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Foley Productions , the publisher behind many iOS app (Star Wars Crawl Creator Free ,Crawl Creator: Story Teller for Star Wars Fans Free ,MapCraft HD: World Explorer for Minecraft Maps ,RageCam Pro ,Wafflebot Soundboard ,Rise & Shine: Smiling Alarm Clock), brings Crawl Creator: Star Words Message Creator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crawl Creator: Star Words Message Creator app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Crawl Creator: Star Words Message Creator for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.2 MB to download. The new Crawl Creator: Star Words Message Creator app version has been updated on 2014-11-06. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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App doesnt SAVE changes I make to the TEXT on Intro Logo Title or Crawl Body on Iphone 4s IOS 6 upate     Still not working right
i dont know what happened it was awesome but now the keyboard come up on the side blocking out they typing area please fix     keyboard comes up on side
This app is cool and very similar to the actual crawl in the movie However this app has so many errors that needs to be fixed For the title every time you type a word with the letter s it will replace the s with Star Wars So annoying Plus the screen is horizontal but you have to type vertically and you cant really see what youre typing This app would be great if these issues get fixed Definitely not worth 499 at the moment Save your money        Cool but needs LOTS of work
This thing could be awesome if they get all the bugs worked out You should be able to put more words in the title It wont recognize o in the title either It should Export into mp4 without having to buy this app I think more people would buy this app if I should promote it freely instead of people hacking to buy it Get things fixed and ill give it a 5 stars     I have a bad feeling about this
Im not a computer geek but I figured it out in a few minutes How cool this is They need to slow it down for my students Otherwise thumbs up                 I love this app Im a teacher and Im going to use it in my classroom
I have been trying to make an intro but I have found that the letters Z V do not work AND it limits you to how many characters you can put in the title     Only certain letters work in the title
This app Has been updating memory for ten minutescant use itnot worth the money     Not working
This is perfect for my Blaster Wars series Great app And for those who say its buggy I only have an iPod 4G with iOS 511 and an iPad 2 3G with iOS 601 If you have anything different than that you should be cautious when buying this                 Awesome
This used to be one of my favorite apps Worked perfectly before the update Please fix and I will give 5 stars Thanks        Cant save in camera roll
Its useless since it doesnt save your work Also it keeps crashing     Needs work
Cant save worth out music Cant add my music due to DRM rights Cant tweet or Facebook it Worthless     Too many bugs
Such a fun app to play with and such a big help for video editing                 Love this app
I will be very frank in this reviewwhen I first saw that the programmer of this app was bad I had no idea of how bad until I had downloaded it from this site for 499 Really Where did he learn to program Here are the current flaws of this program the inability to rotate along with the IPad screen whenever it can clearly it mentioned the keyboard issue the main title zooms out too fast it doesnt cue the music the instant the title appears and I also believe it necessary to point out the crawl does not fade out at a certain point until it is completely over My advice read from programming books and ask other programmers how to do it watch the films again to observe and record exactly how it is to be done Also Id like to bring up that he should have a space above the episode title that says Episode blank It can be removed if the crawl is to be a standalone story Whenever the video plays it plays upside down on my device for no apparent reason this error must be corrected And lastly perhaps if a standard version of the Star Wars title were included if it were to be an official Star Wars story but it isnt really it would be much easier on users The one I made is not so good Anyway that it is all I have to say I dont really have any other creative criticism for the developer but I believe this list should prove to a challenge to overcome I apologize if I have sounded rude here        Excellent Concept Substandard Exection
Logo saves incorrectly no matter what I type base will not save at all It constantly deletes itself I hope this isnt as good as it gets     Jinky
DO NOT BUY This app was awesome but the iOS 7 update made the sizing and placement of the words in it so far off the screen that it does not work anymore Wait until they fix this to buy the app     iOS 7 ruined this app
As a Star Wars fan I gotta say this might be the coolest thing since Mandalorian armor This could keep me entertained for years as I was digested by the all powerful Sarlaac                 Youre Not A Fan if you dont get this
Very nice app                 Awesome
Cant edit text The text field displays in a locked portrait mode and the keyboard displays in landscapeif Id fix this I think it would be great           Looks like it would be great BUT
I created a great one and when I viewed it all of the ss were turned into the star wars logo and the sections were not in the right places and when I go to save it crashes on me     Cannot give it half of a star
Programmers install a speed control for the scrolling in your next patch Then Ill give you 5 stars You need to be a fast reader as it is now Original movie was slower than this              Need a speed control
Noticed two bugs so far 1 If you type the letter O in the Logo it will appear as the letter N 2 If you type the letter S in the Episode Title itll convert it too Star Wars              Great App but needs bug fixes
In the next update could you please add the 20th century fox logo with the lucasflim logo please                 Add something in there
Absolutely one of the best apps Ive seen Love how it looks so real Youd think you were at a real Star Wars movie Ive used it to present workshops for PE as an intro Only wish the title screen could accommodate more than 8 letters Star Wars           Amazing
Very nice Great app        STAR Wars app
I love the app Here is what I think needs to be fixed The title should have more than 8 letters Better background Better saving feature Last Have the Crawl just like the speed in the movie Its annoying The rest is awesome Nice Job              Good App Needs Minor work
Apart from being unable to save anything the app crashes every time I try to do so its astoundingly annoying that it wont flip so that I can type with the iPad in landscape orientation rather than portrait Its only 99 cents but still overpriced     More bugs than a bait shop
The stuff I was able to make with my pals had me dying of laughter Excellent idea Excellent excellent execution Excellent app              Hours of fun
Few bugs but it help me get my homework done a lot faster                 Great
It wont let me even open the app Once I touch it it goes up for 1 sec every time I do it Horrible app Never get it I wish it could be 0 stars0    
This app is absolutely hysterical and totally awesome But it crashes sooooo much        Crashes
Great app and it worked flawless Would be nice to have about a 7 sec delay before the music kicks in when the Logo shows up Five stars if thats done              Sweetness
I love this app however after the last update I cant even open it Please do what you can and get this gem working                 Love it
It works graet for me No bugs Use this every day                 works graet on my iPhone5
Does not display right To add Star Wars music you have to upgrade to ITunes plus and rebuy music its a Trap     Great idea but crap
Can not save any work If it did save would be nice to be able to play somewhere that does not require someone to buy this app Too bad you have to rate it one star to submit review is one star to many for what I have seen so far     Broken app can not save work
It doesnt work I cant believe they charge for an app that doesnt work Do something Apple     Garbage
Worked as promesed was able to use it many times now it crashes but im getting email support so my rating stands              Worksbut
For that price youd expect a more polished app Text input is buggy title length is severely limited and the video outputsave is not working at all What a waste     Buggy as hell
This is a great app with great potential however it is impossible for me to get the keyboard orientation to be lined up with the rest of the application when using either if my iPads              IPad Issues
Its a great idea but every time I want to save my crawl the app crashes So its essentially useless Get rid of all the bugs and its a 5 star app     Crashes all the time
Was great app and had a draft to use in a presentation but looks like it wasnt prepared for iOS 6     iOS 6 broke it
Ive tried several times to create my own crawl to no avail either the resolution is too large for my screen or moved too fast Disappointed in this app        Disappointed
crashes immediately on ipad2 running IOS 5     Doesnt launch at all
Will give 5 stars once its fixed The text gets all jumbled up and screwy           Very glitchy
Most of the time when I try to use a song it tells me its locked by DRM even when I KNOW FOR A FACT that I ripped the song into iTunes myself When it does accept my music selection it never seems to actually complete the import It cant switch orientations automatically and the typing speed when youre searching for a piece of music its not going to let you use is atrociously slow I had hoped the paid version would be better quality than the free version I was wrong        Too Many Bugs to be Useful
Its a great app and Ive only got one issue whenever I try to use a song for the third or forth time it says the song is protected by some iTunes thingy Otherwise great crawler creator                 Some Confusion
Very well made really enjoy playing with it Only one issue the star wars font isnt quite correct When star wars is used the s and w do t have the correct leftright extended letter effect Otherwise very cool              Great app
This app does what it says it allows the user to create a good reproduction of the opening title crawl from the Star Wars films That being said there are bugs You MUST open the app in portrait orientation or your keyboard will be rotated perpendicular to the view of the app Its very picky about how the text is formatted and will introduce all sorts of strange artifactsformatting if it doesnt like what youve done All in all the app has a not quite finished feel to it that makes the asking price seem a bit steep I paid the full 499 asking price and I feel like I spent too much for what I got That being said when you work around the bugs the creator of this program has done a lot of nice things here If the bugs were fixed this would be a four or five star app without question        Great potential it has but buggy it is
I love this app Get it                 SO MUCH FUN
Title limits characters typed in 7 letters for the first word 4 for the 2nd word and it moved the 7th letter to the 2nd line The view of horizontal title is off the screen In the intro the length is also limited        Good idea but buggy

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