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Digital Theatre , the publisher behind many iOS app (Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world ,DigitalTheatre US), brings Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.5 MB to download. The new Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
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Discover and watch full Digital Theatre productions on your iPad. Digital Theatre works with the UK`s leading theatre companies to capture full productions in high definition from multiple camera angles. Digital Theatre productions can now be ...
Ive used this app successfully for quite a while Ive bought some productions and rented more However recently this app has become a total waste It tells me I need the latest update but I have updated It wont let me sign in I have no access to any of my purchased content It seems that DT is an abandoned app     Frustrating
The only problem i have with this app is that the loading of the video takes forever I have to hit pause every few seconds so that the video can load Its really annoying           Good but needs improvement
Its very frustrating when you pay for content that constantly stops gets out of sync and wont work even after reinstalling the app Please fix this     Frustrating
This app doesnt buffer the stream correctly or allow downloading the play to watch offline Same vague error message as the other user Definitely not ready for prime time     Doesnt work
Just downloaded this app on an iPad running 601 with over 57 GB of room left and a speedy Internet connection and I cant get my 1299 downloadable production of Much Ado About Nothing to play I just submitted a help request from the company so we will see how long it takes to get a response I am quite excited about this app and the quality of the trailer that does play on the app is very high quality indeed Fingers crossed I want to have my Shakespeare marathon on Christmas Eve        Would be lovely if it worked
Earlier connection issues are working now yay So now I I can actually evaluate the product The good stuff video is excellent Interface is fairly friendly though a bit more explanation would be lovely For example the app says to go to the website to make purchases They should tell you whether you can do this from the iPad or not Also the Journal entries are interesting but I have no idea who writes it Being able to purchase new productions directly thought the app would be lovely though I bet thats an Apple rule they did the same thing to Audible At the moment if you close the app answer a text on your iPad or even pause long enough for the lock screen to pop up the app shuts down and you have to start over from the beginning You can of course fast forward to the approximate moment you left off but this is tedious This app gives me access to such wonderful theater           Update okay its working but
This is not any worse app than some other streamers but the high pershow cost makes it a 1 star problem Dropping airplay is a common enough issue and can have many causes although this app seems to drop more frequently than any other But the killer is to get within 10 minutes of the end of the play and have it choke off with a vague unable to connect error No amount of waiting or rebooting would do it So the 1731 per show was just wasted     Buggy Expensive
Five stars for the content but two demerits for the stingy offering for playback You get a playpause button Thats it No rewind no fast forward Forget captioning My excitement at discovering this resource was quickly doused in ice water when I actually bought a title and hit the treadmill Oh well           Bare bones player
I love Digital Theatre and have purchased two shows off of it and have previously been able to watch them on the iPad but lately it crashes every time I try pressing play Please update as soon as possible to have this issue resolved Thank you        Please update it keeps crashing
Dont mind the other reviews They app is changing with updates all the time Still a couple of bugsbut overall at its current state is decent           Work in progress
I love the idea behind this app I have downloaded 2 shows already however my complaint is that you cant rent shows from the app only buy them           Hmmmm
I love digital theatre but find this app infuriating The purpose of an app is to entertain oneself while traveling yet the app will only allow live stream of a purchased production There isnt a way to store a production to the device This would be inconvenient and not tragic if I ever encountered a wifi that didnt give me an error message of unauthenticated stream and prevented me from connecting And yet from this error message the app will glibly play any and all trailers I select        US Users
Cant keep watching from where it was paused Only can watch vertically on iPhone the zoom is terrible           Needs Improvement
I purchased Much Ado About Nothing almost as soon as it came available It has been a pleasure to watch on my laptop but I still had hoped DT would release an app for iPad When I saw the announcement I downloaded it immediately and have in no way been disappointed Navigation is simple as is accessing my library Playback is smooth bearing in mind Im using a Wifionly iPad as well There is only one issue I have and that is in resuming playback Once you exit a production playback starts again at the beginning not where you previously left off I consider that a small matter however and something that will likely be updated In the meantime its okay to deal with                 Long time comingand worth it
Finally I can watch without annoying pauses The two Shakespeare plays Ive seen take broad liberties with the text I think if Shakespeare were to see them hed cry Now why didnt I think of that                 Much Better Thanks
Why launch an app that doesnt allow you to rent the same way you can from the website Seems to be an illogical omission           No rental options
The quality of filming these stage productions is super almost like being there I havent had the problems with the app described by other viewers ie screen freezing audio and video out of sync etc Using it on an iPad generation two It would be nice to have captions though so one star off for that Otherwise pretty good              Love it
Great content but nothing but problems with performance HD wont stream on iPad mini will stream on iPad Air but with constant buffering Its not clearly stated but you cant download purchases to a mobile device In theory you can download to a Mac except my hd purchase fails to do so and the trouble ticket has been open for more than a month I hope they get their act together love the content        Not ready for prime time
Its so great that this has an iPodiPhone version now for me at least The only gripe I have now is that the video player doesnt remember where it left off any time I have to stop the movie Its a minor point of contention but I think that sort of thing matters more when using a portable device than it does at home              Thats more like it
This app takes 2030 secs to load and then will play for 710 secs then the process starts again Over and over Wait 20 sec for 8 sec of video And no it isnt my ISP or wifi A previous reviewer said the bug was fixed but it doesnt work on my iPad I just downloaded this app with the most recent version so any bugs should have been fixed Is this problem only here in the US     It doesnt work for me
I dont understand the bad reviews You can download the productions you purchase on your computer The app is for streaming I suspect the complaints have more yo do with the users wifi limits Digital theatre is an amazing resource for theatre lovers I live in America and sadly cannot afford to pay the high ticket prices for Broadway Thanks to this app I have been able to view some of the finest classical theatre productions around I have also been able to introduce my young daughter to Shakespeare through digital theatre and she is hooked Nothing else is available like this service anywhere If you are a theatre lover this app is a godsend                 This is the best
The content is flawless but the app is unusable The biggest problem Ive encountered is that the timeline bar does not work its impossible to jump anywhere in the video     Use your computer instead
This app doesnt keep your place If you leave the app or even if you just pause long enough for your screen to lock it starts you back at the main screen of what youre watching and you have to start over at the beginning And dont count on just remembering what time youre at the time at the bottom doesnt change as you move the bar around so you have to guess Horrible The great part about having it on my phone is so I can watch it whenever I want even if that means 20 minutes here and there This is basically useless to me     Doesnt keep your place
beautifully executed app for Digital Theatre but myself sometimes get false no internet error and i get bad url when i try to sign into my account the ability to airplay to Apple TV makes investing in Digital Theatre productions much more appealing to me will be excited when the bugs get worked out           beautiful but buggy
Works perfectly I bought Into the Woods nearly a year ago and have watched it several times but avoided buying other titles since I do not normally sit in front of the computer for 2 12 hours With the iPad app the video plays without a hitch and plugged in to the HDTV provides excellent picture and sound I look forward to buying additional titles The app provided instant access to the title all I had to do was download the app and enter my emailpassword and play Could not have been simpler For those who care 1st generation iPad and ATT Uverse internet Now Digital Theatre just needs to expand their library how about an agreement with the National Theatre for the titles that were released in movie theaters                 Perfect
This is a great idea I love being able to watch productions I wouldnt normally be able to see but 16 a pop and I cant even download it Also there is no option to rent to see if you even want to own it And yes I agree the pause thing is a massive pain At least let us download it on the computer ams transfer it to our ipads if we want to If they fix those gripes it would be 5 stars        Cant even rent
I am really excited to have Digital Theatre on my iPad but the app isnt working very well so far It looks beautiful but I cant scroll and find different productions or anything It is also taking forever to switch between Productions and Collections If I turn my iPad vertically the images get smaller and I can see more of the shows offered But I still cant scroll I havent had issues with playing anything so far but I havent had much time yet If they fix the scrolling I think this could be awesome        Good Potential
Brilliant access to performances and high quality performances at that Thank you for the reviews section Cant wait to see more                 Keep The Shows Coming
Just watched All My Children It was terrific I feel honored to be able to see such productions Keep them coming                 Wonderful
Try to access a production I purchased and it wasnt available Into the Woods by the way Do not trust this service I want my money back Total thieves     Thieves
I cant make a purchase on their web site I tried two Visa cards both good and got errors on both I sent a support request a week ago and followed up after no response The fellow who finally responded said he no longer worked at the company but gave me two other names So I emailed them no response yet Frankly the service is looking like a very amateur operation To bad I would love to be able to watch their shows Perhaps it works in the UK but is not usable by me in the US so far     Could be great but
After contacting support there was a modification made to Much Ado About Nothing The video file will now play without any issues Edited to say I am using the app in the States                 Playback issue fixed
Must have tried 2 dozen times to register and it just keeps crashing never letting me finish the process     Impossible to register
So far Ive watched about 20 minutes of Much Ado About Nothing with no problems at all on IPad 2 playing on Apple TV Im very happy with this app Its much better than trying to watch it on my laptop connected to the TV by a cable                 No problems
No issues with playback with the titles I own Its nice to finally watch the titles somewhere other than on the PC What would be nice is to include a link directly to their website to buy titles rather than manually opening up the browser to get it                 Works great
So I am trying to watch Much Ado About Nothing The video constantly freezes or the video stops but the audio keeps going I tried to get it going again by closing and reopening the video and even that has issues Sometimes it picks up where I left off only to freeze a few seconds later Sometimes the video goes back to the beginning and the app wont allow me to fast forward to the part I was watching Im quite upset because I was really looking forward to watching this production Please fix this so people can watch the videos they PAID for     Horrible
I tried playing something from from my library and it would not work It just said it could not play it with no explanation     Cannot play and no reason given
I can say nothing bad about an app that allowed me to watch David Tennants Much Ado About Nothing from America                 Wonderful
Unable to play anything on iPhone 6 plus     Doesnt work
I love this app Wonderful shows If you love Shakespeare this is a great companion The only thing I might wish for is the ability to download the performances to my iPad so I could have them when Im not online Otherwise awesome              Love
This app fails to reliably load successfully on my iPhone 6 plus After reading other reviews I would be hesitant to purchase anything It sounds like this is a poorly developed app I have gotten to a login prompt once but no longer I like the idea of the app wish someone made one that worked     App fails to work

Digital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world EntertainmentDigital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world EntertainmentDigital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world EntertainmentDigital Theatre: The best of British theatre available to the world Entertainment

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