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Cider Software LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ball Jumper ,Tips HD Pro ,Calculator HD Pro Free ,Maze Game Free ,Cube Path ,Angry Cube), brings Convert Any Unit Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Convert Any Unit Free app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best field tool..
  • Simple clean and I ike the bookmark feature..
  • Great travel companion..
  • I like the auto fill feature..
  • Unlike other conversion apps with fancy spin wheel selectors..
Overall Satisfactionclick me86
the best unit converter application I have ever seen or used.
Deleting and finding a different unit converter.
Absolutely the best converter I've found.
I recommend it for anyone needing a units converter.
wow thanks to the creator of this app.
Fun & Engagingclick me98
I use it all the time at work.
This app comes in handy all the time.
Awesome little app.
Simple and awesome.
Usefulnessclick me95
Easy to use and very user friendly.
and covers everything imaginable.
Very helpful and easy to determine silver content when buying coins.
I already know this is an indispensable tool.
Such a useful and convenient app.
The features of the inexpensive paid version sound helpful for many people.
Converts EVERY essential thing fast.
Production Valuesclick me75
Easy interface with many measurements.
Very easy interface.
Very intuitive interface.
Ease of Useclick me89
Easy to use and very user friendly.
Comes in really handy making simple conversions.
Works well and easy to navigate.
Very helpful and easy to determine silver content when buying coins.
This app allows bookmarking for easy access to frequently used conversion.
Simple fast.
Such a useful and convenient app.
Reliabilityclick me59
Ads not Intrusiveclick me43


Convert Any Unit Free is a REVOLUTIONARY way to convert units that lets you just type in the unit you want to convert, without first having to select the category. This version is ad-supported.




As you type, the most likely units appear. Once you have selected the From unit, the To unit is automatically restricted to the category of the From unit.

Convert Any Unit FreeConvert Any Unit Free
Tags :   units ,   convert ,   category ,   numbers


Advanced features include bookmarks and an integrated calculator. With over 3,700 units, this is the only unit converter you will ever need.




Streamlined Interface


• Search for and select units with autocomplete (as you type, a list of matching units appears).
• Search faster by typing in only the unit abbreviation or first letter of each word in the unit.
• "Intelligent Search" shows the most likely units first.
• Automatic category selection (category is automatically set once you select a unit).
• Flip Units button to switch the From and To units.
• Reset button to clear all inputs and start over.
Retinait is a backlit LCD liquid crystal display
display support for both
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPad.
Convert Any Unit Free




Advanced Features


• Built in calculator (fractions, decimals, negative numbers, add, subtract, multiply, divide).
• Save bookmarks and organize them into folders.
• Equations are shown for temperature conversions.
• Copy and paste to and from the clipboard.
• Conversion result is shown as an easy to understand equation.
• Unit names are automatically pluralized in the conversion result.
• Both unit names and symbols shown.
• Browse units in an alphabetically indexed list (can narrow by category).
• Results with up to 10 significant digits.
• Automatic formatting of numbers based on your current Region Format (e.g. US, Spain).
• Automatic formatting of extremely large or small numbers with scientific E notation for better readability.




Over 3,700 Units In 27 Categories.


✔ Acceleration
✔ Angle
✔ Area
✔ Capacitance
✔ Currency
✔ Data
✔ Density
✔ Dynamic Viscosity
✔ Electric Current
✔ Electric Potential
✔ Energy
✔ Flow
✔ Force
✔ Frequency
✔ Fuel Economy
✔ Kinematic Viscosity
✔ Length
✔ Luminance
✔ Mass
✔ Mass Flow
✔ Power
✔ Pressure
✔ Speed
✔ Temperature
✔ Time
✔ Torque
✔ Volume


The Convert Any Unit Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Convert Any Unit Free check developer Cider Software LLC`s website :


This is the best unit conversion tool out there. found in 24 reviews
A nice App and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
Great app w/ a myriad of conversion options. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for instantly converting my recipes to US units of measure. found in 10 reviews
Absolutely the best converter I've found. found in 31 reviews
that are easy to find because you just start typing. found in 5 reviews
Easily convert any unit. found in 16 reviews
it literally is getting me through my science classes. found in 7 reviews
the best conversion calculator ever. found in 4 reviews
Perfect for traveling abroad or for a quick study reference. found in 5 reviews
have started using the app as my primary conversion tool. found in 11 reviews
it takes significant time to place both units of measurement. found in 20 reviews
Easy to use and very user friendly. found in 14 reviews
Useful for chemistry homework. found in 5 reviews
There is no feet per second unit but other than that. found in 2 reviews
Intrusive pop -up ads make usage an
Gets job done but too many popups. found in 1 reviews
Can't update the app. found in 1 reviews
a list of suggested conversion units would be an excellent addition. found in 7 reviews
Great except for ads. found in 1 reviews
Needs category grouping. found in 1 reviews
Popup adds every time you open. found in 1 reviews
Good but advertising gets VERY annoying. found in 1 reviews
Needs the Troy Ounce Conversion. found in 1 reviews
Everything was perfect except for annoying ads. found in 10 reviews
A more efficient way to select units would be nice. found in 3 reviews
Ads bad. found in 1 reviews
handy when needed. found in 2 reviews
so many annoying ads in this new version. found in 3 reviews
Annoying advertisements installed another app. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes it crashes but other than that it's great. found in 2 reviews
Recently there have been too many popups advertising other apps. found in 1 reviews
annoyance. found in 2 reviews
Great App but Limited. found in 1 reviews
Hate that commercial pop up everytime using it. found in 1 reviews
change back dont like update. found in 1 reviews
Ads based App. found in 1 reviews
Update needs fixing. found in 1 reviews
Poorly organized. found in 1 reviews
So much for your buddies saying it's a wonderful app. found in 2 reviews
No longer opens after latest update. found in 2 reviews
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GREAT CONVERSION APP Couldnt be better                REALLY GOOD
This is a real gem versatile and nonfussy Use it all the time                Gooood Ap
Not only does it solve currency conundrums but all sorts of other conversions that I need every now and then for cooking and what not                Works for me
This is one of the most useful apps I have on my iPhone I havent found a unit of measure that this app doesnt handle                One of the most useful apps I have
Would have given it a five Use it a lot Impressed how many different types of units it can translate Recent update though Google ad pops up and slow to close Ads before not so intrusive             Works great But New update pop up Google ad
Ive used this regularly for several years and it is very cumbersome I stop using this in now use Google and just enter what I need to convert 10 inches to cm       Very cumbersome
I like it                I like it
I like it Simple but effective             Does the job
Works amazingly in my Chem class Saves hours                LifeSaver
This app is amazing and has helped me on many occasions KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK                すごい
Works GREAT Fast and easy                HVAC
Great app                Perfect
I like how easy changes the units                Excellent
I am using the application for a number of year and it is very helpful for me as I have it on the phone and tablet I am traveling for work and I also need to convert not only exchange rates but also measures and it is great to have everything in one placeAs suggestions to improvelately about one year I always have a google add showing when I open the application which is very annoyingsome units were missing from the list offered would like a full set so that everything is infor FX would be nice to also have a very simplistic chart with the last rate or trend                Practical
Great for converting lbs to kgs and tons                Great app for weight conversions
Easy to use             Works
Great app I use it all the time very handy                Excellent app
This is so helpful                Thank god
Cubic feet to gallons C to F square feet to acres you name it easy to use                Very handy
Use it all the time love it                Love the converter
Very simple and easy to use Havent found a unit conversion it wont do yet Quite handy I recommend it for anyone needing a units converter Ive been using it recently for metric to US units conversion and found it very helpful                Great App
Ive used a few other app s like this one and now this is the one i use the most Its nice that you can type in any unit that you are looking for instead of going down a long list which saves my time Great tool Thank you                Very useful
Cool app                Nice
Im a frequent traveller and use this app almost every day for currency conversion Instant accurate results highly recommend                Great App
Use this all the time for US to European conversions                Perfect tool
Great for currency exchanges when traveling and virtually any other conversion Complete up to date                Reliable and accurate
Everything Ive ever needed really and its free to boot Cant ask for anything more                Excellent
I use this app every single day As an American living in Zambia for a year I find it invaluable I use it to convert pounds to kilograms centigrade to Fahrenheit kilometres to miles even milligrams to teaspoons Its super easy to use gives the answers instantaneously and never crashes I honestly cannot think of one negative thing to say about it I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful little free app to anyone who is travelling or living abroad in a country whose measurements differ from those you are accustomed to                Most useful app on my iPad mini
I use this all the time and it is one of the best I have come across It has almost every unit you could think of                Great App
Very easy to use and passed all my accuracy tests with flying colors                Very slick and accurate
Import Equipment from Europe so use various conversions all the time It all there             Great app
Does exactly what I need it to Very simple to use Love the auto fill                Great app
I am a Physicist and have found this app the most accurate and complete Of all the apps this is the only one that even has the radiation radioactivity units correct so its now the only one I use The addition of the ability to adjust the font size to be more readable is wonderful I now have the paid app which is identical to this app but without the ads Excellent apps                Excellent App
Great app but the ads get in the way          Conversion
Its easy and intuitive I cant even think how to improve it                The best
The metric system was the method of measuring things through out the 19 years of my formal education Additionally my formal education occurred with several years of work life experienced inbetween each diploma degree Therefore I was middleaged by the time Id earned all of my degrees It has seemed like I was hopelessly stuck with the metric system seared into my brain However this app allows me to convert things quickly and easily from the metric system to the other systems of measurement used by 99 of the world Im sure its good for the USA to use systems of measurement that are used by the rest of the world I have had this application for many months It has been a great aid This application has stood the test of time with me and only become more helpful rather than less while continuing to be simple easy and free to use This application is a great tool aid for those of us who have had metric system ingrained into their minds on and off for several decades I give this application five stars                I very helpful tool
A much wider selection of units than I expected for a free app                Very useful
Converts quickly Super easy to use Have yet to find anything it cant convert although I use it mostly for cooking                Awesome
I am amazed at the different units of measurement available As an American who interacts with people elsewhere sometimes you have to convert our units of measure to metric or vise versa to know what theyre talking about The currency converter is great I wish that there had been something like this years ago when I was traveling more often                You Would Be Hard Pressed to Find a Unit Not Listed
Great app I use it all the time for metric conversion                Convert Free works great
Have been using for months and cannot praise it enough Only annoying thing are the ads but it is ok                Fast simple useful
I love the simplicity of this app I have a sense about some metric measurements but not all This app is very handy for those I dont know                Convenient and useful
It is fantastic                Kash
Simple easy to use I like it                Very easy to use
Works great I like the fact that I can save the categories that I use most                Very helpful
Easy to use and convenientUse it almost every day                Good app
This app has every imaginable unit and works well with scientific notation                Great app
Top Notch My metric best friend             Mike R
I have used this app for several trips to Europe It is easy to setup and get what you need It is not too basic and not too elaborate just right                Long time user Love it
Only complaint is the ads             Great app


Cider Software LLC
7.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Convert Any Unit Free 3.1 Mobile

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