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1337 Game Design AB , brings Devil`s Attorney with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Devil`s Attorney games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It is a very entertaining time waster..
  • Evolution of text based games..
  • Looking forward to more from this developer..
  • I've never played app this fun and addicting as this one..
  • found an amazing turn based rpg instead..

Overall Satisfactionc90
But yo more things to buy like house & cars & more level.
Needs more levels.
Absolutely one of the best games I've played on OS.
Amazing game with some really well done artwork and voices.
I would definitely recommend this game to my friends.
some of the best voice acting in any game I've played.
Best 3 dollars I've ever spent on a game on the App Store.
First time I have laughed out loud with a mobile game.
Fun & Engagingc86
But yo more things to buy like house & cars & more level.
Needs more levels.
It's an entertaining and highly addictive strategy game.
I recommend it to anyone who wants an awesome game.
Fun and addictive without being too complicated.
but so far the game is very boring.
Super fun game of strategy.
It was a very fun game.
Not a very fun game.
What a fun little game.
It's a really good and addictive game.
Replay Valuec77
But yo more things to buy like house & cars & more level.
Needs more levels.
it has a very moderate replay value nonetheless.
no replay value.
Plus it's challenging intelligent fun.
and difficulty settings make replay a must and a pleasure.
it's a little repetitive for 58 battles.
Production Valuesc84
I love the game play and the dialogue before each trial.
The production value of this game is insanely high quality.
Such a fun game with catchy music and awesome graphics.
excellent sound effects.
Very polished game.
The graphics are fantastic.
Great music and animation.
Ease of Usec95
It's very easy to learn.
Simple to learn.
It seems really easy at first.

it's very obvious that my three bucks went into great art. found in 12 reviews
It's witty and it's a thinking game. found in 5 reviews
will be even better when iPhone 5 screen size support update gets approved. found in 3 reviews
I've enjoyed this game more than any other iPhone game so far. found in 6 reviews
plus the story line to the game is awesome. found in 7 reviews
And the humor is literally laugh out loud good. found in 4 reviews
It's very easy to learn. found in 10 reviews
being a well balanced turn based game. found in 4 reviews
I wouldn't call it a puzzle game per say. found in 8 reviews
The production value of this game is insanely high quality. found in 10 reviews
I didn't really know what to expect at first. found in 2 reviews
Really a charming game though. found in 3 reviews
the app was most definitely worth the cost. found in 2 reviews
some of the best voice acting in any game I've played. found in 5 reviews
funny dialogue and an AWESOME integration of the house. found in 3 reviews
It's an entertaining and highly addictive strategy game. found in 34 reviews
as did the great character design and customizable room. found in 5 reviews
perfectly boiling down what makes turn based combat fun. found in 3 reviews
funny and creative. found in 3 reviews
It's Magic the Gathering. found in 2 reviews
Awesome but short game. found in 2 reviews
A Big Let Down. found in 1 reviews
Decent but boring and repetitive. found in 2 reviews
but I beat it in a day and a half. found in 2 reviews
Purchased this game a few days ago and haven't stopped playing it. found in 3 reviews
but I don't regret buying it. found in 2 reviews
but Game Center support is not difficult to implement. found in 3 reviews
Lite puzzle/rpg but lacks depth /variety in its choices. found in 1 reviews
but if you could actually upgrade to better apartments or houses. found in 2 reviews
Need a quick game fix. found in 1 reviews
Not what I was hoping for but still enjoyable. found in 1 reviews
but the gameplay is just very repetitive. found in 3 reviews
I don't like playing games. found in 2 reviews
but it's a nice game I liked it. found in 2 reviews
you just try again until you win. found in 2 reviews
stars because its not a bad game. found in 2 reviews
Good game but flawed. found in 1 reviews
Lousy game not worth the time. found in 2 reviews
The gameplay is boring. found in 2 reviews
Simple trial and error until you win. found in 2 reviews
Boring and repetitive. found in 2 reviews
The game won't open correctly. found in 1 reviews
Wish I hadn't bought this app. found in 1 reviews
This game is incredibly cheesy and super boring. found in 2 reviews

The Devil`s Attorney is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 350 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Devil`s Attorney app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Devil`s Attorney in 1337 Game Design AB`s Official Website :

Check out our homepage (just click on the link) to see the trailer. But be warned that its catchy 80`s theme song is very likely to be stuck in your head all day. Devil`s Attorney is ...
Why can t we play it anymore I loved the game but it says not compatible with IOS anymore PLZ FIX IT                     Why can t I play anymore Chose_a_Nickname
I love this game but I can t play it because it isn t updated for IOS 11please do that                     Make it available for IOS 11 Connor Chapman
I absolutely love this game But I am extremely bummed out to see that IOS 11 makes it literally impossible to play RIP Devil s attorney                     Love it 936-772-207
I Love this game but it is not supported by iOS 11 Please update this wonderful game                 Please Update for iOS 11 Soliman14
One of my favorite games for iOS Just waiting on an update for the iOS11         Love the game just needs update Archeleron22
I love this game but now I can t play it Please update it                     Please update this to work in iOS11 katieg43
If you are looking for anything resembling depth in your gameplay look elsewhere If you like wonderfully cheesy 80s references you might enjoy it for those alone Production values are great all around             Great vibe but not much for the game OSBastard
Either beyond easy or based on luck What ya gana do             Eh Gdemon5
Plz     Plz update Special Fairy tail user
It s the same thing over and over with no ability to ask questions just pick numbers Upgrading was nice but the process to get there is boring     Wasted money AAGB81
Terrible game It has nothing to do with solving cases It has no storyline It s an extremely simple puzzle game and that s it Waste of money     Terrible terrible Hydginvfr
This game combines an RPG s progression and damage ranges with a puzzler s do it this way or fail philosophy Does anyone see the problem Yes it s the fact that you re mixing the required precision of 100 exactly the same thing every time with something that contradicts that AKA RNG Random Number Generator Random mixed with precision Granted everything else was good but the main gameplay is still broken Sort of like if Portal had randomized chamber order You got the final chamber before you have the portal gun Sorry reset your save and try again         Combining two things that don t go together G and D
You don t actually argue any case here It largely depends on probability         Stupid logic GowthamNatarajan
I love this game It s humorous well crafted and just plain FUN I am a serial downloader and have way too many games on my phone that I don t actually play However this one I have gotten my money s worth from I will play it beat it get distracted for a few months then come back and do it all again I love the turn based gameplay and the upgrade system with the apartment clothes and car The quips between the characters are fantastic and you will love to hate Max for being an unwaveringly confident jerk I never write reviews but felt obligated after enjoying my most recent time through once again Just play it                     Keep going back to it fanofcupid
Just a fabulous game clever mechanics solid writing and great art direction Honestly this game only needs one thing a sequel                     Great Game Zerious Sam
This is the dumbest game I ve played and play many games of all types In the games defense I was expecting a different type of game With attorney in the title i figured you d get to ask questions or pick evidence etc This is just choose a number that s bigger than the other I am SOOOO bummed I played for only a few minutes I admit but was so underwhelmed that I have no interest in continuing to play It s my fault I saw the stars and bought it I should have investigated the game more and that s on me But I couldn t be more disappointed     Wasted money Leah79marie
This is an underrated game Lots of fun Well made                 Underrated
The gameplay can get a little tedious and there isnt much replay value unless you want to try out different builds What is thereis an amazing story great voice actingwitty writing and tons of charm Watching the characters interact with one another is a joy and I just wish it never ended People whining about 3 for 23 hours of gameplay need to shut up This game is more than worth the price and I send copies to people I know because of how great this isAmazing game                 Just brilliant
EVER                 Best lawyer game EVER
Wonderful game My new addiction Great concept and nice gameplay                 Great
My all time favorite game on the App Store                 Best game on the App Store
I love it playing for second time and I hope that if I get a new iPhone I hope it is compatible to my new device                 Love it
Great game funny good graphics and entertaining characters Just wish there was more cases to play                 Very fun
I love this game so much Please add more levels please Ill pay anything                 More levels please
Unbelievably addictive Quirky silly and very imaginative Every character has their own funny quirk that you cant wait to see again Undoubtedly one of the most fun games out there                 Hours of free fun
The Good Quality gameplay nice stylized artwork clever writing high production value and an bugless in spectacular fashion The Bad Almost 0 replayability the storyline is 100 railed and there doesnt appear to be any updates to spice things up Theres definitely room for expansion and at 3 I expected a lot more bang out of this game A note to the Devs the ability to go back on storyline purchases or decisions would be nice Having to start over after a wrong click is a pain           Not Clear and Convincing
The humor the characters and the actual game All three reasons to get the game                 A must get
Best 3 I ever spent on a game Witty challenging even on Normal mode and I cant wait for a sequel                 Totally Worth It
Very cool stuff I chose What could have happened Haha funny stuff                 No objections here
Best mobile game ever                 Great
The storyline isnt unique but the dialogue is This turnbased game will have you chuckling silently to yourself with all of the inside jokes The game can appear redundant but you can increase the challenge level I found that I was happy to win more cases to win money to get perks There are 3 possible endings and I am interested in knowing what they all are I might would redo some things differently but Im holding off on starting a new game I would keep playing if there was an expansion but starting all over does seem daunting This game is a GREAT first time play through                 Clever repartee
I cant believe I paid money for a game that can be completed in a couple hours At the end when they talked about Paris In the what actually happened ending I got so excited for more cases Nope Such a fun game with catchy music and awesome graphics but I honestly would not buy it if I had the choice again knowing how quickly it ended              Disappointing Ending
Amazing game I just wish that there was a new update since beating the whole game is very easy so maybe you could add a few more levels                 Very Good
Please make more Even though I didnt type the line above I definitely agree I love this game I want more like it Ive been checking on you guys for years but still havent seen anything like it this is my favorite app game by far Its not an arcade or a runner which is boring to me Its unique funny not too complicated but requires a little bit of reasoning and can be play differently every time Its great make more like these Ill buy them                 My favorite game
Way too easy and short Its a bit addictive like lots of these games but I beat it after a few hours and cant believe I paid this much for a game that lasts a day     Too simple easy and OVERPRICED
Fun dialogue and humor great graphics and a challenges you enough to make you thinkbut not to frustration Perks are motivational and push the game forward Ive finished twice and learned two endingsworking on the third I started looking for more from the developer but nothing to be found Sad I hope more is coming At least add more cases so we can keep playing                 Absolutely love it
Its a fun game and I enjoyed playing it I feel like its a waste though because it takes almost no time to beat You get maybe two hours of game play tops Maybe        Good But Short
When you can beat the game in less than a day it is not worth paying anything for Very disappointed in this game I want a refund     Not Worth Paying For
This game is great Fantastic humor simple yet strategic battles and new abilities to unlock I would love to PAY more for bonus levels with new prosecutors new opponents and new abilities Also I know this is a tall order must quote Sun Tzu Muahahahaha but a PvP feature would be awesome Choosing your lawyer setting up witnesses and evidence and facing off against other players would be sooooo fun Like I said I know none of the stuff I said would be easy but Im sure Im not the only one who would buy that              POLITICS
Really bad and nothing to research or actually try to create options to talk Waste of money I WANT A REFUND     Not what i expected
Absolutely one of the best games Ive played on OS Wish hed come back from holiday                 Greatest game around
I fell in love with this game and its unique new gameplay style hopefully they add more levels soon                 I love this game
Thank you for listening great game so happy I can play it now thank you developers              With the new patch iphone 6 works great
Best iOS game Ive ever played Well thought out and very slick                 Wow
This game is just what I needed while sick with the flu and incapable of defending the law in real life The games charming graphics and the speedy pacing will leave you coming back for more Its definitely best played with sound so if you are looking for something to kill time in class or on public transportation you might be missing out on part of the experience To the cheapo who said this was too expensive I think the price is fair considering the lack of ads and quality of gameplay Its basically the price of a McDonalds jalapeño hamburger but it will entertain you much longer inside or outside of the bathroom                 Some legal fun
This game was a bit of a surprise Was expecting a Phoenix Wright clone found an amazing turn based rpg instead The voice acting and soundtrack are excellent the art and humor are a perfect match and the court battle system is magnificent Nothing is perfect in this world though The game is a bit short for one The game can be beat in a single day unless you also want to give it additional runs to see all 3 endings I still sort of wish there was a random encounter mode without voices where you just battle for fun money and extra loot once the game is beat I have to play more with the progression branches but so far the vanity tree seems to not be as vital as the other 2 I may find out in my next run but so far not sure Id be able to beat the final boss without the other 2 branches maxed out Dont let any of this stop you though This is a GREAT game worth every penny I hope my wish list gets addressed in the inevitable sequel                 Nearly perfect rpgcourt fun
Fun game Hilarious story and characters Hard mode is challenging Beat in hard mode and watch all 3 endings I hope they make another They need to make a sequel or add more to this one I want more                 Great game Get it
The option is offered but the game continues to play music during trials           Cant turn off music
Too short too simple Incomplete game I think a lot of the reviews for this game are fake There are much better games of this type out there for free Dont waste your time or money on this     Esq
The gameplay mechanics work very well on a mobile device Its very fun and engaging one of the few iOS games Ive not only finished but played multiple times I really hope there will be a sequel                 One of the best iOS games
This game does not take long to finish Once you upgrade his apartment there is nothing left to do I guess I could keep taking on cases but why bother But I did have fun           Short
I paid for this game but when I open it I just get the 1337 presents and then it closes out     Not working on iPhone 6
The game itself is great but after the ending the office has a sign that says on a holiday Max needs to come back from that holiday because I paid for this game yesterday and I already finished it              Great game but needs more levels
Gameplay is genius but please add more levels an advancement in the plot that reunites max with his inner evil to bring back injustice or even better online multiplayer where you can collect witnesses and other evidence for your defense and skills for your offense                 Amazing But Needs More Gameplay
One of the better game made for iOS                 Great game
Overpriced gets boring after 5 minutes and 299 is overpriced do not get the game    
Its an RPG with a pretty clever skin Past that this game is not that special Its really easy really short has little replay ability and it basically lacks a story Its just not that great and I dont understand why its ratings are so high Gameplay wise it barely scratches its way to the middle        Meh
Its been close to two years since I first played this game and I want more It has challenge great story and gives you the feel as if your are actually controlling the outcome There is no other game formatted like it Ive played it more than three times already and search the App Store all time in the hopes that another similar one will be created No dice PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE Excellent job with this but where are you guys                 I NEED ANOTHER GAME LIKE THIS
I got this game a long time ago and quickly got bored with the gameplay I recently downloaded it again to give it another chance I finished the game in one day and not because it was too easy but because I couldnt put it down It is kinda hard to completely replay but you can play again on another difficulty and buy different things I think the game is clever and the story makes me laugh The only thing I wish was different is that there would be more levels so therefore I wish for an update                 I LOVE IT
Its a AWESOME game                 Awesome
Fun game Only complaint is that it isnt long enough Ive beat it three times in two weeks just to see all alternate endings Make a part two or option to buy more levels           Fantastic
This game is incredibly fun with a good mix of story humor and game mechanics I recommend this to anyone reading this PS Please make a sequel to this game developers I know it will be hard to match the fun found in this but I am sure you can do it Thanks for reading                 GREAT GAME
Awesome turn based RPG that provides a great amount of difficulty hilarious voice cast Worth every penny One to play over and over again                 One of the best on iOS
I spent 4 a game that wont start up on my iPhone 6 plus but will on my sisters iPad mini Ive tried deleting things to see if it needs space and Ive deleted It multiple times and redownloaded it Wish it would because my sister says its fun     Extremely disappointed
Devils Attorney is original and entertaining but it doesnt take much strategy The cases feel like the same thing over and over I beat the game in a couple hours and I doubt I will play it again           Clever concept Little strategy Poor replayability
At first I was a little skeptical about this game but after buying it playing and beating it twice I think it is worth the money you pay for it so give it a chance because you will not be disappointed                 Must have game

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