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Delta Dental Plans Association , the publisher behind many iOS app (Grin Magazine ,Delta Dental Tablet ,Delta Dental Mobile), brings Delta Dental Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Delta Dental Mobile app has been update to version 2.0.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Delta Dental Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 27.5 MB to download. The new Delta Dental Mobile app version 2.0.9 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Delta Dental Mobile in Delta Dental Plans Association`s Official Website :

Your oral health is important to Delta Dental and to your overall health We want to make it easy for you to make the most of your dental benefits so you can maximize your ...
Not able to log into account Keeps saying server cant fetch data Useless app at this point     Not working
Good app                 Good
Ive tried many times to use this app but it is useless Basic functionality is being able to copy and paste a username and or password This app cannot even do that So I wrote down the password and tried to login three times Error message every time Click on the help tab and touched the phone number to receive another error Looks like the number isnt formatted properly Delta hopefully didnt pay much for the app Dont bother downloading it Not worth the trouble     Barely an App
App is not stable It crashes every use If you are going to offer an app then do it right This is an embarrassment to the apple App Store If I was Apple I would remove it immediately     Crash and Burn
this app looks great but does not work Never been to successfully login After 2 complaints company now says there is no mobile application Well then what is this Obviously some bad left handright hand stuff going on with this company Suggest you avoid this app     zero stars dislike
Agree with other commenter that the lack of password paste is a problem for those who like me gave complex passwords Also display function for ID cards doesnt work and you when you click the button to email yourself the ID card you get an error message Gave up trying to use it and have deleted it from my iPhone     Not ready for prime time
Imagine an app in the App Store that isnt supported by an iphone just dumb     Bad app
I have Delta Dental EPO coverage through MassHealth connector This is not one one the plans I can select through this app        Insufficient plan support
Toothbrush timer is awesome                 Cool dental app very informative
App crashes everytime Useless     Not good
I cannot comment on most other features but the first thing I noticed was the application does not support password pasting This is a big issue for me as I use complex passwords stored in a password safe for additional security and identity theft prevention Please enable this feature so I can use more complex passwords without trying to remember them Also the ability to email my DeltaDental ID may come from good intentions it presents security risk since email is insecure Please promote secure transactions such as local wireless printing in the providers office or local NFC transfer or just have an easy way for a provider to look this up and verify me        NO PASSWORD PASTE
Unable to fetch data cant do anything Object reference errors major programming bugs     App does not work
You cant even paste into the app     Terrible
I was able to log in however the claims feature is throwing an error        Claims feature
Cannot view my claims or coverage information always says the information you are looking for is unavailable what is the point     Worthless app
The app crashes when sending an ID card The password field will not allow you to paste your password I use long complicated individual passwords for each app and it is impossible to memorize them all I use a secure encrypted app to store my passwords and then copy and paste into password fields     Worthless App
When attempting to email my ID card the app resets itself        Crashes when emailing ID card
This app is TERRIBLE Dont bother downloading it unless you just want to waste space on your phone App will not allow me to login to my account with my username and password Keep getting an error message that I have missing validation records and I get redirected to safari to update account I checked and all info is correct however I get an error message that information entered did not match records in the database Extremely frustrating to keep getting error messages when all info is correct Thought the most recent update would resolve this but it didnt Please fix this     Wish I Could Give Less Than 1 Star
I couldnt log in because it couldnt fetch data from the server this app is just a total waste of time     Waste of time
All the other comments are true sadly     Crashed first time
What u mean by not supported This is the newest iPhone on the market with the newest software and not supported You support the 1st gen iPhone instead     App isnt supported in this device
wont accept my username and password Wont let me retrieve my password Just tells me to contact my provider Thats no good when I need to show an ID card TODAY     Doesnt work cant login
Went to look up my coverage and comes back with internal error and directs you to their web page Useless app     Stinks
I really like the new design of the app Thumbs up                 New Design
There are several typos and spelling errors in the body copy Its hard to understand the various explanations of coverage when reading through The front screen is also very vague on coverage        Editor needed
As the title says the app does not show claims but the website does I dont want to have to open Safari every time I check claims           Doesnt show claims
Great job on this update The app looks slick its more user friendly and I love that my ID card is on the home screen Nice app                 The update is awesome
The full website works with my username and password but this app does not recognize them and it should Its like the full website and the app are not syncd     Does not work
App is easy to use and works great Looks latest release fixed the ios8 quirks                 Easy to use works well
App crashes every time its used Not able to successfully navigate the app to find local dentists even once yet Just viewing ID card causes the app to freeze Requires login each time you access so each time it crashes you have to login After downloading app needed to login 5 separate times trying to access one item in the menu Would be a useful app if updated     App Crashes Every Use
I agree with the other reviewers I cannot view my claims my ID card and my login cannot be saved Moreover the website doesnt work     This app is as bad as the website
Amazing app I love delta dental                 Stars and Stripes
Get missing validation records and Safari cant identify server messages I have no problems accessing site from PC     Login Issues
App doesnt work period     Please fix
This app is broken Youre better off bookmarking the mobile website and putting the link on your home screen It looks just like the app but with the added benefit of being fully functional     Skip this and use the mobile site
Couldnt even log in no explanation no support     App is crap
A decent app when its not crashing but it desperately needs to let you log in with TouchID and could use an iPad version too        More integration please
Great job on the upgrade                 New Version
Absolutely luv                 Great but could be better
I downloaded the app after attempting to log in with my username password it locked me out I was just logged in online so I know my UN PW was correct Not starting out on the right foot with this app thats for sure     LOCKED ME OUT
This app crashes each time o try to use it Needs an update now     Crashes
The app loads and displays an alert that says App not supported on this device and then immediately closes Im on an iPhone 6 How is my device not supported     App not supported on this device
Please allow for TouchID or 1Password integration Furthermore why are the iPad and iPhone versions separate        Poor credential management
I refuse to use this app because it requires a password to contain at least two numbers I use a secure system for passwords a system that I can remember and Im not changing that system for a single app that thinks it needs to dictate odd requirements that not even banking apps dare to do     Unacceptable Password Requirement
As a developer I am shocked an app with as many flaws as this one made it through the App Store approval process Most features on this app hang when opened This app was likely outsourced to India and thrown together for 10 by a few kids     Terrible
Nice app to get everything on hand Toothbrush timer if music changing for every quadrant will be nice              Nice app
Cant paste into fields cant register due to evaluating returnable bull App is unusable dont bother     Unusable trash
I cant log in Also the buttons are iOS 6 style If something simple like this is years out of date Im worried about the security     Requires fixes
Its really helpful give you the basic information about claims coverage and a template of your id card                 Nice app
Just updated to the new app and already love the improved designed So much easier to have instant access to my ID card Keep the updates coming                 Great improvement

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