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Jackadam, the publisher behind many iOS app (Tiny Face ,Dark Sky), brings Dark Sky with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dark Sky app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it did one thing -- hyperlocal very short term forecasts..
  • Dark Sky has become THE best weather application - bar none..
  • Thanks for the uniquely good long distance view..
  • Essential as a bike commuter..
  • The maps are fine for checking the weather at your current location..

Overall Satisfactionc48
I'm very impressed by how accurate the weather alerts are.
no weather alerts or warnings.
It's amazingly accurate and has a very well done interface.
I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.
This App is useless to anyone in Shelby Twp.
This is THE best weather app in the app store.
I absolutely love the new design.
Fun & Engagingc45
Awesome weather app.
By far the most useful weather app and widget in the AppStore.
The app is beautiful and contains lots of useful information.
this app is essential.
Tells me everything I want to know and does it really beautifully.
Production Valuesc56
The radar animations and scrolling through time is awesome.
I like the ultra simple interface and the radar animation.
Like many others I'm used to old interface.
I do really miss the old interface.
fuzzy weather map animations - theirs are smooth.
I especially like the map animations.
Ease of Usec66
Simple elegant interface.
Remarkably accurate and simple / elegant.
most convenient weather app - with story.
Updates & Supportc41
customer service is fantastic and responds quickly to questions and comments.
Great new updates.
and this update makes it even better.

Its Weather Radar map functionality is a completely different story. found in 27 reviews
And the accuracy of weather within minutes is scary accurate. found in 10 reviews
I love this app and use it as my default weather app. found in 11 reviews
The most accurate weather app I have ever used. found in 46 reviews
Provides notifications of real time weather events in my current location. found in 4 reviews
Remarkably accurate predictions of rain down to a few minutes. found in 10 reviews
This app uses location service constantly even when in the background. found in 11 reviews
but the map crashes as soon as you touch it. found in 2 reviews
This version tries to do too much and fails. found in 7 reviews
Please at least offer a dark theme option. found in 8 reviews
Not a huge fan of the new radar. found in 11 reviews
I'd like to see a landscape mode for iPad users. found in 8 reviews
It's currently raining and I'm still getting "clear skies are boring ". found in 15 reviews
This app requires location services constantly which drains the battery super fast. found in 13 reviews
It's currently raining and I'm still getting " clear skies are boring ". found in 26 reviews
but it's currently raining outside and the app hasn't given a peep. found in 10 reviews
EDIT: App no longer requires location services for normal use. found in 13 reviews
With the new update notifications no longer function. found in 5 reviews
The new version is a very disappointing big step backwards. found in 3 reviews
There's a problem getting your forecast" and " uh oh. found in 13 reviews
And not even freezing rain. found in 9 reviews
Crashes a lot on ipad mini. found in 7 reviews
there is steady rain outside and the app says no rain. found in 8 reviews
With the new redesigned version all push notifications have stopped. found in 71 reviews
Forecast is also consistently WRONG about when rain is coming. found in 21 reviews
I am seriously disappointed with the new map update. found in 18 reviews
Most infuriating is the globe radar map. found in 42 reviews
and when I opened the app it reflected NO rain for the next hour. found in 134 reviews
There is no winter storm warning for my area. found in 19 reviews
The charts displaying when it is supposed to rain are inaccurate. found in 150 reviews
meanwhile it's pouring down outside for the next two hours. found in 35 reviews
It's constantly telling me that my weather information is unavailable. found in 44 reviews
Please put " landscape view " into app. found in 19 reviews
New color scheme is a fail. found in 27 reviews
Average to poor presentation of other weather data. found in 25 reviews
What happened to the zoomed in map view. found in 15 reviews
ADVICE: If you live near a USA national weather service radar station. found in 16 reviews
but it fails delivering correct information and weather forecast. found in 20 reviews

The Dark Sky is now available for $3.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Dark Sky check developer Jackadam`s website : http://darkskyapp.com

Dark Sky can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow) up to an hour in advance, so you re free to walk the dog or play another set of tennis ...
This used to be my go to app Was more accurate than the local weather stations apps For the past few months not so much Final straw for me was today Predicted 100 chance of rain Its humid as hell and we didnt even get a sprinkle No rain           Eeeeesh
It is okay for temp but it does not tell you it is raining even when it has been raining for 3 hrs LameO        Not accurate for rain
Stood alone until they replaced the working gestures with those that are unnatural Apple Weather is better than this           Was King of the Mountain now King of Focus Groups
Data is different between iPhone and Apple Watch           Not accurate on Apple Watch
Wrong     Wormg
Being by no means a weather addict I just need a weather app that tells me the actual temperature the wind chill whether its going to rain or snow and occasionally the humidity level Found all this with Dark Sky Tired of weather apps that tell you way too much or are beautiful but tell you so little you cannot even understand what theyre saying Dark Sky goes to the point in a concise graphical manner One quick look and you can see whether theres going to be some precipitation For those of you who only want to know whether you should throw your miniumbrella in your bag or wear a heavier coat this is it                 Works great
Wind direction is reported by the direction from which it originates For example a northerlywind blows from the north to the south1 Wind direction is usually reported in cardinal directions or in azimuth degrees For example a wind coming from the south is given as 180 degrees one from the east is 90 degreesHowever The apps indicators are 180 degrees out              I wouldve given it 5 stars but
Some more Widget options would be nice At least add an option to allow us to display the low and high for the day via the WidgetAlso please add complication support for Watch OS2Thanks           Today Widget needs work
I love this app The rain warnings are a life saver especially when you are not currently under shelterThe only thing I would like to see is a pollen predictor The weather channel app stays on my phone for that sole reason              Almost perfect
Great idea for an app and a cool application of the technology Too bad its usually inaccurate Which you know makes it kind of worthless Previous versions were a whole lot better        Inaccurate
Looking outside the ground is wet It is raining Dark Sky thinks it will rain in two days I live in a remote portion of Northern California you probably have never heard of San Francisco YMMV     Accuracy Not very
OMG Dark Sky is incredible It was recommended by a friend and I have been amazed at its accuracy Notifications work perfectly fine for me I especially like the daily summary at 700 AM Right away I know what to expect for the dayGet it You wont regret it                 The BEST and most accurate weather prediction app
I live in Asia and the radar function has never worked Huge disappointment When back in the US and the radar did work the app didnt wow me either     Does not work overseas
I was looking forward to this app Only once did it accurately advise when rain was about to begin All the settings are correct Save your money     Fail
I find that Dark Sky will let me know if there is going to be 1 drop of rain It announces the light rain and its not enough to warrant an umbrella Yet when major storms come through Im in Chicago it has never alerted me to this Once I open the app during a thunderstorm itll tell me how much longer its going to rain But this isnt very helpful if Im out and about ie Ive left my umbrella in the car because there was no warning So it seems overly sensitive to a tiny bit of rain and completely out undersensitive to a lot of rain I no longer use it and have gone back to my free weather apps that are more accurate     Worthless
This really is by far the best weather app Ive ever used I have spent a lot of time exploring the temperature and precipitation on the map scrolling around the world and zooming out for the big picture Its amazing Its fairly accurate as it it tells you when it will begin to rain as well It is the first app I check in the morning                 Best weather app
I highly recommend this app I work as a diver and I need some help with the whether all the time Very accurate                 Great app
I think this is a great app which is awesome for letting you know when the rain is going to lessen and start and stopMy one problem with it is it doesnt give chances of thunderstorms which means you are forced to try the radar to see this but it would be great to see chance of thunderstorms like other weather services              Great service but lacking thunderstorms
Is not accurate its raining an app says its not raining Total waste kind of hard to predict weather to the second     Dont waste your money
Out of so manyand worth the price I particularly love the feels like option in the notification widget I can swipe down and see whats happening at any time or go into the app for spookyaccurate forecasts heavy rain ending in about 24 minutes and it doesI bought on the recommendation of an acquaintance and now I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone I meet Its that good Ive ditched my other weather apps and rely on this indispensable one                 The best weather app
Worth the money pleasant tones useful information                 Useful
Im sitting outside and there is no rain in sight yet it says it is raining right now Thats as inaccurate as I can imagine My free weather app tells me the status of weather better than this one does by a mile     Light rain on app no rain outside
I purchased this app before it was 400 after reading what an amazing weather app it was After using it for over a year now I can tell you it isnt very accurate As I write this Dark Sky calls for cloudy weather and rain 21 miles away Well its raining right now I have also found its forecasting for the coming week is almost always incorrect Some days are not off by a lot but its inaccurate enough that I never trust it This app may be more accurate in some regions of the country but in the Pacific Northwest I have found it to be anything but Please dont waste your time or money on this app        Not worth 400
I use this app every day and have come to trust its predictions The watch companion app is good too                 Buy it
As a cyclist and runner accurate weather information is vital Dark Sky fails to deliver I have lost count of the times that Ive checked the app to see no rain in next hour only to start a run or bike ride and have it rain within 15 minutes This morning I checked the app nearest rain 11 miles to the north yet here I am soaking wet 30 minutes later writing this reviewFails to deliver on what the developer promises     Not accurate enough
I continually experimented with weather apps and ended up with way too many Why a simple 5 This is the only one I ever use                 A Simple 5
Theres been nothing but issues like the info not updating providing dated info etc     Since 50 Update
From the customizable alarms to be warning prior to rain this a lot this app has been a godsend And it for the most part accurate              I love this app
I could have understood all the hype around this app if it worked as advertised Dark Sky promises magic but delivers reality Although it does have a pretty interfaceThe drizzle starting soon notification is almost never accurate Could it be raining somewhere in the metro Maybe But it never rains at my location Its almost like a running joke on the user Also those notifications maybe pop up 14 of the time I actually went in to double check the settings ensuring theyre turned on for this app Theyre onThe temp feature seems to be accurate The only problem is the constant recalibration of your location Its not automatic You have to push find my location every time you open the app        Unreliable
My favorite weather app                 Excellent easy interface
Ive seen the rave reviews about Dark Sky on review sites and wow its a great Apple Watch app I held off buying til earlier today on a whim I got it I set everything up authorized notifications and everything but I got a warning that notifications werent enabled so I should check Settings Well I checked settings and notifications were indeed enabled Banner Next I set up the app on my watch and added a glance for it All seemed well as it was telling me the nearest rainfall was 36 miles southeast of meAs luck would have it I had to leave the office to pick something up It was overcast but no warning of rain on the app I went walking and as I got back to the office it was raining pretty good outside Yet No alert on the watch no alert on the phone I opened the app and lo and behold it informed me that theres light rain outside Uhhhh I coulda told the app thatSo thanks for the Essentials label Thanks for the great reviews Were they paid advertisements I wonder The app on day one seems worthless The sites said it would tell me five minutes before it rained I did set that up And yet Im wet from head to toe 399 down the drain        Sorry but this app is a big fail for me
While people do give me strange looks when I say I paid money for a weather app this app is worth every penny There have been a multiple of times since getting this app that I was able to bring my bike inside before it started to rain thanks to the notification from this app Cant recommend this app enough                 Worth every penny
Best in class                 V good
But it does not alert me anymore when rain is coming              its awesome
Great when it works 99 of the time but there seems to be a bug where the app sometimes fail to detect my locationUpdate the app can be modified to take advantage of the iPad screen real estate better There are just tons of white space all around right now                 Cant find location sometimes
Lack of updates Email tweet support and get no response App layout needs work Went back to accuweather Charge for this app support it Once u get our money u slow down in updates     Terrible support
This app keeps getting betterI love this app They keep adding great functionality like the feels like temperature and ability to report conditions which were exactly what I wantedIts also my favorite Apple Watch app So cool to get rain notifications that are totheminute accurate on your wrist                 iOS 9 update is amazing
Great for predicting rain Horrible for temperature Great user interface           Temperature very inaccurate
Never mind the naysayers This is a fine app one of the best How many other apps use the data provided by weatherio Lots Because its about as accurate as it getsAnyone complaining about not being properly notified need to remember it is THE WEATHER I was watching Bill Nye the Science Guy with my fiveyearold son and heard something really interesting mathematically speaking its simpler to send a man to the moon than it is to figure what the weather is going to do Where I live Ive seen it POURING south of 19th Street and not a drop north of 19th Thats life This app gives you the best guess humanly possible as to whats going to happen with the weatherBob Dylan said you dont need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows And while looking up usually gives me the best guess about the next five minutes Dark Sky is a big legup for the following 55 minutes I wont knock them for not knowing the utterly unknowable specifics of weatherTheyve come closer than anything else Ive ever seen Than may ever be possible                 Great Great Great
Im not sure whos reviewing this app giving high ratings I had high hopes but the notifications just dont work The forecasts are accurate either Weatherbug for free is way more accurate than this costly app Im sorry I wasted my money dont do the same     Not sure whos reviewing
Predictions of rain and drizzle are not at all reliable It does a good job with temperature        Rain prediction in not reliable
Update Sept 2015 I still miss the crowd sourced feedback but the app has gotten more accurate Ive set it to alert me of heavy rain and it always does albeit with very little noticeThis was a micro forecasting app but it often gets things wrong and it felt good to be able to offer additional data Eg right now we have snow flurries but the app say theres no precipitation in 70 miles In previous versions crowd sourced data was invited Now its just another weather app but all bw              No more user input
I have tried this app on and off for a year now and while it is elegant the notifications dont workIt clearly still advertises government warnings for important stuff like tornados but they dont appear or the notifications dont get pushed properlyMost of us would love to have just one weather app but Dark Sky is not that one        Notifications Simply Dont Work
0 chance of precip on the app raining like crazyThis happens so often I am deleting the appIt is not even remotely accurate        Wrong when you need it most
Terrific predictive radar super easy to interpret rain probability graph and best iWatch app Big fan of WUnderground too but not of their politically correct manmade global warming agendaAlerts are very good but not perfect Weather being a very complex science Im a son of a meteorologist NO forecast is perfect                 One of my two favorite WX apps
Absolutely useless at predicting rain I would not recommend buying this app even if its only 4     Does not work
Save your money and stick with the weather channel app This mediocre at best I would delete if it wasnt for the fact I spent 400 on it Do more research     Way over priced
It takes 710 seconds to load every time I start the app More importantly it is inaccurate in the one hing it is supposed to do Predict rain Twice in the last week it has been pouring out and the app said that there was no rain currently and that there was a 0 chance of rain that day     Overrated
Good app needs improvement but its good                 Its ok
Great new features                 The best out there IMO

Dark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar AnimationDark Sky Weather Radar Animation

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