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Crowdstar Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fish with Attitude ,Do You Know Me? Premium! ,It Girl ,Phuzzle Free ,Mermaid World Stories ,Top Girl HD), brings Covet Fashion with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Covet Fashion games has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me73
It's the best fashion game I have ever played.
which defeats the purpose of playing a fashion game.
My 8 year old daughter and I love playing this game together.
The glitches make me extremely frustrated because I absolutely love playing this game.
Shopping every day for cute designer clothes - what's not to love.
Covet Fashion is an absolutely amazing game that I highly recommend.
Highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone who appreciates and enjoys fashion.
I do not recommend this game as it is currently.
I defiantly recommended this app for fashion lovers all over the world.
Frustrated fashion lover.
There need to be more opportunities to earn diamonds in significant amounts.
Plus there needs to be more freedom in the game.
I like the game but needs better updates.
Fun & Engagingclick me76
This is the most fun and addicting game everrr love it.
It's fun and addicting and frustrating.
I absolutely love it it's such an awesome game.
So basically you messed up an awesome game.
It's super fun and I love having different events.
This app would be super fun if it didn't stink.
This game is really fun and I think it should get more credit.
Absolutely amazing and am obsessed with this game.
I can play it all the time & never really get bored with it.
Because of this the game gets boring fast.
This game is awesome and I'm totally addicted.
Usefulnessclick me81
I absolutely love this game and play It everyday.
I love this game so much I play it everyday.
Im very upset because I play it everyday and this isnt fair.
Other then that I love this game and I play it every day.
I play it every day and it's so much fun and so addictive.
Value for Moneyclick me48
I spend real money on these virtual clothes & accessories.
especially since some people actually spend real money in this game.
You can do lots of shopping without spending real money.
They make it impossible to compete without spending "real" money.
Replay Valueclick me72
Because of this the game gets boring fast.
5 stars because I love this app and it never gets old.
I have had this game for months and it never gets old.
Social Aspectsclick me78
we aren't friends via social media.
Reliabilityclick me48
Please if there's something wrong with the game please fix it.
They give you reimbursements when the app experiences technical problems.
Please please please fix the glitches and issues.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me54
Security & Privacyclick me68
I don't have a facebook.
Updates & Supportclick me26
That and the fact that their customer service is pretty bad.
Very responsive and helpful customer service.


"COVET Fashion is THE ultimate fashion game you’ve been waiting for." - Rachel Zoe, designer & stylist


COVET Fashion is the only app that lets you create head-to-toe looks with actual brands - including Rebecca Minkoff, Halston Heritage, Cynthia Rowley and more. It’s like having an infinite closet of luxury fashion at your fingertips.

Covet FashionCovet Fashion
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Enter a variety of themed style challenges that let you show off your fashion prowess. Create the perfect look with thousands of clothing and accessory options. Receive the most votes for your look and win prizes.


★ SHOP. Over 60 top brands to shop from
★ STYLE. Choose from over 1,000 gorgeous garments and accessories to create outfits with
★ PLAY. New and exciting styling events added daily
★ DISCOVER. Daily articles that highlight fashion trends from celebrity stylists and bloggers
Covet Fashion


Find out why the fashion community is raving about Covet Fashion - it’s like having your dream closet in the palm of your hands.


- Requires iOS 4.3+; Recommended iOS 5.1+
- Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer
- This game will NOT work on iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older
- This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play
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Support: [email protected]
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Does Covet Fashion allow in-app payments?
Covet Fashion is a free-to-play app, but like many apps in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-app items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature.


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The Covet Fashion is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 46.8 MB to download. The new Covet Fashion app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Covet Fashion in Crowdstar Inc`s Official Website :


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Love this app I wish you could earn cash or diamonds by voting or more cash for entering each contest Clothe items are hard to buy with the little cash you can earn Only game app I play             Gave 4 stars because hard to earn cash
I LOVE this game to death but I really hate how every time I get on the house chat to chat the chat ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS crashes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS             Crashes
Personally I really love this game However as of late I have noticed that my game has started to glitch a lot Every so often when I play the game the screen will go black and the app will just quit This is especially annoying when it happens just as I am about to submit a finished look But besides this the game is great             Great game lots of glitches
First of all the games idea is awesomeAlso it is really useful because the clothes of the game is real from the real brandsBut it is too hard to earn cashIn Style Challenge to enter theres too many thing that we need to fill all the conditions that style challenge told us to fill outHow about just give us the background Not a all the conditionsBecause of that it is toooooo hard to earn cash          It is too hard to earn cash
Ive been playing this game for about 2 years now and there have been many changes Manymany changes but I still love this game Its gotten harder and harder to win and instead of deleting it or moving on to some other game I still continue to Covet and that within itself says a lot                So Many ChangesBut
Needs updating weekly house contests Ways for house admins to reward house members Ways to recycle clothes          Ms
Omg this game is soooo good also you would love this game Emma if you love and I mean LOVE fashion this game is for you                Best game ever
Is really a fun fashion game I like getting to vote for the challenges and win prizes                Great game
I got this game yesterday and have not left my house in fear that I would miss out on new ideas for challenges                Somehow soooo addicting
I love this game but lately every time I try to talk or give advice in my fashion house it crashes Otherwise this is a great game Please fix the crashing          Keeps crashing
The clothing is over priced some of the challenges are terrible and distasteful Some of the clothing I could buy from walmart for 5 and it costs me 120 Its hard to get any money or diamonds Its near impossible to level up in a timely manor Its just barely fun enough to play but all its about is sucking the life out of my bank account for barely any pay off I dont suggest playing it It isnt worth it at all    You have to pay for it to even be barely fun or worth it
I am addicted to this game The only thing that needs improvement is connecting with friends Its so difficult to connect with existing users             Great game
I love this gamehavent played in over a year because last update would not let me play when I did it then I finally tried again and am happily back on but nervous to run into glitches again The format is all new so not sure how it all works to give an honest reviewhard to try and get back with nothing and not looking forward to next update          Elise
Very addicting So much fun But I wouldnt recommend playing it without wifi if you have limited data This uses more data than any other app I have It also takes forever to load sometimes Other than that its great             LOVE this game
It is super fun being able to make your own outfit and then having it be voted on                Maddy
I absolutely love this game its so much fun Addicted                Love love LOVE
I love this game all the brand names and options Its great Probably my most used game on my phone                I LOVE THIS GAME
I aspire to be a designer and this is a great outlet for my ideas                I love Covet Fashion
I never expected to like this game so much My family have been bugging me to be more girly my whole life but I just dont care for fashion or makeup and the lot Im still confused as to why I like this game so much But anyway I think you should give it a chance Ive seen a lot of reviews about how its so hard to get money and how even if you get 5 stars you only get gems but you can exchange gems for money Its a 11 ratio too Getting the 2000 gems is the same as getting 2000 cash Anyway I think its a fun game and you should give it a chance                Love it
This game is so fun to play but I cant help but feel that there are some racist things happening throughout the game1 The chances of your high score being higher or lower is based on the skin tone for several jet set events I entered the same look but I made one model have a light complexion and made the other one have a dark complexion The lighter complexion scored higher in all of the events I tested it in while the darker complexion model had a lower score This really upset me because they were equal to me but just because of the melanin in their skin tone one was deemed better than the other2 The makeup optionsThe makeup options are more targeted towards those of lighter complexions The shades offered and even down to the color they make the eyes or the eyebrows is all targeted towards white peoplewhen I do choose to use a model with a darker skin tone I am very limited to what I can use as far as makeup options that will not look weird or have an avant garde look3The events that are offered rarely showcase women of color as modelsA lot of people when they go to enter into the event they base their look on the criteria given and what the model looks like When the model is white all the time people subconsciously start to think that this color of skin will make them win which is wrong And several times have I found myself doing this when all the skin colors are beautiful and should be voted as equal       Slightly racist
Im addicted to this game now                Love it
So I am totally addicted to this game and I check it every 30 minutes to design a new outfit and earn more diamonds and cash The problem is that I never have enough cash to do anythingI find myself stuck for days because I cant earn enough cash to buy the things needed for other events I absolutely love the game and all of the clothing and accessories but I guess if you cant afford to pay for diamonds and cash in real life I guess you cant on here It is very frustrating and upsetting which made several of my friends quit playing I also do not like the fact that you cant borrow from a friend until 3 days later That also puts me in a position to where I have to wait for forever it feels like I hope some updates will come soon fixing this Maybe just like we earn tickets by voting we could earn cash too by doing something similar like voting Thanks          My fav gamebut
The way you win is when people vote you against someone else but it depends on how well that other person did I think itd be better if people voted just on one look instead of comparing it I have seen the exact same outfit range from 3 to 5 stars just because they were put up against someone else Very fun game but frustrating at times       Voting system is flawed
I loooove this game Ive been playing nonstop for a about a month now BUT I think it could use a few things For one I think we should be able to sell clothes that we dont wantarent using anymore and get a percentage of what we paid for it back as profit Two I HATE waiting 3 whole days to borrow from someones closet We shouldnt have to wait for more than a day Three I think there should me more ways to earn MONEY and not diamonds I refuse to use my real money to buy virtual money JUST so I have enough to buy the necessary clothesaccessories needed for the challenges Please fix the game I love it but I dont think Ill continue playing if something doesnt change          IN LOVEbut
Its hard to earn cash and Im usually very good at that I love most other things I would like it if you can choose what side jewelry goes on             Fun and different but
I love this game so much Its so fun                Love
This app makes a mockery of fashion and game design Since this is a fashion game I would think that there would be more meaningful interaction with the fashions or with anything at all Impossible to win events not rewarding not compelling very repetitive fashion art style could use some love    Horrible Game
Only 500 per day isnt enough to keep going because the clothes that you need to have for many of the challenges are so much money          Give more money
I personally love this game and it is easier to get the gemsmore valuable currencythan other gamesyou have to save up money in order to have a lotbut its one of those games where you have to lose money to earn moneyreally like the latest updateone thing I dont like about it is if you dont play frequently your style point goes downI suggest u dont buy with real money since money someway always comes aroundPsmake the hair and makeup less moneyone of my fave games                Great game for people that love fashion
Items are getting much too expensive anymore I wasnt paying much attention the other day and was searching for a dress to use for an event knowing the brand before I even clicked on it and expecting it to be 1000 dollars I bought it and saw it was 3200 far too much for a dress We arent getting much money from the daily events and the other events are much too strict the outfits end up being exactly the same with possibly a different hair style Someone else on here had said about having two depress categories for people who have more money and less money which I think is a great idea as people who have been playing since it came out have much more of an advantage than those who started playing a week ago          lovely game but
I am a long term player I started early Fall 2013 The game has had ups and downs times where scores were more fair times when they are less fair The mere fact that I am still playing after all this time says that the game is compelling fun and challenging I cannot give this game a perfect score however because there is a rift between those who have spent hundreds of dollars yes real dollars and those who have just started New players intentionally vote against those who have bigger closets It is becoming a war between those who have real money spent and those resentful because they dont have the high dollar hair or makeupIf I could go back in time and tell myself whether or not to start this game I would still say play But Crowdstar has to resolve this rift Until they do it wont rate a 5 star rating regardless of my investment             Fun but not fair
I used to LOVE this game I started playing around the very beginning Even before I started spending real money I was always winning challenges with at least 4 stars Once I began spending real money on diamonds I noticed I won even more That could have been due to the fact that I was able to buy the flashiest pieces of clothing for challenges However after quite a few updates I began noticing I dont win like I used toat all I dont know if its because quite a lot of people have joined since then so its much more competition I dont know if they changed how voting works or what I barely ever win a challenge anymore So I stopped spending money I hardly play anymore either       This game is unfair
I absolutely love this app and creating so many beautiful outfits                Awesome app
I purchased the silver ticket upgrade and it charge me 424 instead of 399 only It also didnt change anything after purchasing I still get a 2 tickets instead of 4 tickets    REFUND MY 424 AND NOTHING CHANGE AFTER PURCHASE
Takes multiple attempts to get app to open and takes forever for garments to load after picking a type             Love it but
I love this game its really cool and very up to date with all things fashion The only thing I have a problem with is there is no way to get rid of the clothes I hate I cant sell them I cant give them away Please think of something so I can return my old cloths and get money for it like it real life                Best fashion
I like this game However I have several complaintscash and diamonds are way too add to earn Ive been playing this game for 1 full day now and have already spent 20 of my real money just to keep up with the challenges Also I dont think some of the challenges Im entering are ever showing any of my outfits I have several that should be currently voted on yet they have no ratings This seems sketchy to me There are other things they need to fine tune like when youve scrolled so far down while viewing someones outfits after pressing the back button after viewing an actual outfit instead of putting the page back to where you left it it starts you right back at the top They could also make it to where you could just flip thru outfits by pressing a next button instead of having to view one at a time I love this game but not sure how much longer Ill be able to pay I cant keep spending so much money on a stupid app          Its fun BUT
Love this app                Fashion
Great way to fine tune your styling skills It can get a bit expensive but it can take you places if your use it as a tool rather than just a game I have been posting my looks in social media and it helps me get the attention I need             Love it
Love it I can be myself you can dress very pretty clothes and jewel plus you can buy it in real life I really love this game play it all the if I were you I well download this game right now really like this go get it right now love this game play it all the the time you wont even care about anything if you playing this game                Covet fashion
I love it if your a fashionistajust have a fashion statement even if you want to just judge its perfect for you give it a try                Amazing
I been completing offers and watching videos to earn diamonds and they havent been added to my account Also its very hard to earn cash    Diamonds
The rewards are very limited It seems the same people are winning the 560 And the rotation is not fare Many time I vote on the same people in the same time period and other members do not get enough voting times             The rewards
One of the best fashion games Ive played in years So easy                Love it so much
Even though I mostly play when Im bored i still enjoy playing and i love the fact that its real clothing so its not like Im playing a game for 10 year olds even though 10 year olds probably play the game I love it because its for all ages             I love it
BOUGHT DIAMONDS 3300 to be exact AND I HAVENT RECEIVED THEM I would really like 2 get them Whats going on          No diamonds
It is a good app I play it every day but 1yhing Thing is that when you do the dress up thThing challeng what if you do not have Money to buy clothe so that one thing Is bad             Good app but
Better than most of these games that Ive played             Pretty good
This game is really fun and I play it a lot but one thing that would make it more exciting is if it was easy to get more hair styles Ive been playing for months and I still only have 10 and I only use about 5 of them Im sure a lot of people would agree with me when I ask that hair be easier to acquire More hair please             Just one thing
Love it                Super fun


Crowdstar Inc
46.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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iOS / 2.0
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iOS Covet Fashion 2.0 Mobile

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