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Glu , the publisher behind many iOS games (Deer Hunter 3D for iPad ,Deer Hunter Challenge ,Bonsai Blast ,Magic Life ,Paperboy: Special Delivery ,Toyshop Adventures + Extra Bonus), brings Deer Hunter Challenge with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Deer Hunter Challenge games has been update to version 1.5.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is an undescribable game that is super fun and addictive..
  • This game will give you hours of entertainment..
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
One of the best hunting games available for the itouch/iphone.
This game crashes like the other hunting games made by glu.
Definitely the best free game I have ever downloaded.
Great game need a trapping game for iPhone.
Amazing game especially when you unlock better weapons.
Although I wound a lot more animals than what is realistic.
Good game but need more animals.
This Is the best hunting game I've played on an iPod touch.
I'd recommend this game to anyone who just likes games in general.
and challenging gameplay make this one of my favorite games.
Fun & Engagingclick me86
Awesome game love it totally will buy it aaawwwsssooommmee.
Fun game to play with just enough hardness to make it interesting.
Very fun and addicting like this game would recomended on the ipad2.
A very fun game over all I'm sure you'd like it.
Great game need a trapping game for iPhone.
Although I wound a lot more animals than what is realistic.
Good game but need more animals.
Very challenging game that leaves you wanting more.
Omg I play this game alllllll the time every min.
So please fix before I play this game again.
Usefulnessclick me89
This game is very fun and I play it every day.
this game is addictive i play it every day.
Something I could play everyday.
kinda got to play everyday.
I love the graphics and everything in this game.
Great graphics and everything too.
Family Friendlyclick me78
Fun game for kids and too pass the time.
Good game for kids 12-16.
Sexy game.
Value for Moneyclick me53
you have to spend money.
Hard to buy better equipment without spending money to download apps.
Does take too long to upgrade without spending real money.
just nothing else to buy or upgrade without spending real money.
Wish didn't have to pay real money for extra perks.
Replay Valueclick me89
Very challenging game that leaves you wanting more.
The shooting scenes get a little repetitive.
Been playing this for hours and so much replay value.
Boring game with little replay value.
This game will give you hours of entertainment.
It's one of the very games on iPhone that never gets old.
Very fun and lots of levels to challenge you.
It's hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesclick me85
Good game good graphics really enjoy the aspect of the game.
Awesome graphics fun gameplay and diversity in animals.
it's fun and it has awesome details and sound effects.
Ease of Useclick me79
Very easy to get the hang of during gameplay.
Good game takes a little to get the hang of.
Cool game simple and fun.
A simple and fun game.
Really entertaining and simple to play and enjoy.
Simple to play and use for all age groups.
Addicting game a lil easy tho.
pretty easy tho.
Reliabilityclick me43
Thanks for keeping such a great game free and ad-free.
The game freezes to much.
Updates & Supportclick me82
Almost as good as the arcade version.
Even better than an arcade version.
Much better than the previous version.
Way better than the previous version.
Batteryclick me84
I play til the battery dies.


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ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? The ultimate Deer Hunter experience has arrived, and it`s ALWAYS open season!

Deer Hunter ChallengeDeer Hunter Challenge
Tags :   hunter ,   challenge ,   hunting ,   extreme


DEER HUNTER CHALLENGE takes the most popular and realistic hunting franchise to extreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest, most prized game around the world. Go from rookie to master sportsman as your experience level increases, and upgrade to greater weapons, equipment and clothing. The more successful hunt trips you take, the more you`ll be able to enhance your hunter`s skills. Use the GPS map to track and train your sights on black bear, reindeer, cougars, axis deer, moose and more. Animals` behaviors have never been more true-to-life, so exercise extreme caution as these wilderness inhabitants will sometimes charge right at you! Relive your greatest kills in the interactive trophy room- animals` vitals are recorded as well as bullet trajectory and kill locations. Think you`ve got what it takes to become a master huntsman? The challenge has been issued... become a hunt legend in DEER HUNTER CHALLENGE.


• New Career Mode – Earn experience points and become a more skillful hunter
Deer Hunter Challenge


• Personalize your hunter – Earn coins after successful hunts and get clothing and weapon enhancements


• Extreme Hunting Locations - Experience far-flung hunting locations in extreme wilderness environments


• Realistic Guns - Choose from a variety of customizable weapons such as the Bolt Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow and more!


• Trophies - Earn trophies for bagging the biggest game and relive your proudest moments in the Trophy room


• Mini-games - Play additional mini-games and bonus rounds


COMING SOON to Deer Hunter Challenge:


• Online tournament modes to CHALLENGE THE WORLD!
• New hunting location: Siberia
• Game Center support


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Twitter - @glumobile


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Deer Hunter Challenge for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.0 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Deer Hunter Challenge check developer Glu`s website :


Amazing game especially when you unlock better weapons. found in 94 reviews
Deer hunting challenge is the best hunting game. found in 228 reviews
This game is alot of fun and has good graphics. found in 6 reviews
This game is the best huntin game I have played yet. found in 22 reviews
Awesome game love it totally will buy it aaawwwsssooommmee. found in 909 reviews
Best free hunting game Eva on iPod. found in 7 reviews
It is the best hunting game in the world. found in 12 reviews
Dis game is just exciting loving it for d 2nd. found in 9 reviews
literally DH challenge ftw. found in 223 reviews
and challenging gameplay will keep you coming back for more. found in 9 reviews
Very interesting game worth the time. found in 19 reviews
This game is the best hunting game I have seen so far. found in 4 reviews
It looks fairly realistic and it follows "story-mode-like" gameplay. found in 6 reviews
I love this game I'm a hunting kind of person. found in 17 reviews
Great game lots of fun helps kill time at work. found in 6 reviews
All in all a good time burner. found in 5 reviews
The best hunting game I've ever played for the iPod touch. found in 12 reviews
It's very fun and keeps me occupied. found in 11 reviews
This Is the best hunting game I've played on an iPod touch. found in 61 reviews
This game crashes every time u kill or shoot your gun. found in 26 reviews
This is a well built game to waste some time with. found in 57 reviews
Good game but needs more weapons and easier way to earn money. found in 63 reviews
Expensive to buy stuff and buy money. found in 13 reviews
I don't even like hunting and I've spent the last two days playing. found in 11 reviews
The Only problem is:
Great free way to waste away some time. found in 56 reviews
Would be better if you didn't have to spend money to play. found in 87 reviews
RE: Needs more animals and more locations and weapons. found in 77 reviews
Great game except for a few flaws but still great. found in 21 reviews
but it just crashes way too much and it drives me insane. found in 4 reviews
BAD JOB following up " Deer hunter Reloaded ". found in 11 reviews
Love the game but it keeps crashing when I kill something. found in 10 reviews
The energy thing is retarded and everything costs too much. found in 10 reviews
When you try to get cash for free the hyperlink crashes. found in 15 reviews
Only thing it needs is a reliable fire button. found in 30 reviews
Rarely do the head shots actually kill an animal and it's irritating. found in 23 reviews
Needs more guns but other than that it's fine. found in 120 reviews
You have to pay real money for fake guns. found in 12 reviews
Stupid wounded animals move to frickin fast. found in 16 reviews
Impossible to aim and shoot. found in 11 reviews
I can't really get any new weapons or gear without money. found in 13 reviews
This game crashes every other game never get this. found in 26 reviews
just nothing else to buy or upgrade without spending real money. found in 10 reviews
but now it's crashing again and since I'm level 10 now. found in 12 reviews
Dtuff is too expensive and the whole energy thing is dumb. found in 10 reviews
This game crashes constantly it's not worth downloading even if it's free. found in 26 reviews
If you're out of energy. found in 10 reviews
and let people hit the fire button AS they aim. found in 30 reviews
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iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
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Icon 175x175 1
I wish there were more animals to hunt maybe you could put wolves in the game other than that awesome game                Needs more animals
Ive played this game before and I really like it but I cant play it because when I resume my hunt and try to hunt an animal the game crashes instead of bringing me to the enviornment screen Please fix and I will give a better rating          Good game but crashes
I was playing one day and Santa was there I started crying when he ate my sandwich it scared me Santa ate my sandwich I was scared for my life This game would be better with sandwiches                Sandwich with Santa
No issues Easy to play Fun                Good
Its so nice it is like you are actually hunting they should have a2015                Epic graphics realistic game play
Feel free to get it Its fun and pretty realistic It takes a bit to figure out but only a bit             I like it
This is a great game for entertainment and teaching some of the points and ethics of the sport of hunting The challenges could be a bit more realistic and challenging but it is awesome for the price             Entertaining
I love this game and I play it all the time but it exits out of the game when I just finish shooting an animal I then lose the points for the shoot but still lose the energy As you can see I gave this game 4 stars because every thing other than the exiting out thing it really is a great and addicting game             Exiting out
Took about 4 or 5 tries to get it to open But so far its a good time killer and fairly easy to play Downside is purchasing items is tough             Glitchy to start but good time killer
cool                Deer Hunter
It was a nice and fun app butt I dont think its the best app EVER             It was pretty good
Graphics and game play are good 2 complaints though when you use the scope its difficult to move the scope around and also the points you get to choose for a kill are lame since you cant aim outside that area and some points dont open to any animalsNew as of 2015 iPhone 6 now and has not been updated to use the beautiful screen on the device Still has the issues as before and some menu items no longer work Seems they stopped all development for this Deleting it again Sad I like hunting games             Pretty good game
Love this game best hunting game by far                Awesome
Awesome                Good
This is a fun and challenging game Love it                Great game
Awesome but it is not perfect             Good
Just started quite enjoyable             Time killer
Best game                Fun game
Dont waste time in this game Gameplay function are atrocious    Terrible
E um ótimo jogo gráficos realísticos como o proposto boa jogabilidade top                Grande
En varias misiones cuando llega al tercer o cuarto día no hay ningún movimiento en el mapa como si el cursor no se pudiera mover de la izquierda arriba me ha pasado varias veces          Bueno pero
Still learning                Like it
Before I review I hate freemium Ill pay for the game just let me playAs for the review its boring Its not at good as 2014 Graphics are far worse Gameplay is silly Seems ancient Not worth the free amount of money I didnt spend on it     Really bad
This game crashes like the other hunting games made by glu Glu your games are good but always and I mean always must crash I will stop playing your games if the continue crashing Just what the f    What the f
Good app a few minor bugs             Good
Hsh                Gh
Love the game                Very good
Dont bother All you can do is look at advertising Any attempt to actually play the game crashes it    Crashes on IPad
Game is fun and challenging             Cool
It is by far the best game Ive ever played                Best game ever
Great game and details Fun for my kids and I enjoy playing myself                Fun for all ages
Great game                Great game
ok this is a good game and all but whenever I get a perfect shot the animal survives and runs away that is just stupidwhat is the point of a hunting game if you cant get any kills yeah I know it needs a huge updateother than that it is a good gameplease update glu games          good but needs an update
Yea                Nice
This game is great but I wish you could use a different control to aim as is aiming is difficult and could be better             Great one small flaw
Ive enjoyed it                Good game
This game is amazing and can not be beat All the other games just crash or take 20 minuets to load Plus it has the best quality because it is like real hunting                Best Hunting game ever
Good but needs more guns                Uhhhhfjudhishihfi
Pretty fun game                Mr
No good pickleton    J
So far I think that this game is pretty bad Decent at best graphics and poor control interface          Not impressed yet
I like it but it kicks me of alot                Itts a good game but
This is so much of a good game and you need to upgrade because you havent and i now have an iPod 5 which is new so if you could upgrade to make better and for iPhone 5 5s and 5c and for iPhone 6 and 6plus and finally for a iPod touch5             Make it better please read
I love this game             Love It
This game is fun and good for older I love it                Good
Its allsome                The best
Crap game wouldnt load froze right away Aaannnddd delete    Nope
Good game with something to pass the time Free is always a bonus Good fun                Fun game
Youll have to be stupid not to get this its an awesome game girls and guys you get to kill mouses blackbrown bears and deers now Im still in level 2 so idk there can be more animals                AWESOME
Rip off Spend over 100 in game and lost my phone No saved game and no consideration given by company to just rearm me with purchased weapons Shame because I liked the game No More    No loyalty


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Deer Hunter Challenge 1.5.0 Mobile

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