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3flab inc. , brings Desktop Calendar Plus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Desktop Calendar Plus app has been update to version 1.3.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Desktop Calendar Plus is now available for 6.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 3730380, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3.6 has been released on 2014-11-15.
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Customize your Calendar design intuitively, and Display your calendar on your original desktop picture Key Features -------------- Easy to display: At Mission Control and Show Desktop at Expose, display your calendar quickly. Size and Layout: Display the calendar as ...
It works well as designed I would like to see a few changes to make it really useful First when you get toward the end of the month the calendar view becomes of little value It would be nice to see the next 4 weeks rather than the current month Second even better would be a list view of all upcomming events The no long supported iDeskCal app was great for this You could see a list of upcomming events on the desktop without having a big calendar             Works well would like to see a few changes user1724
what a waste of money I added birthdays and also work schedule some show up perfectly as typed others say in very small print others 1 I can click on that and see what it is referring to but that s not what I thought I was paying for I thought I was getting at a glance calendar Please advise uptdate the app or return my money     not impressed 12345omi
Exchange not supported     Exchange not supported THE R08
I like this calendar I was hoping that the background of the calendar could be made solid white instead of transparent only I would like the option to have the Month Name on the calendar instead of the number of the month That being said I would recommend this app                 Good interface and works well but J. McDonald
Exactly what I needed a quick way to view a calendar without having to open or switch to an app I use Outlook for my calendar and if I want to just take a quick look at a calendar I have to switch away from whatever I m working on This app overlays a calendar on the desktop so it s just a quick gesture on the trackpad to expose the desktop Looks great and highly configurable The calendar can apparently link to your Apple or Google calendars and display appointments but not Exchange calendars That s ok for me because I was just looking for a simple uncluttered view                     Perfect Carpevita
After reading the reviews I decided to try this out for myself It is actually fully customizable and I mean everything can be customized The one complaint that everyone mentioned about not being able to link gmail calendars isn t entirely true There is an option to select either iCal or Gmail account Select iCal if you have your Gmail linked to mail already If you already have your gmail account linked to sync in your mail it takes your calendar from there Hope this helps But this is a great calendar and looks even better full screen Defintely a keeper                     Works by linking gmail calendars first through iCal The Williams Residence
I downloaded this calendar because it syncs with Google Calendar except it doesn t I tried syncing it and it didn t work I even changed my password hoping that would fix the problem but it didn t Basically all it does it take up my desktop background         Not worth it ckouba01
Works great for me in Yosemite and I have no issue displaying Google calendars Highly customizable I had a hard time deciding between this app and Blotter but ultimately chose DCP                     Very nice app NeedyMouse
This calendar is exactly what I was looking for something in the background I can see without having to click around to an application It syncs with my calendar app I don t use Google calendar so I don t have the problems other users mention It does take a few minutes for the calendar to download based on how much is in your calendar The size and location on the screen can be changed everything is custonizeable Thank you What a great app                     EXCELLENT Cepatc
so angry i wasted 7 dollars     WONT CONNECT TO GOOGLE CALENDAR DONT BUY Unknownjkl
The title says it all I got screwed out of 7 Apple in typical fashion hates its users and turns a deaf ear to failed products in their store Not happy     DON T BUY THIS Won t connect to Google Calendar no customer service NO REFUND gmalone1
I used to really love app this but with the removal of holiday s it isn t quite as useful as it used to be Not all of us have Google Calendar s and it was nice I could just tick a box and have public holiday s but it would seem that feature is not returning I did try making a Google Calendar but the holiday s it adds is not as nice as the previous built in holidays The coloring of the day is an appointment doesn t color the entire day like it used before the change Please bring back built in public holidays Thank you                 Still Missing Holiday s MaryVann
Crashed vanished on the 1st use 7 wasted     Avoid ldaksjflkasdjf
Great calendar app Just a minor tweak suggestion though especially after the lastest update Can you please include the option to hide the month date on the upper left corner of the main calendar                 One Minor Tweak Gudedomo
This app was good for a while but now every time my screen comes out of a sleep the calendar has disappeared from the desktop It still shows it s open and when I reset the layout it comes back but I am not happy at all App isn t worth paying for     I want my money back shthfhghhhtr
My problem with the program is that coming back from sleep the calendar would be off in one corner and if you reset layout it comes back with the time box even though i selected that to be off in the settings Great idea i am just constatntly having to mess with it and I don t like that         It s alright as others have stated but problematic gizmoking
Overall a very good product My only criticism is that like others have stated it loses formating when going between the laptop display and an external monitor             Close but annoying PRS'60
This application has a very clean look and is easy to format to a calendar style of any liking Unfortunately there is a 50 50 chance it will show up after sleep mode or startup I contacted support and received no feedback         Intermittent Functionality Goose8488
Just took the latest update for this App which was working just fine Something has now been introduced into the code that keeps it from properly loading upon startup and there are no help tips on the internet to correct this bug What gives for the 2 paid calendar app in Japan and the 1 pain in the rear in the US     Crashes constantly Not worth .02
I love the way this app looks which is why I purchased it However I can t recommend it until a core bug is fixed The app doesn t remember the preferences I set and keeps going back to the default layout This is annoying especially for a 7 app Please fix this behavior Thanks         Looks Great Buggy wstander
I love this app It is so easy to set up personalize With all the aesthetic tweaks you can make I had my desktop looking sleek functional You can change line thickness color fonts number placement subsidiary calendar layout calendar size transparency weekend holiday notation themes I created my own theme with a picture settings of my own Just a note the user who claimed it did not work did not realize that the large number below the main calendar month s name is the month number not the day date October 10th month I had no issues whatsoever getting it up running it was a seamless installation Giving the app the ability to link to iCal would be an added plus I did read at the support web site that the feature is coming But regardless if you are looking for a way to dress up your desktop I give this app 5 stars for creativity 4 stars for functionality only because there is no interface with iCal When that update comes it s 5 stars all around                     Just Lovely Laura Lynnie
do not waste your money     this app does not work fyr300
A it says wrong date OCT 10 while its OCT 5th B wont start at the start up even I checked the box in preferences to start at the start up C why wouldn t you have direct iCal synchronization         Aw this doesn t work jindrovi
This app is really nice and it makes my desktop functional and beautiful but i wish that it would sync with iCal so that we could visually and easily maintain our busy schedules 5 stars if that feature comes anytime soon Good work                 Great but ical sync VINS4NITY
Mountain Lion v10 8 1 App Store 4 00                 Simple but pricey andks
This is the look I wanted for my desktop recent update fixed bugs after update to Mountain Lion A litlle expensive but worth every penny                     Beautiful App okschlatter
This app is great It looks great even with your desired background and the apperance options are great The only thing is Like mentioned below you can t write into the calendar However I just open the stickes application that comes on the computer and fill it in that way It still looks good and you can make the stickes transparent                 Great Application rdweisenb
I d like to be able to write something on any given day on the calender Do that and I would give you 100 stars if I could         Address This Immediately Berklee Music Student
I want to like this application I have one major gripe problem however the main current month calendar cannot be scaled down beyond a certain very large point Take a look through the screenshots and you will see the minimum size that the current month calendar can be reduced to What I find odd is that the alternate calendars like previous month of next month are nice and small just like I wish the main month cal could be Development team of Desktop Calendar Plus if you are listening please allow me to reduce the size of this current months calendar Best wishes             Needs one fix pretty expensive J_Nonn
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