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Clint Bagwell Consulting , the publisher behind many iOS app (Geneva for iPad ,Manual for the United States of America ,USA Manual Express ,International Diplomacy ,Declaration for iPad ,Constitution), brings Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
Thank you guys for making these app.
Jefferson's best work.
Wonderful Resource.
Thank you apple.
This ap is wonderful.


This copy of the Declaration of Independence is a companion to our Constitution application, also free.


Features include:
-Full text with historical notes
-Images of original document
-Images and bios of Signers

Declaration for iPhone and iPod TouchDeclaration for iPhone and iPod Touch
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch in Clint Bagwell Consulting`s Official Website :
Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch


- Two future presidents signed: John Adams. found in 1 reviews
I also installed the constitution app. found in 2 reviews
Should be included by default on all US sold iPhone. found in 1 reviews
As most people who have this app also have the Constitution. found in 1 reviews
Very detailed image of the original document. found in 2 reviews
when you need a reminder of how and why we are here. found in 1 reviews
both free and pay. found in 1 reviews
God bless the US and God bless Clint Bagwell Consulting. found in 1 reviews
offered for free by true patriots. found in 1 reviews
Thank you guys for making these app. found in 1 reviews
Has interesting information in the notes. found in 1 reviews
"- July 4. found in 1 reviews
Boy scouts. found in 1 reviews
Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania. found in 1 reviews
they provide a great insight to this document. found in 1 reviews
Great way to show off to your old teacher. found in 1 reviews
Ima history buff. found in 1 reviews
I like the historical notes as well. found in 2 reviews
I don't mind two applications. found in 2 reviews
We can educate ourselves where the public school fails. found in 1 reviews
Was kinda upset that I couldn't do that. found in 1 reviews
but make the image iPhone-like. found in 1 reviews
It would be nice to zoom in a little more. found in 1 reviews
Nice idea needs sizeable detail images. found in 1 reviews
but this is still a nice resource for a killer document. found in 1 reviews
I hope you consider my problem. found in 1 reviews
it's happened to me more than once. found in 1 reviews
but instead of a full- size image and a separate. found in 1 reviews
Folks have been asking for this simple fix for awhile. found in 1 reviews
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This is an Every American Must Have app                Every American Must Have
Its good to read every now and then for perspective Great to have on the iPhone in case any British people you know feel compelled to tell you their opinions about US politics                Pretty cool
This app has brought together insight to such an important document of the American society It is well articulated and easy to navigate and the best part is that its free                Wish I would have found it earlier
Thank you apple We can educate ourselves where the public school fails             Educate yourself
The app is pretty good overall love that I have the entire document in my pocket But NEEDS A WAY FOR U TO ZOOM IN ON THE ORIGINAL AND REVISED DOCUMENT Was kinda upset that I couldnt do that But its really good overall just fix that             Pretty good
I found this out from my family that I am a direct descendant of Abraham Clarks brother I dont know but I think thats pretty cool                neat
Very well laid out and free                Cant complain about free
Folks have been asking for this simple fix for awhile Get on with it    Still No zoom What gives
pretty cool could use a little work on the original text color inhansment                sweet
I love God classic rock and Glenn beck also Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Have you no shame Have you no decency that was an incredible speech and shame on you Iran you will get what you deserve in due time Rock on                America I guess
This is a document that every American citizen should read Making it easy to access will encourage more people to look at it                Neat app
Great App like someone said should be included as a default on all USA sold IphonesIpod Touchs And hey its free so why not get it                Great App
I needed to know some of the declaration of independence so I looked it up and it works great Better yet I can us me cell in class because of reading it             Helped with school
Great app                Yay
National Treasure made me get this app LOL The only thing is if you could control the zoom to see the text better Other than that I love this app             Awesome
Get it Everyone should have the Declaration of Independance with them To have the luxury now of having it with us on our iPhones is just another reason the iPhone is the genius electronic product of the decade                A Must Have
Everyone should have this                Duh
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America What more needs to be saidAs I stated with the Constitution app I am glad this is a free product as everyone should be at least familiar with the Declaration of Independence even if much of its wording is sometimes difficult to follow Granted it probably isnt a high priority app for most people to get but its definitely very welldone and does more than just present the text of the document                The Declaration of Independence Portable
Should be included by default on all US sold iPhone                Love it
The Declaration has a lot more history than some people realize The first largest and most famous signature is that of John Hancock President of the Continental Congress His signature is such that King George 3 could read the name without the aid of glasses The youngest signer was Edward Rutledge of South Carolinaage 26 Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvaniaage 70 was the oldest Two future presidents signed John Adams second President and Thomas Jefferson third President On June 11 1776 Congress appointed a Committee of Five consisting of John Adams of Massachusetts Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania Thomas Jefferson of Virginia Robert R Livingston of New York and Roger Sherman of Connecticut to draft a declaration Thomas Jefferson was appointed by the other four members of the committee to write the first draft which he completed in 17 days The committee presented this copy to the Congress on June 28 1776 The title of the document was A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America in General Congress assembled July 4 1776 is actually the day the wording of the Declaration was approved by Congress Due to the Revolutionary war the document was signed individually and in secrecy Thomas Jefferson and John Adams published a book titled the Journals of Congress claiming the document was signed on that same day The Journals of Congress was published over a year later recounting the events of July 4 1776 In 1796 signer Thomas McKean disputed the claim that the Declaration had been signed on July 4 pointing out that some signers were not present that day including several who were not even elected to Congress until after July 4 McKeans version of the story gained support when the Secret Journals of Congress were published in 1821 The actual signing of the Declaration took place after the New York delegation had been given permission to support independence which allowed the Declaration to be proclaimed as the unanimous decision of the thirteen states Retitled on July 19 1776 as The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America Most of the delegates who signed did so on August 2 1776 although some eventual signers were not present and added their names later                Fantastic but needs more history in the next update
I have all the companys applications both free and pay and thank them for providing these important documents in a good format and at a low price                Good Work
The signers bios are a great touch                A Must Have
I know everyone loves a Free App But if any app deserved to be free its this one Thank you for not charging Americans the right to see their rights             The App That Deserves To Be Free
Every American should have this                A must have
Carrying around a mobile version of the Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution another app by the same developer is great and this app makes it easy to readnavigate Included are notes that detail some of the events that took place during the Constitutional Convention                Great Resource
Good job Thanks really cool app                Cool
God bless the US and God bless Clint Bagwell Consulting Thank you so much And thank you for creating an application that allows us to reacquaint ourselves with our rights which we all badly need and for not even charging us for your good hard work Again may God bless you and may God bless the United States of America                Declaration of Independence Bagwell are Beautiful
Some good information and you get some history of the signees Only 4 stars because and Im being picky is that nothing would be better than reading the origial document rather than standard text but without zoom its not possible Still nice to see the original in all its glory             Very nice app
I used this app to help me in cit in the nation Helpful One closer to star rank                Boy scouts
Has interesting information in the notes Every American should have this app on their phone                Great app
Awesome                Thank you guys for making these app
Thank you for making this app free Everyone should have this on their phone                An app offered for free by true patriots
You know how fifth grade teachers normaly teach United States history Well I showed this app to my fifth grade teacher from last year and she was so proud of me that she gave me a box full of Jolly Ranchers                Great way to show off to your old teacher
Ive had this app and its sister the one for the Constitution basically since you guys created it Very simple to use well laidout Both very nice free apps and extremely useful in a pinch its happened to me more than once If I could give you a 45 I would the ONLY thing I would like to see is a Laymans Terms option Its great to be able to see the real documents as well as actually read them and get some historical background in the Notes section and I agree with Samdad77 that the bios are a thoughtful touch but sometimes slogging through legalese from the 1700s is difficult when trying to look up something quicklyI would suggest having a detailed translation if you will of the exact text as well as an abridged version for quick browsing Overall however I find both apps very useful and tastefully designed Well done             Wonderful Resource
It is simply great to know that there was a time in this nations history that people understood properly the meaning to liberty freedom justice etc Today I can scarcly find one soul in 500 who actually has more concern about what congress is cooking with this national energy tax aka cap and trade and this health care reform bill These two acts of congress if pAssed and signed by Obama will negate much of what was fought for some 230 years ago                Mr
I am not american but this app is good to see and lernd abaut other countries                Great app
Its so cool to view it and stuff and one of my antsistors put there name on it                Awsome
Keep up the good work In Liberty RJT                Terrific
Very detailed image of the original document                Awesome
It would be nice to zoom in a little more but this is still a nice resource for a killer document And if that last paragraph of the Declaration doesnt give you goose bumps then you need to read it again          Good idea
Ive read all the documents that are important and this one is always been my favorite                Ima history buff
Very good app to help Americans learn about their history                Great
App                Amazing
When I first downloaded the Declaration it had all the amendments now it doesnt why             Declaration of independence
I jumped at the chance to have this truly remarkable document at my fingertips Only to download and find that it is only for a select few of ipods this piece of political art should be compatible with the ipod nanos I hope you consider my problem and I thank you for your time             Unsatisfactory
Always wanted to carry the Declaration in my pocket Now I can I wish that the image of the Declaration could zoom to more detail             Excellent app
Thanks for making it free                Well Done
This app is a necessity in civics class it has everything you need to know about the documents great job you guys                Wow
Washington needs to study this Maybe they will all learn something that theyve seemed to have forgotten                Amazing


Clint Bagwell Consulting
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch 1.2 Mobile

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