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Chillingo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Puzzler World XL US LITE ,Knight's Rush ,Assault Squadron LITE ,Minigore HD ,Pirate`s Treasure ,PREDATORSâ„¢ Lite), brings Cut the Rope Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cut the Rope Lite games has been update to version 1.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My whole family loves this game too..
  • This is great fir young kids to help with hand eye coordination..
  • A unique game that's both fun and challenging..
  • Cut the rope is mind blowing..
  • One of the only games I enjoy wasting time with..
Overall Satisfactionclick me93
Should include more levels in the free version.
I love this game it's so fun playing with the little frogy.
Burned through all the free levels quickly very addicting.
It's one of the best games in the history of best games.
Amazing game really addicting really funn and cute.
one of my favorite games I wish free version had more boxes though.
It's way better than angry birds wish Their more levales for free.
My 2 two year old loves this game Way to go keep them coming.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
incredible game awesome game and spectacular game love it.
Should include more levels in the free version.
This is a very fun game to play I really like it.
Super fun and great when u need entertainment.
Fun cute game my husband and I have it.
I love this game it's so fun playing with the little frogy.
Very fun and challenging game I totally suggest the game P.
Usefulnessclick me98
It is so fun I like to play it everyday after school.
My sister showed it to me and I play it everyday.
This game is so fun I could play it every day.
This game is so fun that I play it every day.
Family Friendlyclick me92
Definitely a game for kids and adults 2 thumbs up.
Cut the rope is fun for the whole family.
My whole family loves this game too.
The game is great for little kids and adults I love it.
Replay Valueclick me88
Should include more levels in the free version.
Very fun and challenging game I totally suggest the game P.
I wish there were more free levels because they're so easy.
Great brain teaser and even entertaining for people who know physics.
It's a nice little brain teaser to get all three stars.
A great game that is both cute and challenging.
thought provoking game requiring seconds to learn and hours to master.
This game is very entertaining and has a high replay value.
Production Valuesclick me93
regular strategy game with cute graphics and sounds.
The sound effects are great and the game is so addicting.
Cute animations and gratifying challenges.
Simply amazing graphics.
Ease of Useclick me89
Great and entertaining deserves to beat Angry Birds.
Pretty good game but too easy to beat.
This game is really fun and easy to learn.
Really better than the average simple game.
How much fun can one have with such a simple concept.
easy to catch on to and yet challenging to master.
Updates & Supportclick me89
The graphics are so cute~ I think I'm going to buy the full version now.
This game is so fun I need to buy the full version I def recommend.
It is a fun game but then you have to buy the full version.


A mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…CANDY! Get a taste of the highly innovative and addictive Cut the Rope. Try out 18 full levels combining outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.


Cut the Rope combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate and precise touch controls. Cut the ropes by simply swiping your finger across them and collect the stars by touching them with the candy, but it’s not always simple. Think before you slice and be sure to avoid the enemies and obstacles. Every level is different and getting that candy to Om Nom won’t be easy!

Cut the Rope LiteCut the Rope Lite
Tags :   candy ,   levels


In Cut the Rope you don’t just need to feed Om Nom, in order to get maximum points you will also need to collect 3 golden stars in each stage. Some are easy, some are deviously difficult, this is only a sample of the huge variety of levels on offer in the game!


Use a variety of special tools in your effort to get Om Nom his candy. In this Lite version you can try blow candy around in bubbles using special air pumps, use hidden ropes and get a feel for the dangers that lie ahead!
Cut the Rope Lite


Easy to learn and intuitive to play, Cut the Rope is hard to put down. As you progress, Om Nom will jump from one box to another, with more levels to get through. In this Lite version two boxes are available, there’s plenty more to see!
Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can see how they compare to rope cutters throughout the world via online leaderboards and achievements through Crystal!


Apple Game Center support enabled!


The Cut the Rope Lite is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Cut the Rope Lite app version 1.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Cut the Rope Lite in Chillingo Ltd`s Official Website :


It's way better than angry birds wish Their more levales for free. found in 124 reviews
incredible game awesome game and spectacular game love it. found in 930 reviews
Very funny game with awesome images and characters. found in 43 reviews
The little green guy is so cute that you want to give him candy. found in 35 reviews
Super fun and great when u need entertainment. found in 292 reviews
This game is really fun and easy to learn. found in 43 reviews
Feeding that little creature gets me through my day. found in 32 reviews
I luv dis game Needs mor levels on lite version. found in 33 reviews
Definitely a game for kids and adults 2 thumbs up. found in 57 reviews
Cut the rope is a really a fantastic game. found in 5877 reviews
Loving this game - but the lite version is too short. found in 7 reviews
Would be better if free version had more free levels. found in 47 reviews
Fun but it can get a little boring. found in 9 reviews
It's a great game but it's not my favorite. found in 5 reviews
It's not a bad game for me but it's fun. found in 12 reviews
but very fun wish I had money 5 stars if longer demo. found in 11 reviews
The free version needs more content but the content contained is fun. found in 29 reviews
Really fun game I just wish the free version had more levels. found in 53 reviews
Only two levels it goes by so fast but it's still fun. found in 11 reviews
This game was fun but too short. found in 3 reviews
This game is pretty awesome I just wish the full version was free. found in 135 reviews
Love the sad face on the monster. found in 27 reviews
I love this game but the free version is really short. found in 10 reviews
Total awesomeness. found in 5 reviews
This is the worst game ever. found in 15 reviews
Love the game but it is frustrating at times. found in 6 reviews
Awesome but free version needs more levels and pizaz. found in 822 reviews
This game stinks it is impossible. found in 5 reviews
Fun game but gets a little boring. found in 9 reviews
Such a boring game it's the worst game ever. found in 15 reviews
Crashes every single time I try to play. found in 5 reviews
I like the game a lot but I dont care about king of thieves if I paid 100 for the app I shouldnt see any of that             Okay
Its a challenge and its fun                Cool
You cant play enough games if u dont buy the full version but if there were more levels I would love it       Hi
I love this game it is really good and I dont care is people say it is bad it is not Thank you for making this game Love Emmy 500                Cute game really GOOD
Ummm for my bday yesterday may 30 I got an iPhone 5s and also this cut the rope thing and angry bird thing and fruit ninja thing that play with the app on iPads but I dont have an iPad I have the iPhone 5s and the iPod touch 4 and the Samsung Galaxy tablet 3 70 Will the product work still on my of my devices Also can you help me find the free cut the rope 2 because I have it on my Samsung galaxy tablet 3 70 and I cant find the free one on my iPhone 5s Please help with all of my problems ASAP                Cool but I need help
I got through that game so fast then it said you had to buy the rest and it costed money to get the rest and I can only get games that are free    Horrible
Nice                Razan
Only 2 levels in free version I completed them in less than ten min Do not buy    Not good
If you hate this app that is not right This app is awesome I love it Its funny cute and I it                LOVE THIS APP
This game is a great game but it could be better if the app requests would be removed Also when the app says FREE APP it should be a FREE APP I just started today and finished 2 levels and after that it asks you to buy the full version of this game It is still a cool game but it could be better             Cool but could be better
This game is goodvery challenging and a mental brain work out yes But why does it only have the cardboard and fabric boxes Fix it    Really
I love this game it is awesome but one thing to keep in mind is that there are TOO many ads Also the people who think its bad youre wrong Who wouldnt love a cute and fun challenging game thats for everyone                
Ok so just got the app its terrible horrible and bad when I opened the app and after it loaded it exited the app on its own I was totes looking forward to play it did it to the other version of this app it wasnt fair even though I read the reviews and they said it was an awesome game I just dont get it    UGHPuppy lover
Its really fun I love it I just wish that the full version should be free u will sell games better that way I love it om num is soooooooo cute I love him and my om num should have a free version too I dont have enough mony to get it so it should have or be a FREE version thanks for making it though             Fun but
This game is a little bit fun but it is always asking me to get the full version it is so anoing also it has very hard levels and even you pass the level without touching the stars they will just put the stupid full version ad on if you take my advice dont download this app if u dont want that to happen to you    Terrible
There are many adds on this game but I rlly rlly like this game a lot That is all I have to say but fix those ads             Awesome game but the ads
I like it but its annoying when It keeps on asking me to buy the full version          Fun but annoying
So many FRECKIN ads also I think the full version should be free             Goodish
Horrible it was really fun but only 8levelswhy would I spend 99 Cents I am not trying to doing cheap but its a gamethats my opinion          
This is a fun and time wasting game for any day However there are too many ads and should be decreased             Fun TOO MANY ADS
I get it but jeez After every other level          Too many ads
I play this everyday                Its a fun game
Good game                Cute good game
TOO MUCH ADDS Otherwise its pretty nice             Awesome Sauce but
I love this gameLove BB                Love it
After a couple of deaths a 20 second ad comes up which I find very annoying and if you dont buy the full game you ably get 8 levels per box So dont Waist your time and get this game    Hate all the ads
I love the game but theres too many ads it used to be a great game Until they made a full version that costs money Uninstalling now          Good
I cant play my favorite game because now I have an iPhone And they charge to play the majority of it Wow It shouldnt be called a Free app thats false advertising Its more of a tester a trial run Its total garbage and its disappointing Dont even get me started on the ads    Greedy
I enjoy playing cut the rope although it can be difficult at times I still really enjoy it The only thing I think gives it less stars is how it only gives you so little levels in the free mode             How I rate cut the rope
Well I just got this game it is sooo btw JUST TODAY I love it and all but to many ADS                Cut the rope game
I like it and all but it has to many adds It also wont let you get past the 2 level unless you buy it ahead of time That is stupid    Too many adds
Its ok but You only get to play a few levels and then it cuts you off and says you have to put for EVERYTHING ELSEIts crazy I just dislike it       
Its a HUGE disappointment My father only allows me to get free unless I pay with MY money anyways I thought it would be the real cut the rope Im not paying for something like cut the rope but come on ppl You could at least say in the title or description thats its NOT FULL I am very disappointed with this When I choose my apps I have to choose carefully because for some reason I cant delete apps So ppl if you are looking for the real cut the rope Im sorry your going to have to spend some money Very disappointing       
All boxes should have all levels without pay          Good game
Cut the rope is a really really fun game a lot of my friends play it                Cut the rope fan
graphics is super cute and lovely the rules have creativity and make us tothink carefully before deciding but too much adverts          Not Bad
It is very difficult and It is like taking a SHOT             Candy hard
Air cushions almost never work when you press them Using iPhone 5c       Air cushion problem
Love it                Cut the rope
ads ads ads    ads
Its a really good game all on nom games are except my on nom five dollars please Fix now          Cut the rope
This game is very addictive but the only problem I had was in the 3rd season there is a pack of levels and the pack is called the pillow box it is very annoying and its kinda a stupid pack I do lot like it and I do not suggest it to people with short tempers             Ok but
I like the game a lot             Cool
I like it because it is so addicting for you child so they wont disturb us                Cut the rope fan
I love this game but it should give you more levels to start playing             Great but
Totally cool game get it                Cool
This game is really really cute but theres barely any levels in the free version       Less than 20 levels
Good stuffreminds me somehow of Jenga I appreciate a game that makes you think                Curry rope


Chillingo Ltd
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Cut the Rope Lite 1.3.1 Mobile

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