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Mobeezio, Inc., the publisher behind many iOS app (Earthquake ,Date Util ,Dog Whistler Pro - Your Dog Whistle ,Air Quality Pro ,Polar Opposite ,3 Redneck Tenors), brings Dog Whistler - Your Free Dog Whistle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dog Whistler - Your Free Dog Whistle app has been update to version 3.7.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and it was really funny..
  • My dog was sleeping and this woke him..
  • You are suppose to train your dog to react to the whistle..
  • She heard it and immediately calmed down..
  • It would make a great training tool..

Overall Satisfactionc45
This is better than sound grenade and it's free.
Doesn't work for dogs but is a secondary sound grenade.
My dog love it.
Fun & Engagingc79
Great to annoy people with just put the frequency at 3000.
It is not worth the download unless you like to annoy people.
Great to mess with your friends and teachers.
its sounds really fun to mess with but it doesnt work.
its also fun to test peoples hearing with lower frecqencies.
Can't wait to test it out on my auto's audio system.
it's kind of fun to see how high pitched you or others can hear.
Ima a high school student and it's so much fun in class.
Great app hours of fun.
It is soooo fun to annoy people.
This app is soooooo much fun.
Family Friendlyc43
The higher piched noises only kids can hear.
Not just for dogs kids can hear it too.
Updates & Supportc31
Dog didn't respond to any frequency.

I turn it on during class and people get headaches. found in 8 reviews
What's wrong with you people. found in 3 reviews
it seems identical to the mosquito ringtone to me. found in 6 reviews
Dog states straight at me and actually listens sometimes. found in 3 reviews
My boyfriends cat went nuts it wouldn't stop clawing at me. found in 24 reviews
This app is awesome and has worked wonders with my dog. found in 4 reviews
The other ones don't even phase them though. found in 8 reviews
dont buy this app. found in 2 reviews
I can hear it but my dog doesn't even flinch. found in 22 reviews
but it really drove my 19 year old daughter crazy. found in 3 reviews
but our idiot dog ignored it. found in 5 reviews
Don't understand why people say this doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
It's a waste of space and time. found in 3 reviews
It's not working anymore. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't even make a noise. found in 12 reviews
It's guud at anoyying ppl but it dosent work on my dog. found in 47 reviews
The I turned up and made a annoying beeping sound. found in 2 reviews
I held it up to my dog's ear and got nothing. found in 13 reviews
and nothing didn't move a muscle. found in 20 reviews
One must understand that the whistle doesn't train any dog. found in 5 reviews
Either my dog is deaf of it's a app that doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
but I guess it's ok because they weren't getting hurt. found in 2 reviews
Mostly it asks if you're tired of seeing ads. found in 2 reviews
but dogs did not pay attention to it. found in 8 reviews
There is no need to sue. found in 2 reviews
They should have to pay you to download this crap. found in 21 reviews
App worked great but it blew my external iPhone speaker. found in 14 reviews
From download does not work on my dogs. found in 57 reviews
It didn't even make a sound at all total waste of money. found in 12 reviews
If you want your dog to respond. found in 21 reviews
My did didn't hear it unless I did. found in 28 reviews
Dog doesn't even notice it but it really annoys my husband. found in 22 reviews
Dogs don't even flinch. found in 22 reviews
Even at 22000 it makes no sound with my volume all the way up. found in 10 reviews
and now they don't play ANY high pitched sounds. found in 50 reviews
All this stupid app does is hurts ur ears. found in 11 reviews
The whistle doesn't work on my dog but it KILLS my head. found in 47 reviews
Neither of them even flinched when I turned on the whistle. found in 26 reviews
Dosen't call my friends dog dosent do anything. found in 10 reviews
This is so sad my dog didn't even budge. found in 10 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Dog Whistler - Your Free Dog Whistle for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.7.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Dog Whistler - Your Free Dog Whistle in Mobeezio, Inc.`s Official Website :

Now over 7 million Dog Whistler users The most downloaded dog whistle in the app store The free version of the most popular & best selling dog whistle application in the app store Ranked ...
iPhone 6     Used to worknow does not
WHATS THAT BEEPING GAHHHHH                 My friends are gonna kill me
My Beautiful gets tired of hearing me and embarrassed when I yell at those darn barking dogs So far every time they start barking I turn whistle to highest freq and set it to fastest oscillation 25 kHz and PRESTO within seconds they stop Never takes longer than a minute Hallelujah                 Flippin AWESOME
Use it when out walking my dog              Good stuff Works well
This works greati did it when my dog was asleepthen she awoke and came over by mewas she supposed to try and bite me for doing that                 AMAZING
I have a 2 year old American bulldog who always barks at me when I dont pet her Wellnow she is totally relaxed              Bella
It scared my dog so much I hate it     Hate it
This developer is so greedy every time use try to use it the app goes to an advertisement How annoying POS app     Worthless
Broken app that downloads and then never shows up to basically constantly give you that feeling that this app is stealing your information so dont make the same mistake I just did and download this app     Bad
It worked a year ago Now does not work I bought the pro version as well and i will review it there     support does not exist
I did it to my do an he did not even FLINCH     Bad
I turned this on and some dogs in my neighborhood started barking                 Lol
I cant even use the dog whistle because an ad always block it     Ad covers button
Audible ads defeats the whole idea of a silent dog whistle Worse yet my dog doesnt even notice the whistle no matter what frequency its on     Doesnt work
Stupid app Didnt even phase my dog     Doesnt work
If I could give it 0 stars I would It didnt work for my dog     0 stars
I used it for an experiment then tried it on my dog and she weepers but a day later I went to the vet because she wasnt responding to her name and I figured out my dog is now depth     Cool but harmful
Doesnt work at all     Complete BS
Jjj                 Hill
Is this is the future in apps     This app is pathetic
Triggers all my classmates                 Triggering
Either my dogs are dumb and dont care or this doesnt work I believe the second one Even with the volume and intensity at different levels neither of them reacted     Not work
is it good when a dog is pouting                 opss
3 dogs Nothing Does not work     Is it supposed to work
Yeah it doesnt work for anything its rubbish     Dont waste your time
It is great My dog loves it She always looks over at me But Id rate it 4 12                 AWSOME 12
This app is totally useless No reaction from my dog Dont waste your time     Awful
Doesnt work My dogs didnt even acknowledge it Dont waste your time     Waste of time
I tried it on my dog and it did not work I tell all of you out there that want this app I worn you not to get it It is a waste of space     Not even good
The good reviews are fake this is worthless do not waist your time     Horrible
A small ad on the nitro I can handle But when you slap a full screen Ad with screaming audio on the app you just lost a userShame cause it was an app I used frequentlyHave more respect for your users     Full Screen Ad with Audio Nope Uninstalled
Well my dog dosent care about it and I can just get a 3 Dollar one at the store but I can get people feeling they are crazy without them knowing it so its good and thats its free so not bad to try it                 Diffrent things
This app is terrible doesnt work Dont waste ur time     Hate it
No dogs hear it     Never works
I have only used this app in one instance but it worked Im housedog sitting and one if the pups escaped I called the dog whistled walked the neighborhood a few times before downloading this app I turned the app on highest frequency loudest volume and chose continuous mode The dog came home within 30 seconds Coincidence perhaps but its a free app so worth trying                 Worked Like a Charm
It didnt work at all     Didnt work
My dog just laid there And when I rang the doorbell they barked but this app didnt work they just kept barking     Useless
I could not get it to work Refuse to pay to find a better working version     No
Get it                 HALIR
Look I want to write an honest review I got this whistle in high hopes and when I went to make it whistle it said I had to buy the full version and wouldnt let me use it     Terrible
False advertisement plain and simple App loads quickly but wont let you do anything If its a good paid app thats great but theres no functionality here Please remove it Apple     Shame on Apple for allowing this
I have tried to use this app numerous times with my 4yo German Shorthaired Pointer without any success She never reacts to this app no matter what options I try On my IPad I have used another dog whistle app and it works every time This iPhone app is of no value to me     No response
I have a Weimaraner and a French bull dog both did not care     Did not work for me
This works really well for making my dogs stop barking However popup ads prevent me from using it on demand so its useless as a training tool I am going to find a similar app that has no ads Id rather pay once        Whistle Works Ads Interfere
Short range it annoys dogs within 10 feet if their bark is not louder than my phone and I point the speaker directly at themHowever my neighbor has hunting dogs who bark incessantly When I plug my phone into the stereo in the barn and turn up to a high frequency and volume they are promptly silenced                 Works best amplified
This app is great if youre bored in a store or place with a lot of people Just play with it and mess with people My dog is fine without a whistle So try this on people because its much more entertaining                 Not Just For dogs
The ads pop up after clicking on a whistle and plays loud annoying music After the ad countdown timer is gone the ad wont go away even if you click on the X     Too many ads
Constant bombardment with offers to purchase pro packs and various ads for completely unrelated apps effectively make this app unusableTo the dev If you wanted an app people had to pay to use then put a price on it Dont disguise it as a free app and then hope your poor UI will trick or annoy people into giving you money     Desperate for money
I had the volume as high as possible tried all frequencies my puppy didnt even respond with a single reaction Its like she didnt hear it     Useless

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