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C-Apps , the publisher behind many iOS games (RLW League Coach ,mosQUITo - quit mosquitos ,BombingZone ,CraftedBattle ,Maze World HD ,Supershot Slowmo Shooter), brings CraftedBattle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CraftedBattle games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I would recommend that you make a multiplayer mode..
  • 2..
  • otherwise its awesome like a "minecraft first person shooter" :D..
  • Please add more weapons and put in online game..
  • You guys should add more guns and add more maps..
Overall Satisfactionclick me73
and worth $1 Needs multiplayer Don't get it.
maps and maybe online multiplayer or multiplayer over Bluetooth/wifi.
Bought this thinking there would be online multiplayer.
minecraft + call of duty = AMAZING GAME 5 stars.
overall i think this game is well worth its money.
Plus call of duty and minecraft are my favorite games.
One of the best games on the App Store.
Thanks for reading this.
Fun & Engagingclick me78
Make this awesome game multiplayer and digital sales will skyrocket.
This is a really fun game.
It's super fun and maps are fun and simple to make.
I love this game and play it all the time.
Other than this a very fun and addicting game.
Replay Valueclick me51
and the bots aren't stupid easy to kill.
'it's so fun and has endless replay value.
and has endless replay value.
Social Aspectsclick me64
and worth $1 Needs multiplayer Don't get it.
Add multiplayer and make it so we can set the spawns.
Multiplayer: you can play with friends or just random people2.
Production Valuesclick me52
add a reload animation.
Ease of Useclick me50
that person has a knife and they have to kill everyone.
The bots need to be harder to kill and smarter.
Reliabilityclick me56
If you're not going to fix this.
Updates & Supportclick me79


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launch offer: only $0.99/ 0,89 €/ £0.69 (limited time) ***


BattleCraft lets you create maps and play deathmatches on them. The block based map system makes it easy and fast.
*Create and edit your maps right on your device.
*easy map-creation
*3 firearms at choice and a knife as backup
*up to 12 AI Enemies
*deathmatch mode

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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download CraftedBattle for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 15.7 MB to download. The new CraftedBattle app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about CraftedBattle check developer C-Apps`s website :


One of the best FPS on the app store. found in 3 reviews
zombies a download map feature. found in 4 reviews
Definitely add secondary weapon or melee weapon. found in 10 reviews
PS: Thank you for keeping the blood down. found in 2 reviews
I found a site that's giving Xbox Live codes away for free. found in 1 reviews
I like minecraft and battle game so this game is great. found in 3 reviews
You should make this game somewhat like Team Fortress 2. found in 4 reviews
and more pistols. found in 5 reviews
I recommend having AI difficulty options. found in 3 reviews
You should add power ups and turrets. found in 8 reviews
This game is outstanding. found in 2 reviews
I love this game tho. found in 3 reviews
And there should be a campaign mode too. found in 3 reviews
-Bouncing Betty
Good app just hope there is a major update for bug fixes. found in 2 reviews
It'd be nice to have ranks and unlockable guns and upgrades. found in 2 reviews
Add stuff to break and classes with more melee weapons. found in 5 reviews
This app is in early stages of its development. found in 7 reviews
- More Skins That's about it. found in 4 reviews
One of the best games on the App Store. found in 7 reviews
Should add a zoom scope for the sniper. found in 2 reviews
This is a good app and if its going to stay popular. found in 4 reviews
but there is way too much lag. found in 4 reviews
Awesome but needs online matches that would be cool. found in 6 reviews
I will give it 5 stars if you add multiplayer. found in 2 reviews
Needs multi player and gernades. found in 7 reviews
Thank you for the update but please fix multiplayer. found in 6 reviews
Updates please. found in 3 reviews
I give it 4 stars because it needs more challenges in other words updates. found in 4 reviews
but then whenever I press the Main Menu button it doesn't respond. found in 7 reviews
and it really needs new guns I'm getting really really board. found in 5 reviews
Game is fun for about 10 minutes and then gets boring. found in 10 reviews
but whenever I play multiplayer it's just me and my opponent. found in 18 reviews
The game crashes when you play multiplayer. found in 5 reviews
it says multiplayer doesn't work for an odd reason :/ however. found in 4 reviews
PLEASE FIX THE CONTROLS The game itself is ok. found in 1 reviews
Plz add customization to it character and fix the lag in multiplayer. found in 7 reviews
This game would be so much more fun if it had multiplayer. found in 3 reviews
Also needs ability to fix your guns and use them. found in 16 reviews
Awesome but needs one thing. found in 2 reviews
This game crashes every so often. found in 5 reviews
Online or wifi multiplayer would be amazing. found in 6 reviews
Paintings like in minecraft and really just please fix the lag. found in 7 reviews
It is 17+now and so dumb change the age. found in 6 reviews
If you're not going to fix this. found in 16 reviews
Loved the game until the age restriction. found in 13 reviews
But I love the new gun. found in 5 reviews
Know no one is going to buy it. found in 14 reviews
I loved this game until you fools made a 17+ age thing. found in 5 reviews
why is this rated 17 + all of a sudden. found in 13 reviews
It gets boring after a few days. found in 10 reviews
Worst game ever read this don't waste your money. found in 14 reviews
and the bots aren't stupid easy to kill. found in 19 reviews
Extremely Glitchy It is really hard to edit maps they don't edit. found in 7 reviews
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iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Yep Better AI And More Guns                JungleBear whoop whoop
Great game I really enjoy making my own maps and then fighting with guns on them But a few updates ago the game started lagging uncontrollably making it unplayable Please fix Im running on an iPod 4 with iOS 6 if that helps             PLEASE FIX LAG
I love this game because you dont have to unlock or buy any guns and I can play in the car with my bros with nearby playing but I cant rename my player or rename maps please fix that but other than that it is one of my favorites so I give it four stars keep improving the game             really good game but cant rename my self and cant rename maps
This game is fun to play but it would be much more fun if they added new guns if they added new guns it would be more fun and I would not see add more guns a hundred times in the review comments                This game is fun but add more guns
My brother broke his phone because of the 2nd jumping challenge       IPhone
I love the game but I think you guys could have a lot better features like different modes such as multiplayer and you can like have something like a game where you earn better guns or like bombing mode I hope you guys read this and like the ideas you can also make more ideas toAnd for the people that read this and like make more mode ideas                More Awesome
This game is awesome but it needs more guns and not to be greedy but it would be awesome if you could customize guns             Needs more guns
Add mor guns plZ and skins and killstreak plZ I would be so happy                PlZ read
Its too laggy Never lagged once till the new update Please fix On iPad 2 A5 processor The game needs to be reoptomized idk if thats a word          Ok
This game is a complete and total disaster It would probably take me 2 hours to explain to you all of the reasons its bad First of all the game lacks anything to set it apart from any other shooter All you do is walk and shoot because thats all you can do There are only 3 guns to chose from and you cant choose a different one after you start the match Not only is this a generic half broken game its not even fully functional There are glitches in co op where you cant hurt anyone and all guns show up as pieces of paper I cant even make this stuff up Guns literally show up as pieces of black paper in co op Not to mention an unfair advantage is given to whoever is hosting the game The bots are ridiculously stupid They will walk into walls walk into each other spin around in circles and shoot in the other direction of their enemies for no reason Plus only two people can play online at once Thats pathetic There are tons of games that will let you play with a dozen or so people at once So why doesnt Crafted Battles have the option to play with more than one person Its because absolutely no though or effort went into designing this game I dont even know much about making games and I guarantee I could make a better game than this in a few hours Overall this game is just a boring buggy piece of garbage Oh and I didnt even mention that the select screen in co op is upside down Thats not a metaphor for anything The select screen is literally upside down How did they expect us to select rules and maps when the entire menu is upside down Did anyone even play this game before it came out Did the developers even play their own dealing game before they submitted it to the App Store Were the developers high when they made this Thats the only explanation I have for the quality of this game I mean holy crap How did this even make it to the App Store Who thought this was acceptable Was everyone involved with this game a mental patient Probably    Broken Piece of Garbage
This game is really fun but I am begging you to make the bot accuracy more realistic Some bot across the mapped me with an AK and I could not even hit him with paced shots from the long ranged weapon Please fix and add pistol Please dont make it a challenge weapon though             Great but
Add new guns or better AI for bots Death animations would be nice I bet explosions will be cool if added                Good but needs more
This game is usless waste of money first it took me like 5 tries to get into and I just got a new phone then when I get into it the graphics are super slow and freezes I want a refund    Terrible
I love this game totally worth it But after a while you start to want to use the more elaborate maps but the bots arent smart enough to be able to have a fun game in them Also one other major huge cant stress enough how much I want this It would make my entire month happy under almost any circumstance if you doubled the amount of bots able to play in a game If you did that the game would be perfectOne final smaller suggestion if you could make it so you choose exactly how many bots are in the game and how many players there are on each team that would be greatThank you to those who have read this far and spread the word that crafted battle NEEDS these additions             Great but needs more and smarter bots
A great game except on the 9th challenge there is a fake block in which you fall through and cannot complete it             Good but one thing
I make it to the 4 or5 jumpAnd fall off and only once I made it to one space jump 1 time and that was luck          Challenge 8 is too hard
Love it so cool                Love it
This game is ok but the controls are odd and the game is buggy at times but its the only block FPS on the store that I like             A fair game
It is a bad game it wont work    Bad game
Now its unplayableso laggy       Used to be an epic app
All the additions you suggested really need to be added to the game especially the smarter bots suggestion Whenever I shoot them they circled around slowly shooting their guns which doesnt make sense because really you would turn around quickly and shoot your target not shoot your gun while you are turning they also should have a tactic of working together same with your teams bots and you not just roaming around like drunk people One last suggestion make it where you can lean against cover same with bots to be fair and shoot from cover Well please do me and JungleBear34s suggestions to make this game better and bring it to glory Tschüss Bye in German             JungleBear34 is right
This game is so epic You can custom make your own map What I like about it is that its not online When its online you get frustrated easier Download now and you wont regret it                Epic
Please add an update that adds new guns game modes and other things It will be so much better             Update PLEASE
Why cant I open my game fix it plz          Hello
This game is just amazing Its truly the best copy from minecraft its just truly amazing I love how you get the people on your team but one thing please put more guns thx                Wow
fun i like it but its a little buggy like when i download a map pack it crashes before i can start downloading like when i tap on it also it needs more guns ever since the release it had those 3 guns and add customization options and bot difficulty             buggy
Two things the most important thing is the lag I cant play because its to slow now Im tired of just five weapons You should add grenadessniper rifleflash bangsclaymoresRPGsassault shieldsand some kind of heavy machine gun like a mk48 Please dont make this game a waste of money Please             Really good but now really bad lag
Add new guns like mingun or a rocket luncher add a lot of guns          Swag
I have played Many block FPSbut this is by far the best for ios                AMAZING
Definitely my favorite games yet This game has so many cool elements I dont even know where to start The best part of course is the fact that its always gaining more things and new things are being added all the time The things are asking for in the reviews are sure to come at this rateI personally would like to see that you turn the different guns into more of different classes I have been searching for ages for something like Team Fortress 2 for the iPod and this is the closest thing I have so far If you dont really want this game to be like TF2 then could you make a game for thatWhat I would mean by classes would go something like this One class is weak but is really fast and can dodge easily While another is very slow but very strong and defensive Others could have flame throwers bazookas or things that make them unique from all the other classesOne thing about TF2 is that you can change class in the middle of a game which I kinda like You could make it so if we were to walk up to chest and tap it you get the option to switch around a littleThis game is different from any other game Ive played on iPod in one very big way Most games will satisfy me for 15 minutes or so then I loose interest Which is what most games are designed for right Well this game can last me for hours which is good for those big long road trips and other thingsDont listen to any negative reviews this game rocksPS Thank you for keeping the blood down                A lot of fun
I love this game especially for parkour I just want the ability to work on levels with your gamecenter friends to be added                Great game
The lag is horrible and add in more guns and bot difficulties                Good but
This is a very addictive game but as every game it has flaws too little selection of guns             Guns
You should be able to unlock a scope for the bolt action rifle by doing a challenge like getting 100 kills with it on multiplayer and challenge 5 is impossible you should also be able to get 1 shot kills if you shoot someone in the head with the bolt action rifle          Okay
I love the grenades They add a new element to the game One thing I dont like about the new update is the new scope Please either make it so it stays one size or make a setting where you can set its permanent size Other than that its a great game                Awesome game
Lag lag lag    Lag
I love crafted battle but when you make your own world sometimes you fall through blocks you place Please fix this problem                Best game ever
Laggy Glitchy Quick match never loads for my 5s and it freezes often       Messed up
Its good but its extremely laggyPlease fix this          Why
I love the game it really was the first survival game but whwn the new update came out it started to lag tried to play through it bit not really working             Good but
Two weapons Im thinking of are grenades and malotaves ignore my bad spelling You also might need ranks for other weapons besides the ones from the challenges If not the ranks at least the grenades Another thing is a difficulty level for the bots Last a block for spawn points for certain teams like one for team 1 another for team 2 etc             Good but needs more weapons and maybe ranks
Overall a very good game but for those struggling with level 5 act as if you are putting your left hand on the left wall at the start and just drag it on the left wall all the way through AND BE PATIENT WITH IT you will eventually get through it also please add the pistol one challenge says you unlock it but I never have and please add aim down sight as well thanks             TipSuggestion
Why is it 17 Change it back    Why
This game is a very fun and challenging game The fact that you could customize your game play premade challenges and many more makes this game unique A problem though that on iOS 7iOS 8 you cannot type your username or edit map names making things a bit annoying And the app constantly crashes very frequently If these things were fixed I would definitely give a 5 star review and this game would be almost flawless I have a few suggestions though Please add the ability to change how you look and the ability to know what team youre in when you are doing team games Thanks for this amazing gameapp Love it          Few Bugs by 5 Star Raters
This looks like a good game but its not    Dont buy
I like this game a lot but I cant name my worlds so I get confused what map im playing                Really good
I played this game in 2012 till 2013 then when I found it on 2015 like today YAY I love and miss this game Thank god I found it                Guess what
Please add more guns to make classes Add bigger maps Add vehiclesthis is part of the bigger maps Add multiplayer to play games with friends in Game Center Please try to add these things                Add these things and it will be my favorite game
I love this game and I have enjoyed playing it with friends and with bots for a long time but I wish there was a little more selection with it to keep it exciting Im thinking leveling up or a currency that would allow a player to purchase or unlock new weapons this is already one of my favorite apps but with more weapons and a new currency or level system it could be one of the top apps on the App Store             Amazing


15.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0
iPhone iPad

iOS CraftedBattle 1.0 Mobile

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