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Dorling Kindersley, the publisher behind many iOS app (Paris: DK Top 10 ,Rome: DK Eyewitness ,Prague: DK Eyewitness ,Venice: DK Eyewitness ,COD Black Ops MP Map App ,DK Tom Ang`s Digital Photography), brings DK Quiz with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. DK Quiz app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My family loves to challenge each other all the time..
  • Great for kids and adults..
  • Great trivia game you can play with friends or alone..
  • For geeks everywhere..
  • Very fun and a good brain workout..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Most diverse and best quiz game around.
My family loves to challenge each other all the time.
I would definitely recommend this game.
Lots of fun and keeps you entertained while passing the time.
Wonderful fun.
Amazing and challenging app.
Fun & Engagingc91
Very fun and educational Makes you smarter And sharp.
It's cool to see how smart you are about different topics.
Fun and challenging without having a lot of bizarre questions.
Great graphic photos interesting questions fun trivia Get this one.
Awesome game of Quizes.
There a many different categories to test your knowledge.
informative and super fun.
Good game to play with family and friends.
Family Friendlyc94
Great for kids and adults.
Fun test for kids and adults.
Wonderful and educational app good for the whole family.
My family loves to challenge each other all the time.
Replay Valuec94
Fun and challenging without having a lot of bizarre questions.
So much better than other brain teasers and positively addictive.
Good variety of topics and various difficulty levels.
The games are fun to play and have challenging questions.
Very fun and a good brain workout.
It's given me a few good hours of entertainment this afternoon.
Social Aspectsc100
Great trivia game you can play with friends or alone.
it can be play with friends.
Great change from Words with Friends.
Ease of Usec78
Simple and fun trivia for the family.
Simple and fun.
Though its easy to tap a wrong answer on accident.

Good variety of topics and various difficulty levels. found in 7 reviews
Easy interface and great learning tool for trivia people. found in 6 reviews
Need to go back to school. found in 1 reviews
I swear this game is fun for all ages. found in 2 reviews
Love this a fun quick game. found in 2 reviews
Fun and a great way to learn new things. found in 31 reviews
Good game to play with family and friends. found in 2 reviews
other than that it is a great brain cracker. found in 10 reviews
fast paced and educational. found in 4 reviews
Very fun and educational Makes you smarter And sharp. found in 22 reviews
Fun and keeps you on your toes with knowledge. found in 4 reviews
Fun test for kids and adults. found in 4 reviews
Great way to pass the time at a restaurant with your family. found in 17 reviews
So much better than other brain teasers and positively addictive. found in 13 reviews
I love this app great fun way to kill time. found in 4 reviews
Great graphic photos interesting questions fun trivia Get this one. found in 14 reviews
Great questions relevant to the material and challanging. found in 10 reviews
I would highly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys a good mental stimulation. found in 1 reviews
Fun game but wish the questions changed when replayed. found in 2 reviews
Great app needs correction though. found in 1 reviews
But it may have messed up the speaker on my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
It's so annoying and makes the game undesirable. found in 1 reviews
with great layers of ability - but please proofread. found in 1 reviews
Tabs don't work. found in 1 reviews
but wish the sets were updated a little more frequently. found in 1 reviews
Give me an update that will let me refresh with new quizzes. found in 2 reviews
this would be a pretty great app if it wasn't so UK specific. found in 1 reviews
Hope they add more free games to play. found in 2 reviews
Wish I could get more processing time. found in 2 reviews
Wish you could earn coins faster though. found in 2 reviews
but could be the best quiz app on iTunes if. found in 1 reviews
Fun game just needs more categories. found in 2 reviews
Somewhat hard but addicting. found in 1 reviews
it asks you if you want to download the app. found in 2 reviews
Can't pause once a quiz is started. found in 2 reviews
Too bad it doesn't give new questions every time u play. found in 2 reviews
This app is okay but the app Culture Savvy is better. found in 1 reviews
Can't get the update to work. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download DK Quiz for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 24.4 MB to download. The new DK Quiz app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about DK Quiz in Dorling Kindersley`s Official Website :

Play for fun. Play for glory.Love quizzes? Feel like a challenge? Test your knowledge with DK s Quiz app and play thousands of questions for free. There is a quiz for you whether you love ...
It likes to focus on european questions And i did all about usa and its asking me about brazil and otherstuff I do american sports and it asked me where the olympics are in 2016 Thats a world event not only american and HOW would i know thats not history yet thats the future     BIAS AND DUMB
Fun quizzes to test your knowledge on various topics but these quizzes definitely originate in the UK I didnt know a single answer to the small screen quiz because the questions were about British shows Id never heard of           Not Made in America
Most broadbased and funnest trivia app sp far                 fun
These quizzes are ver enjoyable I wish we could repeat the quiz at every level Easy Medium and HardSandy              Great fun
This app is really good you should get it if your into education it tests you and you learn best app so far                 amazing
Love the challenging quizzes However its very obvious DK is a UK company which hired UK compilers of list materiel For example under General Knowledge Red and Yellow and Pink there is no Leichester Square on the US Monopoly board So how would we know the answerAlso the aubergine is known in the US as the eggplantMoral of the story great game but expect to get some wrong if you arent familiar with British termsAlso theres no inapp means to contact the developer BooPlus Dorothys slippers in the Wizard of Oz were RED ruby is red Very is not an adverb irritating wrong answers        Many Britishisms and WRONG answers
Lots of fun and Im learning as I play                 Dq Quiz
Love it              Awesome
This game is pretty fun And pretty hard too              Fun And challenging
Fun quizzes for the family Easy enough to challenge the kids but I also learn new things                 Fun
Great if you want to learn while having fun                 Pretty Good App
Awesome informational                 Great app
Nice variety of questions                 Good Trivia App
Only played a few but fun so far                 Rose
Makes me stay alert Good variety of options                 Lots of fun Leaves me wanting more Hope more are developed
When I need to get my mind off if stressful things thus us a great way to distract myself have fun and realize how smart I am Yippie                 Love it
Ive answered about a dozen quizzes to date There may be a slight British prejudice to some of the quizzes but overall the questions are fair and interesting Lots of fun                 Lots of fun interesting subjects
Challenging fun game                 Fun trivia game
At least 20 of the answers are incorrect And once youve played all the unlocked games there is no way to earn more coins by replaying them even if you answer all the questions correctly So most of the locked games stay forever locked           Not So Great
Love this app but just downloaded latest update and it opens with a something went wrong error message then keeps trying to open a random quiz then crashes out of the app     Update 301 Messed up
Fun game Having a time limit makes it even more fun                 Irbert
Good game                 A
Love DK books and trivia                 Love it
This game is good for kids to practice out of school                 Good
I love itawesome                 Cool
This game has about 10 quiz categories and they have the same questions every time For a better experience I would recommend the app QuizUp or something like that        Not the best quiz app out there
This is an Awesome quiz centered around not so easy topics with not so easy questions Its beaten me more than a few times All kinds of topics You want too download and play this as much as possible and you are learning so very much while having fun And then you can challenge anybody that you want too if they have the guts to accept as my wife didnt good luck and enjoy this one Fr4nk13                 This is the one
This game is really fun Kind of quirky if youre American eg ladybugs are called ladybirds Btw Lincoln did not run for pres during civil war He was preselect when civil war started                 Great
Loads of fun              Cool game
This game is so addicting but it can be hard sometimes but really good game              Somewhat hard but addicting
this game is fun for everyone with easy and challenging questions in numerous categories You can play for hours                 loads of fun
I LOVE this app I have searched and played many trivia games previous to this one and none of them are as challenging and versatile as DK Quiz DK Quiz provides many categories to choose from and within each category there are several subjects Really happy with this app                 Best trivia game yet
This game is not compatible with voiceover Im 100 blind and used voice over for everything on my iPhone     MS Ordiway
Excellent learning tool while having fun                 Technology Consultant
Some of the questions are wrong It tried to tell me that a quarter in basketball is 10 minutes but its not its 12 minutes           Wrong answers
We play when we r driving              Awesome
This game is a blast great brain exercise                 Love a challenge
I love playing it                 AWESOME GAME
Fun app especially if you le trivia Can play alone or online challenging friends                 Fun app
Good              Fun Quizzes
Much better than trivia crack                 actually chose ur questions
I loved the game when it worked Havent been able to play since the new release It tells me I need to update after I already updated Im stuck in a loop Please fix this bug     Cant get the update to work
This is a decent enough app No problem with performance I was infuriated to see that they had the wrong answer for the question about where the band REM was from Their answer was Cleveland They are really from Athens GA Georgia doesnt get credit for many good things so I have to shake my fist The difference in Cleveland OH and Athens GA is about like the difference in Philadelphia and New Orleans England and Korea Dang yaw Get with it please        REMAthens
Ive played a lot of games and this is the best by far Tons of questions                 Best Trivia Game
We do this as a family and it is very interesting facts                 Fun
I have many quiz apps and by far this is the BEST of them all OUTSTANDING app to learn a lot about many subjects I particularly love the history and geographical sectionsthey are EXCELLENT and have many subcategories                 OUTSTANDING
Addictive                 Addictive
I really enjoy trivia games and thi is pretty good              Fun game
This game is awesome Offers a lot of quiz questions and lots of categories You can also choose to purchase more categories through collecting or buying coins              Great

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