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Rico Gundermann , the publisher behind many iOS app (Text Blocks ,Desktop Groups Lite ,Flashcard Hero Free ,BIG Red Button ,Desktop Groups ,TaskBadges), brings DesktopShelves with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DesktopShelves app has been update to version 2.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The DesktopShelves is now available for 14.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 3250791, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1.4 has been released on 2014-11-28.
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DesktopShelves helps you fight the clutter on your desktop by organizing files on shelves. A shelf the size of 5 icons holds 20 files. "Thank you for a solid product, that I believe has the potential ...
I used to have a seriously messy desktop partly because I work with photographs in many programs Capture One Pro PS Affinity Photo etc and don t like to mix my jpgs with other iterations of each pic that I save Dropping them into folders in shelves is not only easy and convenient my computer looks as if I am actually an organised person This program is well worth the small asking price it will pay for itself over and over again                 it DOES clean up your desktop SultanOfCognac
Type is not crisp needs to be updated for Retina displays             Needs to bw updated for Retina displays font9b
The overall concept and execution is great I really enjoy how it keeps my desktop clean and organized But it also needs some tweaking and updating One important issue is that shelves move around and overlap whenever laptops are conected to an external monitors             Great Concept but needs some updating ilun)
I am definitely a fan My screen is no longer a nasty dragon I have to deal with each time I sign on I would love to see more shelf styles                     Finally my desktop is organized Joe Masters
Great app for keeping things together that belong together and relieves desktop piles of clutter I love it                     Organization Waikoloa Babe
I despise clutter physical virtual subatomic It stresses me out This app does exactly what it promised to do There are numerous shelf styles sizes to choose from and the ability to choose the desired folder by clicking on the shelf itself My 13 mid 2011 MacBook Air and I salute you oh honorable developer                     The war against clutter Sci_Stuff
I use this all the time for soft proofing my pics from LightRoom and it works fantastic for getting pics in one place instead of messing up my desktop Save time and time is so it has paid for itself many times over I need to spend some reading all the other tricks it has but even though it use it for only one trick it s well worth the humble price it costs Get it and you ll see what I mean It just gets better and better with each update too                     Great app for photos FotoGypsy
Great for multi task project instead of being hidden inside a folder you can see all components of a task Yet everything still stays together and doesn t get lost in a messy desktop It helps tame a cluttered messy desktop                     Useful AND attractive JustMyOpinion123
I really love this app It has helped me tame my files and gives me easy access to the files I really need Coupled with some Alfred scripts make it a great tool Thanks                 Very Useful App ThaiGuay
I do enjoy using this app to de clutter and give a nice asthetic to my desktop Great personlization with different pre installed shelving skins and more to download from their website I m giving the app a 5 star because there is no functionality issue I would however highly like and request that the developer include Retina Display formatted hovered over screenshots for viewing Much appreciated for this to come in a future update                     Quick and easy Request for Retina Display resolution hovered screenshot Brendan V.B.
Although I am pretty organized in general having folders on my desktop rather than lots of files this app has made my life so much easier My favorite thing is being able to press 2 keys and have the shelves pulled on top of whatever window is open so I can access my files that way I cannot express how frustrating it has been having to go back and forth with the document I am trying to reference Now I just press the control and minus keys the shelves appear and I can get to any file and open it right on top of the window I am working from it has made my workday so much more pleasant I know it is the simple things right Additionally it is fun getting to choose the look of each shelve I use the clean look of the Swedish shelf for most of my shelves current year files Notebooks To Do because I like a uniform look and then I have a fun one that makes sense based on my current project Right now I am scanning in all of the ending fiscal year s finances so I am using a gold parchment paper type looking shelf that I downloaded from their website and it somehow makes the job more interesting I look forward to choosing a shelf so that gives me a little nudge when I feel like putting off starting a new project It just adds a little bit of fun to my day                     Very Helpful and I highly recommend Kimmysings
Practical and easy to use                     Great app Adriana Gaitan
It s GREAT Easy to find things ESPECIALLY if you are using photos Should be part of every word doc And vert clear to find everything                     once you learn to use it equit8
i ve used this app for over 2 years now really like it very quick easy access to all of my desktop folders highly recommended                     great app very useful x111
I guess it does what they said it would do but unless you have ten folders or single items on your desktop it really doesn t help I am a desktop hoarder My screen is full of icons I thought this would help but in order to use this app I d have the entire screen filled with these bookshelves No help at all It was a big waste of time     Horrible Distraction Booklover in NYC
It does what it says It is simple to use It is cool to look at                     Simple and cool to use LLMMD
This app is an extremely pleasant surprise I am using it for managing my writing projects by creating one shelf per project and loading it up with the relevant files for which I need quick access it will take aliases too But where this app truly shines for me and the reason I decided to give it a try is the Snippets While I m working on a long MS Word doc I often discover text I want to cut but not discard it This used to involve a series of steps but now I simply highlight the text drag it to my snippet shelf and the app creates a RTF file and saves it Simple fast effective and it keeps me focused on moving forward rather than breaking my concentration Great For me this alone was worth the cost of the app And the pleasant surprise Template Creation I have a couple of templates I use frequently Fill in the blank sort of things for brainstorming Again this used to take several steps for me Now I ve created a template shelf When I m ready to use one I grab it from the shelf drag it into my open Word doc and there it is ready to use while the original template remains pristine on the shelf ready for the next time I need it This app and Better Snap Tool are the two apps I ve purchased from the App store that I truly use every day                     Extremely Useful Organizer App this nick-name is taken
I have to say I do not like desktop clutter My families Mac Mini computer desktop is filled wall to wall with file icons to the point it would take you minutes to find anything I shudder simply looking at the horror of it all Sure I take time weekly to file things away on my own computers but day to day in the thick of the battle I am a freelance web designer after all I rely on DeskTop Shelves to keep my desktop semi tamed It does it s trick very well and you can customize the look to your heart s content Inexpensive and well thought out if you are like me as a neurotic desktop cop buy it use it and move on to face your next computer battle                     desktop clutter ärt_vandelay
No more desktop clutter separated into GRAPHICS WEB LINKS TO DO PROJECTS etc so much easier to manage things I highly recommend it to any serioius professional Way better than the boring apple clean up selection finder feature                     Wonderful Idea RikWallin
I don t use this app it sits there always on duty holding and displaying selected files and never fails I am satisfied Advice some owners find fault that the files are located elsewhere than the usual place in OSx files seem so I add to the Shelves the ALIASES of the files I want immdiate access to                 Very useful no complaints havanajack
The one app I used the most My files are right in front of me and easier to see and reach                     DESKTOPSHELFS DICKEYJ
I am pleased with this application Nicely designed and is helpful                 Works Well The Woodens
Reallly love the way this clears the clutter on my desktop It s easy to use and customizable                     Love it Michele06
THis is one of those apps that you didnt know you needed until it was installed But once installed you can t do without it                     Extremely useful RobL64130
Very very good It s practical and amazing                     Incredible app Félix A.
Wow I have always wanted to gather my desktop icons into related groups ever since my first PC Thank you for developing this App and congratulations to your programming staff for a great job This exceeds all my expectations Dave M                     I have been waiting for this for 20 years Davemax1173
Cool way to work with folders Nice to have something new and different to look at I d reccommend it to anyone If you don t like it it s only a dollar                     Cool app Waynejetski
I have never had such a more successful organization app except maybe Microsoft Entourage than Shelves It is very flexible You can adjust settings to make certain shelves appear on different Spaces I use one space as Personal and another space as Business and Schooling If you contact the company they are VERY quick to respond Thank you Kitestack Software                     Organization Is Key jc.harmon
This app could be the Drag Thing of OS X if it had a few more options for customization I have been using this to make frequently opened documents easily accessible from one neat place on my desktop for which it works very well I have only begun to investigate the potential of the desktop shelf for organizing text clippings and writing projects but I think it could be quite useful I do like the appearance options although I would like to see greater variability from large to small in icon and shelf size and perhaps some way to vary the angle at which icons are displayed on the shelves when not in focus Very much appreciated is the ability to sort items according to varying criteria especially since the way the icons are currently displayed makes it difficult to tell them apart visually I think this is a really cool idea and could become an elegant but powerful way to organize files                 Potential for great organizing tool ErikSF999
I bought this app to organize folders but the folder icons on shelves are very difficult to be distinguished Oveall the interface is awkward 2D view may be better for folders         The folder icons are undistiguishable hannadaniel
The Free version of this app was extremely limited A few designs weak file transfer etc When the PRO version was discounted 46 I jumped and purchased it This version is MUCH better 5 designs are included but 20 more can be downloaded from the dev s site Also you can make your own designs and even submit them publicly No new features are really needed I use this app to store segments from the essays that I write When I m writing and want to take out a portion of the essay I simply use my Option Command X keyboard shortcut to bring Desktop Shelves to front and then drag in my text to the shelf which stores them The default keyboard shortcut Option Command Z is the Undo command in Pages but shortcuts can be configured which is a big plus One more thing to add It would be great if we could drag RTFD and TXT text clippings along with other files like pictures and Pages documents straight from the shelves and into the trash on the dock If I want to delete something I have to drag a file to my desktop then trash it Also it would be great if there was an option to remove the menu bar icon it s not really needed Keep on adding the new designs Add 50 more and 5 stars                 WHOA Not at ALL like the Free Version Peatree2
The more I play with it the more I love this app It took me a hot sec to figure it all out but I now that I am getting it great Four stars                 Nice redmatter114
After about thre hours of use I emailed the company about some of the things that irritated me They were three the icons zoom too large the icons zoom open behind your cursor so you can t see the files that your cursor is over and each item on the shelf could be a bit farther apart so I can hover over it with less effort Three hours later the developer emailed me back They told me that there would be an update soon to solve one of the issues and would look into the others Not only is this a cool program but the developer is willing to communicate The noted drawback from other users price I disagree with I am willing to pay for organization and service hopefully it continues                     on its way to being one of the cooler organization apps ford_prefect1171
the developer should probably offer the same version of this application in the MAS as on his website For the application to be more refined the files wound need to be arranged or sorted by kind rather than just by name Listing the files on the shelf only alphabetically severely limits the applications usefulness Also the size of the file icons need to be either smaller or adjustable A reasonably attractive application with potential to organize one s desktop Needs the above preference refinements             Nice attractive app with potential Even A Blind Squirrel
First off I love this app though it is rather pricy I m really impressed however with the simplicity and ease of use I can easily see using the drag and drop text for writing college papers since setting up a shelf for your paper would be an easy way to collect notes Five stars this should come standard on all Mac s Good work developers keep it up                     Amazing App Ari Maarie
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