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Clean Shaven Apps, the publisher behind many iOS app (Timers - Interval timers for workout and making fussy coffee ,Dispatch: Action-Based Email ,Clips - Copy and paste anywhere with widget and keyboard), brings Dispatch: Action-Based Email with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dispatch: Action-Based Email app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • so that advanced users could better link Dispatch and..
  • Integrates beautifully with a large number of productivity apps including Evernote..
  • simple enough for casual users and has strong features for power users..
  • Hoping for a desktop version some day..
  • Whether you want to send to a todo list app..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Probably the most beautiful e- mail client out there.
Dispatch is absolutely awesome and amazing.
needs an iPad friendly design.
Without question one of the best email clients on the App Store.
I couldn't recommend this more.
This app is terrific - it takes the best features of Triage.
April 30th Update:Clean Shaven Apps continues to make amazing updates.
Fun & Engagingc82
Dispatch is absolutely awesome and amazing.
awesome email app.
Also it is updated all the time which is great.
Great App and Getting Better All The Time.
So useful to send emails to reminders for processing.
Essential iPhone App for E-mail.
Ease of Usec89
This app helps me to quickly add tasks to Omnifocus.
It functions perfectly as a way to quickly read.
Dispatch makes all of this amazingly easy.
Powerful yet simple GTD friendly mail app.
Aside from a couple non- critical bugs.
Security & Privacyc49
I use this app just for my work email.
Updates & Supportc59
speedy customer service.
Dev stopped responding to inquiries for some reason.
They respond to questions.
I hope we get an iPad version sometime soon.

tested to work with gmail google apps icloud aol yahoo. found in 2 reviews
This app helps me to quickly add tasks to Omnifocus. found in 8 reviews
if you don’t want them there is TextExpander integration instead. found in 4 reviews
This email app can quickly send the whole email to Evernote. found in 10 reviews
as is the ability to triage emails into my task management tool. found in 2 reviews
The solution for productive email. found in 4 reviews
Better and better with each release. found in 5 reviews
New bulk edit is the feature that making this apps perfect. found in 4 reviews
Never will I dread checking my email again. found in 2 reviews
Great when only used to connect with other apps. found in 5 reviews
No instructions for adding Office 365 Mail accounts. found in 3 reviews
but the lack of Push. found in 6 reviews
Want to see landscape viewing as well as mass multiple deletes. found in 2 reviews
One fatal flaw: Displays mail horribly. found in 1 reviews
Ok but won't replace Mailbox. found in 2 reviews
Great App but needs push support. found in 2 reviews
needs iPhone 6 plus resolution support. found in 1 reviews
Somebody please fix email. found in 2 reviews
the crashes continue and the customer service remains silent. found in 4 reviews
but I don't understand why they don't have push notifications. found in 17 reviews
Because Dispatch doesn't support the Google login interface. found in 1 reviews
But the poor search function is frustrating. found in 2 reviews
but I wish they would consider exchange support. found in 8 reviews
needs an iPad friendly design. found in 3 reviews
If they can solve that problem and add push. found in 2 reviews
no push alerts. found in 1 reviews
but can't make it my primary and only email client. found in 1 reviews
But using background refresh for notifications is a joke. found in 3 reviews
And no plans to support either in the future. found in 4 reviews
Outdated security methods and no push notifications. found in 17 reviews
The new version broke the app for me on iOS7. found in 3 reviews
No support for POP or Exchange mail. found in 4 reviews
No office 365 IMAP support or exchange support. found in 8 reviews
Broken Text Expander. found in 5 reviews
Takes a long time to load emails from server. found in 4 reviews

The Dispatch: Action-Based Email is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Dispatch: Action-Based Email check developer Clean Shaven Apps`s website : http://www.dispatchapp.net

LAUNCH SALE: 50% OFF THIS WEEKDispatch makes it easy to act on mails even when you`re on the move.It lets you delete, defer, delegate, generate actions and even respond with ease.RESPOND FASTER-------If you could ...
It was decent but for a week or two it keeps crashing iOS 9 problem        Keeps crashing
I get a white screen upon launching 60 of the time Please fix this     Crashing
liked this at first then stuffstarted tweaking its stability Now I cannot send though I can receive emails Any hope no help from support     help
This app has always been great and the continual updates keep it at the top of the list Highly recommended                 Better and better
Update ruined it Please fix and Ill update review For now I had to stop using it        Was good now not
This does crash every time POSDont spend money on this     Dont waste your money
Email has had a long slog from the primeval soup to something resembling intelligence With Dispatch wee finally there with a coherent system of gestures for quickly sifting the few action item flecks of gold dust from the tons of mud and sand                 Evolution of email on iOS continues
Used to be my favorite email client until the last update The snippets are terrific plenty of customizations and supports email aliasesBut the September 1 update has rendered it pretty much useless Wont stay open for longer than a few secondsSave your 699 until its fixed Its worth it when its working but not nowPlease fix     New update crashes ALL THE TIME
Not perfect but close This was about as good as iPhone email gets Unfortunately something just broke under iOS 9 Running 91 the app opens I get a message list but as soon as I tap it crashes           Loved before now constantly crashes
Dispatch streamlines my email work immensely Now that theres an iPad app too well that almost makes it perfect Love the consistent updates                 Best Email App
This WAS my favorite email app only now it wont even open Apparently imap support has been dropped and the new avatars are a waste of real estate Unistalling and wont be back Why do developers have to ruin a good thing     Update is crap
The latest update play crash all the time when I try to open appPlease fix it ok     Latest Update Crash
For work Dispatch is best for processing email for getting task done The meld between communication and actions is seamless I love being able to send an email directly to Todoist or Evernote or any other productivity app Many features not enough space to list them all just try it and discover them ask yourself                 All around best email app
Hands down best mail app Ive used on the iPhone Cudos to the developers                 What IOS mail should be
Its great to have Dispatch for iPad but it sure crashes a lot This means I really like it because I keep using it even though its crashing daily           Wonderful but crashing
Really love the idea of pushing messages into other apps Lately it has crashed a lot though Im also regularly seeing emails with one header showing the body of another email Difficult or impossible to fix I have to read it on another device which is making this less useful           Great concept spotty execution
I rarely do reviews but when my favorite mail app is exceptional on all of my iOS devices and the Apple Watch this is worthy of 2 big thumbs up                 The best email app Period
Just started using it and havent figured out snippets however I am already tackling email that once just sat in my inbox for weeks or months Great options for acting on each email or just deleting Am sure I will appreciate Dispatch even more as time goes on Highly recommend                 Excellent email client
Excellent App                 Top Notch
Dispatch is the best poweruser email client It interacts with any app on your iOS device and it has TextExpander built in                 The ultimate email app
As other reviewers have noted my app is now locking up when it opens Last time it worked I opened a large attachment now it wont do anything Restarting and resetting havent fixed the problem I use an iPhone 6 I love the app when it functions best email program Ive found     Latest version has problems
This app is amazing By far the best Ive used It integrates so well with my existing apps and the various options for links addresses and export are awesomeIn addition the developer has added great new features like crazy and they offer great support as wellIf email is broken for you this could be just what you needUPDATE 30 iPad support Ive wanted this for so long and they did a great job implementing it BravoIf you want further testimony Im benwhiting on Twitter                 Take Action on Email
Ive been looking for a great iOS mail app aimed at rapid triage of mail and Dispatch is it Dispatch puts the most useful actions for keeping your inbox under control just a swipe and tap away Fantastic                 Inbox Zero I have you now
When trying to view email           Crashing
I mustve tried every email app in the app store and this is the one I wound up sticking with just because its easy and intuitive but very powerful It does do a whole lot It has its occasional minor problems but its still way better than anything else I tried and I expect that over the next few years itll get even better In a perfect world this would only be considered a four star app probably on its way to being five stars eventually But in the real world its the best email app on iOS so Im going to give it five stars                 Not perfect but best there is
Heres a concept create a mail app that gives the user the ability to act on messages ie send it to a task management app save it for reference etc Heres another idea embed a web browser into the app so I dont have leave the app just to see whats behind a link Every email app should at the very least do these two things Those are just two of the many of the great things this app does Well done                 The First Email App Worth Criticizing
Contacted developer directly through their web page after I experienced crashing Very responsive Beta tested a new version It works great with both iPad and iPhone in iOS 9                 Crashing fixed
Ive removed my previous review The update seemed to have broken things on my iPhone 5S with constant crashes every time I opened it unlike the new iPad version which was working from day 1 and what a pleasure it is to use as wellSeveral deletes and reinstalls later which even saw me dabble with Spark Readdle and Im back Not sure where the problem was I tried activating my gmail accounts in reverse order to how I tried the 1st times and it worked All back to normal with some really cool new features Very relieved all working again confirmed how reliant I have become on Dispatch              Working again all back to normal
I agree with the other reviewer this app is awesome for email triage and getting things done The new update however makes be app unusable     Crashes with this update previously awesome Please fix
Better than all of all the well known mail apps                 Best yet
This happens every time        Crashes after scrolling thru emails
UpdateDropped from 5 stars to 1 iOS 9 and new version crash on startup on both iPhone 6 and iPad Deleting and rebuilding fixed my iPad but I DONT want to do it all over again on my phone Support nil as beforeFirst support is nonexistent and nonresponsiveotherwise it would be 5 starsThat said this mail app has a really nice work flow and allows rapid dispatch of your mail The only glaring omission is the lack of a print button to help dispatch of some mail While I dont print to paper I do use Printopia on my Mac to printarchive PDF versions to a document database Works great from Mail or Mailbox but is glaringly missing from Dispatch Im hoping its just me not looking in the right place but so far no joy I use the app as my main mail app but its sad that I have to leave for another app just to print or save and image to the camera rollId buy it again but its sad that support requests are not honored or even acknowledged Must be a small shop They continue to update app so there is at least that     Really nice but where is the Print button
92116 Update Getting worse Constantly crashes Notifications can only be described as random Nothing for hours then 2030 notifications at once of hoursdays old emailPrevious review Many bugs just entering one account Oh and it crashed too Nice startThe ability to integrate with Reminders is a killer feature 3 stars just for thatIf you dont use gmail you have some work ahead of you It doesnt use the same field labelsformat as mailapp settings     Buggyer
This app worked great for a few times I was willing to wait for updates to fix the rendering problems However now the app is frozen loading one email I cant switch to another email Nothing works at all no I have forced it to close restarted my iPad and even reinstalled it Still stuck on one email Deleting now Overall a wasted 699        Great idea Poor Execution
Sounded like a good feature set for productivity The developers decision to not support Exchange is a shame Makes it useless to many work environments Wondering why a developer would exclude a large percentage of productive emailers Moving on     Oh Well
I loved this app it worked great until the update at the end of July Now it no longer can connect to my email server to receive it can send receipt is an IMAP server Its been about a month since I sent a support request to them and I sent two follow ups and they never responded at all The endofAugust app update had no fixIve had to find another app which disappoints me since the integration features were awesome Except the bit where it no longer integrates with my actual emails Id only had it for maybe a month when it was broken but Id really learned to rely on the Trello integration     Awesome until they broke with update
Its great                 Love it
It may not be as elegant as the new Outlook or Inbox but it packs in powerful triaging features that are class leadingI love the fact that I can send an email to Evernote Wunderlist or OmniFocus and then archive in seconds Even more importantly for absolute critical deadlines I can immediately place in Due same developer and which is the absolute ultimate app for me and which has become my lifelineI have Dispatch handling 8 email accounts and it purrs along Googles Inbox balks at more than 5Searching has gotten noticeably better and the developers are quite responsive They had one version that was slightly buggy but it was fixed in short order I have had far less bugs in Dispatch than in Apples native mailThere are features I have not used such as the snippet features I am at a point where I will start to tackle these feature sets to increase overall productivity                 Amazingly power file email
This app is almost unusable since the latest update Please fix this When it works it is the absolute best email client     I used to love this app
I havent been able to use it for days It used to be great Please fix soon     Was good now it crashes
It was working beautifully until a week ago when it just became completely unresponsive Now when you start it it is still stuck where it was a week ago Not updating mail Unresponsive to touch only thing you can do is quit it Too bad was a good app but now just trash        Latest version frozen
title says all                 Most powerful email client on iOS
The interface is well designed for plowing through large volumes of email The addition of snippets makes responding to emails incredibly fast The integration with calendaring seems a bit awkward but integration with other tools is awesome I rarely use the apple email app Good job              A great tool to plow through email
No iOS email app offers everything but Dispatch comes close Not as fast as Mailbox but its integration with other services makes up for it                 Closest to perfect
Has worked bug free for me as a simple hassle free way to manage all my email accounts and share between them                 Easy email
Very bad app Crashes all the time Were is the archive The app is doesnt work I want my 7 back     Crap
And it keeps getting better                 Fantastic
Works great Integrates perfectly with SaneBox Omnifocus Trello Drafts iMessage 1Password Instapaper Twitter and Maps Just amazing and simple                 Fantastic email Swiss Army knife
I get about 100 emails a day as a part of my job Dispatch gives me the power to blast through all the stuff coming my way send it to Thingsapp Fantastical whatever I am using Gets me real close to inbox zeroHowever this latest version froze on launch on my iPhone so I had to delete and reinstall which was a little pain Working fine now and love my new superhuman powers                 Integrates w 3d party and I really clean my inbox
Really nice features great UI Touch ID and now iPad support Much better than the stock Mail app                 Great email app

Dispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based EmailDispatch: Action-Based Email Business Based Email

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