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Boy Howdy Technology LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Frozen Bubble 2 ,Blackjack Jewels™ - Vegas Casino Challenge ,Word Jewels™ 2: Crossword Game Edition ,Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! ,Word Rally ,Poker Jewels Solitaire), brings Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc92
Love this game very addicting and fun.
Fun app for crossword lovers.
Best entertaining apps.
My favorite newspaper game.
Easy to get hooked.
Love these games.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Fun & Engagingc97
really fun and challenging spin on the old crossword puzzle.
Fun an totally addictive.
Fun strategy game.
Awesomely challenging levels.
Quick and Fun.
Fun to work.
Very fun and addictive word game.
Replay Valuec94
really fun and challenging spin on the old crossword puzzle.
I really appreciate the different levels of difficulty.
love the multiple levels.
Great mind teaser.
A great brain workout.
Ease of Usec93
Easy to get hooked.
beautiful easy to read letters.

Great way to stimulate the brain. found in 1 reviews
It helps me beat my opponents in word with friends. found in 1 reviews
This "reverse" crossword game is both free and challenging. found in 18 reviews
Great time consumer. found in 1 reviews
Love this game very addicting and fun. found in 3 reviews
Time flies by while solving the word spaces. found in 1 reviews
Great thinking game. found in 1 reviews
I play it everyday. found in 1 reviews
A great brain workout. found in 1 reviews
Great puzzle to increase your spelling and mind. found in 2 reviews
Gets your grey matter chugging along. found in 2 reviews
person this has helped keep the brain cells active. found in 3 reviews
Favorite word game to occupy my mind. found in 2 reviews
I have been playing this game for months and really enjoy it. found in 4 reviews
Finally a game you use your brain for. found in 3 reviews
Fun strategy game. found in 1 reviews
This game us very challenging and loads of fun. found in 1 reviews
A bit irritating. found in 1 reviews
but would play more if there were more puzzles. found in 1 reviews
Hard level slowed me down. found in 1 reviews
Hard without being impossible. found in 1 reviews
you supply the missing letters. found in 3 reviews
-- but it turns out to be challenging and fun. found in 3 reviews
while others are impossible without turning to Google. found in 1 reviews
Not a crossword puzzle. found in 24 reviews
Too distracting and annoying. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 26.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-06.
Bottom Line: For more information about Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! check developer Boy Howdy Technology LLC`s website :

Crossword Jewels challenges your mind to deduce the connections among the hidden letters in a crossword grid Look for patterns among the letters to figure out the hidden words Perfect for fans of crosswords or cryptograms 100,000 ...
It s fun it helps pass the day Best game EVER                     Crossword Jewels Rureally4real
Definitely a stimulating brain game                     Great for brain drain Reed Mapes
If you like word games like Hangman Word Jewels Whirly Word and Cryptogram you will LOVE THIS Technology 1 shows you how your letter choice appears in all contexts so you can see if it s a fit everywhere or not 2 shows available letters which is helpful towards the end to remind you of the odd Z X Q which are definitely used 3 gives you a hint or checks your work for errors if you get stuck and 4 allows you to choose the level of difficulty It s definitely become a favorite game for me                     Gotta Love It MBP333
Love it                     Crossword Jewels Nitalc
If you want a great twist on crossword puzzling this is it Thought I was downloading typical crossword game Since I ve started I can t put it down I so look forward to bedtime now It s become a ritual to play this before sleep Love the different levels no timers and not inundated with ads I ve become a boy howdy games addict now Thanks for ALL the great games Please keep up the GREAT work guys                     Totally addicting purrsian73
A terrific game Makes you think                     Crossword fun Ladyjane1955
Really like this It can be an easy and stress free way to pass a few minutes or can be very very challenging                     Fun and challenging Cturnover
I love this app I get to use my vocabulary and waste time Loads of fun                     Endless fun ScoodyBoo
This game is addictive                     Love it Mom2rene
If you re a word person this one s for you Even my hubs who is a Ludite likes this one and that s high praise                     Love it Lib65
I love this game Reached level 695 in a short amount of time But yesterday it started freezing and not allowing me to click on letters or menu or undo Very frustrating Restarted my iPad in case that was the problem didn t help So I actually deleted my game today losing all my data and after a few min loaded the game again started at level 1 It let me select one letter then froze again Any help out there I d like to enjoy my game again     Disappointed *(VicP)*
Love it I m a crossword addict It s perfect for me when I visit hubby at hospital nursing home                     Evaluate Stringermalloy
Challenging and fun Nice break at work                     Fun Twm11
Do it every day to get my brain moving Al                 Quick FUN Glockerino
I can t stop playing                     Best game ever Jaflorida
This app is awesome I have fun with it daily                     Great app Islander 57
Awesome puzzle very challenging                     Great puzzle game Ifthisdoesntworkiquit
This is fun and challenging especially the insane version It helps keep older minds active and alert                     Insanity 1776midwife
Challenging and enjoyable different levels make you have to work at it to solve them                     Fun Fun Fun Whodatzone
This is my new obsession It s challenging So many different levels                     Djcastle
Great way to pass time and stimulates the brain too                     Love it imcet
Challenging and fun                     Challenging nddtx
This never gets old Someone young could enjoy easy and it s super fun to up the difficulty levels as far as you can The ability to cheat is there but it ll always be challenging on the last level Wow                     Many different levels of difficulty sctyeahuknowme
A nice addition to my daily games whirlwind                     Fun and different criticalmoni
So many reasons to like this game select the difficulty level get helpful hints for letters instead of clues no timed element always makes you think                     If you love crosswords you ll love this Darlin Jill
Great puzzles I do a few every day                     BH Crossword KathySly
Love this app I m not real good at these puzzles but I have fun with this one                     Crosswords miss chacha
I ve done crossword puzzles all of my adult life this takes it to a different level                     Love this app Einod
Lots of fun                     Crossword jewels 13jaws31
Fun game to try and win Would recommend to anyone                 Double
I like the more difficult levels Really taxes my brain                 Marcy
Love this game It is a great way to kill time                 Lots of fun
Love it Nice and big also for easy on the eyes Great app to make you think                 Crossword jewels
Boy Howdy Youve gone done it again Boy Howdy Your growing list of games fun and free the best 2 F words in the English language Never an issue w crashing or frozen screens Lots of variety Fast loading fun play A genuine family focused developer Thanks so much keep up the good work                 Love your games
Great game I have several Boy Howdy games and enjoy them all                 Crossword Jewels
I love this crossword puzzle I play it every night at bedtime because it is not frustrating                 Great
good way to keep mind sharp pass time              fun
I rated it 5 stars because its the best word game that I have played in a long time I am so addicted to this game I like it because it is very challenging                 Best word game
Ive been playing for months The game can be very challenging at times but is fair and without stupid tricks              Consistently Enjoyable Game
Fun game Challenging              Crossword Jewel
Its challenging but not overwhelming I play it all of the time                 I love it
I dont remember how I stumbled upon this game but boy am I grateful Im not a very good reviewer thus I very rarely review but this App deserves the 5 stars at least The puzzles can be as easy or as hard as you want and much thought was put into this App by the Developers I cant remember the last time I found a word game be it crossword logic or any other that offered the amount of puzzles as this one for free Usually you are given a sample pack of 68 puzzles then youre required to purchase others Not so with this App there are thousands of puzzles to play free of cost One last thought this is NOT a Crossword puzzle I know of several people who thought it was and didnt download the game Cryptograms are not clue solving puzzles Brain teaser and logic not to mention spelling are the keys to this game Give it a play its free what do you have to lose                 So Much Fun For Free
I downloaded this App a few days ago and Ive been playing it ever since A fun and addictive App Its the best                 Great App
I love words and so I absolutely love this game                 Word game
Graphics r great not a bunch of pop ups Love it play the games daily                 Best entertaining apps
I just love word games and Im so happy I downloaded this one Pure fun fun fun and it keeps my brain working                 Love This Game
Been playing Crossword Jewels for a long time Its my daily goto game I play Hard and Crazy levels which are continually challenging And free Love the Boy Howdy games                 Still loving it
You dont have to struggle with clues you dont know understand You do have to use your brain to figure out where to put letters good thing there is an erase to make words that complete all the proper related words As a disabled fairly sedentary person this has helped keep the brain cells active                 Interesting
I usually do not like crossword puzzles because they are too hard and not from every day experience But I love this because you can get hints and correct your errors                 Great to stretch my mind but not too hard
Love be the concept This is a challenging new game for those who love crossword puzzles The twist on this game is no clues but an assortment of letters to fill in the blanks in the partially completed crossword grid Lots of skill levels to choose from If you enjoy crosswords this game is for you                 Addictive Fun
I like all the Boy Howdy apps but the Crossword Jewels is the best Sometimes you see the words right away and sometimes you dont see them until the last missing letter Great game                 Challenging
I enjoy the challenge Once you figure out the first few it goes fast from there Fun game prior to going to sleep each night                 Enjoy the challenge
This is a brain exerciser for me Love it                 Crossword Jewels
Cant stop playing                 Fun and challenging
Really enjoy it                 Great
A fun relaxing way to spend time                 Very enjoyable
I play this at the Crazy level and it is extremely challenging and entertaining If you want to enjoy getting your butt kicked by an app get this one                 Love It
Love that this app is a unique approach to crossword puzzles Hard enough to be challenging but fillins keep it from being too difficult LOVE this app                 For all levels of crossword skills
So much fun                 Addicting
Fun challenging game                 Crossword
Never could do a crossword puzzle and was always frustrated This gives me to option to think o might have a clue and figure out the words Thank you                 Awesome
I am totally addicted to playing this game It has also improved my spelling I would recommend this to all ages as it goes from very easy to very difficult                 Love this app
Different than most puzzles Lots of fun and challenging                 Crossword jewels
A mix of cryptogram and crossword                 Different and fun
Several levels so you can choose how much of a challenge you want Boy Howdy seems to make fun straight forward games                 Lots of fun
Mamajama One of my favorites Challenging without pressure nothing to buy I have at least 4 or 5 other Boy Howdy games loaded on my iPad                 Crossword jewels
Love this little challenger                 Great
This is a fabulous game thats fun challenging FL gal999                 Crossword Jewels
Love itsome easy some toughervarious levels Best crossword puzzle with a twist                 Great
Boy Howdy games are the best free games Ive enjoyed all the ones Ive tried                 Great game
Really differentI like it                 Don47
Love this game too Im doing the easy right now and hope I can move up              Nana
Fun so far              Crossword jewels
There are so many games that get boring because theyre too easy while others are impossible without turning to Google This game has found that sweet spot              Hard without being impossible
From very easy to very difficult you get to choose the level Quite fun puzzles Entertaining and even educational                 You choose level of difficulty
A great challenge for the little grey cells                 Extremely fun to play
Love love love this game I play it every day and its still just as fun as the first time I played it Even if youre not a fan of crosswords this game is totally engaging I really appreciate the different levels of difficulty At this point I play Hard and Crazy but its great to be able to go to Easy when Im trying to entice someone new to the gamemuah ah ah                 Favorite Word Game
You got meIm hooked                 What can I say
Pretty interesting and challenging puzzles you fill in the blanks in a crossword pattern the harder the puzzle the less clues you get Start with Easy and progress upward Always a new puzzle to try stretch your brains bit I am enjoying this more as time goes by No time limit so you can relax while you play I am watching tv right now while doing this game Not a crossword puzzle its just in that form you supply the missing letters the many possibles is what makes this a puzzle Thank you for a well performing game              Fill in the blanks

Crossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! GamesCrossword Jewels™ - 100,000 Cryptogram Puzzles Without Clues! Games

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