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Domino`s Pizza LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Zero Click ,Domino`s Pizza LLC ,Domino's South Africa ,Domino`s Pizza Hero ,Domino's Delivery Experience), brings Domino`s Pizza LLC with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Domino`s Pizza LLC app has been update to version 1.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is the BEST app available for a busy mom..
  • Very easy navigation and full options/ choices available..
  • What it dose good app for bit talking to people Woo antisocial..
  • I like that you can track the progress of your pizza easily..
  • Wonderfully simple and awesome app that makes ordering food seamless and worryfree..

Overall Satisfactionc89
Honestly the best way to order pizza out there.
Awesome app love not having to call and order.
This is by far the best pizza ordering app out there.
it wipes your whole pizza order.
By far the best food ordering app - so user friendly and convenient.
I love the tracker because it actually is accurate.
Thanks Dominos for an amazing native mobile experience.
Love not having to talk to someone who is quite often usually confused :.
Pretty awesome app better than papa johns and pizza huts app.
Thanks for nothing dominos never again papa johns is looking good.
Fun & Engagingc97
Seriously fantastic service the pizza tracker is awesome.
Dominos has an awesome app and an awesome pizza.
I order all the time and this is the best app yet.
It definitely saves time over ordering via telephone.
Saves time and gets order clearly in writing.
This app makes it simple to order everything you need.
It's so easy to order everything everyone wants.
The process was easy and helpful.
Very easy and helpful app.
Family Friendlyc100
This made ordering dinner for my family super easy on the go.
I can order dinner for my family without any trouble.
Repeat Valuec98
this app makes it TOO easy to order pizza frequently.
The Dominos app makes it too easy to order pizza.
It's too easy to order pizza now.
It's too easy to use this thing.
Social Aspectsc100
The perfect app for the pizza loving anti social.
Anti social ftw.
Production Valuesc100
The app works well and has a fairly easy interface.
Very easy interface to work with on the go.
Ease of Usec91
A very easy to use app and makes ordering pizza easy and secure.
Very easy to place an order and love watching the progress.
It's super easy to use and makes for quick ordering.
Super convenient and easy to use on a military base.
Also like the title says its as easy as pie to use.
It's easy to choose the toppings and crust style that you want.
Easier than their mobile site and coupons are super easy to apply.
Super easy to use and navigate and makes using coupons very easy.
Wish password reset for account was easier.
Security & Privacyc43
It carried over info from my pre-existing Dominos account.
Makes having a dominos account worth it.
And I'm unable to login to my own dominos account.
Wish password reset for account was easier.
Why didn't it prompt me for an existing account.
Updates & Supportc78
Nice need iPad version.
Need iPad app.
Also Domino's has great customer service which compliments it all.
Keep up the great customer service and conveniences.

By far the best food ordering app - so user friendly and convenient. found in 372 reviews
Super convenient and easy to use on a military base. found in 179 reviews
Completely functional for your Friday night family pizza feast. found in 27 reviews
It super user friendly and makes ordering quicker and easier. found in 55 reviews
Does what it should and is easy as pizza pie to use. found in 70 reviews
Time saver and very easy and handy to use. found in 101 reviews
most reliable and user friendly food delivery app that i've used. found in 102 reviews
Makes dinner for my late night classmates easy and fast. found in 37 reviews
Hope fast food places figure out this is the FUTURE. found in 42 reviews
Your order is always correct and can be customized to your liking. found in 41 reviews
Great way to order quickly and get your hunger satisfied fast. found in 65 reviews
The reorder feature makes ordering quick and painless. found in 43 reviews
This is by far the best pizza ordering app out there. found in 471 reviews
Dominos app rocks the body that rocks the party. found in 562 reviews
Ridiculously easy to use and has been accurate every time. found in 21 reviews
By far the easiest mobile pizza ordering experience out there. found in 55 reviews
Easy to place the order and love the tracking feature. found in 87 reviews
Wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy better than the website and easier to use. found in 78 reviews
love the coupon feature & the way it allocates your order to the coupon. found in 99 reviews
Love you can add coupons and watch the progress of your pizza. found in 26 reviews
The addition of shop runner to the app is very annoying. found in 29 reviews
Just needs Apple Pay to make this app perfect. found in 7 reviews
Then only thing i think needs fixing is a password recovery. found in 9 reviews
No credit card and over cash limit. found in 6 reviews
Would get 5 stars if it saved credit card info. found in 20 reviews
withheld 5 stars because no forgot password opportunity. found in 14 reviews
Needs a place that you can enter gift card info. found in 11 reviews
I live in an apt that requires a gate code. found in 18 reviews
it does not have a place comment section when ordering. found in 18 reviews
I have to constantly enter my address or credit card info. found in 14 reviews
A tip option would be nice though. found in 10 reviews
Please pay attention to your cost when you use a coupon. found in 10 reviews
Some if the coupons don't work as you would think. found in 41 reviews
No place to enter gift card number during checkout. found in 31 reviews
Now let's see how long it takes for the order. found in 11 reviews
Only flaw is there is no order history for repeat orders. found in 24 reviews
but you can't enter any special delivery instructions such as "side door". found in 48 reviews
Pizza Hut has better pricing but unfortunately don't deliver to my address. found in 26 reviews
but why can't you apply more than one coupon to an order. found in 18 reviews
Have a special request box & remember logged in users. found in 31 reviews
No White Sauce. found in 18 reviews
a gate code would be helpful. found in 18 reviews
There is no forgot password field within the app. found in 14 reviews
Can't use more then one coupon. found in 18 reviews
30 minutes later I call the store and cancel. found in 118 reviews
Tried uninstalling and edit my delivery address. found in 29 reviews
Where is the login on the home screen. found in 14 reviews
Doesn't find a store near any zip code in Puerto Rico. found in 26 reviews
Coupons don't work most of the time. found in 41 reviews
Ap freezes up if you try to add dipping sauce. found in 51 reviews
it doesn't specify you must order 2 items. found in 22 reviews
And I'm unable to login to my own dominos account. found in 12 reviews
but everytime after the carryout / delivery option I get a crash. found in 20 reviews
App keeps crashing and no place for gift card payment. found in 31 reviews
not a visible password reset option. found in 10 reviews

The Domino`s Pizza LLC is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3.1 has been released on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Domino`s Pizza LLC in Domino`s Pizza LLC`s Official Website :

Domino s Pizza Did Domino s just launch an iPhone app? Oh Yes We Did You can now use your iPhone or iPod touch to order. It s convenient, easy and fun FEATURES: The ability to order from ...
I like all the options and coupons it has                 Its nice
Love the D                 Great app
Good                 Good overall
Hi Dominos team I love your app Could you make the background location to be pulled only when the app is open please it currently defaults to always Its better for batteries on old iphones Thanks              Feature request
I love this App but whats even better is the prompt friendly service Thank you Dominos                 The best idea EVER
After a hard days work this is a savior when I dont have time to cook                 Love it Love it Love it
Always been a good app but now its a great one Frequent updates and never any problems with compatibility                 Had it for years
With the dominos app I can order my pizza right away and pay very easily Love it                 Easy and fast
Fast Easy A whole lot of options No holding on the phone No misunderstanding Awesome                 Easy
This app makes ordering super easy Good menu and you dont have to call                 Super easy
LEGIT                 This app is
Yall have definitely improved Love almost anything yall make Your bread bites though I could eat those 3 meals a day forever Thank goodness yall opened up your location on Louetta and Lexington in Spring TX The old store I was ordering from was absolutely terrible Give props to the crew at the new one Theyre amazing Always speedy delicious accurate and polite The drivers have even become pros at finding my house Its kinda hard haha Keep up the good work                 Thank Goodness
Great easy app So convenient Download it now                 Domino app
Loveee the app Lifesaver              Love it
Awesome easy app that you can use from anywhere Love the real time updates                 Awesome easy
Love this app makes ordering pizza easy                 Excellent
Finally an app from Dominos that works              TcMaverick
App makes it simple to order and has practical time saving features              Simply
Pizza better than the other pizza places              Its good
I use this app every single time we have to order pizza It is convenient and easy to use Just click and bam Get your pizza delivered or get it ready for carryout                 Best thing Dominos could have done
Love it                
Every time I try to order a pizza from Dominos they never answer the phone Okay fine maybe your drivers are too busy to deliver or maybe all of the workers are too busy making pizzas I can understand that So I used the app to order my pizza I was unable to get it delivered so I had to pick it up A little inconvenient but I was willing to pick up my pizza The app was fairly easy to use but the bar that tells you when the pizza is ready wasnt working So I figured an hour was more than enough time to cooky pizza I drive to the pick up window and the car in front of me he had just pulled up orders his pizza and decides to wait their Im a very patient person but after 10 minutes I was ready to just pick up my pizza and go home I was starving after all So I drive around to the other window which is where you make your order I guess Yet another vehicle just parked in front of the window I waited another 5 minutes then parked my car to go inside the place I let the cashier who had been dealing with both windows know that it was bad customer service to just let people hog up the windows like that After all the point of a drivethru is to pick up your order pay and leave not order then sit there for 30 minutes while your pizza is made Well the cashier told me to calm down which of course just made me even more upset As I said Im a patient person and I understand that living in a small city means that customer service may not be the best but this Dominos is acting like they dont want my business I got the message loud and clear and from now on will be buying my pizzas from Papa Johns By the way my pizza was cold Go figure     The message from Dominos store
This app makes mobile ordering a breeze Its so fast and easy youll be enjoying your meal before you know it Plus the tracker is really cool              Great App
Use this all the time so much better than calling              Love it
The app needs to let you put special instructions it allows you to give a very short note to driver and that is it           Need
Love it Very convenient and easy to navigate                 Easy app
Does what its supposed to do and does it well cant complain                 Great app
Works great love the voice animation and easy ordering Great job and great pizza                 Great app
The app make simple to order my pizza                 Great app
Sooooo very much                 I love Dominos
What an app should be Save a favorite order address and card info saved a few taps and food is on its way Can explore stuff I didnt know they had get offers Im happy with it Thanks and keep up the good work                 Easy but flexible
Easy to use fun and accurate Pizza tracker makes it even better Love it                 Great app
The beauty of the dominoes app is that they take very good care about every detail for use of the app and what their offerings are There is very little brain work involved the way their app is set up including the use of saved preferences The section of the app which tells you how far along your order is at any given point is a particular high point of the app All apps should be this well thought out                 A phone app done right
Best food ordering app ive used so far Very intuitive ui and easy to navigate No issues or bugs when I first used it Seamless page transitions Good engineering I recommend the handmade pan with extra cheese if anyone has not tried it They stepped their game up hard with this one and its super affordable Good for 23 people and a quick fix for game nights Thanks dominos                 Way to go Dominos
Best app Ive found for ordering a pizza Never had a problem and I use it ALL the time                 Flawless
Great app I like how a summary of the order including toppings is displayed before you check out Love the tracker                 Domingos Pizza
Are you the only one who realized fingers are large I think so Thanks for the big buttons                 Big buttons
Best pizza ever                 The best pizza ever
Love the ease of ordering and saving favorite order A very user friendly app So quick and easy to place an order I like being able to pay for it thru the app and I can just have anyone pick the order up Watching the pizza tracker makes for little to no waiting                 Great App
I really LOVE this app So easy no mistakes get a kick outta watching the delivery part                 Love it
This app and this company are pure evil Now nothing is stopping my hardearned cash from flowing straight into Dominos pockets in exchange for amazing pizza                 Pure evil
This is a very good app to use especially if you like Dominos Pizza It is a very useful app Great job                 Dominos is AWESOME
User interface is easy to grok Use the app quite often and it always works as expected The new earn points for pizza is a nice little bonus                 App does what it needs to do
Its perfect for when its 1100PM and dont feel like moving from the couch                 Very Convenient
I love the ease of this app but there needs to be a special comments box for orders so I can tell them to leave off that garlic on the crust              One change
very easy to use                 love the app
Just perfect                 Perfect
Impressed with this app and I love that we can even use it on Vacation                 Love this
Does exactly what I want it to every time Get wings to me and into my stomach Love it                 Still a great app

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