Download - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free iPhone iPad iOS, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app ( - Dictionary & Thesaurus - HD iPad ,WordSnap Dictionary ,Crossword Solver with Hints - Agent X Word ,Word Dynamo by - Word Games + Study Help , HD - Ad Free Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad ,SAT by, brings - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free app has been update to version 3.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The word of the day feature is a great way to increase your vocabulary..
  • It's very convenient when I'm reading a book and run into unfamiliar words..
  • Intuitive and incredibly useful when writing papers for school..
  • interesting facts presented in quirky slideshow--certainly..
  • It's such a useful tool for me as an English teacher..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
I love the word of the day feature which helps me to continue broadening my vocabulary.
This has to be one of the best dictionary apps out there.
The dictionary ap freezes up and doesn't work at all.
Probably the best free dictionary app on app store right now.
Easy to use and I love the pronunciation feature.
Love the audio pronunciation feature and usage examples--great for my ELL students.
you get no ads and there is an audio pronunciation.
This app is way better than Merriam Webster app dictionary or any other.
I love being able to look up any word at any time.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
This ap is the most convenient dictionary ap on the market.
The dictionary ap freezes up and doesn't work at all.
Having a word of the day is awesome because you learn words everyday.
It's so convenient to have a dictionary handy all the time.
I use this for spelling and reading homework all the time.
Makes learning and referencing new words quick and easy.
Thesaurus/dictionary all in one and lots of fun facts :-.
Ike to shake phone to get new word- fun and informative.
Usefulnessclick me93
I learn a new word everyday plus have a dictionary on the go.
I learn a new word every day with the "word of the day" notification.
Never without it - many features and I use it almost every day.
So useful in my everyday life and I feel 100xs smarter.
I don't need more lame ads in my everyday life.
It's so helpful for crossword puzzles & general understanding of words.
Extremely helpful and convenient for when I need a definition quickly :D.
This app helps me with my homework a lot when I'm looking up definitions.
Very handy and useful way to look up meanings and enrich your vocabulary.
Social Aspectsclick me92
This baby also is my companion when playing Words With Friends.
Love the word suggestions when playing Words with Friends.
Production Valuesclick me53
I love the easy interface for the app.
Incredibly easy interface.
I liked the old interface better though.
old interface looked better.
Ease of Useclick me84
Extremely helpful and convenient for when I need a definition quickly :D.
a nice simple dictionary for free with offline capabilities.
also a good dictionary and super convenient.
Fast easy to use.
In simple words : The Great apps for education and daily activities.
I love the easy interface for the app.
Easy and efficient access to accurate definitions.
Reliabilityclick me100
Ads not Intrusiveclick me41
And hopefully now it will stop asking me to rate it.
Wont stop asking me to rate them so ill rate you 3 stars.
Updates & Supportclick me44
An offline version I can carry with me is even better.
An offline version travels with me wherever I go:.
Doesn't let me download offline version.
Great customer service.


The free app delivers trusted reference content from and NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS NEEDED TO SEARCH WORDS. The app includes nearly 2,000,000 words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms. It also features audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search and’s popular Word of the Day and Hot Word blog.


* Named as a top 10 app in the App Store’s High School Survival Guide - Dictionary & Thesaurus - - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free
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* Voted best app for college students - US News & World Report


* Recognized as a top 10 Back-to-School
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
App – Time Magazine


* Dictionary and Thesaurus
* Nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions in our Dictionary
* More than 90,000 synonyms and antonyms in our Thesaurus
* Alphabetical indexing
* Spelling suggestions
* Phonetic and audio pronunciation
* Example sentences
* Non-standard uses
* Word origin and history
* Daily content, including Word of the Day and our new Hot Word blog
* Voice-to-Text search (for the most accurate results, please enunciate clearly and speak slowly)
* Favorite words list
* Custom backgrounds
* Shake device to see a randomly-selected word
* No Internet connection required for Dictionary and Thesaurus word look-ups
* Internet connection required for daily content, voice-to-text search, audio pronunciation and spelling suggestions - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free


**Tip: To turn off the Word of the Day notifications go to More > Settings > Notifications and tap Off.**


**For an ad-free experience, search for - Dictionary & Thesaurus - No Ads in the App Store.**


The - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 54.2 MB to download. The new - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free app version 3.6 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free check developer, LLC`s website :


This app helps me improve my vocabulary a great deal. found in 29 reviews
Love the daily words and the other daily features it has to offer. found in 320 reviews
Nice quick way to get definitions and synonyms with the thesaurus component. found in 32 reviews
I was surprised that this one works without wifi connection. found in 17 reviews
Other than that this is the best dictionary app on the market. found in 27 reviews
Very useful for college students like me. found in 17 reviews
It's great to have a dictionary at my fingertips at all times. found in 27 reviews
Especially enjoy the audible pronunciation and word of the day. found in 31 reviews
It helps provide me a small learning tool at my fingertips. found in 53 reviews
Very resourceful and I love the word of the day. found in 48 reviews
App has greatly improved my vocabulary learn something new everyday. found in 39 reviews
I learn a new word everyday plus have a dictionary on the go. found in 387 reviews
This app is excellent for any word nerd. found in 23 reviews
Great way to learn new words and improve your vocabulary practically without any effort. found in 1170 reviews
Incredibly powerful and helpful tool for writers on the go. found in 28 reviews
This made me feel smarter with the very first use. found in 37 reviews
It gives you a word of the day which helps you stay current with knowledge. found in 17 reviews
It's helped me with so many homework assignments for English class. found in 58 reviews
Couldn't read classical literature without this handy tool. found in 45 reviews
I definitely recommend a must have for any avid reader. found in 26 reviews
Despite all the ads it's still a great app to have. found in 11 reviews
The thesaurus feature desperately needs a back button. found in 9 reviews
Ads ads ads. found in 5 reviews
Almost every time I search a word the app crashes. found in 16 reviews
Paid for no ads. found in 9 reviews
Don't have to search for the dictionary anymore. found in 14 reviews
Total: minus 1/2 star for poor customer service. found in 6 reviews
please allow landscape view. found in 9 reviews
Please get rid of the tacky little free banner. found in 12 reviews
Constantly duns you to pay for upgrades. found in 5 reviews
I wish I hadn't updated from what I consider. found in 8 reviews
I liked the previous version BEFORE the annoying ads. found in 49 reviews
Doesn't have simple words like "a lot" and stuff. found in 13 reviews
Also disappointing that they charge for voice search. found in 122 reviews
But the constant flags for upgrades and adds are very annoying. found in 10 reviews
Great things: no internet connection needed. found in 12 reviews
Spanish dictionary needs to get develop. found in 10 reviews
Love the app besides its missing words i really need. found in 7 reviews
Too many annoying pop ups and banner ads. found in 8 reviews
Takes too long to load and too much clutter. found in 11 reviews
App freezes every time I search and tap on the word. found in 16 reviews
This is the worst ios 7 updte i could ever imagine. found in 17 reviews
Tons of ads and tons of pay for upgrades. found in 10 reviews
Wont stop asking me to rate them so ill rate you 3 stars. found in 62 reviews
Another 300 voice searches are then allotted for 99cents rip off. found in 153 reviews
Ads are ridiculous & can't turn off word of the day pop up. found in 24 reviews
Said no to push notifications and location services. found in 32 reviews
I need this to be compatible with iPhone OS 3. found in 19 reviews
an advertisement comes up and I accidentally click on it. found in 13 reviews
I'd sacrifice fast app switching for less annoying ads. found in 49 reviews
Don't use all your free voice to text searches in five minutes. found in 51 reviews
please remove free banner. found in 12 reviews
And I can't read example sentences without paying for them. found in 148 reviews
and the speech to text forces you to pay. found in 51 reviews
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I like to know words this app has some good ones LolHehe                Great app I love it
Love this new update Very clean and easy to navigate                Mali
Kinda like the review below the app is worth any popup Just upgrade if its that bad If youre a reader or wordsmith this app is a must                Dont let negative reviews fool you
Removed the Thesaurus option Will be deleting this app Too many ads anyway    Bad Update
New page layout works very well straight to the point easy                BetterClearerCleaner
Always at hand and ready to pull up a word with one touch of my finger Very convenient Love it                Always HandyJust a tap away
Definitions are lacking    Weak
I wrote this in hopes that they cease to ask me to rate this app It has definitions                It has definitions
And whered the thesaurus go    This is awful
The thesaurus isnt included in the free app anymore I use it everyday for school I dont want to pay for that too    Why cant I use the thesaurus anymore
Fun                Fun
This update if you want to call it has made a oncegreat flagship app too ugly to use The new interface is dated and a major downgrade The overly large fonts and every part of the interface are blurry and hard on the eyes if youre using anything later than an iPhone 55s In other words no native resolution This was my one and only dictionary app but now Im scrambling to find a new one       Ugly Blurry iPhone 6 users need not apply
Good app Have used it professionally and it has not let me down Even on professional research work                DictionaryCom
Really comes in hand for students                Great
Excellent                Excellent
Love app Easy to use                Recommend
Just updated to new version today my first few attempts opening the app it continued to crash The new and improved layout is cluttered confusing and cumbersome PLEASE revert back to older version       Previous version was wayyyy better
Excellent app and easy to use Love it                Excellent App
I got a new phone My app and upgrades didnt transfer I no longer have a thesaurus but can pay for a new app and upgrade So disappointed    Thesaurus Missing
This is a great app to try It gives you a new word each day it gives you words in which you have to find the meaning and many more Its a great way to learn higher vocabulary                App review
Shame on you Dictionarycom You used to be one of my favorite apps But in the last update you wiped clean my personal word list history over the last four years That literally made me feel sick You made the app worse and still have the intrusive ads Never again    Lost Years of Words
Whats not to love about it Reliable and convenient Its all I need                Love it
Use it frequently                Excellent
I use this baby daily for spelling definitions thesaurus I am spoiled I would find it hard to be relegated to a hardback dictionary This app makes it so easy                Greasy app
Excellent                Perfect
I am a longtime user of Dictionarycom and its thesaurus I have had the app for a while and it was decent until I updated last week Now the opening screen is a cluttered turnstyle of annoying features If I want to use the thesaurus my primary reason for usage I have to first search for the words definition then swipe to synonyms Very tedious The old style was much more efficient I thought that I might be able to find thesaurus faster on the leftside toolbar but only the translator can be found there I already have another app that I use for translation I have this app for defining words and using the thesaurus but after this update I am thinking about downloading something else    App was decent until update
Fabulous app you dont need to looking for other sources you have it all right here                Tree surgeon
Its wonderful carrying dictionary to help me find meaning of words I am very grateful to use this great dictionary for English as a second language for free                CEO
Unfortunately this could be great but is absolutely horrible    Ads are Out of Control
I use this for homework its really good its just that there are a lot of ads besides that I love it                Its amazing but one thing
I was taught to look up information I didnt know as a child so Id learn not only about what I was looking up but how to use the tools that would unlock that information This app is very helpful in doing that I can learn what words mean but I can also hear how to properly pronounce it and how to properly use the word in sentences which is very useful in not showing ignorance Thanks for this extremely useful tool                Great app
Ok but crashes way to often    Meh
So fn busy Cant find thesaurus now    Terrible app in its latest iteration
Very difficult to use I feel not as much information is given and the ads are very annoying Just use the site it works 10 xs better    Let down
Usefulyoosfuh ladjective being of use or service serving some purpose advantageous helpful or of good effect a useful member of societyof practical use as for doing work producing material results supplying common needs the useful arts useful workOrigin 158595 use fulRelated formsusefully adverb usefulness noun unuseful adjective unusefully adverb unusefulness noun                Aces awesome best capital dynamite excellent
So Many Ads                Bad review
A great way to continue to develop your vocabulary and remain sharp as you enter your 60s                Great App
The app tends to bug me with its upgrades that stray from its purpose But it Id very helpful          Helpful but a bit extra
I used to love this app It was just like the website and the thesaurus was only a couple of taps away Well they really screwed it up with this update Its annoying to use and theres no access to the thesaurus anymore Change it back    What the heck happened
For having English as second language I can really depend on dictionary app for spelling and word meaning in addition to the informative word of the day Greatly appreciated                Very useful tool
Love the app would of been a 5 if not or all the upgrading you have to pay for             Upgrading
I upgraded it to include Translation capability however it only last few weeks and lost its translation function and I have no idea how and where to call help    Useless upgrade
This app helps when my daughters book thesaurus fails                Great
Its pretty cool             Pretty
I really digg the new design Theres so much to explore with so much ease I barely know where to start Lol This is awesome guys thanks Makes reading the dictionary so much more enjoyable          
Can not find the microphone Need this option          Where is it
Works great             I like it
Too many pop ups       Not good anymore
I have learned many new words and wished that I had this when I was in school                Great way to learn new words
For the most part the pop up ads on this app have made it useless They cover easily one third of the screen on an iPhone and just as youre trying to click on a definition or a link another one will appear on the screen causing you to click it and open Safari I fully understand that a free application needs support by advertisement but this Application is by far the worst example of a developers judicious use and creativeoptimal placement of advertisements Ads are on the top and bottom many times double stacked and with a close button so small that it might as well not even be there because 95 of the time the ad will open Like I said I understand this is an advertisement supported app but the developers really could optimize their placement For now 12 stars Fix the annoying pop ups and 45 stars       Great at Popup ads


Developer:, LLC
54.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.6
iPhone iPad

iOS - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free 3.6 Mobile

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