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DailyYoga.com , the publisher behind many iOS app (毎日ヨガ™ ,Daily Yoga™ ,每日瑜伽™), brings Daily Yoga™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Daily Yoga™ app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fantastic customer service..
  • I love the training programs..
  • Beautiful music choices Great selection for free..
  • video pictures and instruction are easy to follow and user friendly..
  • and is so easy to fit around my busy schedule..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This is the best Yoga app I've found so far.
I recommend this app to anyone looking for a good stress reliever.
I cannot recommend this to anyone.
I recommend it to my friends who are interested in starting yoga.
Lovely music.
instructional videos for each pose and wonderful music.
Helps you lose inches and feel wonderful.
Thank you daily yoga app.
This is one of the best Yoga apps I've found.
Fun & Engagingc94
Thanks and well done for making an awesome yoga app.
Totally Awesome Yoga App.
the customer support is AWESOME.
DY Support is awesome.
Inspiring App.
Very organized and fun.
The instruction is clear and calm and the videos are very helpful.
I love this app I use it every day.
I love doing yoga every day only with my iPad beside me.
and with this incredible app I do yoga everyday.
This has everything anyone interested in yoga could want.
This app is very useful and helpful.
Repeat Valuec84
I love that the sequences have different levels of difficulty.
Great presentation of yoga steps at different levels.
I love that some classes are more challenging than others.
how dome are more challenging than others.
Ease of Usec88
very easy to follow along and really enjoy the music.
with very simple instructions.
Very stable and easy to use.
Easy option.
Updates & Supportc100
Fantastic customer service.
The pro version includes more yoga workouts.
the customer support is AWESOME.
After upgrading to the new version u2026.
Great App and Customer Service.

The freebie yoga is excellent - easy to follow and great for beginners. found in 32 reviews
Every morning I do yoga for about half an hour. found in 3 reviews
The instructions are clear and the examples are easy to follow. found in 5 reviews
This is the best Yoga app I've found so far. found in 179 reviews
My first intro to yoga and I'm doing the beginner stuff. found in 4 reviews
I have used this app for over a year and I highly recommend it to everyone. found in 2 reviews
Yet Yoga is totally a great stress reliever. found in 6 reviews
Wonderful music to go along with great yoga work outs. found in 12 reviews
This is the best yoga app on the market especially for busy people. found in 4 reviews
The instruction is clear and calm and the videos are very helpful. found in 4 reviews
Daily Yoga is a great app when you are traveling. found in 99 reviews
Cannot turn off music. found in 2 reviews
Ads keep interrupting. found in 1 reviews
Wish there were a few more courses and more pranayama. found in 2 reviews
no sound since iOS update. found in 2 reviews
The airplay for Apple TV is really buggy too. found in 4 reviews
the app closed suddenly again. found in 1 reviews
updated iOS recently and then the sound disappeared. found in 2 reviews
This app has the most annoying ads. found in 1 reviews
New update is glitchy. found in 1 reviews
Need to fix sound. found in 2 reviews
however you're unable to access them from your downloaded library. found in 1 reviews
Crash fest. found in 1 reviews
Glitchy but worth it. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't work well recently. found in 1 reviews
I don't recommend this app-- yoga studio is much better. found in 8 reviews
I liked it enough to purchase a subscription. found in 3 reviews
No yoga FLOW. found in 2 reviews
Easy to follow but the sound doesn't work. found in 4 reviews
Can't get it to fully function. found in 2 reviews
when I was trying to sign in my pro account. found in 2 reviews
but the sound doesn't work on my phone. found in 4 reviews
Quits before it starts. found in 2 reviews
I upgraded to the pro version but still cannot access them. found in 2 reviews
Subscription doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
What's up with the constant ads that won't leave the screen. found in 2 reviews

The Daily Yoga™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 50.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Daily Yoga™ in DailyYoga.com`s Official Website : http://www.dailyyoga.com/

The OFFICIAL Daily Yoga coaching app, designed by DailyYoga Inc. Become subscribers to unlock ALL PRO SESSIONS with a much more cost-effective price Fully compatible with iphone and iPad, Daily Yoga is the World s Most Dedicated ...
Im grateful because of this app I cn continue to practice yoga exercise anytime anywhere it feel convenient for me Thanks for developing this useful app those free sessions really good and Im seduced to take the pros Keep improving and keep healthy                 Very helpful for beginners and workers
I love yoga and this app helps me design a workout Very simple and easy to use                 Great appmakes yoga so easy
After taking a few 4 week courses through an adult learning program I have come to really enjoy it This app is great for a beginner like me to use in between classes and over the summer break The moves are not too complicated the instructions and demonstration are very clear and I feel wonderful when I am done with a session                 I am new to yoga
Very nice app Recommend for everyone who loves yoga                 Awesome app for practicing yoga
When I no the yoga steps When I no the yoga steps that time I was thinking what I do for my best yoganobody is here who train me but now I am happy to see this applive yoga love yoga                 Live yoga love yoga
Ive changed my iphone and lost my subscription And there no way for help or contacting the developer           Great App but
This is a great app with a variety of poses categorized so that you may find specifically what yoga you need based off your skill level andor ailment I use this everyday                 Best Ive found
My schedule doesnt allow for me to go to classes when I would like toso having ability to do 20 or 30 minutes at a time in my living room is just fantasticThe everyday practice really makes a different Now I feel like my one or two hours a week at class can act as more of a master class instead of my whole pratice Love the yogic independence this brings                 Great way to make practice daily
Ive tried several yoga apps nothing has come close to being as thorough as this app Instructional videos for everything a communityforum exercise programs you cant go wrong                 Hands down THE best yoga app
This is an excellent resource for a daily practice for experienced and beginners I cant always get to a yoga class and this the best thing for my back injury over any pill or injection                 Very appreciative
I love this app It enables me to fit in as much or little yoga I have time for in any given day Ive never had any bad experience with it I highly recommend paying for the full version if you like the free version so much to offer Cheers                 Amazing app easy and functional
First of all I would like to thank Daily Yoga Team for making this peaceful app I hope that you will always make good app for us I know I trust this app a lot it has helped me a lot                 Lovely
I subscribed to the pro version of this app a few weeks back and still have not been able to access pro features I was billed for it and I sent a support question in on the company website but nobody ever got back to me and the problem was never fixed Extremely upset about this issue as I really do enjoy this app     Pro version problems
Buy this appWell worth the few bucks This app is amazingHas classes ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutesbeginner to expertI LOVE that I can choose whatever type of routuine Im feeling flexibilitystrengthbalancerelaxationand still talilor it to fit my busy schedule by choosing the length of timeAlsoit keeps track of what calsses youve taken on a calendar so you can track your progressYou can talk some yoga question in communityThe app also has a database of all poses and pose blocks listing how long to hold each pose it youre doing a blockand each pose is catagorized by difficulty levelThe womans voice matched the soothing musicOverall I give this app an AVery well donegreat whether youre just beginning your yoga practice or if youre already a seasoned expertGreat job Namaste                 I love it
I paid for the subscription and Im still unable to log into the pro sessions After reading a few reviews I am not the only one this has happened to Im disappointed     Never received subscription
I am a Yogi since I was in my 3rd grade that is why I Love Yoga so much it open up my mind it enhances your wisdom and let you manage your attitude and character adapt whatever environment you have in I also teach Yoga to those who believe in it This apps is a very helpful tools to me in my routines and practices also to all my fellow yogi practitioners by letting understand more briefly on what benefits they can gain by practicing Yoga precisely and correctly Thank you and an awesome job well done                 Yoga Enthusiast and Instructor
An addition to my weekly yoga class can do yoga in the comfort of my home Helps me to get in shape physically and mentally Absolutely love it                 Love this app
Absolutely perfect app for instruction music variety community support and at all levels Yes some of the programmes only become unlocked when you pay but were talking a lot less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month I think it worth it So glad I found this app                 I salute this app
This is by far my favorite yoga app I love the pace which is smooth and relaxing much more so than other apps Ive tried I had a problem with my purchase syncing so I emailed the developer and they resolved my issue promptly Great app great support                 Love love love
There is a class for every situation kids being crazy and you only have ten minutes to work out Husband took them to the park and you have an hour Back is killing you from doing yard work all day Theres multiple classes for every scenario You can search by duration focus intensity and the schedule allows you to monitor those practices youve completed and schedule those you want to try in the coming days Im working my way through the preset classes now so I cant comment on the customized workout feature but I have no doubt that it is as welldone as the other features of the app The classes themselves are enjoyable not too much repetition which is a bonus for me as I get bored doing                 The versatility of this app is fantastic
Perfect exercise Yoga is perfect exercise to do to lose weight and strengthen the body But I can no longer afford the membership or the time to drive 20 miles to nearest studio This app explains and shows how to do the poses gives you time to do them and allows you to connect with other people that love doing yoga                 LOVE IT Best on the market
Oklet me admit I am not the kind to write a review for any product ever I have used this app on and off over the past year Have always liked it whenever I used itI hadnt used it for the past few months since I have been tied up with too much work and needless to say have gained weightSo I started yoga and in addition to it was walkingrunning in the mornings with my husband or daughterAfter just a couple of sessions of joggingmy knee gave out and my entire body started to hurtI cut back to just wakingbut just the thought of having to deal with pain for the rest of the day always deterred me So todayI walked and followed it up with the runners flexibility yoga schedule for 15 mins and I am amazed at how nice I feelForget the painmy muscles feel completely restedIf this continues I may even be able to run againI am soldNow I love thisapp much more than I did in the pastThis is probably the best purchase youll make in the App Store                 The best purchase youll make in the App Store
Amazingworth every pennyIt has tons of class variety thoroughgentle guidance and challenging classes Ive been using it for several months and I still am in loveI am excited for each sessionKnowing how much I use this appI would have paid so much more for itthis is so coolI recommend it to anyone who is interested in yogaNever boring always leaves me feeling ready to start my dayYears ago I fell in love with yoga but after my children were born its been difficult to get to a studiomuch less afford the cost of classes thereIve come to love my home practice as it opens the door to really exploring myselfinstead of looking around and comparing myself to others at the studioThis new update will give more depth to my practice and I thank the developers for itLife is so good                 Love this app
I cannt begin to tell what a difference this app has made in my daily habitsMy husband and I have been doing our Yoga practice following this app classes twice a day for the past three weeks early in the morning a 30min session before going to work and 45min session in the afternoon after we come back from the officeIt is amazingWe are getting stronger and more flexible and the relaxation we experience after our hectic work day is pricelessWe already created other sessions by using the blocks and posses with the link poses featureOne thing I also like is that you can select the playlist so we have our favorite meditation music playing in the backgroundIt is a steal for the priceBuy it and use itYoull love it                 Great app for the price
I just used this app for the first time and I loved it Im a beginner at yoga and overnight and this app had poses that stretched and pushed my body without anything so difficult that I gave up THis is fantasticI recommended                 THis is fantastic
As a beginner who loves the idea of yogabut is not very good about going to classes or regularly practicing this app is exactly what I need I am able to practice in the comfort of my own home whenever I wantThe poses are demonstrated so I can see exactly how to hold myself and I can learn postures and poses on my time using the various options availabe in the appI just completed a quick 15 minute session before heading the office and am feeling great thanks to this easy to use app                 Love this app
Exactly what I wanted I was happy to find this app because it seemed like all the other yoga apps just linked to videos but already being familiar with yoga I just wanted a list of poses to help me develop my own home practice The app is simple but well organized and the favorites feature is a nice touch                 Good Yoga app
And at the sale price of 2999 for a year you cant beat it Its like having the instructors in your living room Think what you have to pay classes you go to I love how they explain it and go through it I will definitely get a good foundation from learning with this app Oh and they do the positions perfectly They are very good I use it every day                 Its fantastic My favorite app
Bought a 1year subscription today 50 off offer 82115 for 20 I cant access the Pro Plan Cant get the update to download on my iPad Air or iPhone 6 plus App keeps asking me to subscribe The app is broken Going to the Apple refund center for a refund The app seemed promising Wanted to watch my workout on the big screen     Wheres my subscription
Highly recommendIf you are a beginner yogi this is great app for youIm overweight so Id thought Id try thisI felt great after my first tryWill keep this app                 Love this app
Up grade to professional does not work cant get refund     No professional
Very helpful I like the description and instructions a lot This is simple and complete The benefits section seems to be from the original practice One claims to cure diabetes which is completely false and has no footnotes Nonetheless a very good app                 Nonetheless a very good app
I am new and scared of trying and failing at yoga But this is a really really good starts off slow and I can really feel my heart be quickening and the training working                 Happy
I understand the mental and physical benefits of yoga and have tried to keep it a regular part of my workouts many times before but sadly to no availIt wasnt until I came acoss this app that I decided to give it another goIm glad I did because I love these classes and can really feel the benefits already Thanks for a great desigh and I hope you guys keep adding more classes and itd be really great if this app could be linked to HealthKit                 Finally a Yoga program for me
I use this app before cardio and weight at the gymIts the perfect 15 minute stretching exercise to get the blood flowing body stretchedand heart racing before any workout                 Perfect Gym stretch Warm Up
This app has changed my lifeIt has been over a year that I use it on a daily basis I recently tried another yoga app to see what else the App store has to offer and I still choose this appI bought the paid version to be able to unlock everything but my only critique would be to develop the app a bit more for the next updateIt would be nice to have some more posesOther than thatthe way this app walks you through the pose is very well done and easy to follow and learn yogaI also love the ocean music                 I use this every single day
I love how i can do yoga on my own with this app Theres no yoga clinic here in our place so when i found this yoga appi was so happy Although some are really hard especially for a noob like me but i find it so amazing                 Great help
This app is incredible It is far better then any app I have ever seenIt is almost the same experience as being in a yoga classThis app has been wonderful it allows me to do a class in 1530or 45 min at whatever level Im at focusing on whatever I need to focus onIt also has a class for after my runs                 Absolutely amazingunreal
Being new to yogaI downloaded number of different apps to try out This was far and away the most elegant and functional desigh I m now doing yoga everyday for the first time in my life and enjoying it The courses are well organized and pose section does a great job of really explaining what you are doing with the poses I find the instructor very helpful for simply talking you through the moves and a class I would love to see the instructor dialog available during the custom classes And for those who dont prefer the voiceover and can be turned off And it works offline Perfect Great job by Daily Yogateam Thanks                 Fantastic Yoga app
Really great set of instructions to keep in shape Easy to follow and app has nice interface too                 Great to carry
The music on some apps can be really annoying but on this app the music is really soothing and the poses have really helped my balance                 What a wondeful app
Cant get the other music that should be available for pro version only has one background music gets really boring     Cant download music on pro
I love the large selection of free easy to understand Pictures Instructions Targeted Muscle Areas and Asanas I am a beginner striving to learn all poses names and benefits so that I can become an instructor I love this app                 Exactly what I need
Love the sequences a fibro fighter so a great tool Well done and thank you                 Yoga Fantastic descriptions and explanations
I have tried so many yoga apps over the past few years and this oneby faris the bestI am a certified instructor and am more than capable of desighing my own practicebut its nice to let someone else do the thinking even yoga teachers need yoga teachers This app offers everything you could needeach practice comes in your choice of running timeand they are all completely customizableThere are multiple musical selections to choose fromor you can make your own playlist from your music and use thatIf you are new to your yoga practice rest assured that the beginner classes are easy to followgenlte and explained wellA few cues could be added for alignmentbut once you get to know the posesyou will be fineThe intermediate classes are tailored to a seasoned practioner quite welland the advanced wont disappointI would give this app 10 stars if I could                 The Best Yoga App out There
I am a middle aged traveler who misses her yoga at the gym when I am away I feel that without practicing at least several times per week that my poor body simply tightens up until it completely seizes Back sholders IT band calves especially achilles I am also not an enthusiastic exerciser which means trying to do things on my own without someone telling me what to do never lasts more than then minutes before I get bored or want to quit This app is perfect for when I am on the roadI can choose how much time I have to stretch andor strengthen and what level I feel up to practicing I can choose a series based on which part hurts the worst when I wake up The app is simple to use and clear to understand                 Yoga on the go
Probably the best app out there Very specific and at the same time doesnt miss out on any details                 Doesnt miss the point
Ive always wanted to do yoga more but work and college have consumed my life and classes arent really an option for me right now I found this app along with a bunch of free ones and naturally I tried the free ones first I dont normally buy apps I decided to give this one a chance and I m glad I did I like that you download the videos so you always have them even if you travel somewhere you dont have a phone connection And I really enjoy that there is a variety of types strength flexibility comboand you get to choose how long you go for If I have an hour before work I can do a quick 15 minute video and follow along with the woman in the video Very convenient and helpful                 Love this app worth paying for
Pro version doesnt work     Disappointment
The videos in the app are very good this is the perfect app for complete yoga with all aspects covered so beautifully The music is so calming My search ends here                 Best app

Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™Daily Yoga™ Health & Fitness Daily Yoga™

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