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Hammer & Chisel Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Fates Forever ,Discord - Chat for Gamers), brings Discord - Chat for Gamers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Discord - Chat for Gamers app has been update to version 1.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


real time messaging share video images and text in rich chat. found in 1 reviews
voice chat coming soon to mobile. found in 1 reviews
organizable channels keep discussions on topic through structured communication. found in 1 reviews
push notifications never miss a thing with mentions and direct messages. found in 1 reviews
multiple server support manage all your game groups in one client. found in 1 reviews
direct messages send one to one private messages. found in 1 reviews
download discord and experience modern game communication. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Discord - Chat for Gamers for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.0 has been released on 2015-07-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about Discord - Chat for Gamers check developer Hammer & Chisel Inc.`s website : https://discordapp.com/

Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the iOS companion app you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. It ...
Super awesome                 Better than Skype
I use Discord everyday and the app just makes it better Its a little lacking in the feature department but thats to be expected with a new program 1010 would insert startup phrase here again                 Great launch
I use this app daily now over Skype and TeamSpeak Im an avid gamer and Discord is the easiest choice when playing CSGO League of Legends or any game really No AltTabing and an easy look of Slack Yes please                 So helpful
Crashes if you leave the app would be great if I could use it without needing to stay inside the app to talklisten              Great app
This app has everything you could want in a VOIP text chat different channels permissions and previews for videos and images Only drawback is no camera option but thats not really necessary anyway Awesome app                 Very good beats out any other VOIP out there
1110 potatoes                 Best app for MLG people
Just a blank white screen when Apo is opened     Doesnt work on ios 7
This app is the best You can do voice chat and text chat and have different chats within one group Its super handy and can make chats very organized Much better than skype for gamers The only complaint I have is that there is no iPad app but otherwise this is essential for any gaming groups                 Amazing
Nice clean fullfeatured chat client My small group switched from Mumble to Discord after using for just one session                 Great voice chat class client
I absolutely love Discord Ive gotten all of my friends to use it now as its the best for gaming and general group chat and voice 100 away from Skype for non 11 activity A few things that knocked this down from a 5 GIF images saved on your phone that are uploaded do not animate and result in an error The interface is very clunky Im only able to view one panel at a time and need to constantly swipe between them to see everything This app could use a layout switch up from the desktop app adapted to mobile THANK YOU Discord team Life changing software              Amazing app My new primary VOIP
This app works really well and I would highly recommend it                 Great team speakSkype replacement
Now I can keep in touch with my teams when Im not at work                 Yay
Is a good service but needs to improve in some points Like I couldnt figure out how to invite people to a server on the mobile app had to go on pc The mute buttons should be on the call and not on the side panel Direct messages are under my profile picture Weird Needs a separated button for that I still need to invite people over skype because I couldnt find my friends directly there I have to rely on something else to send a huge untypable link Sometimes I dont get push notifications And the app takes too long to load on celullar Skype lets everyone editdelete their own messages This doesnt Hope all those points get fixed sincerely           Great but need improvments
The app is so good I love it However the only issue is that it causes everyone in the server to get disconnected which isnt good at all Especially when playing Vainglory a moba on phone              Awesome Minor issues however
Im new to competitive gaming but after using mumble ventrillo this is by far a much better experience Great UI great voice chat rooms and well organized                 Best app for team gaming
Love the mobile functionality as well as the desktop interface                 Fantastic
App works quite well so far Missing a few features but the devs have a very good plan going forward and the updates are coming pretty quickly              Looking good so far
Me and my friends play Destiny on different platforms and we used TeamSpeak at first my friends on the desktop version and me on mobile I cant complain about TeamSpeak much but Discord I much easier to navigate and allows me the ability to control the output volume of the app itself so I can listen to music or streams while Im playing so I can hear everything thats going on in a well balanced manor My biggest complaint with TeamSpeak however stupid it is is the fact that no matter what I try my nickname would always be iOSclient Discord is much easier to navigate has the same clarity as TeamSpeak does and its free Highly recommend for people that are using to chat between platforms and just a better chat experience than ingame Devs keep up the good work                 Better than TeamSpeak
Much better than Skype because there is no need for host But its a bit more complicated than team speak I still prefer it over both and Ill continue to use it unless i begin to experience problems with it              Better than Skype
This is a very convenient and accessible app for gamers especially those who play MMORPGs and have to contact Raid members when they dont have their numbers Its really user friendly too Ive always wanted this kind of app for RaidCall so Im glad this exists Only con I have is it currently doesnt have a Friends List function but they said itll be implemented in the future                 Awesome app
Yay                 Good stuff
Good app                 rep
So far its not a bad app it lets others know when your playing on steam Could use a couple more upgrades but so far its alright                 Interesting and useful for steam
And were not looking back Great app Cant wait for video functionality                 My online DD group switched from Skype
Has rendered the app unable to open on iOS 91 beta versions Not too fond of waking up to figuring that out        130 update
Was working well before Now it crashes as soon as its opened                 Newest updates crashes on iOS 8
Although this app is really helpful to stay in contact with fellow gamers and friends its a pain to try and access the app and being greeted with an extended Connecting message Theres never an update available when this happens and it takes several days until I can finally access Discord once again Even when I try to access Discord from the notification that shows up on my phones lock screen the app crashes before loading However despite these issues Discord is still fairly easy to work and quite fun to play around with           Issues
I love the app Thank you                 Great app Its very useful
This is very useful if you have a large community that all wants to talk to each other Reddit forum posters and etc also really helpful for when games voip isnt that great Hope you guys find this useful                 Amazing
Love love lovvvvvve it                 Woot
Works so well Its replaced Skype and other services for me Loving it                 Really really good
Fantastic app The negative reviews are completely off based and the people should learn to computer                 Good bye Skype forever
This application is very good for group chatting and voice chatting Youll need to access and set up the web version to get full use of the mobile app but it is getting better as a mobile app Worth your data                 Worth it
This is so much better than Curse voice TeamSpeak and all the other communication programs out there Easy to set up servers and way more user friendly                 Great app
I help run a server where having a service to chat and talk with everyone at 0 cost is essential and we just came from Mumble Loving it                 Great App
I r8 gr8 m8 from the s8s                 911
I use Discord for gaming communicating with friends all over the world Weve used TeamSpeak Skype and Google Hangouts and none has come close to the general quality and easeofuse of discord The mobile and desktop apps and even the online version all boast an incredible array of utility and quality                 Superb App
Very good app for final fantasy XIV                 Great app
Passwords to individual rooms on a server and notifications when people get on the server would be great Love the app great alternative keep it up guys              Pretty sold miss some key features imo
My friends and I switched from skype to discord and we are all loving it Its a great program that combines the chat of skype with the easy voice communication of team speak There are problems none of them are too big and Im sure they will be fixed soon The one that is small but still annoying is the lack of some sort of screen share or a video chat You also cant quote like you can on skype All in all I like this app more than skype and TS I suggest you at least try this app since Im sure a lot more awesome features will be added              It is better that skype but
Still trying to figure out exactly what this is but it looks great and functions flawlessly Great app                 Perfect
This app is one of the main reasons why i want to switch from ts3 to discord Its still missing some features that they r working on tho I also feel the ui is more suited for the phone then the desktop but it works well on both              Almost perfect
Was able to set up a server in a matter of minutes and its so easy to use Much better than TeamSpeak and Skype Just waiting for any improvements for the mobile version                 Awesome app
Ive used a lot of team communication apps and this one wins hands down                 Amazing
This immediately replaced SkypeTeam SpeakSteamevery other random thing I tried for my VOIP needs Clean simple easily expandable and manageable I couldnt find anything that matched the low latency of Skype and this comes really darn close and is getting faster all time A quality product And its notablepopular enough that it got DDOSd so they must be doing something right                 My favourite VOIP service
This is the best of the best compared to Teamspeak and SkypeIt is easy to use and no worries at allPlus its free                 Best Way Of Communicating
My own experiences range from using Skype various messengers Ventrilo and Teamspeak I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the best of the best among them And here is why Not only is it free but has better management in terms of use and freedom You can invite random people using an invite key thats only good for X amount of time Now you dont have to keep on changing your password because of random pugs or people No monthly fees As in free The iPhone app which what Im reviewing right now doesnt have all the features or choices of a standard windows installed version but has the infinite potential of becoming even better Being portable alone makes this VoIP stand amongst the best in the business All in all I am proud of the creators and wish everyone to give it a try What do you have to lose                 Best VoIP app
Definitely not a replacement for Skype at least not yet Its still a work in progress I will say the PC version is better than the app but both have some issues It cuts out sound and if you talk even slightly quiet it wont pick up on your voice I never have this problem with Skype Always clear quality audio With Discord often the beginningend or pieces of the sentence are cut out if the person speaking isnt loud enough If you turn the volume or sensitivity up to hear the quiet better then you get deafened when they speak in a louder voice The quality is also much more tinny than Skypes sound quality The only time I use this app is when I watch movies or TV with my boyfriend or friends on netflix Since you cant change the video volume in netflix if you have the volume up to hear people in a call and then go watch netflix the video sound will be way too loud and you wont be able to hear the call This app is nice because you can change the call volume to be louder or quieter independently from the ipad volume It enables volume mixing if you will That is the only time I will use this I switch to skype as soon as the show is over but it is useful for that reason        Has its strengths and weaknesses
The seamless interface between my phone and my computer with this app is fantastic                 Very Happy

Discord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant InviteDiscord - Chat for Gamers Social Networking Instant Invite

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