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Durham DBT, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Rhythm, A Mindfulness App ,DBT Diary Card), brings DBT Diary Card with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DBT Diary Card app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • you are able to keep track of and customize your targets..
  • It provides useful DBT skills summaries for quick reference..
  • Kudos as well to customer service..

Overall Satisfactionc95
Best app I've ever gotten.
Thank you soooo much.
easiest and best.
This is the best App I have purchased.
The diary card function is wonderful.
I love how customizable it is.
It provides useful DBT skills summaries for quick reference.
and this app helps me organize that.
Ease of Usec85
straight forward and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc97
Kudos as well to customer service.
Great customer service.
I'm not sure I'd ever fill out my paper version.
app support is fantastic.
wonderful customer support.

this app is a must for people using DBT. found in 1 reviews
You can brush up on skills. found in 2 reviews
The customer support is also very responsive and friendly. found in 1 reviews
i am in irl dbt and this app is the perfect complement. found in 1 reviews
this is the most helpful DBT or CBT app available. found in 2 reviews
I love how I can customize it to fit my needs. found in 1 reviews
I added a way to track my food intake and exercise. found in 1 reviews
This app has helped me tremendously. found in 3 reviews
The only DBT app you will ever need. found in 16 reviews
I've had trouble completing my paper diary card everyday. found in 5 reviews
Yes even better than angry birds lol. found in 1 reviews
Summary PDF of diary cards doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Had some initial issues with app crashing. found in 1 reviews
Did fine until it lost all my diary skills/targets. found in 1 reviews
I want to give it 5 stars but it just keeps crashing. found in 2 reviews
would be great if it was easier to use. found in 19 reviews
Only wish the day names were displayed with the date. found in 1 reviews
• The authorization email for therapists is easily bypassed and somewhat confusing. found in 1 reviews
I would love to export my data to excel also. found in 1 reviews
I don't like the fact that you can't delete songs. found in 1 reviews
It won't launch anymore. found in 1 reviews
Good app but could use more. found in 1 reviews
Also when I select a son to play nothing happens. found in 1 reviews
just goes to a black screen then closes itself. found in 1 reviews
but then it crashed every time I tried to launch it. found in 1 reviews
Suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. found in 1 reviews
I had no choice but to delete the app and reinstall. found in 1 reviews
This app crashes every time I try to change modules from Mindfulness. found in 1 reviews
don't expect much from the badges. found in 1 reviews
Can't get app to e-mail my diary card. found in 1 reviews
but it still crashed. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download DBT Diary Card for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about DBT Diary Card in Durham DBT, Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.diarycard.net

Some feedback for DBT: " This app is brilliant, I`m in Dbt at the moment and this is so help-full, everything you need, diary sheets, all the skills, reminders, skills for crisis, even personalise-able contact lists ...
I saw this app recommended online so I downloaded it but when I open the app it crashes and if I manage to open it it crashes when I click anything Don t waste your 5     Doesn t work NeedsDBTapp
this app has helped me so much in my recovery process thank you so much                     so helpful im nOt oKaY (i promise)
Been using this app for quite some time and thankful there is back up to drop box Unfortunately the back up is not working and needs an update Please fix this I don t want to loose my journals             Needs update and won t back up Missyluvs2bluvd
As other reviewers have pointed out this is an extremely helpful app The documentation toggles work well and the same page definitions descriptions are super valuable for the newcomer who s just getting used to the DBT language I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the Notes app doesn t let you see the bottome of a longer not unless you close it and reopen it It also doesn t let you move your cursor back to the end if you place it in another spot in the text to correct or add something My hack for this and the fact that there s no computer app to sync it with is to write my notes in an email and then copy that email and paste it in notes so my therapist can review them when I dend her the chart log The emailing cpacity on the app works perfectly                 Extremely helpful app Wrmystery
Very nice has all the skills customizable But if you don t close the app in a certain way it erases everything you just filled out I ve had to do the same day 3x over And as well all know filling out a diary card isn t the most pleasant thing in the first place Need to fix glitches on the notes too I ve had them disappear and it s frustrating because I do food logs in the notes section             Needs fixing disneygal47
This app has all the essential functions you would expect from a DBT diary app You can track your Thoughts Urges Actions Feelings and Goals like a diary card and there s even a spot to take notes that are time stamped automatically That data can be sent via email pdf or or archived in Dropbox However the layout and interface of this app is very clunky and glitchy The color scheme is monochromatic shades of blue which feels very clinical uninspiring and a bit depressing Words are cut off abruptly in the margins often and the typeface kerning is unseemly and erratic The music feature under 911 Skills is a nice idea but it doesn t work the way it s supposed to I added songs to the list and then when I tried accessing them in the app the wrong songs started playing WTH Anyway Some features are cool but overall this app needs some bug fixes and a makeover             Thorough skills app but glitchy and uninspiring sisterlistener
It s designed perfectly easy to use easy to customize Thanks for making this available                     This is AMAZING Catszen
The best thing about this app is that there are very thorough explanations for all of the skills that are below all the choices I wish I had this app a couple years ago because I would have learned them faster The only glitch I ve discovered and it seems to of just started recently within the last few weeks is that when I have to do multiple previous days that when I submit all the sections for the day and then go back to do another day the orange star that indicates the day was completely filled out doesn t appear until I exit out and go back to the main menu and then we select the previous days icon again But this is a very good app for The Diary cards all of the notes for each skill is wonderful to have right in the app itself                     The best DBT app for the iPhone Seagoat43
There are some glitches for sure but they don t bother me enough to make me consider using any other DBT app and definitely wouldn t go back to paper or to lower my rating All the tracking options that come with the app are very thorough but for someone like me who likes to customize my tracking system possibilities are endless The graph function isn t great as another review mentioned but even apps with great graphics are never really as helpful as they promise The real insights come from looking over the weekly printouts preferably with a good therapist                     Best DBT app by far rissabruno
I like entering in my diary cards on this app However there are way too many bugs First of all the graphs show up all messed up unlike the picture posted in the app description Previous notes cannot be read unless you go into editing them There is no way to contact support or submit feedback When you select either a prompt pops up saying Configure your email account and two options Sttings and Cancel yes with the typo Still same result after configuring my email account Just very poor sloppy app construction         It s functional on a basic level TruancyV
The app was great on my 4s but I got the 7 and when I choose a date the app loads the one from the week before     Wrong Dates Yuki.Nagato
If you re already using these techniques it may indeed be helpful for you but if you re just curious about how it can help like me buying this app is probably a waste It s an overwhelming bunch of topics and selections I don t know what to do with It says in their FAQ that this is recommended for those in DBT therapy but that s after you buy the app so I d like to make that more clear for others and hopefully save them 5         Not for those who aren t already doing DBT Bertrand Belacqua
The entire app is great by far the best that I found My biggest issue is that no matter how many times I configure my email and my therapists email it doesn t work and I have no capabilities in terms of sending out my diary cards Please help if not I m gonna need to request a refund Thanks             Can t get email to work BoBeah220
This app is by far the most useful and valuable thing on my iPhone It truly helps as it provides very good information on DBT skills and helps you keep track of your use of DBT skills Also you are able to keep track of and customize your targets behavioral tracking I find the Notes portion to be far superior to trying to keep diary cards Well worth the 5 In fact I would pay more having used it                 A life saver for individuals with Borderline BPD
I did not appreciate how this app was set up Poor interface Hard to figure out how to use Pointless andor difficult to apply Dbt I wish I could get my money back They should really offer a trial version before you buy     Need a trial option first
This app has been a HUGE help to me I use to attend DBT groups but no longerand this has really kept me in check Love how you can personalize your goals and targets Makes diary cards soooo easy Also like the option of sending reminders everyday so that you can keep up with it                 Thank you soooo much
Welldesigned app with all the tools needed to practice DBT effectively                 Great DBT App
I asked for a feature add but found it is already available Very customizable Very effective Only wish the day names were displayed with the date Often have to look it up Thanks              Wonderful appso good reviewing it twice
Easy to use discreet convenient and the coaching feature is awesome                 Love
Definitely worth the 5 bucks Its really helping me to continue my DBT training using the skills in daily life Im super excited I found this                 A
Love it wish there were real people to connect to to help support ie this app merged witha DBT social app                 Great app suggest add social component
I just started using this app with my new therapist so I have not completely explored all the options However I really like the ones we are currently using I love not having to cart my paper diary card around and I am much more likely to fill it out on a daily basis from my phone instead of doing the whole weeks card in the lobby before my session so it makes a much more accurate record for me Kudos as well to customer service who replied to my email feedbackquery swiftly Worth the purchase price for the reference materials alone              Exploring and liking what I find
I really enjoy this app it has helped me progress in my DBT course I have been in DBT for 7 months and have had a hard time remembering to fill out my diary cards I like that this App has a reminder so that you can remember to fill it out I also love that I no longer run out of diary cards My DBT therapist says that this app has helped me realize how many skills I am actually using All in all great app and worth the 4                 Loving it and so helpful
Im new to this app but already love the customizable diary card with access to notes and the ability to email it directly toy therapist Im looking forward to exploring all the features                 Very Helpful App
I downloaded this app to avoid using the DBT card and is great And the support is extraordinary Definitely recommend the app                 Great
When I went to look for an app to record my DBT work on I was skeptical that I would find a good one as many mental health apps tend to be shoddy This one is worth every penny Im still shocked and grateful that someone took the time to make this Totally customizable Add skills emotions urges and behaviors and decide whether you want to measure them on a scale or with a YN button I LOVE this I plan on bringing it in to show the rest of my DBT group this week                 Wow
This app is truly amazing I have been using DBT therapy for over 2 years and this app has helped me tremendously Everything from learning new skills logging events that happen throughout the week I always forget otherwise Helpful definitions of skills and the amount of customizing you can create to help with your personal goals Truly worth the money Best app Ive ever gotten Yes even better than angry birds lol                 Best app Ive ever gotten
This is the next best thing to actual therapy group meetings                 Amazing
DBT clients have a lot to remember and practice wise mind diary cards individual and group therapies etc This app makes that possible while you remember to live your daily routines Ive had trouble completing my paper diary card everyday let alone referring to my thick binder to find that one skill to help me through a specific stressor I have been lucky enough to achieved a level of DBT skills where I am working on regulation more than tolerance and this app helps me organize that I am glad my therapist mentioned it and Im glad I can lay in bed and complete my diary card every night The chart and graph that gives a view of how I did with my feelings in the past weekmonthyear the feature that lets me choose the specific songs for times of distress and the fact that I can send my progress to my individual therapist with a tap all help me continue to build my life worth living Thank you Sammy                 DBT in Real Life
I dont know if its my love of data or efficiency that makes me like this app so much Seems to have everything I could need or want in DBT skills training aside from the actual therapist and to have it all in one place is such a relief As someone with ADHD I cant really deal with having diary cards and everything else in different places This is a great way to make this therapy accessible Ive spent an embarrassing amount of money on skills training that was not accessible for me because of my ADHD Thank you                 Just started but I love it
I am in DBT training right now and this app is invaluable to me for filling out my diary cards every day For people new to DBT the descriptions of each option is invaluable I also love the ability to email your diary cards to your therapist or print them out The ability to write notes on what happened each day is a great way to keep track of why you used the skills you did or had the emotions on a particular day The app is not inexpensive but is worth every penny because it is so comprehensive                 The best DBT App out there
I absolutely love this app I use it on a daily basis Its almost like having a tiny therapist in my pocket I love how gives me the ability to chart moods and thought patterns The ability to customize in order to focus on your specific goals and targets is ideal It has helped me tremendously in learning the skills and applying them effectively to my life I highly recommend and it is definitely worth the small investment Bravo to the creators of this app                 Highly effective asset to treatment
I just wanted you to know that I love your app I love how I can customize it to fit my needs I have tried most of the DBT apps out there and this one is by far the best It is a wonderful tool to use with my therapist too Thank you for coming out with this app                 Great app
Ive been happily using this app daily for almost a year now and have had very few issues with it However the past day or so it wont even open The initial screen display comes up and then crashes Ive been waiting and hoping for an update but none so far I will gladly change this review to 5 stars when this bugs isare fixed I would very much appreciate a speedy update        I want to give it 5 stars but it just keeps crashing
Loved it till it quit working I purchased this ap on iPhone 4s and used it for at least a year I really liked the ability to customize Then I upgraded to iPhone 6 and cant get it to open so have to downgrade my rating Too bad because I thought it was really helpful Hope it gets fixed           Loved it till it wouldnt open anymore
Very organized straight forward and easy to use I love how customizable it is I can really make it my own with 1st 2nd and 3rd TBx I love being able to add my own TBx skills and emotions The graph option is a really helpful visual for how emotions and targets relate to each other Very easy to send to my therapist and the daily reminder option is helpful in remembering to fill it out The badges are great positive reinforcers to fill out the diary card and really get into it The skills coaching option is very helpful when I am not yet in crisis though could benefit from some help in returning to wise mind The app has very thorough and accurate information in regards to what skill is what and how it is used I would say that it may be even better if it included all DBT skills ie ACCEPTS TIPP IMPROVE dialectical thinking etc in the beginning instead of having to add them in later as well as the option to type the level of emotion or urge instead of having to click the up arrow a lot I would recommend this app to anyone who finds diary cards and DBT helpful Definitely worth the price              Awesome App
This app has helped me tremendously It helps me to focus and get in touch be mindful about whats going on in my life and to track my progress                 Awesome App
I recently had to dropout of a DBT class for binging due to work I was really upset and having a hard time tracking everything I downloaded this app with the knowledge that I may have wasted 5 Best 5 Ive spent on an app I added a way to track my food intake and exercise Just holy eff Get this app If you are moderately versed in DBT this app will rock your world                 Customizable and fun
I love this app I finally started fully using it for the last two weeks I customized it for my needs I filled out my diary cards by hand before and it was a hassel to take the paper copy with me I take my iPad everywhere so I can jot down notes so I can remember what was going through my head I also like how I can set a reminder so I can fill out the skills and target behaviors for the entire day The 911 and skills help features are also excellent The response for additional features is excellent as well I did not expect to receive a direct reply regarding my request but I did The folks who created this are certainly dedicated to those of us who use DBT                 Awesome Diary Card and response to feature requests
I really think its a helpful app but there are a lot of glitches and some features like adding contacts for a crisis dont work I love the data collection focus and how easy it is to see things on the charts the graphs are kind of difficult to work with this is coming from someone with a psych degree with a focus on research and data collection interpretation Overall I think its a good app that could be a great app with a bit more help           Its a good app but
This DBT app is incredibly useful practical and effective The personal customization is top notch This is perhaps the best tool I have for bringing the skills into my daily life outside of treatmenttherapy I love that you can email the card to your therapist and mine appreciates this so much I could go on and on about this app Its definitely worth every penny and more                 Best DBT app out there so far
This app is absolutely incredible I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and have been working with DBT clients for years and I have never found a resource as comprehensive and helpful as this I will be recommending this app to all of my clients and colleagues It provides useful DBT skills summaries for quick reference and has a tool that walks you through problem solving and specific skill implementation The diary card is very user friendly easy to customize and can be emailed to your therapist as often as you choose You can also customize emergency skills to rely on when youre feeling desperate Theyve thought of everything                 Love it
Love the app but the diary card keeps erasing my previous days        Memory erases
Just discovered this app 2 days ago and love it already Timing is perfect as I graduate the DBTI of Portland OR program in 2 weeks I will continue tracking my skills use here Would love it if it had an option to add my own items to the various lists An other box if you will Add that and Ill happily give it 5 stars              Great Tool
Do not spend money on app no keyboard in notes section     No keyboard on iPad
There need to be a few more changes to the customizable features for this to be the best So far so good but I really hope they allow you to change the scale on the pre programmed emotion soon and adjust the day the week starts           It is a good start
I would really like the app to sync across devices as I do not always have my ipad with me but generally have my phone It is a great app and I love being able to send it directly to my therapists              Sync across devices
This app could be great but is in serious need of an update It crashes often and not all of the convience settings work properly Ive emailed about problems as I was told they are very responsive but I havent gotten any updates     I want to give this app 5 stars but I cant
I love this app and how easy it makes filling out my DBT card I can easily email it to my therapist and class teachers This app is the only reason I came back to iOS Its also highly customizable so I can add skills or therapy goals                 Best DBT App on the market
For DBT trainees this is by far and away the best app available I have no relation to Durham but I am a BPD suffer and think this app can truly help I did make some suggestions for improvements to the developer so well see if they get implemented but overall a fantastic and useful app                 Best out there
Wonderful app customizable easy to use When I try to use the email feature though it flashes a box that says please configure your email account no matter how many times I enter or reenter or verify or reverify email addresses or that I went through all the steps           User
Hit next skill and nothing happens Basically stuck Refund please     Doesnt work
Great app Tools are very useful in the coaching section Clear description of skills Highly recommend                 Life changing
Has started crashing Not happy Didnt like last update        Used to be good
I love this dbt app I took a dbt therapy group 3 years ago and had been off and on looking at my binder wondering how to freshen my skills and I found this app and fell in love with it Its easy to useyou can add skills you want to track and i love the coaching and 911 skills when having rough time Only down fall is it doesnt save automatically so if your not backing it up and your app disappears you lose your data but backing it up isnt hard Thats the only reason its a 4 out of 5 stars              Love the app
This is a great app when it works Unfortunately it will work for a week or two but then starts crashing immediately upon opening The only solution Ive found is to delete and reinstall the app which then deletes my diary card and if I havent backed up I lose all my data     Too many glitches
I use this daily have modified it to meet my needs and make use of the email to therapist feature weekly Im not giving four stars because I believe theres always room for improvement I would love to export my data to excel also              Great logging tool
Keeps crashing with iOS 8 even on the iPhone 6 Otherwise its wonderful app that is super helpful for use in therapy              Love it but
I love this app This app allows me to focus on the skills as I am learning them and not get overwhelmed by how many there are at the beginning It is also in a format that makes it easy to take the time out to update I look forward to not only doing the updates but to preview different skills to see how I can apply them in upcoming events meetings or situations                 Fabulous App
I would have given this app a five star review This app will Not allow me to set up a passcode I was given the impression that I would be able to keep this under private setting I need this fix asap otherwise I would like a refund        Fix it
This app crashes every time I try to change modules from Mindfulness Every time     Crashes all the time
Well worth the five dollars Helps me stay in touch with myself and keeps my skills fresh on my mind Cant say enough positive things about this app Makes life with BPD so much more manageable and peaceful                 love Love LOVE this app

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