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VersaEdge Software , the publisher behind many iOS app (Disneyland Paris Maps ,Disney World Magic Guide ,Universal Orlando Wait Times Free ,Disney World Dining ,Disneyland Dining ,Disneyland Wait Times), brings Disney World Wait Times Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Disney World Wait Times Free app has been update to version 1.9.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc95
    the best disney app out there.
    Loved using it.
    Thank you Disney for creating the happiest place on earth.
    If you're going to Disney anytime soon I highly recommend getting this.
    My kids loved it.
    Best thing to use in the parks.
    Amazingly useful timesaver.
    Fun & Engagingc89
    Fun to look at during the day.
    I use it even when I'm at home.
    Awesome help to get the parks done.
    Awesome and accurate app.
    Oh and we actually found it great fun updating it.
    I feel the site accurate and helpful.
    Very helpful and accurate +/- 5 min.
    Great app very useful and great features.
    This is by far the most essential app for anyone heading to Disney.
    Amazingly useful timesaver.
    Ease of Usec82
    Accurate times makes it easy to plan your day on the fly.
    it gives you the option to update it yourself.
    I found it much simpler to use than official Disney apps.
    Very convenient and helpful.

    Disney World Wait Times Free. found in 80 reviews
    I'd recommend this app to anyone visiting Disney. found in 4 reviews
    On our previous Disney vacation I found this app very helpful. found in 8 reviews
    I've been using it to plan my trip and watching crowd patterns. found in 3 reviews
    It really helped us Especially with Soarin' and Toy Story Mania. found in 3 reviews
    Always accurate and such a time saver. found in 18 reviews
    Best free Disney app out there. found in 2 reviews
    the best disney app out there. found in 49 reviews
    I am a DISNEY FREAK I absolutely love everything about disney. found in 4 reviews
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning a trip to the happiest place on earth. found in 5 reviews
    Easy to use and an awesome way to maximize your Disney vacation. found in 3 reviews
    My sons and I used this app to plan our way around. found in 36 reviews
    Great planning tool with accurate times. found in 5 reviews
    Great for planning which direction to head when you enter a park. found in 7 reviews
    So great to plan ahead and save time on line waiting. found in 4 reviews
    Wish it had fast pass times also. found in 10 reviews
    but would love to see show times posted on there. found in 2 reviews
    but tend to be fairly close. found in 2 reviews
    Missing too much. found in 1 reviews
    needs to have restaurants included like phunware's. found in 1 reviews
    It would have been perfect if it can disply fast pass times. found in 33 reviews
    Sometimes it takes a little bit to load though. found in 1 reviews
    so the app is sort of useless after the public goes home. found in 1 reviews
    but hard to change quick enough. found in 1 reviews
    Please add fast pass return times for 5th star. found in 2 reviews
    Wouldn't let me update wait times. found in 4 reviews
    but wait times are not accurate. found in 2 reviews
    the "Near Me" button isn't real helpful without a map. found in 1 reviews
    The app is great but relies on people to send in submissions. found in 2 reviews
    Looks great can't wait to put it to use my next visit. found in 1 reviews
    If it had park hours as well I would give it 5. found in 1 reviews
    AT&T; poor coverage. found in 1 reviews
    Lags a few minutes but still a great aid. found in 1 reviews
    Inaccurate App. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Disney World Wait Times Free for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Disney World Wait Times Free app version 1.9.2 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
    More Info: Find more info about Disney World Wait Times Free in VersaEdge Software`s Official Website : http://www.versaedge.com/ios/disneyworldwaittimes/

    I hope the rest of you will join me in using this particular wait times app. Even the interface for inputting a recent wait time is intuitive and actually kind of fun." - miceage.micechat.com "It will be ...
    Very accurate                     Excellent Blackcurb
    Title says it all                     Typically accurate Kated71
    Spent slot of time Walking around to attractions to find out the time as wrong Very frustrating         Not accurate Loyal caller
    My family has used this app for three different trips to Disney and it s almost always dead on I didn t believe it would work when I downloaded it the first time but I was pleasantly surprised by its accuracy I wouldn t go without it now                     Really works Jenn8655
    They need to revamp the amount paid to enter the park you may be lucky to get on every ride it s over crowded definitely not the happiest place on earth     Ride wait times are terrible supaspat
    This app is not accurate for Frozen in Epcot Wait time of 120 minutes was reported as 80 and went down to 65 despite the time increasing     Epcot Patron Duhn_l
    Excellent tool to plan your visit Usually find that wait time is a bit less it helps lay out your day and take advantage of occasional slack periods on your favorite rides                     Ms Janmof
    I like using it when at parks so that I can just look up the wait time instead of going to the ride to find that there is a 2 hour wait Seems to update often and really convenient I used it every time I was in the parks                     Very time saving Cooper1977667
    This is an awesome app because it tells me the time waits of all the rides They tell you where the ride is And it is very helpful and it is awesome                     This is an awesome app Josie Driskill
    Simple to use and very useful                     Great app mau4U
    Love Cut out a lot of walking                     Review MikeandTonia
    You can maximize your Disney adventure by planning ahead                     Love it TĂ­a Disney
    Concept is great but all of the times are incredibly off Not sure how it is managed but very poorly at that     Stupid app EricHazen
    Hasn t been right one time today And won t update even when I put in real times Extremely busy day and wait times hasn t reflected it once on this app     Disney app Bigr hammer
    It is the easiest app to use helps slot                     Fast gadget King
    Pretty accurate helps plan your visit and park choice                 Heads up on wait times Jogger gal
    Good 2 know when to wait when to bypass a ride                 Almost real time flmommyindubai
    Had wait times for rides that were under construction Inaccurate     Unreliable wait times Shawna1441
    Great to have some inside knowledge to help in planning the day And making changes to the day                     Great help TSchaadt
    This app isn t that useful and it s a shame Such a great idea but it would not update and was totally inaccurate Frozen stayed closed for the better part of the day I kept trying to post but it didn t update Other wait times were also off by as much as a half hour Great concept but fundamentally flawed         Totally inaccurate Courtfsu
    If you go on the Epcot page it shows the wait times for Ellen s Energy Adventure which is crazy because it s now the DVC lounge Don t get this         Not accurate Morgan person
    Now standing in line for more than and hour for what this app showed as a 30 min wait Not accurate As such not helpful         Times not accurate Klondike204
    This app seems to work well Wait times matched park signs Great way to plan your next ride                 Robert Macdonrt
    Really helped us on our recent trip                     Great app GI MAN
    This app is not accurate     Wait times wrong almost every time Cjsmiles03
    Save your day                     Fantastic harvardbebe
    This is a great app to have while in the parks                     Ms Donna Rejoice78
    What a life saver Had never been to Hollywood Studios before and this app helped me and my family have a great thanks me today Saw everything we wanted and we re able to be efficient in our planning                     Fantastic App Batokei
    This app is too confusing and it just has way too much like easy to use     Too confusing Kaykayy133
    Gives you wait times nothing more nothing less And they are the posted wait times which tend to be a little longer than the actual wait times                 Gives you wait times nothing more nothing less dlelder
    Perfect app                     Perfect FishingDude7
    I checked the wait time for space mountain on this app and it said that I would have to wait over 100 minutes I got to the ride and the wait time was only 50 minutes Update the wait times more accurately         Inaccurate wait times jeop070
    Awesome so accurate thanks                     Awesome party Dallas joe
    I have used this app on my iPhone for a number of years now and it has been awesome Last night when I was setting up my new Apple Watch I actually let out a squeal of glee when I saw that it works on the Apple Watch too Looking forward to using it at WDW this weekend                     Apple Watch ready longtime TFCU member
    The only reason I gave this app 4 stars was because it did not match well with the wait times listed on the my Disney Experience app It was typically a difference of half an hour on the most popular rides therefore you never knew which was more accurate                 Doesn t match My Disney Experience SBerne
    This app is awesome We used it constantly helped us to maximize our trip thanks                     Best app for WDW KatieBelle6
    Using this app entire six days that I m here times are accurate it knows where I m located Thanks                     Great app Disney OC Ron
    Too many ads     Ad generator MikeCayman
    Accurate and helpful                     Great Apo Normismena
    This app is amazing Such a time saver in Disney World This is one of the best apps I have ever reviewed Great Job on the app                     Great App HannahBug.DisneyGirl
    The times are accurate and it even has a GPS to the rides                     Great app Car Driving simulator
    I went for a family trip to Hollywood Studies recently All the times we looked up in this app very so inaccurate probably by at least half an hour up and down using this one was a waste of time     Very inaccurate Kmichi
    It is great to download this app before your trip to check out the approximate wait times you will be encountering It is usually accurate and has a few cool features such as the last time there was a wait time submission and how for away you are from a ride Also you can star your favorite rides so if you only have a few favorite rides you want to check wait times for that cool feature is a plus It thoroughly describes every single ride along with a height requirement Lastly it lets you know if a FastPass is available for that ride Overall a great app                 Highly recommend
    Good tool              Easy and friendly
    More accurate than Disneys app                 Visitor
    Very nice app                 Very helpful
    I come to Disney frequently I use this app all the time to check the wait times                 Great app
    This app saves us so much time                 Most useful
    Wait times are not even close to being accurate Tried to update a couple of them and the times shown did not change Dont waste your time     Worthless
    Love it I think I will even be using it back at home just checking things out                 Great app
    It was pretty accurate Wouldve like to be able to sort the rides differently though           Pretty good
    Not a bad app at all But the times arent as accurate as they could be                 Pretty good
    The app is great but relies on people to send in submissions You better hope that lots of other people that live in Orlando have this app and update it often              Great
    I am currently in Disney World and have not found this app to be accurate at all        Not accurate
    Great app to have while in the parks Made planning our next adventure much easier                 Accurate
    Love this app              Love it
    Just downloaded this today at the park Works awesome Some rides where only off by 10 min or so No big deal Great app                 Works like a charm
    Its ok but it seems like after I update the times for rides a few minutes later there is a shorter wait The 7 dwarves ride turned into 2 hr wait Not cool But it is a new ride but 2 hrs is long You get 3 fast pass selections if you get a hotel after that its 20 min wait in fast pass line to get one more ride What is capacity anyway at the park But at least you know what your getting into        Ok but not too accurate
    Very helpful and accurate app I definitely recommend everyone to download it                 Great
    Just back from WDW and used this app to help plan rides Pretty accurate I liked that I could have input as the times can change quickly              Very Helpful
    Really good                 Wait times app
    Useful and accurate              Great source of info
    Love the app                 Fun
    Without this app I would not have known Great to get a sense of wait times so we knew to take lunch and come back to a ride when the line was shorter Love it                 Haunted Mansion open ahead of schedule
    Im actively using this and its been right on Its great                 Perfect
    The app doesnt have rite wait times     Horbile
    Excellent app Good descriptions of attractions and helpful wait times                 WSD
    I can view all of our plans for wdw but not make any new ones The app lets you search for dining reservations but just sits and never brings anything up It is useful for quickly accessing where things are located and how much of a wait time           Great to look at but not for planning
    Who updates this Ive tried to update 3 or 4 times to show 7 Dwarves closed but continues to show 5560 min waitif I used this and came over and found out it was closed Id be very frustrated        Not accurate
    Very Helpful on a HOT day Thank you                 Very Helpful on a HOT day Thank you
    This app is incredibly helpful                 Great
    Small world is closed This app says 15 min wait     Not up to date
    This app has helped me greatly with knowing what rides I should get on at the moment It definitely makes it easier to have an app for the wait times rather than having to walk all the way across the park just to look at the wait time I definitely recommend this app                 Disney World
    Great app to have while in the park A lot easier to use then my Disney experience                 Love it
    Im enjoying using this app to plan our trip to Disney World Ive checked it at different times of the day to see which rides we need Fast Pass for Cant wait to use it on our trip              Plan your Disney World trip
    If wrong the times are a bit longer on the app than at the ride itself Still helps a lot to prioritize the touring plan on the fly              Very good but a little off
    It was helpful but not always right           Just ok
    Definitely worth using but you have to consider that wait times are constantly changing Also helps to show which rides are closed Often more accurate than the posted wait time at the ride which often are conservative              Useful
    Fast results              Fast
    Information was rarely accurate as to wait times at parks     Terrible accuracy NOT RELIABLE
    I recently stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and found the wait times to be so accurate Definitely was very helpful                 Great app
    I check this app several time a day on different days of the week to help planning our itinerary in the parks on our upcoming visit That way I can get an idea of when the most popular rides like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has the shortest wait times                 Useful Planning App
    Im here now and its very accurate                 Great App
    This app is very helpful for wait times at Disney world For me it hasnt been Off by more than 10 minutes of the Actual wait time Get this App                 Very helpful and accurate
    This app was so bad it didnt show the correct wait times I went to see space mountain and it said 10 minutes I was so happy do I walked all the way to the other side of the park and checked my phone again it still said 10 minutes when I went to the ride it was 120 minutes I wasted all that time     HORRIBLE DO NOT BUY
    Its good for a free application           Its pretty accurate when not busy
    Wait time are wrong example app says 30 min but the actual is an hour Makes the app useless     Wait time are wrong by half
    Like I stated above Me likey likey likey likey like                 Me likey likey
    Good     Wierd
    The app is very good but sometimes misleading in a good way It will overestimate a lot so that you know you wont have to wait longer I personally think this is a great app              Great app
    Very helpful app Even when your not in the park you can see the times and take a mini vacation                 Helpful
    Accurate and free                 Handy app

    Disney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney WorldDisney World Wait Times Free Travel Wait Times Disney World

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