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Junecloud LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Notefile ,Delivery Status touch, a package tracker ,Chicago Avenue Moon ,Notefile ,Deliveries: a package tracker), brings Delivery Status touch, a package tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Delivery Status touch, a package tracker app has been update to version 4.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best i multiple shipper shipment tracking program..
  • The customer service is also fantastic..
  • Delivery Status Touch tracks all my packages on my iPhone and iPad..
  • Barcode scanning ability to add shipments: check..
  • So easy to use and super convenient..

Overall Satisfactionc83
This is easily the best delivery status app on the market.
and I believe it has always been the best package tracking app.
This app needs push notifications when a package's status changes.
I should be able to refresh the list.
Thanks for the great update.
By far the best tracking software out there.
And love how it syncs with my Dashboard widget.
Amazingly easy to use great interface just brilliant.
Fun & Engagingc88
I love this app and use it all the time.
Seriously awesome.
Always kept up to date ad works great.
This app allows you to track everything you're waiting for.
Even more useful with Junecloud syncing.
extremely useful and beautiful to boot.
there is an app that can track everything in one place.
so this is an indispensable app for me.
Production Valuesc95
polished interface.
Love the beautiful user interface.
Great visuals.
Ease of Usec87
simple app offers everything I could want.
the least that can be included is simple push notifications.
Amazingly easy to use great interface just brilliant.
So easy to use and super convenient.
Clean easy to use interface.
smart and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc66
Version 6 is very well done.
the Mac widget version rocks.
The customer service is also fantastic.

This is easily the best delivery status app on the market. found in 110 reviews
iPad and Mac - freakin' ROCKS. found in 9 reviews
You have the best delivery tracking app in the app store. found in 42 reviews
This app allows you to track everything you're waiting for. found in 5 reviews
check out their free dashboard widget and you'll get free push notifications. found in 7 reviews
This is must have for anyone who orders things frequently. found in 4 reviews
Best tracking app on any platform. found in 2 reviews
Amazing application to track all your shipments in one folder. found in 9 reviews
" makes moe sense for a package tracking tool. found in 4 reviews
and syncs flawlessly with the desktop version. found in 4 reviews
Hands down the best package tracker app in the App Store. found in 66 reviews
It said background notifications but they are not working. found in 7 reviews
Love the layout but at $5 this app definitely needs push notifications. found in 50 reviews
but I can't believe it's missing push. found in 5 reviews
If they fix the notifications issue. found in 3 reviews
the Today screen widget does not update until you relaunch the app. found in 2 reviews
Needs notifications Also needs to have the China post added. found in 5 reviews
0 takes 2 steps backwards from previous versions. found in 1 reviews
FedEx tracking doesn't work for almost 2 month. found in 1 reviews
Needs one thing. found in 2 reviews
but please add delivery notifications for every status update. found in 3 reviews
Wish that it can tract china post. found in 14 reviews
Bar code scanner doesn't work. found in 4 reviews
Great app but notification feature doesn't really seem to work correctly. found in 3 reviews
This app now freezes on startup most times and is quite inconsistent. found in 1 reviews
Today screen widget does not update automatically. found in 4 reviews
If this app had push alerts it would be 5 STAR. found in 2 reviews
Great app but needs push notifications for items that are delivered. found in 50 reviews
If you send an Amazon order number to the iPhone client. found in 11 reviews
Background notifications STILL broken. found in 7 reviews
$5 and STILL NO PUSH NOTIFICATION. found in 9 reviews
Requires you to manually input every package. found in 7 reviews
This app is so worthless without push notifications. found in 8 reviews
It's impossible to paste a tracking number in using the Ipad. found in 5 reviews
It has now become totally useless. found in 4 reviews
No way to fix. found in 6 reviews
so now it does not track any USPS packages at all. found in 5 reviews
EDIT:There are still no notifications. found in 4 reviews
If you can swipe to delete it. found in 14 reviews

The Delivery Status touch, a package tracker is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.6 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Delivery Status touch, a package tracker in Junecloud LLC`s Official Website :

Best App for Tracking Packages. Who knew tracking deliveries could be so classy? O Reilly Simply put, this interface is as nice as any we ve seen for this ...
This app is fairly good I think a feature they could add is showing where all the deliveries are on the map that would be kinda cool some minor tweaking needs to be done but almost solid app              Good But
Great app I use this for work everyday When I first started using this app the push notifications were great very accurate As soon as the package got received it notified me within minutes Unfortunately now I get notified about an hour or two after the delivery is received I find myself manually checking over and over and although I love the app I need the notifications to go back to minutes instead of hours Thats the reason for the missing stars on this review other than that this app is amazing very easy to use and very clean view of deliveries Great job maybe an update or two would do the trick           Almost there
This product works on iPhone iPad Mac and Apple Watch Very impressive They did a great job Works great for me                 Outstanding
This app does precisely what it says it does but Ive noticed that even if I refresh it a lot of times throughout the day that does not necessarily mean my packages will arrive any sooner Deliveries doesnt have extra bells and whistles that you dont want or need or care for It does one thing exceptionally well Rather than adding garbage features it gets refined and polished like crazy A true joy to use even if it doesnt impact the delivery times like I might hope                 Maybe the only perfect app
But until thenmen           If It Would Sync With AmazonTHEN Awesome
The most recent update claims to offer better tracking of USPS shipments The reality A shipment Im currently tracking shows more updated info on the shippers website than in this app USPS tracking has always been a shortcoming of this app and nothing has changed     Most recent update claims vs reality
OK IM SICK OF HAVING TO LEAVE THE APP OPEN TO GET PUSH NOTIFICATIONS PLESAE FIX THE ISSUE The app uses up so much battery I do not know why this is one of the top package tracking apps Cons Limited carriers No full timeline of package Must remain open in background to function properly No push notifications 499 Cmon I can get a free app which does all of this I do not see how you are justifying the price     Buy a burrito instead
Ive seen this app around for a while now but held off due to the price but I recently decided to bite the bullet and purchase Deliveries Before Deliveries I was using some free alternatives which were working quite well I was quite disappointed with the app upon using it for 499 I thought Id get a really unbeatable experience because how many 499 apps are there Not many When I was tracking my first package I got a notification asking me to open the app so I can get notifications Im not sure how a 499 app can not support real push notifications when free apps can I mean its almost iOS 9 The next thing I was super disappointed about was the list of carriers I saw that Deliveries supports lots of languages so I was expecting to have worldwide coverage but found all the carriers are very US centric so dont expect to be able to track packages from China The last issue I had is that from what I can tell the developer has no formal Computer Science or Software Engineering training I found him on Linkedin and it looks like he went to a creative institute This makes me question the longevity and underlaying quality of the software Ive researched some of the other paid apps and I was able to find some which have developers whove attended school for software which lets me know theyve got the tricks of the trade Nothing personal but artists are artists and engineers are engineers Overall I would recommend one of the 199 tracking apps that have more features than Deliveries and 3 cheaper     499 For Restrictive Use
This is one of my favorite utility apps Highly recommended if you frequently need to track multiple packages across iOS and MacOS This app also syncs well with their free dashboard widget                 Great app
on iPhone or iPad since last update I have checked all settingsthey are good Please fix sooooon Ill change back to 5 stars then I used to love that app It has now become totally useless EDIT21 days since I wrote this review and notifications are still not working EDITThere are still no notifications its been months now EDITIm still hoping for the promised updatenothing since November and that update broke what was a great app EDIT I give up No update after nearly 6 months Ive using now Parcel App and it works great EDIT After the last update April 11th 2014 Notifications STILL do not work Dont buy this app get Parcel instead EDIT After May 16th 2014 update notifications do not work any better EDIT October 27th 2014 Ive decided to give it another try but no joyThis app will not send notifications EDIT September 3d 2015 This time after reading the new reviews and seing that notifications are still not working without the app being open Im not even giving it a chance So far Parcel has been flawless Dont waste your money     Push Notifications not working
Have been using this to track my mail for years it works flawlessly However I would like to see more countries added for live tracking including Brazilian postal agency Correios                 Best app for me
Widget stopped working I have tried everything to fix it please look into this              Almost 5 stars
Would give it 6 stars if I could                 Amazing
This was a great app I buy a ton of stuff on line and use this app almost on a daily basis to follow my purchases However the September 3rd update as made this app unless My list of deliverables has disappeared and I cant add new items because when I do I crashes        Great app but update terrible
Really great app so far but it really needs an update because the Widget does not work I have to open the app to see and just wish it could be a little easier           Needs Update
Ive been using Delivery forever but sync between my iPad and iPhone is broken I re sync I reboot nothing helps Please fix this This is really a five star app it needs fixing Wish list Add a Amazon TBAxxx tracking codes as a tracking number           I loved this app but
I have tried others and this is my favorite It also has a great today view widget which I love                 Best package tracking app I have found
Been using Deliveries since it was an dashboard widget It always worked great also using it on my iMac Never has given me an issue and i love the design of app Compared it against other tracking apps it always came out on top                 Best Package tracker
I purchased this primarily for being able to see my package tracking status on my Apple Watch While it works it works only sometimes For example I have a package coming from Amazon I opened the app and saw the last update and once it finished syncing it magically was scanned here at USPS locally Yet I was never updated on my watch or phone like Im supposed to be This defeats half the purpose of this application Hopefully this is fixed soon        Great app but doesnt update me 100
My deliveries are not accurate says UPDATED JULY 12 after refreshing Please fix     Latest update not working right
It is the best package tracker and there are no subscription in app purchases A nice update would be to display the location history of the package on the map                 Best package tracker
And it just keeps getting better With it on my Mac iPad and iPhone I always know what packages are where in the delivery process If there is a better app for keeping track of shipments I have yet to find it but Ive had no need to look further since I found Juneclouds app                 Been using this for years
Update can now show all archived YES Today widget actionable send to archive notifications colorcoded entries Safari extension automatic add from clipboard Deliveries has made my package tracking better in so many ways Highly recommend                 A delight
Sometimes this app can have a delay from the actual tracking website only sometimes Great design and has lots of functionality              Beautiful
Can we have the sort criteria updated so that we can sort properly when there are two digit days Apparently the app doesnt know that 4 comes before 22 Also can we have deliveries updated so that UPS FedEx and USPS all are sorted together by days              I use Deliveries every day but
I would always check the tracking through cumbersome providers Im glad Deliveries came along I use all my tracking numbers on it now So much easier                 Fantastic
The widgets only work when the program is running which defeats the purpose of having a widget If you swipe up to turn the app off youll eventually will get a notification in Widgets to turn the app back on to get notifications This doesnt make sense Why is it that free apps like My Packages can run in the background to give notifications with the app completely off but Deliveries runs in the background only when you have the program running And frankly because of this in my opinion Deliveries is not worthy of being a 5 app In fact this sounds like a cheap run around to a problem that can be simply fixed The developer who wrote back to me says the battery drain from doing this is minimal With iPhone always having battery problems I say minimal is still problematic I say make this app work like any other that you can shut off the app completely and still get background notifications that you cant do it this way Buyer beware My Packages is free you get more notifications than Deliveries and it runs in the background with the app completely off wasting less battery Side by side I tracked my packages better this way than with Deliveries           FOR A 5 APP IT COULD BE BETTER
If you havent bought this app yet keep looking This app was the biggest ripoff ever It doesnt do what it supposed to do which is notify you on every step when you have a shipping on the way The push notifications doesnt work at all if you quit the app it doesnt refresh it claims that it does background refreshing when the app is not in use and it simply doesnt do crap This is just the biggest disappointment this app should be free instead of ripping people off If you want at least an app that it does what it suppose to do and its just 199 yearly look for Parcel you wont be disappointed Until this developer fixes this app dont waste your money its not worth it trust me     Waste of money
In the past this was easily 5 stars But now when I copy a tracking number to the clipboard and start the app the dialog is impenetrable How am I supposed to enter the name of the thing I am expecting I cant figure it out for the life of me This used to be flawlessplease reinstate the previous UI           Used to be awesome please make it like before
Deliveries is the best way to put pretty much any tracking number in and be notified when the status changes Its great Connecting to the JuneCloud sync service and you can get it on the desktop too Amazing                 The best way to track your deliveries and packages
Im not sure why there are any bad reviews of this app as it has been FANTASTIC for me As a software engineer myself I have to note that Im really impressed with its automatic carrier detection from whats on your clipboard as thats not an easy system to get right I also want to address another reviews negative take on how the app must remain open for push notifications Clearly you dont understand that there is a difference between an alert and a push notification Alerts are generated by an app push notifications come from a sever down to your phone This is a standalone app with no server backend Servers are expensive to maintain host and a push based server for this application would take a huge amount of computational time which you generally pay for by the second Imagine a server that checks every package registered by every user of this app every few seconds to give real time updates then imagine paying 3 cents for every second that process is running Thatd be between 13001600 A DAY Because of this your phone checks the individual packages its got stored locally directly against the package carrier which Im sorry to say means it gives an alert rather than a push An app thats not running inherently means it cannot run any code to check your packages Tough but understandable Most carriers offer their own mobile apps which use their own existing servers to give you push notifications if having a lightweight app like this running in the background is that much of an issue use one of those apps instead of knocking the hard work of a developer Btw Im not the developer of this app                 Fantastic app
Ive been using this app for years and the developer continues to stay on top of everything new Whenever theres a new iPhone new iPad and even when the watch watch was released updates were quick and useful Developer puts a lot of time into this app and it really shows Fantastic app massive list of pros absolutely no cons                 Still on top
It does not include all shipping companies in particular china Price is too high there are apps the best of it and free aftership the map feature is not useful It worst apps in Apple Store I advise you not to buy it     Bad application
Needs camera OCR for scanning in tracking numbers from text similar to how Apple does with iTunes gift cards etc Needs a button or menu choice to quickly access Archived packages and let them be permanently shown if the user chooses to Also the Today screen widget doesnt update with tracking info automatically Unless I open the app to update the info I dont get any updates on the widget from the last time the app was open and no Push notification of delivery happens when delivery actually happened I dont know if its just a bad delay or what but for the price I paid for this app I expect notifications to happen at the exact time the info updates on the shippers websites Anything less than that and I could just as easily look stuff up online constantly to check status The above defects still havent been fixed The app will not update Today Screen Widget data unless you open the app If the app is closed from the background there is no notifications and no updates How lame is that No Push Notification of delivery nothing Why did I pay for an app that doesnt work as advertised This is why Apple needs an AppStore that allows testing of apps for a few days prior to full purchase Fix these issues     Still Has Issues
Great app Easy to use except for two things The widget never seems to update unless I open the app itself which kinda defeats the purpose of having a widget Also theres been a couple issues when trying to sync new orders to the Mac version of this app              Fantastic app little annoyances
Best tracking program Had it for a while now Love it                 Simply awesome
I would rather see a list of where my parcel has been checked in Without having to press view details online Other than that Ive been using this app for over a year Best app for tracking your valuables              Footprints
This has turned waiting for a package from an agonizing process to a fun one Constantly updated with conveniences and smart ideas                 Fantastic
The old version was a five star app and this is a major improvement with a good new design and far superior features                 Perfect
I cant believe that this app doesnt support a huge number of post services My advice do not buy it     Wast of money
Deliveries is a really solidly designed delivery app that gets all the little details right It does its job well iCloud Sync has always been reliable and fast Lots of little touches like autodetecting when you launch the app with a tracking number copied to allowing you to use 1Password for logging into Amazon for delivery tracking etc The app delights in taking friction out of the package tracking process Even though I get notifications from Amazon UPS etc already its just nice to see all incoming and outgoing at times packages in one place Well done                 Solid App Easy to Use
Great looking and works well Never had any issues with this app If you need an app to do the simple task of keeping your deliveries in check then is it Very reliable I wish it had more bells and whistles but its not needed           Works well
The app has worked beautifully before the September 3rd update The app crashes on open and forces a restart please fix iOS version 841     App crashes on 6
Ive been using this for years to track sporadic shipments This is the perfect embodiment of an app focused simple informative cloud syncing for my different iOS devices Apple Watch aware excellent                 Excellent
Because when you need to know the status of a package you must simple use the best Deliveries is the best package tracker out there I have been using it for years and have never had a complain Great work Mike                 Package tracking at its best
This used to be my favorite app to track my shipments but not so much anymore Does not automatically detect tracking number like it used to does not even track even when entered manually completely unusable and broken Aftership app has come a long way and currently way better than the garbage the developers have made of this former glory of an app     Broken update
This app is great Almost no more bugs Except one where most packages still do not show the delivery date Although this issue occurs much less now Keep up the good work Would Love to see support for IOS 9 and Metal when IOS 9 is released Small issue that you have to open the app to update the notification center widget seems to be present              This app is Awesome
This version got much better at pinpointing a tracking number in a copypaste so now you dont have to be exact in what youre selecting for copy on a tiny screen                 Super amazing better with every version
When you pair this app with the Mac widget both synced to the iCloud service you have in my opinion the ultimate way to track your mailed parcels I am able to add tracking information on my Mac in the widget and have it autosync it to my phone While Im out the app makes its distinct tone to update me on the packages status Once arrived I remove it from my phone which auto removes it from my Mac and I can start all over Its insanely helpful on those days when a package arriving requires my signature so I no longer miss the delivery guy and risk having it redelivered                 Ultimate package tracking combination
Ive been using Deliveries since it was only a dashboard widget and besides the Watch app I use it all There isnt even a nearrival app Great stuff                 Long time user great app suite

Delivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker UtilitiesDelivery Status touch, a package tracker Utilities

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