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Stofle Designs , the publisher behind many iOS games (Simple Truth or Dare Paid ,Dice With Buddies ,Simple Truth or Dare ,Checkers With Buddies Free ,Jewels with Buddies Ads Free ,Jewels with Buddies), brings Dice With Buddies with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dice With Buddies games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • king of mobile turn-based multiplayer games..
  • Great mindless entertainment when you need to unwind..
  • A great way to kill time without getting involved in a detailed project..
  • The perfect little social game..
  • Super fun and I've mad friends through random play..
Overall Satisfactionclick me74
One of my favorite games to play with both friends & random opponents.
Not able to get to my games to play.
I used to think Words with Friends was awesome.
U can only u one 5 of a kind.
fun - what's not to love.
I love being able to play multiple games with people at the same time.
Bringing back a wonderful game from when I was a kid.
Don't ruin this wonderful game.
I would recommend this game for all ages.
I wont recommend this game anymore.
Fun & Engagingclick me95
You took an awesome game and made it even better.
Very addictive and its fun for all age groups.
This game is incredibly fun to play with friends and family.
Super fun and I've mad friends through random play.
Fast game creation with others around the world.
Fun fun fun and fast as you can play it back.
Easy to play fun quick games with this.
This is a fast paced game that makes time fly.
Usefulnessclick me97
Can play everyday with friends and in tournaments.
play everyday with a few people.
I love this game my friends and I play every day.
My friends got me hooked and we play every day.
Family Friendlyclick me95
This game is incredibly fun to play with friends and family.
Great way to stay in touch with friends and family too.
Replay Valueclick me61
I play with all my friends and it never gets old.
Download this dice game and you will have hours of enjoyment.
Hours and hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsclick me93
Great game to play with friends very additting once you start playing.
This game is incredibly fun to play with friends and family.
A fun and simple way to stay connected with friends.
Events are very fun including the tournaments and head to head games.
Easy to play and find new people to play with.
The perfect little social game.
king of mobile turn-based multiplayer games.
Now I can spend more time with my family & friends.
Production Valuesclick me51
Fast paced and fun sound effects.
Love the new animations and different dice options.
I love the new graphics and playing daily.
The new iPad interface and screen was a great improvement.
Ease of Useclick me98
So simple and fun to play.
Simple and fun - 5 stars.
Simple and addicting.
Reliabilityclick me39
Ads not Intrusiveclick me25
Updates & Supportclick me26
Need an option to turn off chat to avoid creepy chatters.
Remarkable customer service.


Dice with Buddies is a turn based multiplayer dice game similar to Hasbro, Inc.’s YAHTZEE® dice game.


Players take turns rolling their way to victory against each other. Once you have made your move you can close the app and you will be alerted when it is your turn to play.

Dice With BuddiesDice With Buddies


You can play against your friends or a random opponent!


Your stats are saved and linked up with your WithBuddies account. You can track how often you crush your friends and by how much. High and Low score leaders boards are calculated daily. Visit for more information.


There is also an offline local player mode available for pass and play when internet connection is not available.
Dice With Buddies


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Dice With Buddies for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Dice With Buddies check developer Stofle Designs`s website :


This is a fast paced game that makes time fly. found in 51 reviews
A fun and simple way to stay connected with friends. found in 31 reviews
Gives you a chance to play something besides word games. found in 13 reviews
Great game to play with friends very additting once you start playing. found in 269 reviews
Lots of fun and a good way to pass time with friends and others. found in 98 reviews
Easy to play fun quick games with this. found in 65 reviews
this is a mindless game of chance without any worry of time. found in 17 reviews
I have loads of fun with my distant friends and relation. found in 42 reviews
Fast game creation with others around the world. found in 79 reviews
Great way to stay in touch with friends and family too. found in 44 reviews
Nice implementation of classic game. found in 15 reviews
Reminds me of being at camp and family game night. found in 19 reviews
Multiple games at once make it a greater time killer. found in 21 reviews
I really enjoy playing with my friends and family. found in 38 reviews
Worth paying for though to get ride of the annoying ads. found in 16 reviews
So I bought the paid app to get rid of ads. found in 37 reviews
but I paid for the upgraded game to avoid ads. found in 30 reviews
so now I still get ads from the dice game. found in 13 reviews
Don't like the new update Been playing for a long time. found in 4 reviews
Great minus the ads when I paid for no ads. found in 28 reviews
- Now getting ads for their golf game. found in 33 reviews
Like game but dislike have to re -install all the time. found in 29 reviews
Enjoy the game except remove start new games from playing screen. found in 12 reviews
Not a fan of the new tournament layout. found in 4 reviews
The new popup that suggests random games with strangers is annoying. found in 20 reviews
Needs bonus pts for add'tl 5 of a kind. found in 6 reviews
But even in payed version there are ads for other games by developer. found in 14 reviews
Also the ads on the ad free version Re getting annoying. found in 4 reviews
Ads in paid version - Not cool. found in 11 reviews
Paid version still has ads for their other products. found in 15 reviews
Will not be starting new games because of the new interface. found in 111 reviews
I bought the full version to avoid the ads. found in 30 reviews
But this makes you accidentally ask people to play. found in 23 reviews
I do not want to play random opponents. found in 64 reviews
I paid for the upgrade for no ads and still get them. found in 28 reviews
Bonus rolls are ruining the tourney experience. found in 223 reviews
I've received 4 full screen ads for their new golf game. found in 33 reviews
The game no longer works and I paid for the ad free version. found in 22 reviews
they said going to stop playing game because of the annoying ads. found in 28 reviews
Paid for full to stop annoying tricky and annoying ads. found in 28 reviews
Fix the random player trick u put in the last update. found in 32 reviews
I paid for this version to get rid of ads and now I GET ADS. found in 37 reviews
It would be in your best interest to remove the ads. found in 29 reviews
it repeatedly kept asking me to enter a valid email address. found in 26 reviews
Developers - please provide an elegant way to deal with stale games. found in 22 reviews
I paid for this app to avoid their stupid ads. found in 30 reviews
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Great fun for all                Dice with Buddies
I love the game However games keep getting stuck You cant play or forfeit I just got home from work started to play and have had two stuck games on top of the ones from yesterday So frustrating       Stuck Games
I Love this game I play it every day and have 4 games going at once                LOVE
Very fun and entertaining                Dice with Buddies
Fun and addicting less calories then cocaine                Addicting
I play this game everyday                Best game ever
Play with family and friends all the time                Great game
What happened to tournament play Dont want to play with others takes too long    What happened to extra rolls
Classic Yahtzee lots of fun to play local with friends or strangers                Fun game
Each time I open this app I get some pop up even though I have the paid for version    Not as much fun as it used to be
I cant quit this game Love the game Play against husband and buddies everyday                Fav Game
Been playing continuously for 4 years                Great Game
Fun game I just wish it was a bit more fair We play this game with real dice too this game works more against you Scratch off are thin tooNow I have to refuse games as I get too many invites from people I dont know Some are ok Theres room for improvement          Not great but ok
Why in the HELL have you taken it upon your ignorant self to have all my Facebook friends connected with this horrible game as it has become If it werent for me playing one player I would delete your asshat Scopely games are the worst controlling games every None of my friends play this ish but your evil self adds them anyway I dont care to play with Facebook people or see their faces I will NEVER give you anything but the one star you worthless piece of ish    I HATE YOU
Previously I gave this a 5 star rating I enjoy playing with people I know and especially my daughters The 3 star rating is only because I STILL enjoy that aspect As for the reduction in stars Recently Im getting a lot of random requests for games I dont have time nor do I wish to make the time for playing with people I dont know There seems to be no way to prevent or decline these requests and now I am ALSO getting emails reminding me I have a request waiting and urging me to play Geez I know you can block but that only applies to future requests the request that spurred the block still sits there and reminders still come And it wont prevent requests from people you havent blocked I think there should be a delete option for any request or an option to DECLINEnot forfeit once you accept the game Please please please make modifications to remove these unwelcome intrusions          Irksome
Great app                Great app
My fav game Love it                Dice with friends
One of my 2 favorite game apps I just wish that the scratch offs would pay more             Classic fun
The game has become totally about bonus rolls and you making money selling them and selling advertising which gives us more rolls The game isnt fun or fair anymore because we dont know how many rolls your opponent has The score has no meaning    This game has changed for the worse
I deleted your app because I got a notification about something stupid and it wouldnt go away even when I opened and closed the app I hate that I didnt have any game notifications I dont want to know about any offers I dont want any stupid special dice I just want to know if anyone has played their turn    Notification wont go away
Good game BUT the greedy fools only want youre The in app purchases are OUTRAGEOUS If you dont buy their extra rolls they WILL screw you Do NOT give in to their greediness DONT GET THIS GAME    Too costly
Love this game                Best Yahtzee Game Out There
Very addicting I wish there were no bonus rolls like real Yahtzee though             Love this game
If you love Yahtzee youll really love Dice With Buddies I play friends and strangers                Addictive
They further ruin this app with every update Like most everyone I hate all the ads hate that it NEVER notifies you that it is your turn when the game is over and what is the worst are the pointless achievements the scratchers and the tournaments they all get in the way of the game Its so SOO sad how theyve destroyed a near perfect game And now they have visually destroyed it Steer clear NOW I am being matched up with tons of strangers I just want to play with one person    KISS
I would rate this game a 5 because it is fun and challenging But I am annoyed that I get billed for the full price for extra rolls when the advertised reduced price is what caused me to make the selection that I chose Im sure many others have experienced this also Please fix this problem or you will begin losing loyal customers starting with me          Fun Game But InApp Purchases Advertise False Prices
I am thoroughly addicted to this game It has so much variety to it I just cant wait to play my master each day I look forward to that more than playing my buddies                Its awesome
Love it                Great Game
Its ok whatever algorithm they use for the dice kinda blows and my bonus rolls disappear every meow and then          Okay
Do not like tournament format any longer One game free and then I need bonus rolls Which you basically have to purchase unless you play all day Disappointing The Dice Master challenge pretty much proves to me the game is programmed and not random My average score is probably mid 200s but I never make it past level 4 Give me a break Still fun for regular games but please stop with the changes          Miss the older version
Fun                Love it
Played the free version for the longest time Its a cool game if u have time to waste But after a while got tired of the ads Especially when u have to get out of the app to get back to the game So I purchased it So much better can play 20 games in a 14 of the time             Much better
Those of us who prefer to play with only one or two family members are being drowned in matchup partners The badge is useless since it counts everyone listed as a possible match I choose to play with one person only and the badge icon shows 4 gamesnone of which are my partner Why not think of single players as well and let us opt out of social matchups Great game when we arent being hassled       Spoiling the fun
Initially I would have given the game 5 stars because it really is fun I deducted two points because everything requires purchasing additional dice Thats ok too annoying but it is a buyin app so I anticipate that to some degreeMy biggest complaints are the scratch off tickets are meager in winnings The daily challenges require extra dice to beat the DiceMaster and if you lose you go down as many as 7 places but can only advance one a day There is also a requirement that you play DiceMaster at least every 24 hours Fairness would have it that you do down only one category not multiple levels          Dice with Buddies
I have the paid game and now Im getting ads again for some matchmaking ap Not good Now the game is automatically finding game players and suggesting that I play the game with them I DONT WANT THAT You make money from us and then pop ads in there after we pay to get rid of them Down to 1 Star from 5    Was a Great game Now not so
Love this game Been playing for over a year Never gets old Some buddies and I have played together for quite awhile and we were random picks                Dice with buddies
So many things have gone downhill about this game and obviously others agree despite some not updating their star ratings    Theyre not even trying anymore
Ive been playing this game for a couple of years I never get tired of it I started playing with friends now playing against other people The tournaments are fun now there is the new game that is played once a day This has been challenging but loads of fun Sometimes this game can be difficult but its always fun Getting requests from people to play enjoying that                Dice with Buddies
I love this game                
Very addictive and fast game to play with your family and friends                Tons of fun
Addicting                Dice with friends
good stuff                dice
Cant wait for my opponents to play Love this game Not too thrilled with the new Dice Master Showdown but I enjoy playing the regular games and the daily tournaments                Great game
I like how the ads arent long and drawn out             Fun
Love                Love
Highly addictive game                Warning
What is the deal with trying to get me to play people I dont knowI hate the new random buddy button If I want to play a stranger I can do it without this game forcing a big button on my screen that I have to be careful not to press       Quit trying to make me play strangers
I must have 25 games going I really enjoy playingBut I do think players should get more rolls on the Scratchers I see 200 100 and 50 bonus rolls but have never received any of that amount          Addictive
Great game                Fun
Love the game Play it all the time with old and new friends             Dice With Buddies


Stofle Designs
10.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS Dice With Buddies Mobile

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