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CVS Pharmacy , the publisher behind many iOS app (Omniview Rx ,CVS/specialty ,CVS Pharmacy ,SilverScript), brings CVS Pharmacy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CVS Pharmacy app has been update to version 1.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Saves so much time and phone calls..
  • Makes my shopping experience much more efficient..
  • Great app and it is so convenient and user friendly with great service..
  • Makes my life as a busy mom a tad bit easier..
  • Great customer service at the store in Carthage..
Overall Satisfactionclick me62
I love being able to scan my prescription bottles to order refills.
The inclusion of passbook support seems like it should be obvious.
They should add Passbook integration and it could get five stars.
Love being able to send photos from phone to print & pick up next day.
Thanks CVS for making my family's lives easier.
Especially the photo options directly from your phone.
Photo option works horrible.
The scan feature for prescription refills saves so much time.
The refill by scan feature doesn't work.
A little more kinks it will be better than Walgreens.
Fun & Engagingclick me93
Easy and awesome photo print from phone.
Awesome photo print app- so easy.
The photo uploading app is awesome and convenient.
It's awesome and convenient for coupons.
I use my extra care card all the time.
Use the digital card all the time.
Usefulnessclick me81
saves time and anxiety waiting on a kiosk in store.
This app is super easy to use and very helpful.
this is a very convenient and helpful app.
Great to have everything in one place.
but I scanned my card and it makes everything so easy.
Very useful and convenient tool.
This is really a very handy and useful app.
Family Friendlyclick me57
I use this app to manage all of my family's prescriptions.
It has made managing my family's prescriptions so easy.
I can't refill my family's prescriptions anymore.
Ease of Useclick me71
Easy to refill prescriptions and keep track of family meds.
This app won't even allow you to sign in to refill prescriptions.
So easy to refill a prescription with this app.
Every time you have to re -enter your login and password.
Easy way to keep track of extra bucks and prescriptions.
Super easy to use an navigate and very satisfied with quality.
Super convenient and awesome for the extreme Qponer such as myself.
This app is super easy to use and very helpful.
Awesome and easy to upload pics from iPhone and pick up easy.
I used to upload pics to the CVS app no problem.
Easy photo uploads right from and virtual CBS card.
Reliabilityclick me25
Security & Privacyclick me32
Makes it easy to access my CVS account.
seems pretty simple to me just enter my password.
Updates & Supportclick me100
Great customer service at the store in Carthage.
Great app plus great customer service.


The official CVS/pharmacy
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
App, helps you find the nearest CVS location – store hours (24 hour stores, Drive Thru, MinuteClinic and other services), Order prescriptions and refills, Transfer prescriptions and view detailed drug information on the go.


Store Locator
Find your local CVS store with our easy to use store locator. Search by Zip Code or by City/State - our locator will help you provide details of the pharmacy nearest to you. Get maps and driving directions to your nearest CVS.

CVS PharmacyCVS Pharmacy
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Refill a Prescription
Enter your prescription numbers and we will have them ready for pickup at the store. You can also order refills directly from your online account after you`ve signed in.


Transfer Prescriptions
Consolidate your prescriptions by transferring them from other pharmacies to CVS/pharmacy.
CVS Pharmacy


View/Print Rx Records
The ability to view your prescription records by using the menus to sort and view the prescriptions for different patients and time periods.


Manage Rx Access
Managing prescriptions through your iPhone is easy and convenient. It gives you 24/7 access to the prescription records of those you care for, and the option to:


* View, print and order refills for those you care for
* Add or remove access to the prescription records of yourself and others
* Have your prescriptions managed by someone else through their account.


New Prescriptions
If you have the paper prescription written by your doctor:
Once you`ve submitted your request online, you must mail us the paper prescription written by your doctor along with your order number to the address provided in the order confirmation.


If you do not have the paper prescription written by your doctor: then our online pharmacy will contact your health care provider to verify your prescription request and then mail it directly to you.


Drug Information Center
To learn more about a specific drug such as when and how it should be taken, and its side effects and precautions, please enter its name in the search box below or use our alphabetical drug listing.


The CVS Pharmacy is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new CVS Pharmacy app version 1.9 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about CVS Pharmacy in CVS Pharmacy`s Official Website :


CVS app makes life a little more convenient. found in 1215 reviews
But add passbook support and tweak some of the sign in issues. found in 294 reviews
Walgreens has the passbook functionality that I barely use. found in 18 reviews
Biggest negative is still no passport support for the barcode. found in 14 reviews
Loyal customer and very convenient app. found in 10 reviews
too bad it doesn't work and crashes every time I try to upload. found in 16 reviews
but needs iphone 5 support and PLEASE add support for passbook. found in 13 reviews
I can't views shopping cart without adding something. found in 12 reviews
Big disappointment that it does not work with Passbook. found in 12 reviews
They will say they don't shown the refill request. found in 50 reviews
The app is great and useful but it needs Passbook integration. found in 262 reviews
CVS needs to look at the reliability of their app. found in 21 reviews
Great app but scanner doesn't work on my phone. found in 14 reviews
CVS app is horrible compared to Walgreens phone app. found in 79 reviews
Very convenient - but no more stars until they support Passbook. found in 31 reviews
PLEASE add the functionality of loading the Rewards card to Passbook. found in 121 reviews
Needs passbook support and also landscape mode on iPhone 6+. found in 371 reviews
Since its release you have done THREE updates and still no passbook. found in 42 reviews
I'd give it 5 if I could edit photos after uploading. found in 16 reviews
BUT I think you guys should make it passbook compatible. found in 13 reviews
Ok but I wish it would keep me logged in. found in 9 reviews
It's alright but please please please add passbook support. found in 294 reviews
it has crashed every single time I've tried to refill a prescription. found in 58 reviews
just updated the app and STILL no Passbook support on iPhone 5. found in 42 reviews
I used to upload pics to the CVS app no problem. found in 41 reviews
This app NEEDS passbook support - it is ridiculous to not have it. found in 371 reviews
Why cant it remember my name and email addy when refilling prescriptions. found in 69 reviews
including the store locator and the new customer registration. found in 37 reviews
CVS needs to get loyalty card in passbook. found in 49 reviews
Refill prescription by scanning is awful compared to Walgreens. found in 79 reviews
Why can't I add my rewards card to passbook. found in 121 reviews
Cannot add favorite store even though it asks you to. found in 31 reviews
Bad connection issues and the Extra Care card needs Passbook integration. found in 262 reviews
Every time you have to re -enter your login and password. found in 71 reviews
No way to save your shopping list. found in 107 reviews
the refill request couldn't be submitted for some reason. found in 50 reviews
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CVS wants you to use the horribly insecure and clunky CurrentC rather than standardsbased Apple Pay    CVS refuses to support Apple Pay
So far So good Havent been using app very long but havent had any problems Its a good app considering its on a phone with limited screen space                Customer
Love the coupons stuff                Nice upgrade
Obviously nobody tested this revision scan is worse than ever No way to get bar code in the scan box and no earthly reason to take half the screen with name and address of pharmacy CVS should contract with Walgreens their app worksAND no Apple Pay What a joke of an app    This app continues downhill
Best part is scan for refill                Cvs
I updated my current version started app and it shows me pop up saying my app version is old even though its 24 Also app crashes randomly on iOS 841    Wrong version
Works great on refills and to use my extra bucks after I register my account                Very Nice Upgrade
Nice app                New stuff
Hard to believe theres still no passbook support for the CVS card yet Just one more reason why I prefer Walgreens    No passbook wallet support
I do like this app and love the ability to send coupons to my extra care card However I keep getting notifications for perks by linking a prescription to the app but the app crashes every time I click on the start now link in the pharmacy section Have tried deleting and reinstalling with no success Very frustrating Maybe a blessing considering the other reviews of using it for pharmacy       App crashes when accessing pharmacy
Great app love getting my weekly ads                App
I havent been using the app on a regular basis until recently Ive found that there are a lot of great features that I didnt even know about I havent experienced any issues since the update                Great update
Im still waiting for Touch ID to be able to login to the pharmacy And passbook would be nice too Otherwise very convenient          Touch ID for pharmacy login
Needs passbook supportSTILL no passbook support214STILL no passbook support314STILL no passbook support31514STILL no passbook support4714STILL no passbook support61214STILL no passbook support71814STILL no passbook support8914STILL no passbook support9714STILL no passbook support102114STILL no passbook support but MCX allegiance means it will probably never show up 103114STILL no passbook support12814STILL no passbook support123114STILL no passbook support12915iBeacon support for some idiotic reason STILL no passbook support31115STILL no passbook support52215STILL no passbook support71415STILL no passbook support91415    Passbook
I find this app very useful for scripts Ive not had problems getting things filled Hope you can integrate the CVS card in this app as well             Love this app
At one point this app worked for me Unfortunately it doesnt right now The primary reason I have it is for linking my card so I dont have to carry the physical one around But each time I scan or manually enter my account number it tells me it has been registered When I go back to access it the account number is not linked I have tried this many times and several different days    Cant link to my card
Like the app but adding my extra care card I passbook would make me love it          Passbook
The app wont recognize my username and password    Cant even sign in
Nice app but navigating back and forth between the prescription is sometimes time consuming             Almost Perfect
Wont link card       Not good
The only thing Id like added on would be a shopping list This way I check off what I intended to buy The other benefit of having it opened while shopping is quick access to the bar code so that the cashier can scan it             Works for me
love it                great app
In general but Ive been pretty happy with this app as have many others My problem is knowing which of the many medications to refill Between my two kids me and my husband doctors continuously change dosages and I have sometimes refilled the wrong dose Id like a way to see the date the prescription was written the dosage and directions on how many times to take the medication this occurs when there are still refills left on an older prescription Once you fill the wrong one its really hard to undo From that I can determine which is the active prescription This would be a big help             Finding the latest prescription with the correct dosage
Ive used this app for several months now and have found it to be very useful and relatively easy to use The biggest benefit is not having to carry a card and the multitude of discounts which has saved me quite a bit of since CVS is like a 2nd home since it is just 1 block from my residence Nice job CVS                CVS app
App itself is okay but the loyalty card should be able to export to Passbook for iPhones Hoping to see this in the next update       Ok app
I like med remind feature                Nice upgrade with cool features
I love this app Everything I expected plus more                APPstanding
This fixed the crash at launch on iOS 9 A lot of other good features and fixes in this release Definitely download                Works on iOS 9
Downloaded at suggestion of clerk to make uploading photos easier Well the photo app doesnt work Dont understand this from a big company    Photo App Doesnt Work
I am sick and tired of going into the store and my discounts not appearing The lines start getting longer behind me and people start making me feel like Im doing something wrong I am through with cvs going to rite aid I have a 25 off coupon and they did not allow me to use it The salesperson Juan tried everything to make our experience better store 686 Monterrey ca    Bad experience
I got the app for one reason I go to CVS for all my photo printing needs and I thought the app would help me order prints from my phone more expediently As it turns out the app has nothing for the photo department So it doesnt help me at all though Im sure its very useful to others       Its missing something important
All excited for update only to be let down Trying to access pharmacy but keep getting a message that my info exists on another account The only account I had was the old version    Big Fail
Convenient but it seems like I have to attempt adding deals to my card several times as I keep getting errors Very frustrating    Would be great if didnt get errors most of the time
When I go into my deals and rewards it changes the brightness on my screen Even when I exit the app the brightness is still the same I have to go into my settings and toggle auto brightness of and then on for it to go back to my previous brightness Very aggravating And on top of that the app is really slow and trying to refill your prescriptions through the app is a joke    No no
So many bugs It freezes constantly    App needs updated
Was fine and now I cant log in Says to fill in info I do then says already associated with another account What Useless    Doesnt work when I need it
I do not like the fact that this app does not allow you to send your photos to CVS to be printed and picked up Walgreens and Rite Aid a few others have that capability CVS is really lacking on that Also the formatting of the app is more focused on prescription and not the store as a whole Do not take away but you do need to add more to this       Photos
Repeated problems not being able to sign in even when password is stored in phone Very frustrating when trying to order prescription refills       Constant login problems
I loved this app at the start When they started adding more features it got to the point where Id have to go to the main site because the app wouldnt load it I also would recommend a note to your pharmacy type setting like in patient portals It would be awesome if I could send a comment asking them to take post dated prescriptions off hold and eliminate unnecessary phone calls for good    Meh
I used this app for a month and then it stopped working I try to print photos and it wont let me check out it just tells me to keep adding photos Save your time skip this app       Awful
I love this app So easy to use and convenient Keep up the good work                Great app
Super app love the coupons                Mr alex
Good upgrade but add passbook feature                Rafael
I decided to take a chance and install this app I thought how bad could it be I thought there might be benefits exclusive to the app Nope I found it unusable slow and worthless and there was nothing about it that I couldnt find or do on the CVS website So I finally gave up and removed it from my home screen If CVS ever makes it better Ill reconsider and reinstall the app but until then forget it In short look at my onestar rating and run away from this appOh and by the way I was hoping to use the app to add my ExtraCare card to my Passbook but apparently not Thats something CVS ought to fix as well    Skip this POS app
It does the job I like it                Nice app
Great app Saves lots of wait time                TeTe
One of the few loyalty apps I use on a regular basis                Great app
I had downloaded this before then deleted it to make room for an iOS update lol Just downloaded again and noticed that they have made some nice updates to the app I still think this is the best app for tracking prescriptions                Keeps Getting Better
Easy to use Saves me a lot of money             Good app
First time user of CVS app userlove the notion to send the offers to my card and leverage for shopping in store                Offers made EASY


CVS Pharmacy
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.9
iPhone iPad

iOS CVS Pharmacy 1.9 Mobile

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