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Ctrip.com international , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ctrip ,爱玩高尔夫-球场.旅游.预订.记分.赛事), brings Ctrip with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ctrip app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best flight booking tool online..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Best flight booking tool online.
Even better than the website.
Much better than the mobile version of the website.
I will always recommend this app to people.
I will strongly recommend to anyone intend to travel to China.
Quick and ctrip offers best rates in greater china and seoul.
Ease of Usec89
This application is so easy to use and efficient.
The Ctrip app is easy to use and pretty intuitive.
Easy interface.
Updates & Supportc15
Much better than the mobile version of the website.

Great option for English speakers in China. found in 3 reviews
and ideas for all my trips into China. found in 2 reviews
Even better than the website. found in 1 reviews
Ctrip is the only useful app I have found for booking Asian domestic travel. found in 1 reviews
Ctrip is an excellent way to book flights and hotels. found in 4 reviews
get notifications for booking changes and much more. found in 6 reviews
Just booked urgent flight while sitting on a plane. found in 1 reviews
so might be worth it to check out the price difference. found in 1 reviews
switch to map view to find hotels in your preferred neighborhood. found in 1 reviews
add your booking to passbook to keep all your travel info in one place. found in 1 reviews
Much better than the mobile version of the website. found in 1 reviews
You do not need any Credit/Debit Cards to book a hotel. found in 2 reviews
I will strongly recommend to anyone intend to travel to China. found in 1 reviews
I have used it many times to book flights and hotels in Asia. found in 1 reviews
book a flight to nearly anywhere in the world. found in 1 reviews
It is perfect if add the feature to book trains and buses. found in 1 reviews
Easy to use but too limited functions. found in 1 reviews
I had to cancel the reservation. found in 2 reviews
Please avoid this company. found in 1 reviews
Needs more function to compare flights as well as hotels. found in 1 reviews
But you can't order train tickets with an English name. found in 2 reviews
Can't change personal profile or account infor. found in 1 reviews
One negative - I cannot see my account details. found in 1 reviews
for as many flights as possible would be GREAT. found in 1 reviews
No 3% credit card charge using app BUT. found in 5 reviews
Unfair Pricing. found in 1 reviews
More work needed. found in 1 reviews
Filter does not work properly. found in 1 reviews
I'm having trouble with booking a round trip flight. found in 1 reviews
I stop short of 5 stars until they fix some bugs. found in 2 reviews
Watch out for hidden fees and terrible customer service. found in 2 reviews
Can not enter international cities to search. found in 2 reviews
but actually they are forcing you to buy them for extra cost. found in 1 reviews

The Ctrip is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, German, Northern Sami, Spanish. It weighs in at only 8.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Ctrip in Ctrip.com international`s Official Website : http://english.ctrip.com/

Ctrip Mobile. Navigate China with the best. This free China travel booking app from Ctrip, China s leading online travel agent, offers thousands of cheap China flights and a Low Price Guarantee on over 20,000 China ...
The best travel app specially for domestic mainland trips                 The best travel app
Need to show details of the flight Like times for layover Cant find Also would be great if it show total amount after applying 6 discount for visa           Great needs improvement
The Ctrip app is easy to use and pretty intuitive I have used it many times to book flights and hotels in Asia Its nice to be able to make arrangements on your phone when you are away from your desk                 Nice
Found Ctrip by accident while searching for flights from Taipei to Shanghai using typical online travel sites like Expedia One Travel etc Using Ctrip online was so easy and the fares most competitive The site encouraged downloading the mobile app which I did finding it even easier to use What normally takes an hour took me less than 10 minutes with Ctrip and the way flight schedules are searched and displayed are very intuitive taking away any chance of confusion For sure youve got to give this one a try                 Best flight booking tool online
应该按行程订票一次付款订票信息更新不及时        工程师
Best prices for flights in China It memorized my first Chinese cell and wont let me log in with my email Please fix this bug                 Excellent for China
No trains No multistop flights A limited app that allows littletono flexibility when it comes to booking travel within China or with multinational complex itineraries     Sad poor
Booking a flight on the app I am only shown one booking class On the ctrip Internet site I can see ALL available Fares and do have a choice On the app is only the choice to book or not to book Some booking classes to not earn miles some do Also there are MANY restrictions within a certain booking class But on ctrip website one has to pay 3booking charge if using a foreign credit card What a discrimination        No 3 credit card charge using app BUT
I wanted to purchase but company seems to be fuzzy in pricing Who ever heard of such practices where the price advertised for flights is valid only if purchased with CNY 30 in CMoney What if you dont want to Wow Quite deceitful I must add I quickly retreated from my intent on buying from them        Comditioms for Buying tickets restrictive
I must say that ctrip has done an excellent job with this app I would recommend it to all who are traveling in and out of China                 What an app Excellent
Great flow more accurate and no doubleconfirming of airports needed like Im pressed for on my computer Superb                 Great app
I love that                 Awesome
The app is easy to use even better than the web site Works fine for a foreigner traveling in China                 Bejing Hotel Reservation
Easy to book flights and hotels Cant cancel flight through the app but the customer service is really good                 Good app
Ctrip is the only useful app I have found for booking Asian domestic travel Highly recommended                 Only way to go
Really really need to be able to search by city and by brand and see the entire listing to compare        search
For domestic flights within China you cant beat the ease of this website and they accept foreign credit cards Highly recommend                 Perfect for nonChinese
This is a great app always use Ctrip for booking flights within Asia and this app just makes it easier                 Really easy to use
Very cheap hotel rooms                 Great app
Im just in the middle of watching a video and this always pops up stop     Advertisements
please fix this           Couldnt add to Passbook
Its an ok app Biggest issue is booking flights require you to purchase additional cmoney on top of the flight price They want you to think you are earning points but actually they are forcing you to buy them for extra cost Go figure Bizarre and misleading chinese company Better options are Elong or qunar also they now charge you a fee for using foreign credit cards     Watch out for hidden fees and terrible customer service
Works well and prices are always cheaper than Expedia or Kayak for flights in China A lot cheaper              The Best App for Travel in China
I tried to use it multiple times during my trip in China First the hotel we booked was not as described the 5 star hotel turned out to have no pool and no gym Then we tried to book flight tickets but you could only buy tickets for adults Since we are traveling with children the app is basically useless     Frustrating
Effective and easy to use                 Works excellent
Info not updated App unstable        Bad app not worthy of ctrip brand
I will always recommend this app to people It was easy to use and I got the best deal from HK to Cali for 400 Thanks again CTrip Did I mention the website is done well and there must native English speakers moderated the English part of the app 5 stars                 Excellent App No chinglish
It is perfect if add the feature to book trains and buses              Almost perfect app
국내 항공사보다 저렴하고 항공권도 많네요                 좋네요
I travel a lot and since I stay about 5 days per city I book hotels for one night so that I can be sure that it is satisfactory before committing to more nights This worked great until today The hotel that I checked into last night was satisfactory so I booked the same room online for another 4 nights and added breakfast to the package I also prepaid through ctrip But when I went to the front desk they said I had to change to a smaller room even though I was paying more than I did the previous night so I called ctrip to cancel the reservation They said that I could cancel the reservation but that it would cost me 100 the cost of one room night at the hotel I was rather irritated since I had made the reservation only 30 minutes before I asked to cancel when the hotel pulled their switcharoo Ctrip called the hotel to help negotiate the cancellation but 4 calls later the result was the same I would would either agree to be downgraded or be penalized 100 if I moved to a different hotel So lesson learned make your reservations online BUT DONT PAY FOR THE HOTEL UPFRONT unless you want a hassle and a hefty fee to get out of it cTrip tried to reason with the hotel and a cTrip manager called later that day to smooth things out with me In the end I believe that cTrip did what they could and they do care if you get a super raw deal from a hotel My suggestion to management was that they amend their policy to give a 1 hour grace period for mistakes and complaints such as this                 President CEO
It took a bit to get a good connection for the download but the app itself worked fantastic And the rebate offered for firsttime app users on Visa card saved me a lot of money                 Great App for China Travelers
Felicidades Excelente aplicación en español para comprar vuelos y reservar hoteles en China                 Excelente aplicación
If youre looking to fly to China or better within China look no further This app searches all Chinese airlines including the budget airlines Simple to use and reliable Easily lets you compare prices to the day before or after with a finger swipe My requests include the airline ticket number in case I need to contact them Make the fare rules for cancellation and changes easier to review                 Easy to use and better prices than Expedia or other US apps
CTrips new app is smooth and very user friendly even easier to use than the website Prices are slightly cheaper when you book through the app so might be worth it to check out the price difference There are also convenient saving options after you book a flight or hotel send to calendar passbook or even save a photo to your photo album Well done                 Even better than the website
I have an iPhone 4 the previous version CTrip App was working well after the upgrade to the current version it will NOT load at all CTrip please provide the previous version of the App     NOT able to load with the new version
Looks good but you can not find the same flights as the ones you find in Ctrip Web     Do not offer the same flights as Web
I like Ctrip and the convenience of ordering in English Good for flights and hotels Hoping they will be able to do train tickets on the app soon Need a train ticket Go to the website instead              Good app But you cant order train tickets with an English name
This deserves a star for delivering on the first try If I have a bad experience in the future Ill rerate this app                 I used it once and it worked
Lacking content No multicity option on flights Several China resort hotels missing Lacking quality control Hotel bookings send email confirmations saying they are successfully processed without ever being so Needed to go back to check my bookings to confirm Hotel advertised cancellation policy also not honored While thankful for English and foreign credit card options overall it was a poor first experience with this app that resulted in a number of phone calls by ctrip to clarify my current booking that remains in limbo Apparently they are having difficulties confirming with the few hotels they have in 海螺沟 Wouldve been easier to work through a travel agent     Limited beyond foreign language and credit card use
方便                 不错 方便
It is very difficult to find an English app to use in China and it works good job                 Good enough to survive in China
Please avoid this company They lie and cheat you out of your money by baiting you in with a lower rate then after charging your credit card they tell you not only the hotel room is unavailable but they cannot refund you        Deceitful practice
First time use needs to do so much verification and still doesnt allow me to purchase Ive reserved and cancel twice due to they wont accept my credit cards Why does it have to be difficult to make a simple booking If there is option for negative star I would rate it negative 5 stars     Its horrible
This app is very easy to use and straight forwardThe hotel rate here is much cheaper than paying at hotelBooking is so easyYou do not need any CreditDebit Cards to book a hotel filling up with namecontact details and email address is what you need to book a hotelI just love the appI will strongly recommend to anyone intend to travel to ChinaEnjoy your journey with Ctrip                 Best App if you travel to China
Some functions cant be used     Cant used
The prices for flights on this app compared to the Chinese version of this app are always much higher Why do Chinese get better deals than everyone else        Unfair Pricing
The English version is easy to understanduse And there are lots of options bonuspromos not available on the website                 Great for English speakers
useful app for booking china hotels                 nice
订酒店很快不过产品线比较混乱很容易定错时间不能更改希望多改进                 非常实用
Great apps and service Only too expensive to cancel or refund your money back Make sure your schedule 100 ok There is no chance to go back and change flight or time You must delete the ticket buy new one So not good often traveler which every thing can be change any time                 Careful before order ticket

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