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Useless Creations Pty Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver (Official) ,InstaRoo - Show Your Australian Side With An #AussieGram! ,Sweatergram - Ugly Christmas Sweater Camera ,World Cup Goalie Challenge 2014 ,Fire Keyboard! ,Easter Egg Run! Angry Bunny`s Revenge!), brings Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver app has been update to version 1.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 9599594, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver app version 1.9 has been updated on 2014-11-29.
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FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME The original and the best Desktop Aquarium v1.9 adds: MINI GREAT WHITE SHARKS FOR YOUR AQUARIUM SCREEN SAVER MODE Watch as your monitor fills with water and real 3D fish begin ...
This needs an update it keeps crashing                     Keeps crashing Maltese Mom 1
Gave this app a try and it s really amazing Just to name a few key features you can adjust the water level number of fish and fish sizes You can pic your own wallpaper in which the fish swim around on Definitly give this app a try                     Really cool Ihack everything
I Hate it it wont quit     It Is bad mma2510
When I open it it takes a while to open When is about to produce the 3d image it freezes the laptop For one 3d wallpaper it sure is buggy         Doesn t function well Mzsakuya
Tried it since its free for a limited time After about 10 bounces in the dock and no other apparent effect I found it to respond faster to an end task Out of box experience failed for a first impression OSX 10 10 1 on a MacBook Pro Late 2013 16GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB     Useless Creations Pty Ltd is living up to their name ne1for23
The fish swim all over the screen I can even pick what kind of fish I want The only problem is when i try to make it use random pictures it just makes the background blue but overall its awesome                     I love it but dundunduuuun The Yummy steak
It would be nice to have the program already use my background since I like them to cycle through and the only way to even use your own background is to choose load random image So if you REALLY want to use your own make a folder somewhere and point it to it Tould have given 5 stars if not for this and the fact that the fish choices are still very limited a couple that I would like to have seen are Puffer fish and guppies There is also only one pattern for any fish so you don t get the veriaty of patterns that appear on angelfish If there where either more kinds of fish and patterns or the ability for it to use the wallpaper you already have i would give it a 4 star have both and 5 stars All in all a good way to add life to your desktop             overall ok schwab.h
I like the fish swimming but it didn t kep my background Changed the screen to white with the fish swimming SO it just looked weird     not as expected Viccivale
Need to fix the ability to have your wallpaper show through         Background image problem LotsaCaffeine
So I know that this app has gotten a lot of bad reviews but I find that it works great                     Works just fine JonathanCruz738
Works fine for me the fish swim over my current desktop background kinda cool I changed desktop background to a coral reef to coordinate with the fish I chose nice                     Beautiful Hagismom
I used to absolutely LOVE this screen saver when it came out as actual system screen saver back in the days and had the same expectations for the version in the app store but unfortunately there are some things which are not working out that great No dual screen support Strange atrifacts on retina display No ability to save this as actual system screen saver Please include the Motion Sensor Tilting support like in the screen saver file However if you use only one screen and not have a retina display it probably works okay as live wallpaper I will probably go with the actual system screen saver file which is on sale on the website for 3 99         So sad I ♥
I downloaded this app despite reading the reviews My advice Read the reviews Still buggy it took me twice to quit and restart the app to finally stop mindlessly bouncing on my dock and app will NOT allow you to use your own background it s completely white therefore completely lacking dimension Looks like the developer hasn t addressed issues from customers Sad it seems like it would be adorable gonna have to delete it         Apparently bugs still haven t been fixed Xanadoom
Too bad And fish are too little         too bad Jackson37336
I m running the latest version of Mountain Lion on a Mac Mini My background doesn t show it s still white This looks like a great program but that s really the main problem I think this has to be priority             Needs some fixing 3Kingdoms
works great Easy to use I love this app                     you need os x mountain lion for it to work right thehinduman
k     how do you use this Apptacular
The screen saver works fine with the exception that your normal desktop does not show Rather a white desktop as described by others appears But what do you want for 99 cents All else works well         White Box Desktop Confirmed wgrasse
The app is even more awesome with the Great White Sharks but just to advise you you can t use your own background anymore It just has a white screen That is the only downfall and overall an entertaining app                 The Fish Are Back 1dav1
This doesn t work like it says The background is just white it doesn t display the background you have on your destop Don t buy     White background Smp0421
Just a white pale background now Won t use any wallpaper Please fix asap     Just blank ThaMuthaShip!
This LIVE wallpaper works good for me and I like being able to have the fish swim around while I interact Now if I can just figure out how to access this new screensaver mode I would be very happy So four stars as I love the effect but documentation is lacking and screensaver mode counter intuitive for me so far I haven t seen these sharks yet either suspense I guess An updated screen shot here at the app store with sharks in it would be nice                 Great visual app ebuychance
thought you fixed this Get it together     Doesn t Open OS X 10 8 inceptdate radio
I just purchased this app and it will not open on my computer Complete waste of money I would not get this app     Doesn GoalieGirl 00
Program crashes when exiting and changing settings Have sent emails to publisher with no response     Crashes and No Response from Emails to Support Fredtech
It s not terrible at all like other guys said It s a nice app and it really works nice on my laptop                 Worth a try Alexzhaoqi
I downloaded this it installed and it didn t work On the phone with Apple now Wish me luck     HUM Cookiepooh
I just bought it and it works great Yes the icon did keep bouncing without opening on first use One important tip after downloading and opening the app restart your computer open the Apple Disk Utility and click on Repair Disk Permissions After permissions are repaired restart your computer again EVERYTHING runs fine Clean clear realistic water fills up a fish tank in a separate window which just makes this app seem very natural The separate fish tank window allows me to work with other business applications and still enjoy my fish I m a tropical fish enthusiast so this app gives me the ability to take my fish with me on my MacBook Pro My computer is a MacBook Pro 4 years old 2 6 GHz running Mac OS X 10 8 Snow Leopard                     Works Great after Running Apple Disk Utility Oh Blah Dee Blah Dah
I love this app It works just fine and is very pleasing to watch I highly recommend it                     A Winner ladymarch
at first when i tried to open it it just bobbed up and down in my dock and did nothing as other people had mentioned but once i quit the program and re opened it it worked just fine love my fish                 love my fish elliesrose
Lags and crashes all the time The water takes over the screen and freaks out your computer and background Starts out nicely then in a minute ruins your computer Waste of money     Rip off MichaelVick
I m running Lion on a Mac Book Pro When I first started it up I got the starting but never loaded problem but I also had another modified wallpaper app running Stopped that and restarted Desktop Aquarium No problem Be aware that it cannot run on top of other 3D desktops I was hoping to combine this with Dolphins Lite but no such luck Also if you use standard Apple desktop to change your background every X seconds Desktop Aquarium will just use a plain background It must use a static background But it is beautifully rendered with lots of options You can limit the number of fish select specific breeds etc I got my money s worth I ve got the max number variety of fish highest resolution and it s not running hot enough for the fan to be audible 17 of CPU                     No problems here vjdjr
I like the concept of an aquarium for your desktop wallpaper but this program just doesn t work It sometimes begins to work but then the screen gets all distorted Until this is fixed don t buy it Otherwise I think the idea is a good one Bottom line Solid concept poor execution     Screen distortion G5 Daddy
This is the best app i have ever gotten not including fruit ninja I Love how you can change the fish size type of water amount of water in the tank and the types of fish I would reccomend this to anyone even if you dont like fish It make your computer a fish tank and and computer at the same time It was really easy and simple to use even for younger kids I have a beach backround so it makes the tank look realistic If you want to make it your backround all you click is the box that says Display your aquarium as your live 3D desktop wallpaper Then if you want to hange the settings hit the Aquirum options button It is worth the 1 99 for this app Everytime i look at it i am amazed and hae to smile Everyone should have this app                     BEST APP EVER Everyone should have it Worth the 1 99 Spike and Jenn
Terrible app it just bounces up and down on the dock like it s loading but nothing happens it s a shame it looked really cool     DON T BUY Mgcoolio20
Just paid 1 99 for an app that won t even open ugh     Waste of 1 99 jukaroo
This is terrible it doesnt even open wow what a wayste of 2 00 you should listen to the 1 star reviews Its true Thanks sooo much Robert Benton     This is a wayst of 2 00 jacew03
Don t know what everyone is complaining about This is not supposed to be a screensaver It is a 3d wallpaper I have it set up to run on my secondary monitor I changed my background pic to a Tardis in outer space I have the fish set to a large number of varied species with the water set to full It is cool looking Since i use two 27 inch screens I have extra real estate so it s fun to have different backgrounds 3d wallpapers on both I have a 3 4ghz with 16gb of mem running lion 10 7 2 I have this set to open up with my computer starts up It runs flawlessly I have many other products from this creator and they all run great on my system I have his actual screensavers that I bought from his web site I think that apple does not allow actual screensavers to be sold so this is a compromise Bottom lin folks is this runs just fine I run multiple applications and I have never noticed any difference in performance This is just fun I also run the WhiteNoise app all the time with water running sounds so it all makes a great affect to my work space                     Have had this for 20 days and it runs great JustGettingBetter
I should have read the reviews first How do I get my 2 bucks back     DOES NOT WORK BritRider
This was a pretty sweet looking fish tank untill I tried to use it more than once I am running Mac os X lion and am unable to get this app to work without distorting my screen It starts to fill and then all hell breaks loose Please fix so that I didn t waste my money on this I will update my rating to five stars if you can come up with an update that gets it back to working order THANKS SO MUCH     Major Glitches Jason99747777
Downloads just fine but click on the icon and it just keeps hopping on the dock trying to load     Not Working for Lion Oroboy75
Didn t work Don t waste your money Downloaded but won t open     Joke Andrea Lauridsen
3 4 times when starting up there is a bug that when water is rising screen gets all distorted Takes several restarts until it works correctly I am running OSX Lion Hope the fix comes via an update soon Would also be cool if the fish would not stick to the center of the tank for the most part what they do Besides those complaints pretty cool             Cool when it works correctly ryan09279
This was exactly what I was looking for I ve got a large LCD on the wall and was just thinking how awesome it would be if there was some water and some fish but only on my second monitor now I have it I can put winows up there and work no problem the fish just keep on swimming Would be cool if they chased your mouse like it was food or something similar but I digress This is perfect for what I wanted                     Here fishy fishy A Commoner
Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver BusinessDesktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver BusinessDesktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver BusinessDesktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver BusinessDesktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver Business

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