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4Technologies Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary ,MyNetDiary - Food and Exercise Diary for iPad ,Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary ,Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary), brings Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary app has been update to version 3.52 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love that I can track everything in one app..
  • Have been using 3 apps for years to track nutrition..
  • If you are trying to control diabetes and/or lose weight..
  • Works well for tracking blood glucose..
  • Invaluable tool in managing my Type II through diet and exercise..

Overall Satisfactionc90
highly recommend this app and it's running companion.
Other than that its a great tool for diabetics.
MND has the best food list around.
Love the charts on here and ability to enter measurements.
Thanks to the team.
Love that I can track everything in one app.
Very helpful tool.
I can keep everything in one place.
Keeps me informed.
Repeat Valuec100
especially for those motivated to control glucose levels through dietary modification.
This really helps me manage my glucose levels.
Ease of Usec80
Love the charts on here and ability to enter measurements.
This app can be as complex or simple as you want.
Easy and accurate.
Updates & Supportc90
The latest version adds report e-mail for your doctor.
I have used this app for years-- upgraded to the Pro version.

Now my Runkeeper activity feeds directly to My Net Diary. found in 15 reviews
Good but not sync able across devices without paying extra. found in 2 reviews
If you want to e- mail or print your data. found in 1 reviews
UI - spectacular
App is impressive until you see all it can't do. found in 1 reviews
Database - lacking many items Scanner - hit and miss. found in 2 reviews
Requires Too Much Data Entry. found in 1 reviews
Incredibly poor. found in 1 reviews
and the barcode scanner does not work as well. found in 3 reviews
Too bad the free site doesn't track glucose. found in 1 reviews
Please just some minor updates. found in 1 reviews
Camera for reading barcodes not working. found in 1 reviews
Impressive but lacks a lot of barcodes to scan. found in 3 reviews
yet when I search to load it onto my iPad. found in 1 reviews
Two minor issues keep me from giving it five stars. found in 2 reviews
Fix the barcode scanner. found in 3 reviews
But I have a lot of trouble using the barcode scanner. found in 2 reviews
Accessing the diabetes specific information from the website requires a subscription. found in 2 reviews
To log basic things like blood pressure and pulse. found in 2 reviews
Scanner does not work even after paying usd 10. found in 5 reviews
but is completely useless here. found in 2 reviews
the app doesn't work in airplane mode. found in 2 reviews
but if you don't have Internet connection. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary for $9.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 11.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.52 has been released on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary in 4Technologies Corporation`s Official Website : http://www.mynetdiary.com/diabetes-tracker-for-iPhone.html

The Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary provides comprehensive diabetes tracking, adding blood glucose, insulin, and medications tracking to the proven foundation of the best calorie counter and food diary - MyNetDiary PRO. MyNetDiary was featured on ...
I have lost 23 lbs and have gotten my diabetes under control by using this app                 Love this app
Thorough and user friendly Suggest putting insulin usage and insulin readings on same entry screen Suggest updating insulin usage to reflect infusion pump bolus and basal usage                 COMPREHENSIVE
This app is surprisingly extremely helpful for tracking food and blood sugars for my type 1 diabetes Also I like how I can list my insulin doses and the charts it creates for weight blood sugars and insulin So far I havent had any issues with this app Overall Im very impressed                 Pretty awesome
As a recently diagnosed diabetic Ive found this app to be very helpful and easy to use And being able to track so many things at the so many things at the same time puts this app above the rest                 Simple to Use
If you have diabetes you need this app                 Very good
Have used this App several years Not diabetic or hypertensive but love the nutritional info The only fault I have found is dropping my food favorites and even foods loaded on their system every time they upgrade However they do allow the user to add foods by taking a package photo nutritional info and bar code which is very helpful                 Recommend this to everyone
I love all the new improvements It really keeps me on tract                 Great app
Helps me keep up with my stats and readings I know where I am and keeps well controlled                 Perfect for diabetic tracking
Need a way to print logs for sharing with physician at appointments              Me
The app helps me keep track of my health data that I share with my doctors              Great App
When it works it is very convenient But it does not always worksometimes it does not save your input sometimes the serving size does not show up sometimes it just crashes I had to go back to writing everything down on paper If you are using this app for your health you need an app that you can count on This is more like a free app        Not reliable
Does everything I need it to do Would highly recommend this to other diabetics or anyone wanting to track their progress                 Excellent App
I am keeping my blood sugar under control with the help of this app                 I Love It
As recently diagnosed type 2 I really appreciate the simplicity of this app Especially the food selections are vast and the charts I just would like to see the charts be available by sliding the screen to the next instead of selecting one then going back to the menus to select another              Review
Love this app Im a busy guy and I need this app Add just a bit more food data and its perfect                 Real Solution for Practical Diabetes Mgmt
Have been using 3 apps for years to track nutrition diabetes meds Yippee One app to do it all App takes into account all aspects of DM management Was very impressed with dcarb count which make a significant difference in managing diet meds Daily summery of blood sugars insulin other meds nutrients H2o activity ability to set parameters for nutrients blood sugars specific to the needs of the individual is much appreciated Food database still on the small side but will enlarge as people use it Im sure I stumbled on this app by accident consider it a very happy accident Cant wait to show it to my DM dietary educators As a retired RN having worked with many diabetics as well as now being diabetic myself I can really appreciate this app Good job guys showed this app to my diabetic educators last week they were very favorably impressed They plan to recommend the app to their clients                 Ive Been Waiting Years For This App
The program itself is useful and pretty well laid out My problem is that there is no way to keep MY data underMY controll All data is kept on the web which means it is NOT safe nor private nor accessible without a web connection which HUGELY affects my personal safety and the utiliy of the program I also find it bothersome having to contact them periododically to do whatever it is they do so I can use the program again It can be best of kind and less than it could be        Privacy
I am a type 2 diabetic With this one app and I have tried several I can track all of the information that I need to control my diabetes I can let my doctor review it and we can make adjustments as necessary This is a great app for me I can also track progress with my nutritionist and make adjustments as needed also                 Great App
Combines all of the fitness trackers Ive ever used Well worth the price for the use I have gotten out of it                 Great
Great app                 Chris
I checked out over 20 apps before finding this puppy and Im glad I kept looking Pros Easy to use interface for entries Still improving times are now even faster to enter Cost of the app is reasonable Large food database Database search is pretty good and quantities are easy to enter Great medsinsulin tracking Nice charting features Offers both web and app interfaces Able to new db items and items that combine several foods Cons Food database items dont have a consistent naming format Many db item brands are clearly from the UK and dont help US users Not cheap Diabetic features are additional money Costs App varies by platform less than 20 Subscription is free with ads or 60 per year or 9 per month ad free Diabetic Maximum subscription features for web and app is a bit more Sorry I dont remember how much Summary MyNetDiary is very feature rich and easy to use                 Superb app for users w diabetes
Ive been using this for over a year now keeping track of my meals and numbers Easy for my Diabetes instructornurse to check over and see how Ive been doing Easier than writing everything down I use it every day for keeping me on track                 Good App
If you have Type 2 Diabetes this is the app for you It tracks everything you need to track Best money I ever spent                 Type 2
I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension The diet I was placed on combined with the testing and medications was a bit daunting Using My Net Diary Diabetes version has made the change in lifestyle much less overwhelming The constantly updated list of specific foods by brand makes calorie counting easy accurate and frankly Enjoyable                 My ReviewRave
Tracks everything I need to manage my diabetes Easy to use                 Awesome App
Ive used this for years Each improvement gets better I love the ability to mix in exercise food and other measurements like blood glucose etc I love tracking data and this app is the best                 Hands down the best Ive found
Easy to use Has tracked me and kept me honest while I try to lose weight and keep my sugars controlled                 Very good app
I am able to recover from a serious illness by using this app by eating right food and tracking my progress Great App Very useful for a person with chronic illness where diet is most important It has very useful information about various foods Its database is good but information foods from India needs improvement                 Basith
Excellent metrics Food database needs more work                 NOONE
I used to use a different app on my phone until I found this I love it With my vision its much easier to look at very easy to use I love how you can customize it to your needs I especially like the charts I find it very helpful to see blood sugarweight changes in a graph Now that I need daily injection for diabetes its more important than ever to monitor my health Thank you so much for your app                 Best one for diabetics
Love the ease of use amount of detail and charts My doctor and dietitian have even been impressed with it                 Very helpful for new diabetics
Occasionally I get curious and try other diet and blood glucose tracking apps I always come right back to NetDiaryD Its organized and easy to use Still my favorite                 Best Tracking App
Love using Net Diary to track all my health data                 Awesome
Ive used this app daily to track my nutrition calorie intake weekly to track my blood glucose levels Ive lost 23 pounds in three months by changing my lifestyle reducing carbs sugars and exercising regularly This app allows me to track all of those metrics more Excellent food database food check scanner Great job                 Great App
Easy enough to use Could have a better and more diversified exercise log instead of just the distance tracker              My Net Diary is a Great App
I was in love with this app until it no longer synced with Fitbit Please put the sync back           Put back Fitbit connection
For a newly diagnosed diabetic this app has been the biggest aid to me so far It lets me know or log all of my information for easy reference at the doctors My only issue is that a few functions seem cryptic and the help feature isnt much assistance Other than that I love it              Almost there
A while back I bought calorie counter for 999 And today I bought MyNetDiary for same money THEN I realize that both are the same You owe me 10 bucks Would rate 4 stars otherwise but you ripped me off     Wait one minute there partner
I either researched or used the key foodexercise trackers MyNetDiary Pro and Diabetes versions are the best They bring in all major needs exercise foods calorie and nutrient plus macros determination Along with great extras like measurements and the diabetes version which I prefer even though I dont have diabetes adds medication tracking and more granular nutrients and allows you to create trackers for whatever you want I use it to track meditation journaling etc I dont have an add on subscription but believe if I wanted one it would be well done Thank you MyNetDiary for excellent products                 Best in Class
Ive been a out if control diabetic for years I never really found a groove or an easy place to track diet fitness and diabetic infountil Its simple Intuitive Worth the price My specialist loved it so much she is recommending it to all her patients now Really looking forward to the upcoming Fitbit integration theyve promised                 Finally Something to make being diabetic easier
I use this app daily to monitor what Ive eatenglucose blood pressure and weight This is the most used app on my iPad I use it several times today tomorrow each meal and anything else that I want to track and I love it It is updated regularly and usually is improved with each update Ive tried several other applications for diabetics but this is the best                 Love it
I use My Net Diary For tracking food But also I use it for tracking my blood sugar weight water as well as my own custom trackers to help me keep on top of my cancer treatment helps me stay on the lookout for developing side effects of medications I have to watch out forthat could require hospitalization such as rise in temperature reactions or blood in urine when taking blood thinners etc                 Excellent App
Type 2 diabetic no meds and keeping it that way This app gives me everything I need to monitor my health and keep me on track                 Terrific App
I really love this APP it is perfect for a diabetic Able to keep great records for my doctor and makes me feel great when changes look great for me The only thing I would like to change would be the meal plan When you go to your favorite foods I would like to enter a type of food anytime of day regardless if its eggs for dinner or leftovers for breakfast or a smoothie for lunch In other words just have one list to choose from This app is well worth the price Thank you Candice                 Perfect for a diabetic
I have used this app since it was first introduced It has served me well              The best health tracker
Ive used other apps like this in the pastfor my recently diagnosed diabetes this is the best                 This works
I use this app because it allows me to keep track of glucose readings exercise medication and food and therefore lets me look at possible effects of all those factors on blood sugar I think the food database is quite good I wish it would calculate and graph blood sugar statistics by time of reading though fasting after breakfast etc Since it doesnt I use another app for that I also wish I could get a better printout of the pages on the website They dont print out exactly as they appear on the screen Id prefer that the app would allow the option of not focusing on weight              Most inclusive app
This does everything they say and more I use the diabetes add in and it tracks the most important things I need to know Support is 5 star if theres a problem or question they will get back to you in record time Getting and printing reports takes a little getting use to but its nothing anyone cannot learn Keep to the and you will lose                 Great system
This app was just what I needed to keep me on track with eating right and getting healthy I am happy to say that with diet and exercise I am now off my diabetes medicine but still monitor it daily Stray strong stay on track you can do it                 Just what I needed
Excellent app Does everything I expect and does it well Food database a little sparse but improving                 Fixed most problems with the latest version

Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb TrackingDiabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary Medical Carb Tracking

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