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ALK Technologies, Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (CoPilot Truck North America ,CoPilot Live Premium BeNeLux ,CoPilot Live Premium North America ,CoPilot Live Premium European Edition HD ,CoPilot Caravan Europe ,CoPilot Live South Africa), brings CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best UI design..
  • 100% hopefully good to find your way Thank's..
  • Well worth using for everyday gps driving..
  • The best GPS navigation app with full maps installed..
  • Fantastic travel application..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
This is truly the best GPS App for all iOS devices.
but you download gps apps for what.
Great Navigation App without need for phone Data Plan.
Best navigation app in the entire App Store.
probably the best of the free nav app i've used.
Definitely one of the worse nav apps.
And arrive safe anywhere you go using this wonderful GPS.
Was able to save my favorites.
To many bugs to be fixed.
Fun & Engagingclick me83
Best value for money in a GPS ap.
Awesome gps app.
Other than that everything is awesome.
Usefulnessclick me43
Best Nav App I've Found To Date.
Downloadable maps are very useful.
Other than that everything is awesome.
Very helpful and accurate.
Production Valuesclick me36
Ease of Useclick me100
Very easy to deal with.
Reliabilityclick me13
Updates & Supportclick me42


★★★ As featured on Engadget, CNET, The Register and many more ★★★


CoPilot GPS is the powerful new free offline route planning and local exploring app from the developers of award-winning CoPilot Live navigation.

CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directionsCoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions
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Find the best way to navigate to all the places you need to go without relying on your mobile connection. Detailed street maps of an entire country or region are stored on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPad, so you’ll still be able to calculate routes and get driving or walking directions even when there’s no cell coverage. Millions of useful Points of Interest are built into the app, making it easy to locate nearby restaurants, stores, gas stations and more. You can also search for local businesses and attractions using Bing™ and Wikipedia.


With CoPilot GPS there’s no need to burn through your mobile data plan by downloading maps, and you can navigate abroad stress free without worrying about huge data roaming charges.
CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions


✔ Premium quality 2D street maps stored on-board your iPhone for offline use
✔ Exclusive ALK MapSure™ service provides free monthly in-app map improvements and quarterly map updates
✔ Millions of Points of Interest (POIs) built in with in-app dialing
✔ Powerful route planning with a multi-stop trip optimizer
✔ Alternate Routes: CoPilot GPS provides up to 3 ways to your destination
✔ Drag and drop the route to adjust
✔ Driving directions: manually cycle through the turns to your destination
✔ Walking mode: explore unfamiliar cities on foot with confidence
✔ Social sharing: let your friends know where you are with Twitter & Facebook status updates*
✔ Useful local content: discover interesting places and attractions nearby with Wikipedia and Bing Search*


For a premium navigation experience, upgrade to the full CoPilot Live voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation via in-app purchase, and enjoy: 3D map views, speed limit warnings, and realistic ClearTurn™ display with lane indicator arrows at complex interchanges.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WIFI IPADS: CoPilot GPS runs on iPhone and 3G/4G iPads. It can also be installed on
WiFiWireless local area network
iPads, but for trip planning features only (WiFi iPads do not have a GPS receiver for location)


► Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life


► *Social sharing, Bing and Wikipedia requires a mobile connection
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 30.4 MB to download. The new CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions app version has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions check developer ALK Technologies, Ltd.`s website :


Downloadable maps make Co-Pilot stand out from the crowd. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for iPod Touch. found in 2 reviews
I use this app all the time and its never steered me wrong. found in 2 reviews
I have been using Co Pilot for about three years now. found in 35 reviews
Great navi app with offline maps. found in 4 reviews
Great offline navigation map without data plan. found in 23 reviews
probably the best of the free nav app i've used. found in 8 reviews
I got it several months ago and have used it several times. found in 2 reviews
Takes a few minutes to learn ins and outs. found in 4 reviews
Great Navigation App without need for phone Data Plan. found in 40 reviews
Voice prompt for this price would be a better deal. found in 4 reviews
No Nashville TN. found in 1 reviews
update erases everything. found in 1 reviews
Could not see the exit numbers on freeway exits. found in 4 reviews
Poor app since last update. found in 1 reviews
Speed limit would be nice if it were accurate. found in 7 reviews
but worthless w/out Voice Nav & Address Book Integration. found in 1 reviews
unless you live in the Middle East. found in 1 reviews
but it crashes sometimes suddenly. found in 2 reviews
I don't want to manipulate ipad while i'm driving. found in 6 reviews
It also needs a global base map. found in 1 reviews
CoPilot failed to find a valid route to your destination. found in 1 reviews
The only thing missing is announcing street names. found in 12 reviews
Can't save routes to cloud. found in 2 reviews
Now it takes me down roads that don't exist anymore. found in 2 reviews
Outdated maps and address info. found in 2 reviews
Great App but can have better list view of directions. found in 1 reviews
Music player cheap and lacking apple radio function or Pandora. found in 3 reviews
Thank you for contacting CoPilot Technical Support. found in 3 reviews
The new upgrade does not display street names. found in 12 reviews
no exit numbers. found in 4 reviews
Password reset system doesn't work. found in 3 reviews
good app - terrible support unable to download maps. found in 32 reviews
Just does not pick up the GPS signal while driving. found in 6 reviews
40 PM
Update make app crash on iOS 6. found in 8 reviews
Dear xxxxxxxx
No on iPhone 5s ios7. found in 6 reviews
Requires wifi Internet connection in order to work. found in 15 reviews
incorrect speed limits displayed. found in 7 reviews
Turn by turn voice doesn't work. found in 3 reviews
Music player does not work voice prompts intermittent. found in 4 reviews
At the end after you paid there is no voice guidance. found in 13 reviews
Very good                Very good
Must have offline gps capabilities not iPad wifi and room on your device to store maps Wish POIs were updated more info given                Free gps
I have been searching for a replacement for motion x gps which I have used for five yearsThis version of copilot will not be it I drive for a living and need accurate info I have had 4 bad addresses out of ten in two days I cant trust itThey appear to be offering more expensive versions but the descriptions are vague I better keep searching for a good app    They stopped supporting Motion X
Nice                تقيم
I wanted GPS only direction This app has so far worked flawlessly A bit tricky to get used to it but when I did it worked great                Good for nonphone data usage
E Z 2 use very handySpring 4 the x trasBrian JI just found out that this app is more up to date map wise than NavigonThis and google maps rock 7272015                Nice
This app lets you route away from low overpasses and restricted tunnels Invaluable                Great for RVs
Muy útil app y muy completa con la nueva actualización les quedo excelenteLA recomiendo a todo el que quiere un GPS útil                Super buena
I was going in a very important trip at night and trusted the app to guide me Well it didnt and kept on offering me better services for extra money while I was lost in the night It was the worst experience ever    It should be 2 stars
In the information area it shows only 2 things out of Speed ETA Distance etc at a time Tom Tom has much better information systemI found this GPS useless only after I purchased Now I either use Google or Tom Tom GPS and I hardly use CoPilot This is just sitting in my phone occupying 15 GB space and since I purchased I do not want to delete    Information area is useless
Been happy customer for years                Love it
If you need a basic GPS app then this is for you But if you need to get little technical like retrieving coordinates texting your locations coordinates uploading or downloading your favorites tracking your routes or even sorting your favorites alphabetically it cannot be done with this app I have the paid version and its not too different from the free          Only from A to B
Great navigation tool                Love it
I will not recommend this app I think I lost my money when I signed for the service       O dont like it isn what the claim its
I paid additional money for voice nav and it doesnt work I have everything in settings set for voice but it doesnt work    No voice nav
This app is a good solution for my needs do not need Internet             Its a good solution for me
After wasting a fortune on crappy navigation apps I FINALLY FOUND something special                Its worth
If youre intention is to use this to plan a route then this is not the app for you I see no way to avoid having the route optimized You can establish as many waypoints and roads to avoid as you want but the app continues to either ignore the routes to avoid or routes you in the most ridiculous ways through you waypoints I had high hopes but Id suggest you not waste your time    Not for motorcycles route planning
I like this product because of its accuracy in navigating But the interface is sometimes not friendly I wish to see some changes made so as to look more comfortable something similar to that of Garmin GPS             Good product
Good apps                Gdz
The app keep crashing after pressing the GO button on ipad mini 3    App crashes
Confusing directions even when close to destination Got me lost repeatedly Sending me longer ways when destination is near me Not ready    Need work badly not ready
Love it                User
Just trying to plan a motorcycle trip from my house to Skyline Drive to a point farther north on Skyline Drive and back home on a more northern route Simple four hour trip Just trying to get times and distances and plan gas station stops and lunch along the way It is like pulling teeth The app wants to find the shortest or quickest route I tried adding way points or stops along the route I finally could get a mapped route but could not see POIs on the map Not intuitive at all If the free app worked and I could do this simple trip I would upgrade but that wont happen       Not too good for planning scenic trip
Ok for the price but a little slow          Ok lil slow
best                top app
Мне нравится                Super
Best no internet maps                Great
I have a ton of mapscamping aids copilot is the best over all including the top sellers This is well worth the money                The best so far
There are a few places this app cant find but overall a very good app I use it all the time my complaint is that Ive been waiting for them to fix the ability to alphabetize my saved locations it worked last in 2012 and now its 2015 Also my saved trips with specific stops are not saved upon restore thats really irresponsible of them There are settings such as custom speed limits that must be redone if I restore my phone Is there a refund feature lol smh          Good navi buy slow on updates
Check other APPS first Not always correct better yet buy a map for the area missed my appointment by 20 minutes    Directions
If you are using this app with iOS 6 and under you will not be able to use tts text to speech for free                Works best with ios7
This is the only GPS app that has consistently been there for me I used a lot of Forest Service roads that are not marked on some other maps CoPilot isnt the most elegant but helps me find my way through heavily canopied forests             Great app for Jeeping
Unlike the terrible nitpickers around here this works just great to get me from wherever I am to where I want to go And does it well without any problems                Works great Job done
Spent 60 for 2 apps for my iPad and iPhone God forbid you make it a universal app Never offered support or updated the old apps and then they release this to make you buy it again The navigation is subpar anyway Get Google maps its FREE and BETTER    DO NOT BUY
Exelent                Copilot
Works good             Gets me there
Works great on my iPhone 6 Use it for dual sport motorcycle riding Many areas no data service and this app works right through that as map data resides on iPhone                Awesome product
The app is not intuitive Canada maps did not include major rail road station I will not use it in the future    Bad app and maps
Not always the fastest rout but always gets you there and doesnt need Internet For times when you have internet I suggest the traffic add on absolutely worth it             Love these maps
This used to be a great app but with the latest update it will not play nice with the music appIf you use the music app at the same time you have CoPilot running CoPilot loses its voice directions You then have to close the Apple music app and restart CoPilot to get the voice directions back So you can no longer play music and get voice directions at the same time so its pretty useless as a car Nav app now    When good apps go bad
Love this app and all the cool features it has to offer I dont want my free trial to end                Best GPS App Ever
This App seems to work pretty good however I would like to see Camping grounds on POI Also a bike icon             My Review
Copilot is easy to use excellent as a GPS app keeps current with updates and gives plenty of user configuration options I prefer it over my TomTom GPS device built specific for the purpose                Top notch GPS
Used 0 times But like it    Goof app
Wont download and I paid update can download again but now it has me take exits just to get back on the highway and asks me to drive over foot bridges Epic fail    Decent directional for a fair price
The new upgrade has made CoPilot much better I am much happier with this version             Better
Basic app 1 star App after you pay 799 for voice 5 stars Just dont think it will be real useful until you pay for voice guidance Got this to use in areas with no cell service Used to work great Now you have to pay for voice directions before the app is useful and guess what you have to have a cell signal to use the voice feature Tried to use it in basic mode and was amazed how bad it was The map didnt move distance to turns was not updated no automatic zooming          Used to be 5 star
This app is very good but I want to post some of my problems here I am in the Middle East and the problem is that youre using old street names and old street please update another problem is the speed limit I change it in my custom speed limit tab However it still shows the old speed limits                Amazing app but


ALK Technologies, Ltd.
30.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore with on-board maps & directions Mobile

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