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Skymatic UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) , brings Cryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption app has been update to version 1.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Cryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption for 4.990 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 22704128, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Cryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption app version 1.2.0 has been updated on 2016-03-08.
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Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption for your cloud files. You can access your files from all of your devices. Securely protect your documents from unauthorized access. SECURE Cryptomator encrypts your files' contents and names using AES with ...
I bought this app so I could use vaults that I have synced in my iCloud Drive When I attempt to add an existing vault from iCloud Drive it doesn t find anything no vaults no files nothing Defeats the purpose of purchasing this app     Doesn t show existing iCloud vaults Domination5
A near perfect open source solution to file security What makes Cryptomator stand out from the rest is it s cross platform availability Windows Linux iOS Android I have it running on two Linux desktops a Windows laptop an Android phone and an iPad No issues in about seven months now Update now that I am using an iPhone with TouchID I can fully appreciate the convenience and the reliability of Cryptomator It does suffer from one major flaw the lack of search Still given it s cross platform availability and overall performance I believe it deserves the highest rating                     Practically perfect Ano-nym-ous
Cons 1 Editing functionality minimum text files but word excel will be great too 2 Improve search to search sub folders and content Pros everything else I m glad I can now move away from axcrypt             Almost perfect tsoglani
iPhone 6s iOS 10 3 3 it crashes when I click add exsisting vault Google Drive I haven t added any vault yet nor logged in any account The vault was created on my mac inside google drive When I first launch iOS cryptomator trying to add the vault it crashes         crash when add google drive John Guo CAM
Swiping left and right should go to the next previous image It s currently very inconvenient to go forward and back looking for a file Native Dropbox does a great job at viewing images                 Image viewer needs improvement Competion is good
Surprisingly polished and smooth                     A Nate the Great’s Hit Parade
Will not list files pcloud drive unable to obtain refund     Doesn t work Protech9
Awesome app                     Must need if you store stuff in cloud storage ky1e11c
The app worked fine until this version now I can t access any vaults through my phone     App crashes when I try to load a vault sbwest
Would be 5 stars if only it had the ability to download cache thumbnails of photos videos to more easily select items for viewing                 Seamless access to encrypted cloud files herilbw
I truly love this app One payment and you have peace of mind I recommend this app to anyone who values security and privacy                     Peace of mind Joseph J Elias
Works as well as Boxcryptor but doesn t require a subscription                     Excellent App Nachobiznass
I switched to this after Sookasa did away with their personal version and so far I ve been having great luck The pay what you want model also appeals to me I think I ll toss a few bucks their way and stick with them for a while to see what happens Good job                     Great solution Puter_Guy
This app really needs gallery thumbnail support for photos Offline support would be nice too     Needs galleries and offline support 12arcsecs
Turns out I can t try it I just noticed after I bought it does not work with amazon Amazon is the leading provider for 60 a year you can get unlimited storage so it makes no sense to use any other providers yes it s my fault for buying the app before reading the specs but that doesn t change the fact that to get high marks from me it needs amazon support otherwise the app is useless to me     No amazon cloud ep2
This app along with the cross platform support and ports pretty much complete me You hit you this one out of the park good sir                     Outstanding execution jobarn00
Like in the title MEGA cloud storage which I use isn t compatible apparently A waste of 4 99 imo The desktop app works great If it s updated to work with MEGA I would give it 5 stars I ve also been looking at paying for amazon drive storage but I Don t see that listed and idk if it s WebDAV compatible     MEGA nz doesn t work The villain in glasses
That s it Five star Thanks                     Fatih Ferah
Cryptomator is a good solution if you have private files you want to sync via the cloud I love that it requires no external account It creates encrypted vaults on your existing cloud storage so no central server could compromise your passphrases Works seamlessly with the desktop edition which is free Worth paying a few bucks for the mobile version The interface is very straightforward this app does one thing and does it well Most of the major cloud storage services are integrated with this app Box unfortunately is missing from the list I hope it is coming sometime down the road                 Open source cloud encryption High-Powered Space Puppies
Great open source encryption tool for use with Dropbox and Google Drive I use this with their windows mac clients to access sensitive financial and medical records that I want to share between my computers but don t want open to third parties This tool is fast has a fully functioning extension to push pull files and it s free on the desktop Completely worth the 5 to support the developers                     Open Source Encryption for Dropbox and Google Drive model6
SO MUCH WIN This should ship by default on ALL devices Lovely                     Yes yes yes rolleix
Zero knowledge encryption for the cloud provider of your choosing This app is absolutely amazing and in my opinion a must have for anyone wanting to use the cloud You can retain your privacy with client side encryption on any device but also still have the ubiquity of access the cloud provides Furthermore you do not have to deal with some of the outrageous prices of some zero knowledge cloud providers If you have an unlimited amount of storage with Google Drive or another cloud provider you can now use all that space with the same kind of privacy you could get from Spider Oak or Tresorit Do not just listen to me Try the app for yourself Guaranteed it will not be money wasted I rarely write reviews but I had to write one for this app                     Absolutely amazing lovingj
Cross platform Open source Obfuscation of file and directory names Finger print reader enabled iCloud Dropbox OneDrive GoogleDrive and WebDAV support What s not to like                     Cross platform encryption droo1y
On OS X you can create an encrypted sparse image for storing files in the cloud but for iOS this is the go to app Well thought out UX This takes the queazies out of storing on Dropbox Also since this app is x platform and open source security is available to anyone                     Essential app for encrypting data in the cloud teaneedz
This app does its one job extremely well No complaints everything is perfect                     A gluxon
If you are a cryptomator user with the older version app DO NOT UPGRADE The iCloud implementation on the old app was superior 100times faster for uploads and did uploads in the background so you could start document multiple threads Password in the iCloud folder times out and isn t saved so it locks right away even with the setting to lock after 5min it looks immediately when minimizing and maximizing the app which is kinda annoying         New version slower and has some faults CaptainMorgon
I created my encrypted container from mobile I will do more testing on the desktop client and the resulting files So far it is great Connects to services from mobile and can upload files with appropriate permissions granted I would like to see more details on the actual encryption methods being used in the app but can probably dig that up from cryptomator dot org website Nice job                 So far pretty good Teo665
Great idea not working with my corporate Google Drive which requires a secondary login If this gets resolved I will change the raring             Not working with corporate Google Drive mstam1616
Cryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption ProductivityCryptomator - Open Source Cloud Encryption Productivity

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