Criminal Case

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Bug fix...
72.2 MB
Pretty Simple
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.0 or la

Description - Criminal Case

Pretty Simple, the publisher behind many iOS games (Criminal Case: Pacific Bay ,Criminal Case ,Criminal Case: Save the World!), brings Criminal Case with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Criminal Case games has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Perfect time killer with cool themes..
  • I love crime drama tv shows ie NCIS..
  • Fun addicting and time passer..
  • Fast paced items are reasonably found..
  • Super Fun Puzzle Mystery Game..

Overall Satisfactionc80
They were right it's one of my favorite games to play.
I'd recommend this game to anyone without a social life or actual game system.
and will not recommend it to anyone.
Very fun free game a lot clues and breakdown on forensics.
It's relay amazing game team thumbs up 5 star game.
Fantastic game love the whole detective playing.
This is one of the best hidden object games that I have played.
I love puzzle games and this is just tops in my book.
Fun & Engagingc84
It's an awesome game for all who loves forensic science.
This game is too much fun and very addictive.
Very addictive but issue with update.
I addicted to this game I play mine and my husbands.
This game is awesome super fun and very addicting.
My sister got me hooked & now I play it all the time.
It is a really fun game to play.
As an adult I think it's really fun and challenging playing Detective.
the game itself is very awesome.
I love this game it's addicting I play it every day 24/7.
I absolutely love everything about this game.
is that everything about this game pushes you to sign in using FB.
I look forward everyday to play this game.
Value for Moneyc50
Very hard not to spend money to keep going though.
Just wants you to spend money to play horrible game.
Game is winnable without spending real money.
Replay Valuec70
As an adult I think it's really fun and challenging playing Detective.
Add new levels.
This game is challenging and interesting.
Way too hard to get energy.
Social Aspectsc63
even though I'm not much for social media games.
I understand that this is a social media game.
It moves along and it's nice to play with friends.
I play with friends and we all enjoy it very much.
Production Valuesc76
Its a fun game and the graphics are great and very detailed.
And the graphics are great -it makes it all the more real.
just because the graphics are amazing.
The graphics are amazing.
Ads not Intrusivec49
Security & Privacyc49
I don't have a Facebook account.
Updates & Supportc57
Customer service is the keeping the customer happy.
customer service did give me the answer.
This app is much more fun than the Facebook version.

Each crime is different & it keeps you on your toes. found in 14 reviews
Enjoy collecting clues and keeping my mind sharp searching for objects. found in 5 reviews
As an adult I think it's really fun and challenging playing Detective. found in 19 reviews
I have spent around $20 and I have been playing for over a year. found in 4 reviews
This has been a very enjoyable game for me. found in 11 reviews
loads of fun and keeps me interested. found in 13 reviews
My sister got me hooked on this game. found in 2 reviews
I wish processing times for clues or whatever took less time. found in 14 reviews
Fantastic game love the whole detective playing. found in 17 reviews
So far it's a pretty cool game. found in 10 reviews
It moves along and it's nice to play with friends. found in 10 reviews
The best part you can play offline. found in 4 reviews
The game is realist and has a great story line although. found in 8 reviews
it's way better than other mystery games out there for sure. found in 17 reviews
This has totally become my new addiction. found in 6 reviews
A lot of fun play it day and night. found in 4 reviews
This game is awesome super fun and very addicting. found in 49 reviews
This is the most interesting game I have ever seen. found in 25 reviews
other than that it has been very entertaining and good brain exercise. found in 9 reviews
I play every night with friends before bed fun game. found in 5 reviews
The other problem is waiting 3 days because i dont have facebook. found in 18 reviews
As someone who doesn’t mind waiting for my energy to recharge. found in 13 reviews
it refuses to remember that you don't want to share. found in 33 reviews
I think everything abt the game is awesome except for one lil thing. found in 2 reviews
but needs some changes to make it even better. found in 3 reviews
After 3 days I'm might not want to play anymore. found in 7 reviews
Only criticisms are the constant " share on Facebook " for every single action. found in 9 reviews
It literally tries to post EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE onto Facebook. found in 5 reviews
Ever since last update there is no more daily bonuses. found in 44 reviews
I don't play online games and I hate game requests. found in 14 reviews
It's a fun game but needs MANY changes. found in 9 reviews
Right now I can't play unless I log into Facebook. found in 11 reviews
once again you can't show off if you don't have a Facebook. found in 16 reviews
Also I don't want to bother my friends on fb for anything. found in 15 reviews
I'm contemplating not playing the game anymore. found in 7 reviews
Great game other than having to connect to Facebook. found in 99 reviews
It's like a knockoff of the CSI game except worse. found in 17 reviews
Hate waiting three days for the next case. found in 117 reviews
Good game I just wish it wouldn't post everything on facebook. found in 4 reviews
if you're willing to spend some money. found in 4 reviews
This app is fun but slow to refill energy. found in 21 reviews
The energy bar doesn't increase at each level up. found in 67 reviews
No one will bother to help. found in 38 reviews
I don't want to share everything that happens in the game on Facebook. found in 33 reviews
Forces you to connect to Facebook and post things without consent. found in 99 reviews
I don't mind waiting for energy to refill. found in 106 reviews
Just wants you to spend money to play horrible game. found in 67 reviews
After update the game will not load or open new cases. found in 41 reviews
but it's just to frustrating to wait for energy to fill. found in 185 reviews
Asked me to send them the information and then NOTHING. found in 29 reviews

The Criminal Case is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish. It weighs in at only 72.2 MB to download. The new Criminal Case app version 1.2.2 has been updated on 2014-08-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Criminal Case in Pretty Simple`s Official Website :

Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch ...
Fun to play with my friends and family                 Criminal Case Review
I love this gameit keeps my interest and gets me to think and concentrate                 Criminal case
Take out the bad language or the illusions to it and you will still have a great game                 Revae
Im only giving 4 stars because I am not able to find out what will you give the 1000 coins and chips reward that you share with friends on your wall or the criminal case FB pageIts needs to be clear how you get ALL the rewards in the game Its definitely not explained when you first start playing or on any WIKIs I looked at              Love the game
This game is highly addictive and I love it Its the perfect crime scene game                 Love
Im having a blast playing the games to get points trying to solve the case at the same time No ordinary matching game                 Having fun
From the start this has multiple layers of games and challenges to keep you occupied Fun to play with your friends on Facebook                 Very Fun Time Killer
Play the game                 Awesoomeeee
I like the variety of scenarios but also the similarity of the hidden items in each scene I find the language used by the characters to be bothersome and I have to censor the scenes I will let my grandchildren assist me with however I havent found it necessary to spend a dime on this game I do agree with others that the energy for leveling up should be added to ones existing level Must claim that daily prize              Really is free
I just started playing this game and made it through level 2 Tried to start level 3 and the game said I had to wait 3 days pay 099 or sign in with Facebook Since I dont have Facebook and dont like being forced to pay for in app purchases I deleted the gameOther than that it was fun while it lasted     Facebook
Great games Keeps your attention for long periods of time                 Fun Interesting
I love this game you can actually see the items much better then ones that hide black objects on a black background                 Best game of hunting objects on Facebook
I enjoy this game a lot I like the fact that if you do not want to bother your Facebook friends you dont You dont have to buy anything Granted you would advance faster if you buy energy I would rather buy it for this game Will get other games from them                 Fun game
My primary gripe is that the game is far too easy making it incredibly boring You really dont even have to think You just click where it tells you Also having to do the same scenes and puzzles just to get a star to move on is extremely tedious If you like puzzle games because you like to use your brain find another game     Boring
I love this game                 Case closed awesome
This game just gets better with every case my only complant is that now when I want to share I have to type in the letters                 Criminal case
Great game                 Criminal
Vgood                 Vgood
Love love love this game Its hidden object that lead to clues that solve crimes Its great and its fun The graphics are outstanding I would recommend to everyone who loves hidden object games It is truly the best Ive played to date                 Hidden object at its best
Love this game                 Addicting game in hooked
Creat game                 Love the game
Superbly recreational                 Superb
Love it                 Fun
Didnt take long I got real bored real fast Just gonna stick to Words With Friends Panda Pop Diamond Dash     Over it
Very addictive and full of exciting cases Keep you wanting to play on and on                 Great
This is a very addicting game I do like playing the hidden games but the added detective work makes it even better              Im hooked
Puzzle brain game at its best So addictive                 Love
The game is fun but energy is an issue Takes way too many attempts to achieve stars              Interesting and thought provoking
Wonderful game can go from computer to phone with ease I love it I wish more games had the option of spending money or not great game I am addicted Level 63 many up dates still loving the game as much as I did when I started                 Criminal case
Cant download     Help
My husband got me hooked on this game The only one I play daily Would suggest more options for avatars more clothing choices and hairfaces Some of the better ones are covered with hats ugh Need options to earn additional energy also                 Addicting
I love this game great way to pass by time and boredom Its very addictive              Addictive Fun Exciting
I love search games Its my fav                 5star KeeKee
I LOVE THIS GAME                 This game rocks
Great game fun entertaining Energy doesnt last long but restores fairly quickly Also if you dont use Facebook you have to wait 3 days for next level to open as well as get all stars for each crime scene                 Entertaining
Im having fun playing it                 Great
Love it                 Awesome game
Im not going to actually write an explanation its forcing me to write something thoughsorry if you were looking for a helpful review              Pretty cool
Super fun and addictive I love being able compete for faster times with my friends Lots of cases so its not feeling stale                 Crime Solving Good Time
I love it                
A lot of odd redundant loops but graphics and plot are pretty good Becomes boring quite quickly and bugs throughout Even when the Dont show this to me again box is checked popups still continue Plot is very weak and items names change to borderline ridiculousNot really anything more than just building character assets no real attraction to compete just endless repitition        Not bad but slow progress
Obviously there are many of these types of games out there Each with their own quirk However these F2P games tend to get old real fast unless you have a bottomless wallet This game manages to give you lots of play time before having to refill your energy bar They seem generous on freebies and the variety of puzzle solving helps keep the action from getting stale Plus if you do intend on spending cash the options are reasonably priced The graphics are above par The animation is well done And the characters are amusing too You can even spend time customizing your avatar to your liking and even have a police dog to boot I have yet to see its equal as far as the genre is concerned So if you find these hidden object games to be your cup of tea I highly recommend atleast giving this one a shot                 Hidden Objects Try Hidden Gem
Just finished the europe levels when is the Sahara region going to be completedRALPH LANGIT                 Ralph
Addicting                 Master
Love this game So addicted to this game                 Addictive
Always got something new and interesting to do                 Great game to fill in the gaps of the day
Fun game enjoy playing it                 Skb
I love this game                 Criminal Case
It is a lot of fun                 Criminal justice
Love this game its very addicting i give it more stars if I could                 Best fb game

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