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Glu Games Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Safari Zoo ,Circus City ,How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury FREE ,Hero Project for iPad ,Eternity Warriors ,TRANSFORMERS ™ CyberToy), brings Contract Killer: Zombies with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Contract Killer: Zombies games has been update to version 3.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I have to say I'm enjoying this shoot em up game..
  • Awesome 1st person shooter game with great graphics..
  • Just an amazing game it's better then the original game..
  • Gotta love this kick butt killing zombie action..
  • By far one of the best zombie killing games I've ever played..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Awesome This is one of the best zombie games on ipod and zombie highway.
I love killing zombies it's a lot of fun pretty good game.
I mean how doesn't like killing ZOMBIES.
This is probably one of the best shooting games I've played yet.
Just an amazing game it's better then the original game.
Only thing is that they make missions give more money.
needs to give more cash back on stages.
Just wish more weapons were available from the beginning.
No more weapons and no more levels have been forthcoming for.
Best iphone game ive ever played.
I'd venture to say $60-100 ridiculous for a phone game.
Awesome graphics and great story line I highly recommend this game.
I do not recommend this game until they stop being money grubbers.
Fun & Engagingc82
Awesome game very addictive best zombie game ever.
awesome game and then pulling such ridiculous stunts.
Pretty fun for a free game would download again.
but it's good for a free game.
One star til fixed but this game is very addictive.
Just wish more weapons were available from the beginning.
No more weapons and no more levels have been forthcoming for.
Super fun the contract killer series never gets old.
There should be more levels and more zombies to slaughter though.
Funniest free zombie game ever awesome graphics and gameplay.
the graphics are pretty great and the game itself.
Everything costs way too much in the game.
You have to pay for everything.
And making it so you must pay for everything is ridiculous.
Super awesome even tho i get scared I play it every day.
This game is sick i play it every day.
Value for Moneyc35
meaning you have to spend real money to keep the replay value high.
Takes a while to get new guns without spending real cash.
I will never pay real money for any type of game money.
Cool needs more options to get weapons w/out buying gold.
Replay Valuec56
There should be more levels and more zombies to slaughter though.
No more weapons and no more levels have been forthcoming for.
just hard to advance without dropping a lot of$$$$.
Thing is after a few levels you need better weapons.
This is a very cool game that's very challenging.
Guns are way too hard to get without actually spending money.
Although its a little repetitive its real fun.
Super fun the contract killer series never gets old.
Very good replay value.
No replay value this way.
Production Valuesc74
Awesome game excellent game play and graphics.
Great graphics and game play poor pay to progress concept.
I like this game good graphic for an iOS model.
Funniest free zombie game ever awesome graphics and gameplay.
The graphics are pretty good with gory sound effects.
Ease of Usec73
Its a fun and simple game.
It's fun and simple.
Awesome game keeps me entertained for hours.
The game keeps crashing on the ipod 4th gen fix it.
Updates & Supportc35
Zombie version is better than original contact killer.
Having fun with the Zombie version of Contract Killers.

Awesome game very addictive best zombie game ever. found in 938 reviews
Contract killer zombies is one of worlds funnest and awesome'st game ever. found in 1162 reviews
Best zombie shooter out there highly addictive. found in 105 reviews
Too bad you must spend real money to keep playing. found in 273 reviews
you can't get guns with out having to spend real money. found in 655 reviews
Players can't enjoy this game without spending real money. found in 155 reviews
Awesome game except its way to much for upgrades. found in 33 reviews
This is a good game to waste your time on. found in 25 reviews
After a few levels the game becomes impossible without spending money. found in 25 reviews
wish you could earn money and hold quicker or have freebies once in awhile. found in 21 reviews
Why would anyone pay actual money for fake money in these games. found in 61 reviews
The missions don't give you enough money to purchase the nicer upgrades. found in 23 reviews
decent storyline but fairly difficult to advance without spending cash. found in 36 reviews
I just don't like not getting my daily bonuses. found in 170 reviews
Great game but the guns are WAY to expensive. found in 183 reviews
you have to pay a ridiculous amount of real money to get fake money. found in 53 reviews
The game crashes every time a mission is loading. found in 55 reviews
It's good but almost impossible to progress without purchasing in app items. found in 92 reviews
It needs more guns that can be bought with money including launchers. found in 15 reviews
Wish you could buy gold with reward cash. found in 153 reviews
Fun game but difficult to advance without paying up the wazoo. found in 36 reviews
after an hour of play it's impossible to advance without spending actual money. found in 46 reviews
It's really cool but it crashes way too much and it's annoying. found in 16 reviews
Good game but the cost of new weapons is comically overpriced. found in 147 reviews
Which forces you to spend real money to get "zombie money ". found in 655 reviews
You are forced to spend real money to get decent guns. found in 273 reviews
the free gold option and it doesn't work. found in 138 reviews
I know these people need to make money but that's ridiculous. found in 430 reviews
Can't get daily bonuses cause it's says I'm off line. found in 170 reviews
I tried for
a lot of guns cost gold tool which requires real money. found in 180 reviews
DON'T BUY GOLD OR CASH from this app. found in 153 reviews
Lame unless you want to spend extra money to upgrade the weapons. found in 224 reviews
It takes way to much time and frustration to get anywhere. found in 207 reviews
Then it becomes utterly impossible without spending $20 or more. found in 155 reviews
but than you can't advance cause you need better weapons. found in 353 reviews
By level 12 it is impossible without spending money to get better weapons. found in 136 reviews
Missions are impossible unless you spend money to buy better guns. found in 414 reviews
Cant even get enough money to buy weapons on harder mission. found in 149 reviews
This is a grate game but the guns are way to expensive. found in 183 reviews
but its hard to buy new guns. found in 155 reviews

The Contract Killer: Zombies is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 326 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Contract Killer: Zombies app version 3.1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Contract Killer: Zombies in Glu Games Inc.`s Official Website :

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Please make a third one like this make male hero but like the guy in sniper have real guns with there real name but also make your own creation like u did with the two shot grenade launcher and the health gun I think a lot of people would like this for Christmas ps make mor dual wield guns for in game currency please make this please                     Please Chrisleroy
This is a really good game and I love it                     Game Fuihhyftfghh
This is a great game to play to pass time and to have fun with The graphics are the best but are still pretty good And I see a lot of people complaining about having to pay money in order to get weapons and play but I never spent a dime of my own money You just have to save up your glu coins It may be difficult but very much possible although the point of the game is suppose to be difficult Some weapons may not be as accurate as they say but not horrible My only big critique is that it would be great if there was more story line missions and a newer version update in order to work with IOS 11 Overall nice game and do recommend                     Great Game Slendykiller101
This game is superb but the game no longer supports latest Apple iOS please update to latest iOS so that I can continue playing thanks                 Please update to latest IOS Agent 47 Desmond
This is one of the best game in the App Store Please update I really need to experience this on my iPhone 7 Plus                 Best Game in the App Store zustiizth
Great game and love playing it but has not been upgraded to the new OS so now I locked out         Not upgraded Silvereagle72
It s horrible     STUPID GAME Lapersongirl
Love game                     Great ANEW122182
My only complaint is getting gold is sooooooo hard without paying money                     One of the best zombie game I ever played diabeetuse
I can play the game you you keep saying I need update the game but I can update the game anymore                 Getting too old Darius oil
I love this game wish it could be a bit more gruesome                     Deadly Good DirtyBird71
Great game                     My thoughts Sport000
This is an awesome game It is easy and hard at times That is what makes it a great game I think all Glu Games are awesome                     Awesome Game Profcritic
Was fun but they don t stay current on updates so it goes extended periods of time not working     Won t open Listener1x
For IOS 11     Needs an update ThvnderSteel
When I got this game as soon as I got into it it froze It happened every time         Doesn t work thunderchain464
Best zombie game out there Doesn t work anymore Continues to load into perpetuity     Best Oldoiler
Awesome game if you like zombies                     Mason Pokacheeto
Only loaded the first time but won t load anymore         Loading issues 10kemanuel
What happened to the game     Is it gone Iphone696
Getting s message that app needs to be updated even though I just downloaded There are no available update This game is DOA     Not loading Dan_Daniels
This game is pretty good mostly because it features shooting zombies To make it better though I d have to suggest making the game have much more levels than it already does Other than that this is a pretty good game                 Pretty fun but needs some improvement wilsonk2019
Trat de abrir la aplicaci n y no funciona Espero puedan arreglarla     Falla de aplicaci n Kendal1986
It s a great game but will not load needs upgrade or something     NOT LOADING Mike Kaps
So I have been playing a week now worked great play was fun Now the blasted game won t load even after a hard reboot of my iPad Guess I should have paid more attention to the warning about this game not being updated for this iOS         Great at first and then Warrloki
update need                 contract killer zombies beline57
Fun game it really is but in order to advance in this game you NEED To pay for all the weapons and upgrades with actual Not worth it Deleted after one afternoon of playing         Fun but costly K-Monayy
The game is great but lower the price to 1 peice of gold its so hard to get it                     Roldauris Rorokik333
This is a great game I like it                     Zombies Obgselfmade
Like it                 Great game
These Clu games make you constantly pay for items in order to compete It would be an excellent game if you didnt have to spend so much money        Rip off artist
This is a really great game                 Awesome
Cv kikuyu                 Myhhb
Dont get me wrong last year there were games I really enjoyed that werent crappy like gun bros or contract killer1 and both the zombie versions but now all their games are just god awful they dont even respond to support from all the players word of advice save your money and space by not downloading any of their crappy games     Get real glu
This is a great zombie game for passing time but gets very repetitive Also the best guns are locked unless purchased with gold bars that can only be bought with gold bars that requires real currency to purchase              Great Game
Vrgood                 Good
Great game good graphics and all u guys that complain about having to spend money just to progress witch is not true learn to git gud and stop complaining                 Stop this now
I love it when you have to shoot the zombies and the rest of the day is a good time                 Pretty good but could be improved
Crap game unless youre willing to spend money And Im not just talking about a few bucks here and there These money hungry creators want you to spend large amounts of money in order to advance comfortably in the game Even if you manage to earn enough cash to get a better weapon it takes forever and the new better weapon is way too slow to keep up with all the zombies coming at you What a frustrating waste of time     Crap game DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Its fun if you have some downtime                 Zombies
Its fun but some levels are impossible to beat unless you buy more expensive guns and so many other things                 Fun but too pricey
I have spent over 100 and I want it back or my in app purchase     Not happy but the game is cool I want my in app purchase back
Glu Games the game has great gameplay but the prices just like in all of your other Contract Killer games are WAY too expensive to play for           Prices
Game rocks                 Swag
Found score lost without getting gun seems bug pointer might be better and aim correct              Buggy lost score on purchase no gun
Good but did not give my weapons back once I deleted                 Contract killer
This game dont fuch good     Ck zombie
Tons of Fun                 Get this game
I loved this game it amazing But the problem is weopons are so expensive so and missions are hard you need to make them cheaper or make getting money faster           Expensive weopons
Fun but weapon access is limited              Fun game
Cool and fun game if you like shooting zombies                 Awesome
Its good           Its good
Boom                 Boom
Great game hard to get gold though                 Zombies
Killem with fire                 ZOMBIES
Should be more guns And less expensive              Good but could be better
One of the best games Ive seen so far I dont know why there are so many bad ratings This is an awesome game I love it                 Awesome
I love this game and it is kinda stupid that its trying to get you to buy things but you can still beat the game by earning money in survival mode Next update plz make it easier to complete the game without spending money                 Best Mobile Zombie Game thats free
I love it                 This game is awesome
This game is an zombie massacre evolution and is beyond amazing Just wish it was easier to unlock better weapons and more missions opportunity           Great
Most missions are extremely hard without the right loadout yet the ones that can be completed with the two basic weapons give so little cash that it would take forever to get another basic weapon and most missions after the first four or five require other basic weapons     Impossible
I spent money on games before 5 to 10 bucks gets you far in most games but this one is ridiculous 50 bucks to get one decent gun Are you kidding me This game isnt worth a penny     Not worth it
It the worst game ever its a waste of time and space     Dont get it
I love it                 Mr
Nice app           ZCC
Enjoy the game                 Great game
I really give it four stars              Awesome But the Inapp Purchasesthe Accidentally Unexplained
Hi god                 Hi
I dont know if the game is good but it does not open so ill guess that this shows what type of game this is     Dose not open
Great game                 Very good game
Cost to much for guns cant upgrade guns takes forever to buy a good gun not much ammo in the guns I do like the game but dont think Ill keep it unless there are good changes And the really good weapons are way to much real cash        Could be better
Its a cool game but they have a lot of errors like it got froze and they force you to purchase bullet and gold coz if youre not gonna buy it It will give a hard time I deleted it this people who manage this game is like a zombie that they didnt improve it and love to shoot them on the head     Too much errors
In app purchases are required to advance past the opening missions     Stupid
Never buy this one     Bad game
Be prepared to Block out the rest of the Universe                 Addicted
Good game just wish the weapons are cheaper Thats all she wrote              Good game just wish weapons are cheaper
Yep The absolute worst money pit app Ive ever played I will not spend money in a free app Not because Im cheap but because I refuse to spend when if they had just charged three or four dollars it would have been just fine Greediest app Ive ever seen     Money pit
Wooooo                 Game

Contract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract KillerContract Killer: Zombies Games Contract Killer

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