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Lifeware_Solutions , the publisher behind many iOS app (Moon Gardening ,Moon Horoscope Deluxe ,Fishing Deluxe Free ,Deluxe Moon HD Pro ,Deluxe Moon Free ,Deluxe Moon Pro), brings Deluxe Moon Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Deluxe Moon Pro app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Awesome program great learning tool..
  • Useful information provider and very beautiful presentation..
  • Awesome Astronomy App..
  • Great detailed information..
  • Great app for amateur astronomy..
Overall Satisfactionclick me99
Best moon app I've found so far - soothing graphics.
This is an excellent app for moon information.
awful icon - eyeball for moon.
this is definitely the best lunar app I have ever downloaded.
Wonderful app and cool graphic with shooting stars to wish on.
The best lunar phase and horoscope app on the market.
amazing info.
I especially love the ambient sound & planting by the moon.
Id absolutely recommend it & after having had it for awhile now.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
This is a fun and informative app that is amazingly accurate.
Awesome Astronomy App.
Awesome utility.
Crazy Fun.
Usefulnessclick me92
still find fascinating to check in on and learn about.
Useful information provider and very beautiful presentation.
Exceptionally useful.
It is beautiful and helpful.
I use it almost every day and would recommend it to anyone.
Very informative and helpful app.
This app helps me learn more about it in a fun & beautiful way.
Production Valuesclick me100
Beautiful graphics and layout.
Visually stunning with soothing sounds.
Love the visuals and music.
Ease of Useclick me94
Very nice presentation and quite easy to navigate.
easy and interesting to use.
Informative and simple to decipher the information.
This app is very clear and easy on the eyes.
Beautifully Presented and Easy To Use.
Reliabilityclick me40




Wow!!!!! - Best moon data app available. Has all moon data as well as sunrise and sunset times.
by Scout4536

Deluxe Moon ProDeluxe Moon Pro
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Well worth the money PLUS!! - This is one of my favorite apps and I use it daily and sometimes more than once a day. There are other lunar phase apps but this one has astrological info whereas the others I have seen, do not.
by Cynmk


Smooth. Slick. Stylish. Excellent!
by WhatHaveYouDone?


Excellent moon phase app - Everything I had hoped for and more.....very satisfied.This app is polished and professional. If you are looking to track moon phases for astronomical, astrological or religious timings needs, this is the app to get.
by BoldandGold
Deluxe Moon Pro


Quells my Pagan Scientific Interest - Beautifully done. Illuminating, literally! Thanks for the zodiac voodoo. : } ~
by h2otorched


Great handy app! - Clear, details presented nicely for at-a-glance ease. Intuitive design. Worth the price for this handy app!
by Joanna Ellis




Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design. The application combines traditional lunar themes with modern technology to bring you the best: style, convenience of the moon in a pocket and a feature rich interface.


Comprehensive moon information, specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase, precise moon phase times, animated Zodiac circles, moon horoscope and calendar, sunset and sunrise times and moon day descriptions and much more.


Are there connections between the moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moon application!




- Touch-n-turn: swipe the moon horizontally to change it by a day.
- Moon calendar with moon phases and Zodiac signs.
- Compass along with moon azimuth: to activate tap on a small moon compass.
- Automatic positioning by GPS or cellular network.
- Network independence: the app works anywhere without Internet or cellular connections.
- Flexibility: you can manually set any location, time, date and UTC offset.


Moon Influence Research
- Add daily notes in moon calendar.
- Mark days with colors.
- Get statistics on moon phases influence - more in a user manual on our web-site.


Moon Parameters
- Full names of all moon phases.
- Precise moon phase times.
- Zodiac sign the moon is in.
- Current moon age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
- Percent of the illuminated moon area.
- Ecliptic longitude and latitude.
- Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
- Sunrise, sunset and zenith: to activate tap on either of countdown timers.
- Countdown moon timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
- Current moon azimuth as well as moonrise and moonset azimuths.
- Moon distance from the Earth in miles or kilometers.
- Moon elevation.
- Local Sidereal Time.


Gardening and Astrology
- Specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase.
- Animated Zodiac circles: sidereal, tropical and astronomical constellations with the Moon and the Sun.
- Precise Void of Course times.
- Moon horoscope with aspects for health, business and personal life.


- English, German, Russian.


For more screenshots and videos please visit:


We support our customers the best we can:
- Read an application user guide.
- Browse Deluxe Moon FAQ page.
- Contact our support team if you have any questions.


If you like Deluxe Moon, please write us a review on iTunes. Your support would greatly help us make the application even better!


iPadtablet made by Apple
version please look for Deluxe Moon


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Deluxe Moon Pro for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 66.9 MB to download. The new Deluxe Moon Pro app version has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Deluxe Moon Pro check developer Lifeware_Solutions`s website :


Beautifully Presented and Easy To Use. found in 1 reviews
Very nice presentation and quite easy to navigate. found in 12 reviews
this is definitely the best lunar app I have ever downloaded. found in 7 reviews
This is a fun and informative app that is amazingly accurate. found in 2 reviews
It is a great app to learn about the moon cycle. found in 9 reviews
The best lunar phase and horoscope app on the market. found in 2 reviews
Keep up the great work guys. found in 2 reviews
Love it use it everyday for gardening and so on. found in 4 reviews
Lots of info and very user friendly. found in 10 reviews
I can no longer read the full descriptions. found in 2 reviews
Please fix these issues. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't sync with iPhone calendar. found in 1 reviews
awful icon - eyeball for moon. found in 21 reviews
except have the moon icon change along with the moon phases. found in 7 reviews
Not a bad little app. found in 1 reviews
interface doesn't work perfectly. found in 1 reviews
Love it but fix new change please. found in 1 reviews
Moon sign is wrong. found in 6 reviews
A little buggy and clunky. found in 1 reviews
App Crashes After Latest Update. found in 1 reviews
Please no one buy this app until the author fixes it. found in 1 reviews
Installed but won't work. found in 1 reviews
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it made no difference. found in 1 reviews
This new icon makes zero sense. found in 1 reviews
Does not fully support voice over. found in 1 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
I love it                Its awesome
Great app with a lot of cool features                Love it
Blessings                Amun
Super informativeinteractive A must have for those who understand how interconnected our bodies are with the solar system                Awsome
Best moon calculator ever                Absolutely awesome
Really great app Get it                Awesome
Muy buena aplicación                Buenísimo
Quite amazing Worth the price             Amazing
I have been using the basic version for moon tracking Just upgraded to pro This has been my go to app for moonwatching I highly recommend it                Very helpful app for an amateur astronomer
Interesting to say the least really cool and informative app More information than I personally need but Im sure that is good for those who need and or want the extra info Zero problems from this end of the universe                
Amazingly accurate from what i have found well Worth the price a very useful utility                Awesome
Wonderful graphic interface                Beautiful
Más allá de funcionar como calendario lunar la app te da tips de qué cosas puedes hacer y cuáles no dependiendo de la estadía de la luna en cada signo Muy útil para todos los interesados en la astrología                La mejor App para conocer el tránsito de la luna
This lunar guide is much more than I thought it would be There are quite a few features And even though some of the grammar in the lunar horoscopes is not the best the calendar certainly is BravoUpdate I use the lunar horoscope quite frequently Very helpful                Lovely
Most awesome app ever                In love
What a magical app very beautifully done As soon as you open it A great amount of information to help us recognize how truly in tune we are with the lovely lady Luna Am looking forward to a continuing exploration of this app and what it will teach me                Wonderful
So much information Very informative             Pleasant surprise
It looks better on my iPhone as opposed to my iPad I dont like that I have to hold my iPad lengthwise to view the app Thats annoying Also it would be nice it was updated or Retina Display Other than that pretty cool app lots of features             Its okay
Great app lots of features and information                Love it
This app is great for on the go checking of moon phases but it also has extra tidbits of info that are cool to read through Id definitely recommend this app to others                Interesting and informative
Really pleased when I opened this app Have paid more for apps with less features Great for the enthusiast                Super Cool
This app has so much info about astrology moon cycles So many features to learn about and apply to my life                Amazing Info
Love all of the added features                Great app
Fabulous app I keep wastin g battery on it                Awesome
Love this app Well laid out enjoy the calming background music all the extras                Great app for stargazers
This app keeps evolving and getting better and better                
Really nice app                Works Good Last Long Time
Very cool app                Cool
I like to keep track of the moon for a variety of reasons and this app is really delightful Pretty easy to use and lots of information                Really lovely
I have many weather and both moon and sun phase apps but I keep returning to this one Great work                A great app
I loved it Its super cool and very complete                Nice app
Would be nice with a moon map             Cool
Definitely a home screen app Love it Refer to it daily Get ityou wont be disappointed                Awesome app
Thumbs up                Love it
Filled with fun data                Very nicely done
Excellent app to track the moon phases and plan your monthly activities                I love this app
A celestial joy             The power of the moon
Complete and an answer to a prayer totally satisfying                6 plus
I have tried many lunar cycle apps some are standalone others as part of a weather app This one I have to say beats them all Not only it is packed with all kinds of information but it does so in a gorgeous interface that makes you just want to stare even after youre done                Great lunar cycle app
Its a wonderful app to know more about the moons uniqueness D                Love it
I use this app everyday its very useful                Great
This app is amazing and totally worth the money                Love this app
So on point Keeps me grounded and in tune with all that is going on within and around me Thanks                Love it
I love this app and its very helpful             Nice app
I love this app It gives me everything I need in terms of moon astrology                Great app
Feature rich easy to use and who doesnt love shooting stars in an app                Great app
Beautifully designed and very complete app on the moon and its journey around us In the past Ive had to use several apps to get all the info that is held in this one gem I highly recommend it                Detailed moon app
Works perfectly as described                Awesome app


66.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS Deluxe Moon Pro Mobile

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