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MildMania, the publisher behind many iOS games (rop ,Darklings Season 2 ,Darklings ,Jelly Lab), brings Darklings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Darklings games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Art style of shadows with shadows on shadows with cool crowns..
  • Simple best awesome game ever..
  • This game is a good way to kill time..
  • This game is super fun and definitely great graphics..
  • This is am amazing game and I love it sooo much..

Overall Satisfactionc76
I hope they will develop more levels and enemies.
I do love playing this game and I have mostly enjoyed my experience.
I love this game it's super simple.
Everything is perfect except the game it's self.
This is am amazing game and I love it sooo much.
Amazing game but keeps crashing at home screen please fix.
They just need to add more bosses.
Art style of shadows with shadows on shadows with cool crowns.
Love it one of the best games I've played u2026.
Amazing and Addicting Game.
Fun & Engagingc81
Simple best awesome game ever.
You ruined a potentially awesome game.
This game is super fun and definitely great graphics.
Makes what could be super fun just extremely frustrating.
I hope they will develop more levels and enemies.
They just need to add more bosses.
This is a fun little game.
Addictive gameplay and beautiful artwork make this game at.
This game is amazingly fun and addictive.
the music and everything about this game.
Replay Valuec83
I hope they will develop more levels and enemies.
It is extremely addicting and challenging.
A lot of fun to play and easy to master.
difficult to master.
Though a bit repetitive in terms of content.
Fun and challenging at the same time.
Production Valuesc75
This game is great with cool graphics and unique gameplay.
different and jaw beautiful graphics.
Awesome game play.
Beautiful animations.
Ease of Usec81
Thumbs up for an amazing yet simple game.
A simple concept and very enjoyable.
Updates & Supportc75

the creators of this game. found in 1 reviews
I haven't run into any glitches during gameplay at all. found in 3 reviews
It's very relaxing and fun. found in 2 reviews
A great app to play to play to pass the time. found in 7 reviews
Only drawback is lack of instruction section. found in 2 reviews
Excellent and original game play. found in 3 reviews
Amazing and Addicting Game. found in 6 reviews
I've tried to do it countless times and I keep dying. found in 2 reviews
Fun little time waster with great mood and graphics. found in 4 reviews
Yay first one to write a review. found in 3 reviews
Great artwork with gesture based gameplay that's unique. found in 2 reviews
Extremely fun and innovative gameplay. found in 2 reviews
This game is great with cool graphics and unique gameplay. found in 8 reviews
Awesome game play. found in 1 reviews
and adds to the overall feel of the game well. found in 1 reviews
game of the year nominee gaming illustrated. found in 2 reviews
Y'all need to update. found in 2 reviews
I do love playing this game and I have mostly enjoyed my experience. found in 12 reviews
pretty even it is only black and white. found in 4 reviews
sometimes I perform the symbols exactly but the game doesn't recognize it. found in 12 reviews
At this point it's just too frustrating to play it anymore. found in 2 reviews
needs more instructions. found in 2 reviews
Enough with the local push notification spam. found in 1 reviews
The game looks fun but it crashes on my ipad mini. found in 9 reviews
it's impossible to collect stars without gesturing. found in 10 reviews
however no matter how many times I try. found in 3 reviews
But because it isn't setup as a board game. found in 2 reviews
Fun but hard to draw some symbols. found in 2 reviews
Cons: Power ups are useless since you have to buy refills. found in 22 reviews
I think the game needs some fixing
but I can't get past the first screen. found in 8 reviews
Great concept bad execution. found in 3 reviews
Needs more instructions. found in 8 reviews
which makes it frustrating to an extent. found in 2 reviews
This game is really fun but needs more bosses. found in 3 reviews
Love the game but it keeps force closing. found in 3 reviews
Cool graphics but pointless and repetitive. found in 6 reviews
Amazing game but keeps crashing at home screen please fix. found in 6 reviews
I can't get past the tutorial stage doing the 3 combos. found in 6 reviews
Boss battles are impossible. found in 10 reviews
Don't get it if you have iPod 4 or older. found in 8 reviews
This app just crashed in iPhone 5s. found in 6 reviews
but the game crashes on iPad mini right after it loads. found in 9 reviews
This game doesn't even let you finish the tutorial. found in 12 reviews
And also there's the gesture recognition problem. found in 7 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Darklings for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 85.9 MB to download. The new Darklings app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22.
Bottom Line: For more information about Darklings check developer MildMania`s website : http://mildmania.com/darklings/

Launch & Black Friday sale (%50) for 2 weeks."An extraordinarily unique and exciting game with a thrilling concept" - 148Apps (4.5/5)Darklings is an epic endless adventure through magical worlds. Experience unique gesture driven gameplay blended ...
Seriously this is got to be my favorite game since Minecraft came out Not that that has anything to do with this game but its still awesome                 Best game EVAH
This is a cool little game but DONT ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS I got at least thirty notifications a day for this game no exaggeration at all I tried turning them in my settings and the notifications still came Deleted it because dont really play it anyways and it was the only way to get rid of the dang notifications        Holy notifications
It kept crashing before I could even play     CRASH
The game is just plainly beautiful I love the graphics and the characters Its a great game if you like limbo then you would love this one                 3 This Game
Fun game beautiful interface Easy to learn though the challenges are a bit tough to understand Very enjoyable                 Tricky challenging pretty UI
Killer gameLove it                 Rockin
For a game thats rated 4 it shouldnt say Now Im p           Id give it 5 but
The styling is cool but the gameplay can get a lil repetitive and the upgrades take too long to save up for              Really fun
The style is fantastic the gameplay is difficult but the kind of difficult that makes it really really fun This game is just amazing in almost every way                 Great game
This game was amazing and one I even played in my classroom as a supplement to a SciFi novel we are currently reading Now it will not even open What happened     Crash On Impact
Do I do this the whole time Eh        Ehok
This game is so simple but beautifully made It reminds me of the game Limbo though not as elaborate I would request that missions could be completed multiple times in a game rather than having to die to start a new mission Also if music could be turned offon manually that would be great Hate having to turn off music every time I open the game                 Beautifully made
Send me irritating notifications all the time and I rate you with a onestar     Irritating
I dont understand everybodys fascination with this game Sure its a great concept but its just not super fun           Meh
Love the atmosphere and the game play Plenty of powerups in the store and you can earn your way to them The Reaper is cool btwUpdate After a long time playing off and on my only wish is new levels and bosses Three is just too short and the sequel just isnt funTip A stylus really helped me speed up drawing shapes                 One of My Favs
I really enjoy this games for the animations and sounds There are inapp purchases but I dont feel bombarded by them like in some other games Ive played so Im not sure about the lower reviews in that regard Maybe I boughtdownloaded a different version than Im aware of What I do wish is that there was more variety in the game play I do find some changes the more I play but I think the high quality appearance of the games demands more Thanks              Beautiful animations good level of difficulty
Although the game is aesthetically pleasing the gameplay is simple and monotonous and as far as I can tell seems to be designed simply to encourage the player to purchase inapp purchases I played it for an hour or so but it never got interesting and the mechanics never changed You just spend the entire time drawing symbols displayed on the foreheads of the monsters progressing toward you and collecting stars when you kill them There is a little bit of strategy in trying to engineer combos while beat ing a clock but not enough to make the game interesting or engaging        Just designed to peddle inapp purchases
I love this game Its positively addicting yet it actually engages your mind somewhat to reproduce the strange symbols it provides Ive never seen anything else like it                 Very Innovative
Love this game The graphics are fantastic the game play unique and challenging Big fan                 Super Fun
This is the third version of my review which I changed as I played and learned more I stopped playing after realizing that I had killed every Big Boss twice and there would be no more advancement I wondered why it seemed that I kept returning and ending up at the original level after killing the last boss This is a fun game at a bargain price but until more levels are added I see no point in continuingA brief tutorial at the start shows that you must quickly draw the symbol attached to each monster on your screen with your finger in order to destroy it and others near it When destroyed they release stolen stars that you collect with your finger The stars give you energy to continue and currency to buy increased powers or useless costumesWhat I call a glitch is that the effectiveness of your drawing varies with the symbol Some are more forgiving than others and some must be drawn differently from the way they are displayed This is frustrating at first until you figure out the best way to draw each one That can be overcome but its truly aggravating when the game isnt as responsive or not at all to the drawing of the symbols during the Big Boss final challenge as it is for the very same symbols in the rest of the level At times it wouldnt recognize certain symbols I drew in particular the one shaped like a corkscrew no matter how I drew them so that I could not complete the level I think the developers should fix that And during the more advanced Big Boss challenges you will lose if you hesitate for only a halfsecond Literally Give us a breakThere are some moments depending on where your Lum is positioned after a kill that the game doesnt show you any monsters for several seconds and waiting wears down your energy store which puts you closer to your demiseWhat it doesnt tell you are these 1 You can draw the symbols anywhere on the screen 2 Your soul briefly takes the shape of the monster you just killed something to remember when pulling in stars 3 Keep playing again and again to accumulate as many stars as you can which you can use to obtain extra defenses and powers and extend your energy click on the gift icon 4 When a Big Boss appears draw every symbol it spews out before they fall to the ground If you complete that task in the advanced levels your Lum will levitate and a ring of light will rotate around it with four more symbols to draw Heres the big secret As the boss attacks parts of the ring will disappear but you cant make the symbols disappear and win unless you draw them while the remaining parts of the ring touch them              Beautiful addictive challenging some glitchiness
Paid 199 for a game I loved on my boyfriends phone But just after one day of having the app it quits every time I try to open it Waste of money     Darklings
Thank you for removing the spammy notifications the game is pretty fun                 Im Glad this is still being updated
Fun and challenging gameplay but it does get pretty repetitive              Great game
this game is absolutely amazing i rarely review games but this is just beautifully made incredibly fun and addicting cxi hope you get a chance to play this game also wonderful music and fantastically cute characters cx                 honestly
This is such a great gametime wast while under the influence of medical marijuana I got lost in it for hours                 Stone
Cant get enough of it                 Such a beautiful app
Love the style and the music              good game
The updates have been few and far between with nothing worth mentioning Lacks dedication and new content     Had potential
This is a game It must not and does not need to send me any notifications be it local or remote Stop being scummy aholes and create a good game without any annoyances and people will pay for it     Dont Send Me Notifications
Only reason it doesnt have 5 stars is because you have yet to add more realms Please add at least 1 or 2 more levels and I will rate it 5 stars and share with everyone I know Im at Level 29 and deleted it for a while and my progress is saved when I redownloaded Really sick now so gonna smoke a bowl and go to town XD perfect for all ages music and animation is cute yet dark One of my favorite indie games here A classic game with a vibe like Limbo and gameplaystrategy that Ive never seen before Easy to kill an hour before I realize it great for deep game play and to kill a few minutes in line at the dmv I recommend to players of all levels ages and skills              Love love love
As I said before amazing in every way But heres an idea for a new level sea with some fish looking enemies Since theres a forest cave and sky level I can tell its based on different areas of nature or the world so why not add a sea level Just a suggestion but I cant wait to see whats next                 New Area Idea
The game is repetitive but I love the art style the music and everything about this game I actually would buy the game soundtrack if available                 Love it
Freezes on opening sequence on my iPhone 6 plus     Was good Needs update
The game is cute addicting and well thought out I havent run into any glitches yet Can be very challenging too              Unique and fun
I love the graphics but i do think that sometimes it doesnt read the drawings very well and you die even though you drew the symbol Maybe i have to perfect the drawings but maybe you should make it a little easier at first and then up the difficulty           This little monsters
A quick and beautiful game it requires you to think and memorize patterns a amazing game                 Breath taking
I absolutely love this game                 Love it
This game is really cool It is really different from other games I like that I wouldve rated less because of the spam notifications but now they updated it which is awesome                 Great game
I love this game I have it four stars because sometimes I feel like it just doesnt register It can be pretty irritating Ill even slow down think Im not doing it correctly but then it still wont work and then die              Great game
I loved and sunk a LOT of time into this game and a few extra dollars to boot Today though it crashes EVERY time I open it It used to have 4 stars Now 1The game was mildly glitchy to begin with with but I was willing to put up with that Occasionally symbols wouldnt be recognized or Lum would just disappear from the screen This needs to be fixed stat     Used to be tons of fun
Fun little time absorber great cute game                 Niice
Its so fun to play and the graphics are so beautifully made I would recommend to everyone                 Lovely App
the graphics are lovely gameplay is smooth and addicting enough As others have said I think there should be more bosses in the futureAlso Please make an option for audio to be turned off or preferably an option to turn off all audio or just music This is very typical among games and rightfully so              Beautiful with lots of room to grow
I love how beautiful it is Its very relaxing and fun I hope since Season 2 of Darklings is out now they wont abandon this app They could implement a few of the changes to this app and continue to update it                 Intricately designed and beautiful
I love this game it is worth getting it even though its hard                 Love this game
Thanks for the update I thought Im going to lose the game Darklings on my iPhone 6                 Thanks for the update
love the concept and visuals are awesome                 fun
Thank you for fixing notifications                 Notifications still NOT fixed
Its a awesome app butwhen you turn off the nota factions it still nota fies you FIX IT IT DRIVES ME NUT thank you                 Nota factions

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