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Description - Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh

BananaGlue GmbH , the publisher behind many iOS app (Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh ,iAmino - learning amino acids ,iNet Network Scanner ,Wiki² - Wikipedia Reader for iPad ,iNet WOL - Wake on Lan ,Glyph-O-Rama), brings Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-02. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh in BananaGlue GmbH`s Official Website :

If you want to do more with your Mac than just computing - Control gives you remote control. And - it`s really easy Wake up your sleeping Mac by starting control See and use all ...
OK so theyve addressed a number of issues and its much more stable now But Im still a little puzzled why a developer who has had a lot of success with Network Products would release such an immature product Maybe this feedback is the only way they can get field testing but getting such poor reviews doesnt really seem worth it Mouse has improved browsing network has improved its at least usable now However I occasionally get kicked out when browsing files actually its the server app that crashes sometimes when I connect it decides to mount a number of dmg files in my download folder no idea why mouse improved but I still cant find the right click gesture must be there because Ive done it by mistake and I consider myself a power user sometimes hangs when browsing files remote control maybe a little too simple it doesnt need to be fancy big easy buttons please but does need progress and full screen controls Finally the remote is almost unusable with VLC hit forward or rewind and it gets lost in a loop even if I disconnect the iphone Its a shame this product was released without enough testing a because their iNet product is so good and popular and b the design and concept seems really cool I currently use a combination of Hippo Remote and iTap but this interface seems that it would answer all of my needs Given Banana Glues success with iNet and the great design of this app I really hope some more updates will address this But Im not if Ill try again        A big improvement on 10 but still only s stars
I stumbled on this app while looking for a way to control my Mac Mini which is working as a media center for my TV and Stereo Control looks like it could be perfect for this use but the wifi server app keeps losing connection           Server Connection Issues
This is a very good and useful app I love the option to add apple scripts from my mac But the app have a few problems First and the one that most bother me its hes connection Almost every time that i want to type something Im desconected from the mac And the iTunes integration can be better But i recommend Nice app Keep working and will be perfect              Good app but not perfect
Very disappointed that version 20 is still only iPhone sized Hey wheres iPad support Streamed movies crash the app about 5 secs into them Run dont walk away from this app as it is now     Wish it were better and for 5 it SHOULD be
I loved using this app but when they upgraded it they left out their previous customers that still own a Mac 105 so now this app is useless to me I have no intention of buying a newer Mac when they last forever just because software companies refuse to include us older model users Wish they would refund my money     Stole my money
First time I ever felt compelled to complain about an app Just sitting here waisting my life with my wife while we wait for controller to endlessly fast forward through movie we are trying to watch 2 hour movie we are on 25th hour of fast forward literally reads 252421200035 and counting MacBook wont turn off or force quit worst problem I have ever had with my Mac in 4 years these people are dishonest garbage Please dont waist your life on this app     Garbage pale app
Good companion app to Apples own Remote App The Remote App gives you access to your iTunes library so you can play your music to powered speakers or stereo system anywhere in your house connected to an Airport Express in your wifi network But if your Mac is asleep andor iTunes is not open youre out of luck The Control app not only wakes up your Mac remotely but also lets you open iTunes After youre done you can quit iTunes and put your Mac to sleep again This functionality probably should have been builtin into the Remote app but Control works perfectly plus it has other good features as well Update Does not work perfectly After using it for sometime I find it is good enough but the connection is unreliable Forced to keep iTunes open otherwise Remote could not access it after waking the computer up The interface could use a little improvement too 3 stars for now           Good companion to Remote app
Says my computer is sleeping when it isnt Cant control any functions on my macbook pro with this app I dont get how this app has 4 stars Total ripoff     Doesnt work
I love it                 very good
With a good connection works perfectly fine Just found out about control apps of this sort and that one seems OK              works fine
I bought this app bit noticed it wasnt working unless vnc was connected to my Mac Emailed the developers and they confirmed driver changes have rendered this app useless Yet they still sell it DO NOT BUYTHIS APP DOESNT WORK     Nonworking app confirmed with devs
Likes iTunes Web Browser Syncs Pages to iPhone Needs Keyboard Brightness Control Fix Connection Issues It would be great except that its never online           Good but not great
What a scam     One star is too much
I cannot get the control server to load on my Mac so I cannot even establish a connection Emailed them but no answer yet Im also running 1058     Promising but doesnt work for me
Despite the bad reviews I really did want to give this app the benefit of the doubt cas it would meet my exact needs However its very disappointing simply cas it doesnt work Problem seems to be with the server app on your Mac rather than the iPhone app Says my system is sleeping when it clearly isnt and this is on the local network never mind trying to get connectivity over the Internet I hope BananaGlue sort this out asap think I might ask for a refund In the meantime Air Mouse will have to suffice     Disappointing
I have been using this app on my iPhone 4 to control 2 MacBooks all year I have had no issues It works great I think the negative reviews below reflect problems created by the limitations of the end user not this awesome app I                 Awesome Works great
Works so well even though it hasnt been updated in years I do wish it was still being developed but even so fantastic app                 Still great
Dont buy it     Doesnt work
This was the perfect app In 1075 everything just worked However after upgrading to Mountain Lion security preferences prevent this app from pairing with server It wouldnt be so bad if the developer had any decent answers but he doesnt respond emails or just answers with vague wording Such a disappointment     Doesnt work with Mountain Lion
Garbage Does not stream video from OS X 107 Lion KNOWN ISSUE But I did not know it until I had paid for it     Garbage
I love this app its great being able to control your computer I mean I can also stream a video and use it as a trackpad theres only very few problems and that that for iTunes it doesnt list the songs and it also has a problem with streaming iTunes movies to where it takes longer but overall I love this app              Great app
Set up iPhone and computers with pin connections and then no connection It intermittently finds the computers on the home network But most of the time it just continuously searches Even when it does connect I cant tell what applications are open or closed Kickstart worked well for me but its been replaced by something that doesnt function Im sure the programmers mean well but it simply doesnt work     Doesnt work
Not sure what the complaints are about but with an iPhone 4S and a Mac Book Air the results are awesome                 Awesome
Probably should have mentioned the wake feature doesnt work on older model sleeping MacBooks           Meh
How did you even become an iPhone app     Does not work
This looks like it could be a cool App Unfortunately the server App would not run on my MacPro 1058 I will upgrade my rating if they get it fixed and working properly     Server App not working
I was skeptical at first reading the reviews and some saying this app doesnt work But I decided to see for myself and Im glad I did because this app works just fine After downloading it all you have to do is go to the website for the app on your Mac and download the corresponding control panel and then follow the directions to set it up If I can do it then anyone can I used this app all day long without a problem I suggest taking the risk and seeing for yourself it paid off for me                 Works great
Not working     Doesnt work
I never write reviews but I feel like I had to for this app Works amazingly I connected my computer to my Tv and now I can control everything just like a remote control without having to get up Very cool appso convenient and fun Thank you                 Amazing
I would not buy Great you can start an app on the computer but that is it You can not see program on the ipad or cane anything     Terrible
I was very fortunate to get this app for free before it starting selling for 199 YEAH Its hard to complain about stuff you get for free Anyway Ive been waiting for this app to come out of approval It was worth the wait It has a beautiful interface The things you can do with it are amazing It does have some issues staying connected at times but I expect the developers to correct that very soon with an update              Great Potential
I hope this developer continues to work on this great app This is exactly what I was looking for Ive been searching for an app that would allow me to run applescripts over the internet and this does that very well Video streaming has some bugs but I didnt get it for that so I still give 5 stars This uses thumbnails well and they render very fast which is important to me when browsing files I think the negative reviews are probably due to people running the server on old machines Works perfect on my Mini that is currently running Mountain Lion                 Great
I bought this app the same day as I bought HippoRemote which I gave 5 stars They do different things HippoRemote controls my Netflix viewing while on Mirror Display from iMac to TV Controls volume forwardbackward in movie switching from normal display to mirror using a macro set up in Hippo putting Mac to sleep and waking and turning updown the streaming musicnews volume I listen to on computer Control has some other functions not in HippoRemote Updown volume but a slider not a tap button sometimes hard to handle as I have an x stand for iPhone and have to remove iPhone from it to change volume You can watch streaming movies from iMac to iPhone except every time I I try this with even a small movie it crashes A great iTunes player but I dont see how to change playlists and have not received an answer from developers And a few times Ive been thrown off the network usually when viewing the Finder or Sibelius or some other program on my computer Once I had to quit Control as the cursor on my computer would jump erratically when I tried to control it from either the iPhone or the computer A great idea for an app just not ready for prime time        A great idea in theory
The previous versions had troubles but this app is now working perfectly Where before some functions didnt seem to work at all not everything works Before I could only perform a few actions before everything stopped working now it works continuously I have since bought another app to replace this one but if you want a good remote control for your Mac this is a very nice one                 Works wonderfully
simply doesnt work     crap

Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh UtilitiesControl! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh UtilitiesControl! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh UtilitiesControl! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh Utilities

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