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Cozi, the publisher behind many iOS app (Cozi Password Vault ,Cozi Family Organizer ,Cozi Dinner Decider ,Cozi Family Files ,Cozi Kids Coloring+ ,MobileLife® Family Organizer), brings Cozi Family Organizer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cozi Family Organizer app has been update to version 5.0.426 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • there is never enough mental memory to remember everything..
  • HUGE time saver with benefit for the entire family..
  • Easy to use and great customer service..
  • we don't drop everything else and scramble at the last minute..
  • Been using the service to organize my family calendar for years..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Love cozi for all the lists plus calandar.
Cozi calendar keeps my whole family in sync.
Cozi calendar App what a joke.
Really love the shopping list feature and putting to do's on each others lists.
My family all love the text reminders as well despite their initial skepticism.
Absolutely love being able to access our joint calendar from anywhere.
Please go back to being able to access calendar offline.
Helps the family keep track of lists and I love the journal feature.
Love the text message reminders and the shopping lists.
Fun & Engagingc92
Cozi is awesome for the busy family.
The most awesome family organizer I have ever found.
My husband & I both have iPhones & we use the shopping list all the time.
The Flylady website references this calendar all the time.
Couldn't manage our busy schedules without Cozi.
Perfect for keeping our whole family informed of each others crazy schedules.
Keeps everything in one place and everyone's schedule's straight.
Great to keep track of everything for the household to all see.
Really helps keep track of all family members' schedules.
This app keeps my whole family up to date on activities.
Helps keep my husband up to date with all family appts.
We rely on Cozi every day to coordinate all our busy schedules.
Family Friendlyc85
Everything I have been looking for in a family calendar app.
It fits my needs for a great family calendar.
Keeps my family organized and I love that it emails reminders.
but what keeps my family organized the most is the calendar.
With 3 kids and both parents working Cozi keeps us sane.
Greatest app to organize all the kids schedules paper - free.
Love having all my kids' schedules so obvious on the calendar.
That and keeping up with our kids' activities is sometimes confusing.
Social Aspectsc96
Great way to stay connected and not forget important details.
Truly outstanding allows the whole family to stay connected.
Ease of Usec79
Helps keep everyone in the loop and very easy to set up and use.
Cozi makes it easy to update and edit my family's schedules.
The ap takes forever to update when opened.
so easy to input data and to see details on each date.
Simple app to keep our busy family on the same page.
Otherwise the interface is good and it's super convenient.
This app makes my family's life simple and easy coordinating appointments.
Security & Privacyc94
Love that one account can be used on the computer.
Love that we share one account and can both see.
Updates & Supportc87
I went ahead and paid for the Gold version and haven't regretted it.
For someone who made fun of Cozi charging 50$ for the gold version.
It's not worth paying an annual subscription for the gold version.
We use the free version of the app because it's all we need.
I was hoping we could use the free version of Cozi.
Easy to use and great customer service.
What great customer service.

Great family organizer that keeps us on the same page. found in 598 reviews
Really love the shopping list feature and putting to do's on each others lists. found in 298 reviews
Great app for family organization with different schedules and appointments. found in 162 reviews
Really helps keep track of all family members' schedules. found in 62 reviews
This app rocks for grocery lists and for busy families. found in 1431 reviews
Very helpful in organizing and communicating family activities. found in 74 reviews
Keeps my family organized and I love that it emails reminders. found in 840 reviews
This app keeps my whole family up to date on activities. found in 44 reviews
The grocery list is so useful as is the color coding for each family member. found in 213 reviews
I would highly recommend this great organizing tool to anyone. found in 58 reviews
Love the text message reminders and the shopping lists. found in 75 reviews
Great for busy families and great to network with other family members. found in 388 reviews
Sharing it makes our busy lives so much easier. found in 102 reviews
Love cozi for all the lists plus calandar. found in 914 reviews
Helps maintain our busy schedules and home things. found in 202 reviews
Love that it syncs with online calendar & with Outlook. found in 52 reviews
Great family tool to keep everyone on the same schedule. found in 424 reviews
Perfect for keeping our whole family informed of each others crazy schedules. found in 90 reviews
It helps coordinate the entire family's schedules into one place. found in 109 reviews
It's great and I recommend it to all my friends and family. found in 50 reviews
Even the webrowser month view is very weak. found in 275 reviews
The shopping list needs some improvements. found in 15 reviews
Would love to upgrade but $ 50 a year is way too much. found in 50 reviews
I wish there were a search function in the calendar though. found in 18 reviews
Wish the calendar would update with other online calendars. found in 42 reviews
It is a good family calendar overall for our needs right now. found in 12 reviews
It is a little buggy since the iOS 6 update though. found in 113 reviews
Wish the shopping list moved checked items to bottom. found in 18 reviews
Like it-- wish the grocery shopping list was more sophisticated. found in 12 reviews
I wish you could set reminders to remind only you about appointments. found in 13 reviews
wish it wasn't so expensive to upgrade to the Gold. found in 14 reviews
If only it could sync with iCal it would be perfect. found in 31 reviews
Wish the meal planner was available on the phone app not just online. found in 54 reviews
I just wish the upgrade was cheaper to get the full version. found in 19 reviews
I only wish the shopping list was a little more like zip list. found in 18 reviews
It's not worth paying an annual subscription for the gold version. found in 11 reviews
Sometimes I wish I could view the calendar in the traditional block view. found in 15 reviews
subscription fee to get the full version of the product. found in 11 reviews
The birthdays and extra reminders in Gold subscription is great. found in 20 reviews
Would love to upgrade but yearly subscription is outrageous. found in 14 reviews
Cozi crashes immediately with the new iOS 8 update. found in 14 reviews
UPDATE: APP STILL DOES NOT WORK WITH iOS 6. found in 8 reviews
Does not sync with google or iCal calendars both ways. found in 17 reviews
Cozi Today forcing me to switch to another app. found in 75 reviews
theres no search function or view a month. found in 18 reviews
This app worked really well until the iOS 6 update. found in 113 reviews
Today screen annoying. found in 10 reviews
When we try to switch between lists it just shuts down. found in 71 reviews
This app only works if you subscribe for $ 50 a year. found in 50 reviews
Cozi is constantly telling me I'm in " offline mode ". found in 67 reviews
but I'm deleting it and getting a new calendar. found in 19 reviews
but the annual fee was not worth it. found in 30 reviews
I don't like the idea of a yearly subscription. found in 14 reviews

The Cozi Family Organizer is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.9 MB to download. The new Cozi Family Organizer app version 5.0.426 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Cozi Family Organizer check developer Cozi`s website :

Named 1 iPhone app for moms by Circle of Moms editors Effortlessly manage a shared family calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, and family journal while you`re on the go all on your iPhone, iPad, ...
Wanted a place for everything but its becoming inconvenient Trying to make a grocery list and the app closes after I add a new item every time And the list functionality is not nearly as good as other apps Ive used I should go back to paper and pencil at this rate And in order for a parent to get an alert on a kid activity Ive got to show it as my activity too so it looks like Im busy at that time even if Im not I gave up on Cozi when it first came out and was a disappointment and Im wondering if Ill be giving up on it again        So far not all its cracked up to be
Hi I think Cozi is a very good app but there are some suggestions I think would make it better These suggestions can be found on other similar apps and its disappointing that Cozi doesnt offer them It would be very nice if Cozi could sync with other calendar apps When you check off an item on the shopping list or task list etc you have to manually delete them It would be great if when you checked done that they auto deleted like when you choose delete in an email it auto deletes it It would save so much time Also it would be great if the calendar would auto assign the same color that our family member has to show up on their calendar appointment We could look at the calendar and the color highlighted would give us a quick glance who had an appointment that day The reminders would also show the color of that family member when it reminded us It would be Great to assign a color such as Red or Yellow to highlight appointments such as a doctors appointment or a teachers mtg etc It would stand out the high priority appointments at a glance If we had other colors to choose from we could highlight the appointments or tasks etc with a high priority medium priority etc An option to choose to repeat an appointment like every 2nd Tuesday of each month is greatly needed An option to use a 30 day trial to try out the Cozi Gold would be nice to see if we like the extra options it provides and if we didnt choose to continue it would revert us back to the free version after the 30 days were up I also would like the choice to add any recipe from a website or Pinterest or even my own would be great Otherwise the Recipe option is really useless if we cant add the recipes we want to keep The free version of Cozi andor the Gold version is good but its limited and the addition of these suggested options would rate a 5 star and even a subscription I really hope you consider these requests as I have to use more than one calendar to get the extra options If Cozi implemented these I think it would be the number one used calendar app period It would have the whole package Lastly if you would give us the option to add different reminder sounds to appointments like you can add a ringtone to a specific caller would be extra great When the reminder came up it would sound the ringtone to an individual or a priority appointment that we assigned it etc and we would know by the sound whose appointment it was or if it was a priority appointment that we couldnt miss This is handy when you cant get to your phone and the ringtone reminder could be heard We would know whose appointment it was reminding us for or if it was a priority appointment just by hearing the ringtone otherwise we may not be able to check the reminder if we are in a meeting or on an important phone call etc I would like to have an option for the reminder to continue the sound reminder every 5 mins or so until I dismiss it When the reminder comes up one time and Im busy I may not hear it the first time This way we would not miss a reminder because it would continue reminding till we acknowledge it I know this is a lot of suggestions but these options are on some other calendar apps and if they would be incorporated into Cozi I imagine there would be no one that would choose another app but this one Whats better than the whole package Nothing           Good but needs improvements
I not only use this for appts and schedules but also for things going on around town so if free time pops up or its a night where you want to get outor best of all a free or discounted night I have it on my schedule LOVE this app cant live without it                 Cant live without Cozi
This app is perfect for what we needed Being able to share a common calendar is great Each of us can add to calendar anytime that way we always know whats on schedule for the day              Perfect for what we needed
We have been using Cozi for years now and it is great I would recommend it to anyone                 Cozi is niceeee
This is the absolutely best app for us to align our calendars great software                 Terrific App We live by it Great software At a glance can see Plan of the Day
This has served as our family calendar for the last several years Terrific help              Great Divorce Help
Just what I was looking for                 Awesome
I would give it a 5 star but you cant do messages on the app Im in a split household and we have replaced Our Family Wizard with Cozi and love it Just need to be able to do messages on the app is all           Messages
Great app to help keep you organized              Great app
Ive been looking for an app that would allow my husband and I to share a color coded calendar We both have the option of updating the calendar but it usually falls to me lolI love it because it allows my husband to know at a moments glance everything we have to do I did the whole centralized calendar on the wall but that mean I had to be home when I made appointments it was a hassle Now I can pull up the app and its like Im standing in my kitchen GreatIt has a few glitches I wish you could change the color of the dots assigned people plus my color as primary is the same as everyone But for the most part Im really really happy I found it I have only been using it about 10 days but its already caught one potential overlook with my young son getting out of school early that I might not have caught so its a winner                 Answer to prayers
Such Potential This is an excellent calendar and family organizer with the exception of one overlooked feature SEPARATE ALARMS Wouldnt it be nice if everyone could see everyones calendar but then you could choose who got the alarms Siblings could see the schedule but only that specific kid and the parents would get the alarm That would be perfect Why would only the kid get the alarmreminder and the parent who is driving them be left without any notice at all The solution from Cozy is to also add yourself to the same date and time so you get an alarm as well A duplicate of every event Thats nuts Having to ADD yourself to each event just clutters everything up I have had to resort to individual iCloud calendars all linked to my phone but this is just a workaround I need the ability to choose which family member gets alerted Add this ONE feature and Ill be a customer for life           I would only use this calendar if it had this ONE feature
So glad I found this app Keeping my calendar items is one thing but keeping my spouse and my own appointments jobs visits etc where we both can see them is WONDERFUL                 Great
After using Cozi for years were looking for a replacement Apple calendars have replaced the shared calendar and the shopping lists now routinely forget items weve entered Combined with the UI annoyances were pretty well done        Getting worse
I would t be able to keep track of 4 children and their schoolsports schedules without it Its a lifesaver                 Great App
I dont know how we kept things straight before Cozi We use it for everything from grocery lists and recipes to our travel list to family scheduling Couldnt live without it now and gold is totally worth the minimal price Highly recommend                 Love it
I stopped using my iphone calander because it keeps loosing and erasing new things With Cozi i never have to worry about that and the whole family can input everyones schedules                 I love this so much
We are a family of 6 with a million things on our schedulesFour of us have the app 2 are too youngI always say If its not in the Cozi its not going to happen Lol                 My Family Cant Function Without It
Upgraded to the latest version now the app immediately closes once you try to open it Very aggravating     Latest upgrade doesnt work
Works well              I like it
This App has been amazing for helping our familyCoordinate our work school life schedulesEveryone has a color connected to their name so it is easy to see who is doing what Plus my husband finally knows where everyone has to be a when No more double booking no more texting to check dates and times It is the best calendar app I have found I will never be without it again                 Love Love Love Cozi
I could not manage my children or husbands schedule without this App We always know who is doing what everyday I recently upgraded to the gold and it is great to see the days in calendar form I love it                 I love this App
I updated Cozi only to discover my lists and calendar events were wiped clean Grrrr                 Lost all Stored data
I have a rotating schedule and it is easy to work with my schedule Our family use it everyday                 Awesome
My fiancé and I have had this app for a few months now We both think its one of if not the best apps we have ever had We both work in the medical field and have an 18 month old son and it has made coordinating everything from on call shifts to doctors appointments to swim class an absolute breeze The grocery list is amazing and we no longer ever forget it because who leaves the house without their phone There is some updating that could be helpful which is why I gave a 4 out of 5 But honestly this app is my top 5 including Amazon and Facebook              Wouldnt want to live with out it
Love it Simple              Great App
Nice app for families to share a single calendar Use for Dr appointments                 Works well
Quick synopsis this app crashes constantly and is unusableThis used to be a stable very usable and essential application for me and my family However with the updates in the last few months it has become a crashprone joke of an app We cant use it for anything essential anymore and have started migrating to other appsYou start the app wait 2 seconds and before you can do anything the app crashes and you are back at the home screen Try again crash again Repeat ad nauseamBoo I work in software development and this app is a QA NIGHTMARE Cmon folks Test it and get it right     New Update crashes constantly
This is the perfect App for my family We have four kids and even our parents keep their calendar on ours It makes life so much easier If I need to know where someone is or who if free to pick someone up it is at my fingertips No complaints                 Great App
Helps me keep track of everyday activities as well as important eventsWill upgrade soon                 Best Calendar
Calendar Managing a family calendar with a piece of paper on the fridge wasnt working anymore This enables all to know what the plans are and has significantly helped us avoid or plan around conflicts I love the ability to notify a family member upon entering an event in the calendar Ie Last minute Doc appt After school However the event recurring function could use significant improvement for flexibility Right now I cannot pick multiple days or recurrence only every day This is problematic in multiple days per Week activities like sports practices Additionally the recurring monthly only enables on same date each month vs 4th week of each month One more thing that the web version has but the mobile does not have is the Part of a schedule function This is helpful as I can group the activities for a consolidated view like sports schedule band dates etc please add it to the mobile version soonShopping list is superior as the family can update from home or on their phone while I am in the store I can also reuse lists I would like the ability to tie the item to a categories like meats dairy etcto do list could be improved by enabling assignment of tasks to members of family versus having to create a separate list per personI do not use Cozi for the contacts Gold nor do I use it for birthdays journal or meals yetThat said I am using the Gold and have found the extras of added reminders in various time frames ahead of time I anticipate the Gold subscription renewing next time around              Using primarily for family calendar chore list and shopping list
My family has been using Cozi for years Works like a charm                 Recommended
Ads too intrusive for iPhone 5 screen Charge less to get rid of them and Ill pay              Good ap
Great app Helps keep us on the same page One thing to add would be a search tool where you could type in for example dentist and it could pull up any appointments youve entered with that as a key word This would make it even more helpful              Very helpful
Keeps our family organized                 Excellent
This has been great to use so my husband and I both know the schedule Ours girls have a packed schedule and we each know what is going on that day Worth every penny                 Has been a great tool for my husband and I
Shared Family Reminders NOT Working lately We are not happy at all and have missedbeen late several time because of the app Used to work great but unless fixed not worth getting this app     Shared Family Reminders NOT Working
Good app but really needs to synch with other device calendar for a working mom its unusable due to the lack of it           Needs to synch with calendars
Disappointing The monthly view is cluttered with ads and quite difficult to view Very hesitant to pay 30 for an app that I cant even trial     Very limited free version
Works awesome for grocery lists and family calendar                 Great App
This is the best calendar app I was a diehard paper calendar user and this is my absolute favorite go to calendar I would recommend to all friends and family                 Cant live without
I would like the program more butthe select all and clear all buttons are right on the bottom of the shopping list Bad location It is too easy to select or clear all items on the list        Big oopsie
This calendar system is an absolute must for large families We would be drowning in paper calendars if we didnt have this one place to organize everyones soccer school work Boy Scouts etc calendars You can view the family calendar from any computer or mobile device The Gold option is great for the reminders which we need a lot of I am so glad we have Cozi and recommend it to anyone that complains about organizing their schedules                 Fantastic calendar system
I like it Just wish there was a way to import dates from email and text              Great
My wife and I share cooking and shopping responsibilities This app is great for keeping us both updated on what is needed and were constantly both updating as we cook and run low on items                 Great for Busy Family
My husband was even impressed This is great for any couple or family No more Honey could ya phone calls or forgetting something at the grocery store No more forgetting activities the other planned My favorite app                 Best app ever
The Cozi app has become an important tool for everyone in the household to be in the same page Sharing the grocery list and calendar makes everything run smoother                 Key Household Tool
My husband was looking for an easier way to keep track of everyones schedule that he could access easily anytime anywhere This app is IT Its awesome We all love it                 Great Organizer
Why does there have to be a reoccurring fee Really find it hard to believe all these people are paying that     Rip off
Cozi is a must for a busy family like mine With four children involved in sports and after school activities Id never get everyone to where they need to go without it                 Love this app

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