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sigterm , the publisher behind many iOS app (Data Usage ,Megabytes - Cellular (3G/4G/LTE/GPRS/EDGE) data usage on your Home Screen ,Data Usage Pro ,iBolt File D/L ,Zip Music D/L - Free Downloader, Un-zipper & Player), brings Data Usage with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Data Usage app has been update to version 4.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best app to keep track of your data .
  • I'm usingthe app to monitor wifi usage in cost-sensitive situation..
  • This app is very helpful in tracking usage..
  • Very usefull..
  • not just Reading List and not just Safari..

Overall Satisfactionc79
It's by far the best data monitoring app I've ever tried.
For iphone 5 support :.
The Best App in Class.
It's honestly the best dollar I've ever spent.
Best tracker to date.
and this is by far the best one available.
Fun & Engagingc77
Awesome tracker.
Awesome and helpful.
Now I keep it running all the time.
Very useful and accurate.
Keeping track on my usage helps me save money.
This app is very helpful in tracking usage.
Great app and very useful to track down data usage with carrier.
Just everything works perfect.
This app is essential.
Essential tool.
Production Valuesc100
Nice interface and graphics.
wonderfully simple elegant interface.
Ease of Usec78
This app works great and is very simple to set up and use.
App is very easy to configure and has a lot of flexibility.
back to " simple and handy ".
Works intuitively.
Very helpful and easy to use.
Also it does not automatically reset on date selected.
I wanted to rate it a 4.

Lots of great customization options. found in 3 reviews
Great tracking of usage and comparison with target values. found in 3 reviews
Have the ability to chart usage over a time period. found in 2 reviews
Especially for the price. found in 1 reviews
This app has allowed me to save $15. found in 8 reviews
It's da shiznit. found in 1 reviews
Great for watching a business account. found in 2 reviews
It's by far the best data monitoring app I've ever tried. found in 14 reviews
The Best App in Class. found in 2 reviews
Dose it's job. found in 1 reviews
This application works exactly as advertised. found in 2 reviews
Great app a plus to track my super 200mb data plan. found in 3 reviews
One of the best iOS utilities out there in my opinion. found in 2 reviews
Pro is the way to go. found in 1 reviews
a well conceived app. found in 1 reviews
Keeps track of both 3G and WiFi. found in 3 reviews
very goooooood. found in 2 reviews
Great app and very useful to track down data usage with carrier. found in 2 reviews
Best usage tracker I've found. found in 5 reviews
This App performs as advertised. found in 2 reviews
This software is inaccurate and need to adjust all the time. found in 18 reviews
I wish I didn't have to open the app every time I reboot. found in 3 reviews
Would be very helpful if it monitored individual app usage. found in 2 reviews
Beats having to log onto Verizon every couple of hours. found in 5 reviews
OK APP BUT POINTLESS. found in 1 reviews
Very good but constantly uses location services on my ipad 3. found in 9 reviews
Ok but doesn't measure tether usage. found in 2 reviews
The app would be much better if tracked minutes used. found in 2 reviews
But still not quite right with data usage values. found in 1 reviews
Could improve if it can track WIFI usage by access point. found in 3 reviews
Great but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
App doesn't update usage automatically. found in 2 reviews
Missing the time and the battery indicators. found in 1 reviews
which also makes absolutely no sense. found in 1 reviews
Also it does not automatically reset on date selected. found in 8 reviews
Great but needs iPhone 5 support and. found in 5 reviews
App asks you to run the app before and after a reboot. found in 10 reviews
Worthless if you reboot or battery dies. found in 1 reviews
All was well until I updated to iOS 7. found in 5 reviews
Icon percentage can't update automatically. found in 4 reviews
It tracks wifi usage but nothing else. found in 18 reviews
Pro upgrade for today widget is a complete ridiculous. found in 3 reviews
Crashes on New iPad. found in 5 reviews
You can't even see the cellular usage screen anymore. found in 23 reviews
It requires constant location services to monitor in the background. found in 9 reviews
needs iphone 5 optimization. found in 5 reviews

The Data Usage is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Data Usage app version 4.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Data Usage in sigterm`s Official Website :

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Price dropped to free Crashes continuously on launch This is why it is free     Free today deleted today
App is right on Have tried a couple Best out there                 Great app
This was a GREAT app until the last download My data usage was over 6000 GB after the download What happened Please fix this I did delete and reinstall and still problems     Useless
The app is spot on Even ATT said theirs is more reliable but when compared my data usage was dead on                 Top
Pretty accurate for an iphone app the alerts are good if you push the boundary near your limit                 Very good
This app works way better than the other ones I downloaded and the widget you use from the top pulldown menu is nice you dont have to open the app to see data usage                 Awesome
Worth it              Very cool
I am a teenager and I finally got a good phone and started to get into instagram and all those things I have 3 gb that I can use on my plan and I dont feel like having to ask about how much data Im using So I got this app and its been working well for me Ive had it for more than 5 months and never encountered an issue except just a couple days ago With the update my data tracking was messed up and it was saying I was using tons of data Today I finally decided to send an bug email to them and I couldnt believe it It was in about 15 minutes they replied They told me how to fix it and I fixed it I would give the app 5 stars but hey nothing is perfect              This app is a very nice app
Great app does what it says and very easy to use No more surprises from my hotspot company Theyll be upsetHighly recommended                 RickN66
Paid money to have this app work half fast Dev doesnt respond to issues Have to open app to have widget update frustrating Please update this feature     No Update No Reply
I havent exceeded allocated data since getting this App It pays for itself every month                 Great App
Works as advertised              Works Good Enough
Works good                 Great app
The recent release seems to have fixed the issues Im waiting to find another break given the recent track record with the app I give 3 stars for a quality function set automatic reset of data count based on user entered date adjustable data limits and the ability to manually sink usage status with mobile carrier data However The recent versions have busted the whole app A release caused the data tracking to track GB as MB but label and display as if it is GB BIG DIFFERENCE The release before that caused the app to crash any time you adjusted the data usage Fix one problem and cause another The support for this app is below expectations specifically for a PAID app           This version is fixed
Used to work great No longer keeps track with iOS 83 Sad Have to manually update defeating the purpose TMobile on iPad 2     Stopped working on iPad
I loved this app It worked great until I updated on Jan 16 Then my data use skyrocketed to over 1000 gb Which I obviously would not be able to do in one when Im at work and mostly on wifi for the day Dont why the location sharing has messed everything up but its no longer accurate     Update Glitch
Make sure you look at all the options and settings the app can be tailored to work in many different ways to suite your needs                 Works great
I cant find Settings Advanced as described by your fix anywhere and then all of a sudden it shows up              Settings Advanced
This application literally saved me hundreds of dollars Very accurate tracking of usage Its real time too so I dont have to wait for ATT to update their records Helps me stay on track with usage Absolutely worth every penny Recommended                 Excellent 5 stars
Super useful I love that you added a Today widget                 Great app
I recently switched to a limited data plan and budgeting my data has been killer With this app I can see where my data usage is compared to my daily budget to know if I should slow down by the end my billing cycle The best                 MUST
I used to find this app very handy for viewing my data usage without having to open my carriers myCARRIER real original I know app But if I tap the Data Usage app open Im greeted with an alert ad for another app called Spottr really r names are SO 2008 Upon dismissing the alert you are suddenly whisked away to Safari and presumably yanked over to the App Store page for Spottr again real original there Im seriously considering uninstalling Data Usage for this behavior I dont care if it happens once a day or once an update but thats once TOO MANY        Now with forced advertising for another app
New update is killing my battery        battery killer
I have turned off in settings the billing cycle alert because it is daily for my data plan but the app still pushes a notification every night That is very uncomfortable If I will turn off the notifications at all I will not be able to see the notifications when I almost used all my data like 80 or 90 And this nightly billing cycle alert notifications just drive me mad Dear developers please fix the issue and I will give you 5 stars but for now only 1 for you     Something wrong with push
Great app Have had it for years now and it has helped me manage my data Just needs to be updated to iPhone 6 plus asap                 Worth it
Nice app                 Nice
Awesome tracking Keeps me from being in the doghouse                 Awesome app to keep the data watchers at bay
Last update broke the app It does not count data usage correctly anymore by a huge margin and keeps asking for location over and over again Please fix     Last update
Just works                 Data Review
until the update yesterday Now the data counter is WAY off I display data usage in GB and the app says Ive used 98230 GB Meanwhile the data counters in the Settings app and my ATT app both say Ive only used 484 GBs        Was working great
I like it                 Nice
Good                 This is a great
Last update made a functioning app be non functioning I need to go in and adjust my usage multiple times a day Huge inconvenience     Issues
The last update broke the settings somehow and I was getting crazy high and fluctuation usage stats After a complete uninstall and reinstall it seems to be working again Great app though I dont see how sharing my location would have any effect on my usage stats as the developer suggests              Last update gives issues
I liked it until this last update Now I have a badge that says I have 4 notifications in the app and it wont go away My data usage also says Ive used a ton of data since the install If we could get this fixed I would love it again        Last update mess up
I just bought this app and as soon as I go to the settings section the app kicks me out to my home screen and does not allow me to open it again I have tried turning my phone off and back on Ive tried a hard restart Ive tried to delete the app and reinstall but still have the same result Completely useless garbage with no recourse for the purchaser     Unusable
I had this app all set up and it worked OK until one day the usage counter went berserk I had it set for GB and apparently there was an update that had a bug Anyway I had deleted the app and then yesterday I tried it out again and the bug was fixed It works fine now so I am using it again since I like it better than the other one DataMan I was using              It is Fixed
I have had this app on my phones for almost 4 years and in this past few months its a buggy mess Constantly flashing some notification that disappears before I can read it Obvious problem with latest iOS Please fix this annoyance        What Happened
It sounded from the description that the app could figure out your usage history and account information None of that is true and you really have to enter your own plan on information History only starts from the moment you get the app     Total waste of 1
I have had this app for years and it gets better with every update Having the widget is a real timesaver                 Great app
I recommend                 Completely indispensable
I never really had a problem with this ap it was spot on until the last few months or so Its not logging cellular data correctly anymore Sometimes I notice a few megs different from the myatt tracker Sometimes a gig or more I thought it could be from hotspotting but it seems to log just fine Its not from forgetting to open it after reboot Im disappointed Now I have to use the Att ap and deal with a 24 hour or more wait        Not working anymore
Has a lot of nice features I especially like the usage badge But the app still has some bugs and it would crash every time I tried opening the app after setting up the custom usage cycle to 21 days           Buggy
Too complicated              GD
Ive used this app for more than a year and I truly love it Being on a limited data plan its a great help However its been quite some time since the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coupled with iOS 8 but this app has yet to be updated to support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolutions Now while this doesnt ruin the app it does bug me a bit Another issue I have is that the app icon isnt updated for iOS 8 so there are slight black lines around the app icon that are visible on the home screen with a light background Other than those two issues this app is perfect It would be lovely for the app developers to work on these if they havent started already although Im sure they have              Awesome App a couple drawbacks
Good app for what it was created for                 Nice
The one keepmehonestaboutmyusage app I want to keep using                 Love it
This app updates quicker than my provider does                 Great app
This app is heaven sent I wanted an app just to tell me how much data I was using but not only does this app tell me how much data Im using it also tells me how much I should be using so that I wont go over my limit by the time my bill is due It breaks down how many MB you can use per day based off how many youve already used I really like how it changes colors based of whether or not you are close to using up all of you data 55 Does what it says and then some                 So Valuable
Works great                 Love it

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