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Description - Diamond Dash

wooga , the publisher behind many iOS games (Diamond Dash ,Magic Land ,Pearl`s Peril ,Pearl`s Peril for iPhone ,Crazy Kings ,Monster World), brings Diamond Dash with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Diamond Dash games has been update to version 2.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a great game and all the family loves it..
  • Its wonderful and funny game you have to try it..
  • What a mind blowing fun game..
  • This is an awesome game to play on your free time..
  • I love this game it very relaxing and challenging..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Non- Stop Play.
It's one of my favorite games it's fast pace and very entertaining.
Was my favorite game until yesterday.
This is the most amazing game I enjoy playing it everyday.
I love playing diamond dash its my favorite game on my iPhone.
I guarantee you're going to love it.
Wonderful game the more I play the more I'm hooked.
I'd recommend this game to anyone who wants a time passer.
I'm in love with this game I'm addicted to it.
Fun & Engagingc89
An amazing fun game to play that makes you competitive.
It's a fun game but I'm getting cheated out of my lives.
Awesome game just started and I already addicted.
Awesome game when its not crashing.
Love it very addictive love the new missions.
It's a great way to pass time or challenge family members.
very fun game to compete with friends for high score.
Very fun game fix the glitches.
Diamond dash is super fun and better than bejeweled.
This was a super fun game until the update.
It's really fun to play against friends and really amazing:.
can't play against friends.
It's a fast paced game so you won't get bored.
I play it everyday on my iPad and I challenge my friends.
Diamind Dash is very addicting I play it everyday :DD.
Family Friendlyc92
I can play against friends and family and be competitive it is enjoyable.
can't play against friends.
I love the fact that u can play against family and friends.
My grand kids are usually amused how I get so engrossed.
This is a great game for adults and kids.
Value for Moneyc40
Spend real money WHY WOULD any one do that.
How you like me use real money.
Love that I can play without spending money.
Just going to play without spending money.
Replay Valuec93
This is by far the most fun and challenging game ever.
Love the game fun and challenging but I can't even play it.
So addicting all the new features and special levels are great.
I wish there were more powers available with higher levels.
challenging and addictive game and I love it.
5 stars a great game hours of fun with over 100 levels.
It never gets old and always upgrading to bigger and better.
Social Aspectsc85
Excellent way to pass the time and it's really fun to compete with friends.
Fun to play great for passing time and fun to compete with friends.
Great game to play with friends especially win you lead the pack.
It's fun to play with friends and have the competition every week.
the best social game on facebook.
Great iPad social game.
Production Valuesc89
Love this game play it all the time one of my best.
My mom and I play it all the time we love it.
A great puzzle game with awesome sound effects and visuals.
Plus I love all the pretty colors and sound effects.
Ease of Usec88
Simple game play makes this app a keeper.
Having a ball over a simple game.
short fun goals and simple to play.
Super fun & simple to play.
Challenging and easy to get addicted.
It's so easy to get addicted to.
Game keep stoping after downloading the new version.
I updated to the newest version and the game keeps freezing.
A few bugs need to be fixed.
Security & Privacyc50
This game is awesome especially wen it's link to Facebook.
and it locked up my access to Facebook.
or you have to login to Facebook to get additional tokens.
didn't transfer from my FB account game.
Only for 1 account to play.
Updates & Supportc47
The customer service is excellent too.
but I score so much higher on the facebook version.
Even better than the Facebook version.
I hate the new update that ask you to buy Extra time.
Just like the fb version.
000 over FB version.

It's a fast paced game so you won't get bored. found in 122 reviews
Great way to pass the time and improve eye/hand coordination. found in 246 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game it's so much better than candy crush :. found in 415 reviews
Diamond dash is awesome great stress reliever. found in 4387 reviews
Diamond dash is super fun and better than bejeweled. found in 131 reviews
very fun game to compete with friends for high score. found in 149 reviews
I really enjoy this game I love trying to beat my friends and family. found in 121 reviews
I like this game it is a great stress reliever. found in 52 reviews
This is by far the most fun and challenging game ever. found in 88 reviews
I can't send or receive any lives or anything from other players. found in 4 reviews
Personally wish the timer was increased by even 30 sec :D. found in 10 reviews
I feel totally screwed and I want this to be fixed. found in 35 reviews
until they start making you pay for lives to play the levels. found in 53 reviews
Games awesome except that u gotta get more hearts to play. found in 18 reviews
U shouldn't have to login to Facebook to get more life's. found in 51 reviews
or you have to login to Facebook to get additional tokens. found in 51 reviews
but I've contacted customer service numerous times about a problem. found in 13 reviews
With the last update it doesn't let me spin the wheel. found in 37 reviews
Have closed the app a reopened but still won't stop spinning. found in 17 reviews
Can't play anymore since I downloaded unless I buy hearts. found in 16 reviews
Just wish there were more ways to earn more coins or gold bars. found in 8 reviews
The waiting for new lives is just a bit irritating. found in 38 reviews
Frequently the game crashes mostly when using the bomb. found in 26 reviews
Much better if you don't have to wait to get more lives. found in 60 reviews
But hate running out of lives and being req to purchase. found in 5 reviews
Wish you could play more without having to pay. found in 4 reviews
And now i cant play to get into the silver league. found in 12 reviews
I just wish I could play nonstop without needing coins. found in 11 reviews
I can't quit playing love playing against other people on facebook. found in 16 reviews
I hate how the color splash charges gold bars. found in 54 reviews
but also extra lives and the bonuses I had saved up. found in 55 reviews
then play one game and suddenly have 0 hearts and 20 coins. found in 43 reviews
also needs more ways to earn gold bars. found in 277 reviews
You have to wait 8 minutes to play again unless you buy plays. found in 26 reviews
It crashed twice and my power ups were used up. found in 112 reviews
this game needs Game Center. found in 16 reviews
- Constantly pesters you to log in to Facebook. found in 51 reviews
Developers: It shouldn't be so difficult to earn gold bars. found in 62 reviews
bought some magic powers and attempted to play a sixth game. found in 65 reviews
Waiting for new lives us just ridiculous. found in 38 reviews
It doesn't stop spinning & I don't win a prize. found in 17 reviews
The screen freezes while playing causing me to lose time on the game. found in 18 reviews
With the update game crashes every other game. found in 26 reviews
There is a system 'glitch' that needs to be fixed. found in 35 reviews
It's swaps my scores and don't let me spin the wheel. found in 37 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Diamond Dash for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4 has been released on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Diamond Dash in wooga`s Official Website : http://www.wooga.com/games/diamonddash/mobile/

Over 10 Million Players on Facebook - Play now on your iPhone / iPad for free Join your friends and compete in weekly tournaments. Connect with Facebook to unlock special features and play with your friends ...
Been playing for a long time and every time is fun and a challenge to do better than the last game                 Fast paced fun
Great                 Great
Good good good                 Good
Really easy to play                 Excellent game
Love this game                 Great
I like the new team challenges and special games Just like someone mentioned earlier it would be nice to poke your teammates or root them on                 Great Game
Simple as that                 I am obsessed
Love the game You have got to try it                 Rus opinion
I absolutely love this game and I play every day for the past 3 years but lately Ive been very frustrated because I have to play too many games to get to the next level plus the rewards for the weekly tournament is not enough to keep me motivated anymore I think it should be just as great as the global and team battlesI use all of my GOLD BARS and COINS to always stay on top so I should be rewarded              Great Game
I love this game                 Diamond Dash
Great game                 Excellent
Fun and challenging game for all ages                 Great game
I enjoy this game I play it weekly                 Love the game
I love it True facts                 Seriously
Love this game                 Ms1978
This Game keeps freezing it has never done that before when I had it on my iPod fix the bugs please     Fix it
Waste of time They reward people that dont play in the battle but reap the rewards The rewards for the winning team should be divided by ranking in the team        Team Battle
My favorite game super entertaining can be very addictive Has great rewards and can help you kill a lot and lot of time and can make you come back for more Wicked awesome                 Love
I sure wasnt into these types of games but now I got the hang of it it is just simple fun to play in tournaments to see whos best                 Just simple fun
Addicting                 One word
Addicted to this game                 Tab325
Love this game                 Dash Addict
Such a great game Love Playing it              Diamond dash
Super addictive game                 Gameress
I Love this game it is Soooooooo addicting lol                 One of my Favorites
The sound is what really kept me interested I think the gold is a little to hard to get Id like for the special levels to come more frequently so that wed have a better chance at earning gold Thanks though for hours of entertainment The team game is cool it would be nice if players could text each other while playing                 NEED MORE GOLD
I love this game I dont have any issues with this game It doesnt crash and Im already addicted                 Diamond Dash Lover
Game should be available on all devices                 Great game
After upgrading to another phone was afraid I wasnt going to play this game anymore but luckily I found it I love it Addictive                 Very enjoyable
I have been playing this game since day one I truly love it but lately every time I try to play it quits I have been trying for 4 days now and the only way I can access the game is through the App Store Something seriously here guys Please fix              Me
AWESOME fun love this game drives me nuts cant stop playing                 Diamond dash
Fun                 Great App
Muy buenas todas la competencia pero añadan premios al torneo semanal                 Buen juego
I really enjoy playing the time battle I just wish more people and more of my friends will play this again              The time battle
I am obsess with this love love love                 Love it
This such an addicting game I love it great to pass the time and just play and not think about anything else                 Diamond Dash
I play everyday allday On breaks etc any chance I get                 Addictive
I love this game never get tired of playing it                 Great app
Awesome game                 The best
Best game ever                 Awesome
All fun so far              New to game
Awesome game and it very is to become addicted to playing Playing is relaxing and when you capture that fire while playing your score goes wild Love this game                 Diamond Dash
I enjoy playing against friends Lots of fun                 Like this game
Coool                 Nice game
Its just like the American Express Card dont leave home without it I play it a lot A Ten                 It works for me
I love this game just hope that the will increase the amount of stars you get either per game or tournament                 Addictive
جدا جميلا وتضيع طفشش اكتر شي                 Good Liek
Love it                 Like it
I really love this game Hours of fun It gets hard to put down the game                 Fun game
I love the new team version of the game It would be nice to have the option at least to poke the team members that are not playing anymore because I do think its unfair when you have unresponsive teammates and you are trying really hard to beat the other team Ive been lucky enough to have really good teammates But yeah I understand the frustration of other players Its more fun when its a fair close competition between teams This Team battle made play this game again because the rewards are amazing                 Addictive

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