gear solid I guess. found in 3 reviews
Really fun and a great stress reliever. found in 3 reviews
This game is a blast DOWNLOAD IT. found in 3 reviews
Awesome Fast Paced game. found in 3 reviews
Everyone calm down. found in 4 reviews
Controls work well and the graphics great. found in 20 reviews
This game definitely helps pass the time. found in 4 reviews
Great shoot em up game. found in 7 reviews
This is incredible fun and entertaining. found in 6 reviews
Great graphics and contract killer is an excellent time killer. found in 546 reviews
Reminds me of a watered down version of Splinter Cell. found in 4 reviews
This is one of the best fps games I've played. found in 5 reviews
97482947292 times better than the first contract killer. found in 4 reviews
but a little difficult without purchase credit by real money. found in 15 reviews
Insanely fun but needs more ways to upgrade weapons. found in 5 reviews
I like the game but the price for credits is extreme. found in 31 reviews
Nice but u guys need to fix a few things. found in 27 reviews
Recommended weapons are impossible to get without purchasing credits. found in 9 reviews
It was all good until I got to lvl 6. found in 13 reviews
Wish you could buy it instead of buy credits to upgrade stuff. found in 4 reviews
The game crashes every 5 minutes but if it didnt id love it. found in 3 reviews
making it almost impossible to complete missions without using r/w money. found in 40 reviews
I dont want to buy credits get that through your skull. found in 70 reviews
but my only complaint you need to spend real money to get anything good. found in 198 reviews
and eventually becomes impossible to go on without paying real money. found in 10 reviews
plus I don't want to earn credits from these disgusting excuse. found in 25 reviews
Game crashes right after it makes me wait for loading. found in 31 reviews
Can stay competitive if you choose NOT to spend REAL money. found in 198 reviews
this game has been REALLY glitchy. found in 3 reviews
plz optimize for ipod 4th generation because i cant play. found in 22 reviews
Why doesn't this game support iPod touch 4th generation. found in 312 reviews
I have 2 available missions. found in 198 reviews
When i open the game it syas: "This device is not supported ". found in 39 reviews
If you don't have money to buy credits. found in 70 reviews
but you do have opportunity to earn them without buying. found in 79 reviews
Can't use flash grenades or throwing knives while in assassin missions. found in 64 reviews
Don't buy unless want to spend money on free game. found in 61 reviews
But in order to beat it I need throwing knives. found in 44 reviews
Need to buy credits or sign up for mags. found in 70 reviews
Don't get any Glu games they are ALL trash. found in 57 reviews
To get better weapons requires credits. found in 42 reviews
Quickly forced to spend real money
It said my 4th gen iPod was not supported. found in 39 reviews
The guns and upgrades available without spending money are absolute crap. found in 78 reviews
Quickly forced to spend real money I have 2 available missions. found in 198 reviews
Please update for iPod 4th gen please I can't play. found in 377 reviews
The missions are practically impossible to complete make them easier. found in 40 reviews
I have iPod touch 4g and right after intro it crashes. found in 60 reviews
Why don't it work for ipod 4g need to fix that. found in 104 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Contract Killer 2 for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. It weighs in at a hefty 362 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Contract Killer 2 in Glu Games Inc.`s Official Website :

Optimized for the iPhone5 You are Jack Griffin, the ultimate Contract Killer. Experience an intense, international storyline combining long-range kill shots and close-range melee attacks. To survive in this line of work, you have to sneak ...
This is the best can I get more cards pleas                     Contract killer savage blod
Great graphics and awesome game                     Guns Treat wonka
Game crashes constantly It hasn t had an update for it in a year which means the crashes will never get fixed     Game crashes constantly Mxkied
Game starts to freeze when in slow mode mission that were completed still show in mission selections kind of annoying             Bugs Brownhornetdet
Sin duda es la mejor aplicaci n                     Es muy bueno Allende Lsa
The first game was fine because you could beat the game by grinding for a couple minutes With this you d be lucky to get where you needed in a month     Pay to win The Racing Critic
It is hard at the start but it gives you a good gaming experience                     Cool but hard at start Gkudc
Me and my friends used to always play contract killer 1 We had all the weapons and everything but through time it told us that this software has been canceled Contract Killer 2 will never be as good as the original game                 It s fun but not as good as the original Mrmumbos
This is the best game ever                     Contract killer 2 bigdavid88899
Great game                     My review Nissian man 2030
It s a fun game I like it don t get me wrong But they want you to spend real money to upgrade the weapons and if your not upgrading them then you can t win and it takes more try s for you to win the game so you can get the reward         Fun game But Diamond in a rough
Great                     Sniper Hulkash
The concept of this game super nice Throwing kunais to kill someone without trace silent melee attacks and the classic Sniper game But it doesn t actually promote you to play smart like actual assassin games do the experience is ruined by the pay to win train I mean you start with VERY underpowered weapons and instead of working your way up the missions immediately get balls hard and with such weak weapons and low growths in pay and Experience Points it forces the player to basically spend cash to get a weapon that is necessary for the mission The concept again is great with multiple ways to act stealth But if you plan to make a contract game that is a pay to win in the end It s not gonna be a pretty sight     My inner Hitman is disappointed Ideas & Improvements
Game is designed so that you are always short something to move ahead Designers want you to pay But who does that To many other free games that lets you make it without paying     Always short something to move ahead Headshot 29736484947363
The game is fun but crashes way too often Also to get high weapons requires way too much credit not even cash which is earned through the game Hard to upgrade weapon             Great Action bad quality PeterPanda98
Great just looking for one thing contract killer 1                 Good but where s contract killer1 Guitar 800
Always crash closed at level 10 im using iPhone 6 16 gb Hate this             Crash bug Winyvintage
I enjoyed this game a lot It is super fun and addicting I just don t like how it stops Sometimes when you shokt someone it doesn t register and it doesn t count as a hit shot but either way this is a super well developed and fun game to play A random player                 Great game Bro_its_lia_
This game keeps on crashing on me I throw a flash baing and then it crashes that seriously needs to be fixed as soon as possible please         Problems roybaen
Plz fix crashes I use flash bang Granada and it keep always crashing or when I use cards to buy medic kit during the contract it always crashes but then that medic kit I bought I don t get it once I get back in the game but my cards get use             Plz fix crashes iPod 5 version
During the veteran game I buy health kits then it crashes When i go back not only do the bundle of health kits no longer exist but I don t get my credits back either Would give a negative star if this existed Don t waste your money on credits I love this game but not worth spending my money to see the game crash and see my credits disappear     Crashes and doesnt give my credits back Priscillamemita
Time sensitive controls but love the series                 Glitchy
Whereas the first edition was elegant and wellthought out this version feels cheap and profitdriven Bloated interface trying mostly to get you to buy stuff The original was clean and made you work for upgrades if you didnt want to fork out the cash This version is terrible Do not bother     Awful Sequel
Really cool graphics                 Awesome
Need I say any more hahaha                 Addictive
I love so much very Good game I love it so good                 Best sniper game
I love the game and it really is one of the best shooters for a mobile game But I really hate the fact that credits are really hard to earn you basically have to spend real money to even have credits And the guns are so expensive and 25 credits for a 3pack medkit Thats just wrong           Great game lame addons
لعبه مميزه                 ممتاز
I love this game tbh                 Love it
Good graphics but terrible gameplay as there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the controls Trying to aim is impossible because of lag so you end up rocking back and forth across the target This problem persists even after a clean restart on a 6 month old iPad     Nice game but poor controls
This app has reset on me twice Losing all of my progress credits and cash I have tried and failed to contact customer support You might want to pass on this one     Very frustrating
This is a very fun and addictive game I rated it a 4 star due to some of the game play being completely unrealistic for any true soldier Here is what I mean No soldier in a gun fight would ever reload and stand right back up as this would be suicidal There should be a few better weapons issued instead having to purchase them              Review of Contract Killer
Great game Very realistic and lots of different options to take out the opposition                 Gamer
Awesome If anything I wish it were easier to unlock the good weapons                 Owner
Good                 Good
Dont get me wrong the game is really fun but it gets really irritating how mostly everything costs with credits Even the medical package        Its okay
This is really cool how you can hunt and blah blah blah hope you like it              The best game worst game
The best ever              Contract Killer
I really enjoy playing the game but however the need for credit is always there and it is really hard to do anything if you dont use real money to get other things              Good but needs improvement
fun                 fun
This game is awesome it has many levels and its fun              Awesome game
The lag it hurts                 Lag
Great game to play anytimeADDICTIVE                 Awesome
The fun of a shooter but without the challenge If you want to play more than the first 20 mins you will probably have to spend at least 10 to buy an effective weapon However you should wait until you get post mission offers that are usually 50 off or better This is the only way I advise spending money I also want to be clear that I advise spending money This game doesnt restrict your ability to play for free it is just more frustrating to do so which I feel is fair I have spent 20 and have played over 20 hrs Thats a decent deal to me Games cost money to make and free games are free to evaluate There is no such thing as totally free games in this day and age Some F2P games are scams but this one isnt                 Fun on the run
افضل لعبة تقنيص أنصحك حملها ومارح تندم                 الزنكي
Meh           Its ok
Very good game good buy                 Good game
This is One Of my favorites games Excelent                 Ver y nice game
Its a fun game              OK
Looovvvvvee                 Love is in te air
You will need some persevering spirit to pull through the stakes You will enjoy it if you like to pull the trigger BE BRAVE              Exciting
I bought a large credit pack and it said thank you for buying then the game said transaction failed and lost 10 dollars     Took 10 dollars and didnt even give my 260 credits
Hate so much     Poop
Gets boreing in a while when all the contracts are the same just reapeting everything i spent over 40 bucks buying one little weapon tht sucked i wish i had a refund i dont recomond this app to anyone If u do download it u will regret it once u start playing        Greedy
Sometimes it stutters during play           Not bad
Nice game                 Contract killer
Cool game fun to play                 Awesome
Thank you for making this game                 Contact killer
Great game its very addictive However when I do the free surveys they dont always give me my credits Ive done it twice for 26but all in all this is great game              Rating
The best game ever                 Contact killer 2
Would rate it 55 but there is one issue The controls feel awkward Having the aim down scope button at the very bottom left is a bit strange and the fire button is so much at the bottom right that most of the time my thumb misses it              Great but one problem
Im playing the game but I was wondering if the game have a end because I got the part where I found out who was the girl on the Lind working for but thats it                 Does this game have a end
It keeps crashing and kicking me off              Kick
Great game              Good
Excellent                 Cool
Great shooter game                 Norm
Good game but it lags sometimes and I cant aim well           OK
I really love this game it is not that hard to play I do wish more thing would cost actual in game coins than credits and that Also I wish you could shoot from behind cover that would be awesome but other than that I dont have a problem with the game                 Addicting

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